To the people linking my resource who have the audacity to be rude to me, Im not an "odd creature" Im a human being.

My boundaries have been ignored so many times and people have been impersonating my identity. It is very uncomfortable and obviously unsafe.

I don't care if you use my resources, they're resources for anyone to use and most of them I didn't make. But my graphics and my identity aren't free to use.

I feel disrespected and dehumanized by the amounts of people treating me like shit.

I am a good person and I don't deserve you calling me rude things on the internet.

My page was a privilege for you. And now, you have that privilege revoked. Find somewhere else to get resources, you don't deserve them from me anymore.

Pub: 08 Apr 2023 12:16 UTC
Edit: 01 Jan 2024 01:52 UTC
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