Megan hops into the passenger seat excitedly, joining Lisa who greets her with a wide smile.

"Fine day for a drive, isn't it?"

"Oh stop it, Lisa. You promised me an 'experience to remember' and that best be more than looking at the pretty snow."

"Don't you worry. I've been planning this for quite awhile."

The friends ease into casual conversation as Lisa merges onto the highway and heads south. After several minutes of catching up on mutual friends, work, and the rest of the typical topics, the conversation lulls as Megan and Lisa begin to daydream about what's ahead of them.

Lisa has been exploring her sexuality with Mark for well over a year. Unexpectedly, she found herself more and more inspired to take sexual risks and explore the depths of her taboo desires and imagination partially due to Mark's encouragement and partially due to her own longing for more than occasional missionary sex. Those days had long since passed as she now regularly finds herself wearing kinky toys and attire beneath her business casual clothing. If only her colleagues and friends knew.

Megan, for her part, knew all about Lisa's proclivities. Learning about them got her own engine racing on more than one occasion. If only Lisa knew how many times Megan's fingers found her aching clit while she suppressed her moans as Lisa filled her in on a fantasy realized over text. How she longed for her own Mark - someone she could trust with her darkest desires.

It had taken several months to get to this point - sitting beside Lisa on the way to see Mark. The faint tingling in her body began to grow more intense as her thoughts drifted to what was to come.

She had been completely shocked when Lisa explained that Mark was in a self-assigned period of complete sexual denial. Apparently this was a game the two of them played together. Megan could not imagine it to be true but Mark was two weeks into a nearly three week no orgasm challenge and Lisa was a month into what could become an entire year of no release.

Megan, on the other hand, hadn't been able to keep her hands off of herself since they committed to the plan. Her regular routine of an orgasm before bed expanded to include another one...or two... each morning. For the past several days, she had to sneak away during her lunch break for another release in the bathroom. Something about the blatant sexuality of joining her friend for this unique situation left her insatiable.

Lisa was sure to keep her demeanor even as she noticed her friend's cheeks flush and her breathing grow shallow next to her in the car. It was almost too much when Megan began squeezing her thighs tightly together. 'If only I knew what dirty thoughts were running through her mind,' Lisa thought to herself.

Lisa broke the silence with a crash. "Have you decided how you would like him waiting for us?"

Megan, startled, turned to look at her friend.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know the general outline of things. He is so horny from his weeks of denial and when he gets like that he digs the hole deeper and deeper. With today breaking his previous record of 14 straight days without orgasm, he's primed to live out his exposure fantasies. He knows we are going to torment him for a while. I think it'd be fun if you got to decide how it all begins."

Megan did not want to appear too excited. She was happy to be asked to get involved in this way. Although she had only been invited to be an observer, she'd been thinking more and more about how to get a taste of whatever made Lisa so horny all the time.

"What do you mean by waiting for us?"

Lisa went on to explain Mark's desires.

"There's a continuum. I mean, we could just have him waiting for us with a nice cocktail to enjoy and we can all sit on the couch and get to know each other a bit before we go upstairs... Or..."


"Well. He always talks about wanting to be exposed in front of my friends."


"Naked. Greeting us when we enter completely naked. Welcoming us to his home, making us a drink, and then sitting with us on his couch as we get to know each other. Just like I described. Only he is vulnerable and unable to hide his body from us"

"So he's naked? Just like that?"

"Precisely. There'll be no question that he's at our service and completely out of control of the situation."

Megan thought about it for a minute. Rather, Megan pretended to think about it for a minute; her mind was made up the second Lisa shared the image.

"Are you sure he'll be okay with that?" Megan really was naive to such things.

"Trust me," Lisa said. "He's been fantasizing about this scenario as long as I've known him. In fact, just getting the text message telling him to take off his clothes and wait for us will make his full balls ache. Why don't you grab my phone and text him?"

Megan grabbed Lisa's phone which, conveniently, was unlocked and opened to her last text message with Mark. Picking up Megan now, see you soon.

"Tell him it's you," Lisa suggested. "Let him know that you are the one texting."

Hi Mark. This is Lisa's friend, Megan. We are on our way there and, um... Megan hesitated.

"Go on," Lisa chided. "Tell him how you want him waiting for us."

Megan took a deep breath and began typing before she could think it through too much. We are on our way there and we want you to be waiting for us naked. Without fully processing, she added a bit more. On your knees in your entryway. Megan clicked send and released the breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

Lisa smirked. "Just along for the ride, eh? There's a grown man scrambling to strip his clothes off and kneel on his cold, hard floor to wait for us to arrive because of your whim. I'm proud of you."

Megan couldn't explain what had come over her, but she wasn't sorry. Before her mind could wander much, Mark's text reply flashed onto the screen. "Yes, Megan. Thank you."

"Wow, he really is amenable to anything, isn't he?" Megan asked Lisa.

"Oh my sweet, innocent friend. We are just getting started."

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