The Husband's Hideaway: Candy, The Mothgirl II

You arrive at the brothel, and you immediately spot Zal at the front desk, talking with a familiar figure. It takes a moment for you to figure out who the woman Zal is talking to is, given that her back is turned to you. But once you spot tufts of tan fur peeking out from the sides of her massive black and purple wings, her identity is obvious.
"Candy!" You exclaim cheerfully as you head towards the front desk.
Candy turns towards you, her wings suddenly flapping to send her afloat. Her face is beaming with a smile, and she flies into your arms for a hug.
"I didn't expect to see you here!" You say.
"Mmm... Mama missed you." Candy purrs as she wraps her arms around your chest and rubs her head up against your chin.
"I missed you too."
Candy looks up at you, her smile turning into a toothy grin. She flies back, holding her hand out as if expecting you to grab it.
"Well? Are you gonna take me to your room?"
You turn to look at Zal, and see she's already staring at the two of you with a wry smile.
"Go right ahead, stud. She's got you down for the entire evening." Zal says with a chuckle.
"Have fun, you two."

You grab hold of Candy's hand, and the mothgirl happily leads you to your room.
"So how have you been?" You ask.
"Mama has been great! I've been going out a lot, seeing the sights and having fun!"
"Yeah? Where have you been going?
"Lots of places! I've been to the city center, and the lake, and even the farms to the east!"
"The farms to the east? Why would you go there?"
"Mama wanted to try the cheeses!"
Candy pulls you into a hug and kisses you on the cheek. You find yourself pushing into the kiss, but pull back before things get too heated. You have all evening to spend with her, there's no reason to rush.
"So, did you try the cheeses?" You ask.
"I sure did! I tried them all, they were all so yummy!"
"Well, I'm glad you had fun."

You open the door to your room, motioning for her to head inside. She drags you in with her, closing the door behind you.
"I want to have more fun." She says in a demanding tone, her antennae twitching as her wings flap.
You regard Candy with a playful smile. "Oh? And what does more fun entail, exactly?"
"This." She says, as she jumps on top of you and kisses you on the lips.
Candy's tongue forces its way into your mouth, intertwining with your own. You push back, fighting for dominance as your hands grope her large, soft breasts.
She breaks the kiss, her face only centimeters away from yours. Her hand reaches down, unzipping your pants as she gently bites her lower lip.
"Mama needs more of your... attention. Ever since last time, it's all I can seem to focus on." Candy says as she works your pants off. "I need your help, my sweet little boytoy."
"You can count on me." You say with a smile.
Candy pulls her dress off, revealing her black bra and panties. You kiss her on the lips as you grab her ass with both hands, lifting her up and pressing her against the wall. You can feel your dick pressing against her as you grind up against her, and she eagerly responds with more forceful kissing.

"Ah! That's good! But Mama needs more." She says, breaking the kiss.
"Then Mama should start taking a little more of her clothing off." You say.
Candy nods eagerly, biting her lower lip as she looks at you. You reach around her, unclasping her bra and letting it fall free from her body. You quickly flick your tongue along each of her nipples, and are rewarded with several cries of pleasure from Candy.
"Yes, yes! That's what Mama needs! More of that! But... Mama needs more still..."
"Tell me more..." You say in a low voice, leaning in close to Candy's lips.
"Mama needs... more... inside..." She says, unable to find the words as her arousal continues increasing.
You nod, quickly moving your lips down to her neck and gently sucking on her bare skin. You reach a hand into her panties, rubbing softly against her clitoris while you slide a finger inside of her. She's incredibly wet, but that doesn't stop her from moaning loudly as you work your fingers in and out of her.
"Yes! Yes! More! I need more!" She cries, grabbing your wrist and forcing your fingers deeper into her as she grinds her hips against your hand.
You add a second finger, curling them up as you search for that special spot. When you brush against it, Candy's knees buckle as she nearly collapses, grabbing your arm to stay standing.
"There... Oh god... There! Don't Stop! Don't stop!" She cries.

You continue to greedily suck on her neck as you curl your fingers inside of her. With your free hand, you gently grasp one of her antennae and begin rubbing it between your fingers.
"Oh god! Baby! Mama's gonna... Mama's gonna..."
Candy's breathing becomes ragged as she starts huffing, her face turning red as she quickly moves against your fingers. She whimpers quietly as she begins to peak, her body shuddering as she enjoys an intense orgasm. You continue to gently rub and lick her until she pushes you away.
"Ah... Ah... T-too much... Too much!" She says, breathing heavily.
You quickly take your hand out of her panties, allowing her to compose herself. She stands up straight, breathing heavily as she tries to regain her composure.
"Ah... Much better..." She smiles. "Thanks, baby. Mama's all tingly now."
Candy flutters her wings slightly as she composes herself, and a thick haze of love powder suddenly comes bursting off of them. It billows out across the room with that familiar smell, and you pull your shirt up over your mouth and nose to try and filter out some of it as best you can.
"Looks like you're plenty worked up." You remark with a chuckle.
Candy giggles, taking the chance to peel your shirt off. "Now it's your turn to feel tingly... Breathe for mommy... Breathe deep..." She says in a honeyed voice.
You take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the love powder-laden air. You hold it for a moment, before slowly exhaling.
"That's it... That's my good boy... Feel all nice and tingly for mommy..."
Candy presses her body against yours, her breasts pushing into your chest as she starts to grind her hips into yours. She wraps her arms around your shoulders, her antennae tickling at your neck as she starts to nibble on your ear.
"Mama wants a kiss, baby... Give momma a kiss... Mama needs your help... I need your help... Please, baby... Please..."

Candy starts to grind her body into yours, her thick patch of fur rubbing against your bare skin as her wings gently fan the air around you. She nuzzles her face against yours, her lips pouting and begging to be kissed.
You silence her begging with a kiss that's as passionate and deep as it is sloppy. Her body is grinding into yours, her breasts and hips pressed up against you as your genitals are pushed together. You can feel her heartbeat and her warmth, the gentle rubbing making you feel lightheaded as you begin to lose yourself in the moment.
Candy breaks the kiss with a gasp, her face flushing as her wings rapidly beat the air. She's pouring even more love powder into the room with each beat of her wings, the air quickly turning into a light pink haze.
"I need you... Please, baby... I need you... I need you..." She whispers in a honeyed tone.
Candy's hands move down from your shoulders to your ass, her grip tight as she begins to force your hips to push forward into her. Her wings keep fanning the air, filling it with the scent of flowers and lust as she begins to rub herself against you.
Your eyes begin to flutter as you start to feel the effects of the love powder, your mind beginning to wander.
"That's it... Give into mommy... Give me what I need... I need you..."
Candy's words are like a beacon in the fog, your consciousness immediately drawn to her voice. You feel your body being manipulated, your arms wrapping around her back as she continues to grind against you.
Candy quickly returns your embrace, and you can feel her guiding you over to the bed. You feel your legs push over the side of the bed, your knees buckling as you fall against the mattress. The scent of flowers is almost overpowering now, and you can feel your head swimming in a fog of lust and desire.

You feel Candy climb on top of you, her weight pressing against your body as she continues to grind against you. Her arms wrap around your shoulders, her lips eagerly seeking yours out once again for a kiss.
"I need you... I need you inside me... I need your cock... Please, baby..."
The words that drip from Candy's lips are like music to your ears. Your hips begin to push upward, and you can feel Candy working to remove your underwear as her own panties quickly come off.

Your underwear is tossed to the side, your dick quickly springing free and hitting Candy's stomach with a meaty slap.
Candy's love powder is making your head swim and your dick throb. The only thing you can seem to focus on is your burning desire to feel her touch.
"Candy... I need... I need..."
"Shhhh, baby, mommy understands. Mommy needs it too. I need your cock. I need you to fuck me hard. I need you to fill me with your cum. I need what you need."
"I need to... fuck... I need to fuck you..."
"That's right, baby, mommy needs you to fuck her. Do what do you, baby. Do what you need to."
Candy leans over, grabbing your cock and rubbing its head against her wet pussy, before lowering herself onto it.

You gasp as you feel yourself being swallowed up by her velvety folds. She's so wet, so hot... The sickly sweet smell of her arousal fills your nostrils as you begin to push deeper into her, slowly but surely.
"Yes... Yes! Give it to me, baby! Give it to me!"
Candy leans forward, pressing her large breasts against your chest as she kisses you. You wrap your arms around her, holding her tight as you begin to thrust into her, fucking her with deep, strong motions.
"Oh... Oh yes! That's it! Such a good boy! You know just what mommy needs! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
You feel the soft pillows of Candy's ass slap against your hips as you ram your cock into her with all your strength. Her moans and groans of pleasure fill your ears as you feel yourself on the verge of an orgasm. You try to hold on, you try to think of it.
"Harder! Fuck me harder! I need it! I need it so bad!"
Candy's cries quickly become orgasmic moans as you fuck her with everything you have.
"Oh... Oh god... Harder! Mommy's so close! Give it to me! Mommy needs it... I need it so bad!"
Candy's wings begin to rapidly flap as she begins to moan louder and louder. Her arms wrap around you, holding you tight against her body as she buries your face in her breasts, moaning in ecstasy.
"Yes! Yes! Give it to me! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Fuck!"
Your hips and thighs are soaked with the honey of her sex as you feel the waves of pleasure shake her body. She lets out one last, high-pitched moan as her body begins to shudder.

Candy's wings flap rapidly as she hugs you close, moaning and gasping into your ear as you feel the tightness of her sex increase around your cock, before she lets out one last moan and cries out in pleasure.
"Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm..."
You thrust into her one last time as you feel yourself being squeezed out of your own body. Your body tenses as you begin to orgasm, your cock throbbing and twitching as it rapidly fires off round after round of hot, sticky cum deep into her tight, wet sex.
"Oh fuck! Yes! Fill me up! Fill mommy to the brim! Oh fuck! Cumming!"
You thrust into her twice more, before your body goes rigid as you let out a moan of ecstasy. You let out a groan as your cock twitches and spasms, sending another wave of cum deep into her folds. You lean back, holding her close as you pant and gasp for breath.
Candy leans back and smiles at you, her face covered in a heavy sheen of sweat.
"There we go... There we go..." she says.
Candy leans in and kisses you, her tongue entering your mouth. You can taste the faint, sweet flavor of her sweat. She begins to softly rub and caress your body as she slowly grinds her hips into yours. You can feel your cock beginning to stir once again.
"Such a good boy," Candy purrs in between her kisses. "Mommy loves how hard you get. Let's see just how much you can give me."

Candy shifts her weight as she slowly lowers herself down onto you. As she does, you enter her once again, her tight, wet entrance squeezing the head and shaft of your cock.
"Oh... Oh yes... You're big... So big... You're filling mommy up... So good..."
You let out a groan as she sits on you, your cock buried deep in her tight, wet folds. The sensation is overwhelming as you can feel her tight walls squeezing you with incredible strength. You can feel her weight settle onto you as she begins to gently rock her hips back and forth.
"There we go... There we go... Let's just stay like this for a while... Don't move... Don't do anything... I just want to feel you inside of me... Inside my hot, wet depths... Let's stay here all night... Let's just stay here..."
You let out a sigh of pleasure as you feel her body quiver and shake upon you. You gently place your hands on her hips, holding her tight as she moves upon your member. Her breathing turns to panting as she moves faster and harder, small moans escaping her lips.
"Oh... Oh yes... Give mommy that big dick... Give it to me... So hard... So big..."
Candy leans forward and wraps her arms around your shoulders as she begins to ride you in earnest. You grip her hips tight as you meet her thrust for thrust, sinking your shaft deep into her velvet folds. Her panting grows heavier as her breath becomes hotter, her breasts bouncing as she rides you.
"Oh... Oh yes... Give me that cock... I need it... I need it... Don't stop... Don't stop... I'm almost there... Don't stop!"

Candy's wings flare out to the sides as she throws her head back in ecstasy. Her body begins to shudder and shake as you feel her inner walls begin to contract around your shaft. You groan as you give one strong thrust upwards, deep into her core.
"Oh yes! Yes! Give mommy your cum! Fill me with that sweet stuff! Give it to me!"
You let out a deep moan as you unload inside her core. You grip her hips tight as she falls forward, laying her head against your chest as she pants heavily. You sigh and run your hands through her fur as she relaxes upon you.
"So good... So good..." Candy pants as you feel her fingers curl against your arms. "You're always so good to mommy..."
You gently lift her from off of your member as you roll over, lying on your back. Candy nestles against your side and wraps an arm and a wing around you, holding you tightly against her.
"Don't go..." She whispers.
You let out a small hum of satisfaction as you nuzzle her back. "I'm not going anywhere."
Candy reaches her free arm up to gently run her fingers through your hair, softly cooing as she rubs her face against your neck.
"Stay here... With mommy..."
You gently nod your head, looking into her eyes with a gentle smile. "I'm here all night long."
Candy smiles and gives you a peck on the lips. "Good."
You lie there, in her embrace as you savor the sensations of her soft touch. The gentle warmth of her body is overtaken by the cool night air, but she wraps herself about you tightly, keeping you warm.
"Mommy loves you..." She whispers.
"Mmm... I love you too." You say.

As Candy snuggles against you, you reach your arms up from her back, and gently run your thumbs across her antennae.
Candy lets out a long, low moan as she closes her eyes.
"Yes... There..."
You smile as you gently massage her antennae, listening to her gentle breathing and heavy moans. The cool air is kept out by the heat of your bodies, and the two of you embrace in the afterglow of your love.
"Does it feel good?" You ask, already knowing the answer as you add in for forefingers for a stronger rub.
"Yes... So good..."
You gently coax a sweet, heavy moan from the mothgirl as you keep up the motions. You are rewarded by her snuggling against you tighter and holding you with her entire body.
You pull your elbows against the sides of Candy's chest as you continue rubbing her antennae with your hands wrapped behind her head.
"Oh... Yes...!" She says, her voice quivering as she tightens her grip on you.
You rub your hands up and down in slow, gentle motions, drawing out the pleasure as much as you can for the mothgirl.
"So good! Keep going!"
You feel her body shudder against yours as she lets out a long, loud moan.
"Oh, baby! Yes!"
You keep up the motions, feeling her body's quivering growing more intense.
"Oh... Oh, yes! That's it! I'm... I'm coming!"

Candy's face is one of twisted bliss as she holds you tightly, grinding her folds against your pelvis. Her moan is long and loud, echoing throughout the room as her body convulses in pure bliss.
Her wings, though tightly wrapped around you, begin to spasm in time with her climax, showering the cocoon of your embrace in a thick fog of glittery pink love powder.
The scent is sweet and heady, the feeling of it like a light dusting of sparkles on your skin.
As you embrace, you feel your own body starting to stir once more.
"Ah... Candy..." You say softly.
"Mmmm... You're ready again? So am I, baby..."
Candy's hands move from your back to your butt, giving it a playful squeeze as she pushes you into her.
"Again? But you just came..." You say.
Candy pulls you in for a kiss, her tongue immediately entering your mouth and wrestling with yours. She tastes like sweet nectar.
"I can keep going all night, baby." She says.
"I'm okay with that." You say with a smile.
Still keeping you swaddled in her arms and wings, Candy shifts her weight ever so slightly before you feel her starting to take you inside her again.
You sigh contentedly as you feel her warmth envelop your manhood once more.
"Ooooh... Mommy's not going anywhere..." Candy says with a heavy exhale.
Her moist breath cascades across your neck, warm and sweet as it stirs up some of the love powder that's settled on both of your bodies.
"I'm not going anywhere, baby..."

Candy's lips find yours as she begins to rock her hips back and forth.
The feeling of her velvet walls sliding along the length of your shaft is beyond description.
The scent, the warmth, the sounds, the feel... Nothing else matters in this world but the two of you.
You feel her lips curl into a smile on yours as she continues to grind against you.
"Oh... Mmmm, yes... You feel so good inside me, baby..." She moans, her voice heavy with arousal.
"So good... So big... So hard... So deep! Yes!"
Candy's wings begin to flutter as she quickens the pace of her thrusts.
"Oh, yes! That's it! Give mommy what she needs! Right there!"
Candy's body shudders against yours, her arms hugging you tightly against her as she buries your face in her fuzzy neck. Her moaning is intense, you can feel her pulse through her skin.
You feel the tension in her body as she begins to reach her climax.
"Oh, yes! Oh, god! Oh, fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop!" She cries out.
Her velvet folds begin to quiver around you as she reaches her peak.
"Ohhh... Ohhhh.... Oh god! Fuck! So good! Yes! Yes!"
Candy's body convulses as you continue to thrust into her. You can feel the pressure building in your groin, you're getting close.
"Harder! Harder! Don't stop!" She cries.

You comply, thrusting into her as fast and as hard as you can. Her body rocks with every movement, her moans growing louder and louder.
Suddenly, she throws her head back, letting out a squeal of pure ecstasy as she reaches her climax once more. Still deep in her orgasm, Candy brings her head forward and stares deep into your eyes. Her gaze is intense, filled with passion that sets your soul on fire. You can feel her rubbing her hands through your hair and across your face with a sort of manic desire.
"Cum... Cum for mommy... Fill her with your seed... Mama needs to feel it... Feel the heat of your sticky stuff... Cum for me..." She says through deep moaning and panting, still staring into your eyes as deeply as she can.
Her gaze, her words, her hands across your head, the warmth, the sensation, it's all too much. It feels like a small part of your brain is starting to shut down from the sheer bliss of it all. You let out a deep moan as you thrust into Candy as deep as possible, before your dick finally erupts from pleasure.
You gush your seed into her, as deep inside as you can. The feeling is unlike anything you've ever experienced, it's like you’re having an out of body experience. You feel the warmth spreading through your body as you continue to gush more and more into her.
You can hear Candy moaning with extreme satisfaction as she works your cock inside herself. "Oh, yes! Yes! Give me your seed! Fill me up! Let mommy feel it all!"
You continue to erupt into her, as she moans in satisfaction. Finally, after what seems like a solid minute of cumming, you let out your last spurt inside her. You're breathing heavily as you look at her. She's looking back, smiling with satisfaction.

"Mmmm... There we go... Perfect... Now, we need to clean you up a bit." She says.
She licks her lips as she stares at your body and lets out a small chuckle. You're about to ask her what's going on, before she quickly slides down your body and starts licking.
"Ah...!" You start to let out as she runs her tongue along your body.
She licks up every last bit of seed that's on your body, before finally moving up to your face. She looks you in the eyes for a moment with a satisfied gaze, before leaning in and kissing you deeply. You can taste the faintest bit of cum on her lips.
You're still trying to catch your breath when she finally pulls away from the kiss. "There. Now you're all clean again."
You stare at her silently for a moment before smiling. "Thanks. You're always so good at this."
She smiles back. "Well, I have a lot of experience." You laugh as she grabs hold of your hand and squeezes it softly.
Candy gives you a small peck on the cheek, before running her other hand along your chest in a gentle manner.
"Mmm... You always know just what Mama needs..." She says with a sigh of pleasure. "Such a good boy..."
You smile and lean back on the bed, with her following suit. You wrap your arms around her as she presses up against you.
"So..." She says. "Are you ready to make Mama feel good again?"

Candy purrs with satisfaction as she pulls you up against the headboard of the bed and wraps you inside her wings once more. You feel incredibly close to her when she shrouds the two of you in her velvet wings like this, the closeness of the space mixing with her warm maternal embrace to make for something truly special.
"This time Mama wants to spoil you..." Candy says. You can hear her breathing starting to pick up again as her arousal returns. "I want to feel you inside of me. I want to feel your warmth filling me up. I want you to drink my milk..."
Candy's breathing is getting faster and deeper as she gets more worked up, and her wings are starting to flap a little.
"I want you... To take me... Until we're both spent... I want you... To ravish me... And call out my name... I want to feel you... Explode inside of me..."
You can't hold back anymore. You lean down and kiss her, as she wraps a wing around your head to hold you close. You break away and move down to her breasts, sucking on them gently as you lick them all over.
"Ah! Yes! Lick my tits! Lick Mama's big tits! Suck on them! Suck on my nipples!"
You eagerly suck and lick at her bosom, as she holds your head against her chest. She's moaning loudly, and you can feel her body gently convulsing. You move your hand down to her soft, fluffy waist, and start to rub and massage it.
"Ah! It's so sensitive! It's so... Mmmm... Good..."
You grin as you keep pleasuring her. You gently rub and knead at her soft, plump, fuzzy waist. Candy's rubbing her wings against you, and you can hear her moaning in your ear as she breathes heavily.
"Ah... Aaah... I want... To feel you inside me... Now..."

Candy releases you and leans back, pressing her chest against you as she lies down on the bed. She spreads her legs, revealing her juicy slit to you. Her pink folds are dripping with anticipation.
"Come on... Please... I need it... Get in here... Let Mama spoil you..."
You eagerly lean in and start to suck on her breasts as your rub yourself against her. You reach down and start to rub along her labia, causing her to moan in ecstasy.
"Ah! Yes! Yes! Rub it! Rub Mama's precious flower! Make it wet! Make it moist! Make it tight!"
You gently slip a finger into her and start to work it in and out as you rub around. You move your mouth to suck on her other breast, licking and kissing all over it as you knead the breast your mouth isn't on.
"Ah! Yes! That's it! That's it!"
You alternate between the two breasts, licking, kissing and sucking all over them. You slide another finger into her as your tongue laps around her bosom.
Candy's moaning loudly, and you can feel her body convulsing and shaking in pleasure. You feel her place her hands on your head and run her fingers through your hair as you continue to suck on her chest, working more magic on her body.
"Ah! Yes! It's so good! So good! Mmmmh...!"

Candy's rubbing her wings against you, and you can feel the soft velvet running against your back. You can hear her moaning in your ear as she breathes heavily.
"Mama wants it... Mama wants you so bad... I want to feel you inside me... Now..."
You're more than happy to oblige, and you rub your hands against her hips as you line up with her. You slowly start to push into her, and she lets out a pleasured moan as you slowly sink into her.
"Mmmm... Aaah! Yes... It's so good..."
The pleasure Candy derives from you sliding inside her is immense, and you can feel her breasts suddenly getting heavier as she start to quiver a bit.
You push further in, and you can feel her tight walls squeezing you as you push past her folds and into her inner reaches.
"Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Deeper! More!"
You obey, pushing deeper and deeper inside her, until finally your hips press up against her ass. You start to rock back and forth, as she lies on the bed and moans uncontrollably. The bed shakes as your hips start to slap against her ass.
"Aaah! Yes! It's so good! It's so good!"
Candy's hands press against the sides of your head as she grabs a handful of your hair. Her breathing is heavy and labored, and you can feel her entire body starting to convulse up and down.
"Oh! I'm... I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

As Candy begins to violently climax, she uses her grip on your head to shove your face as deep into her breast as possible. The amount of attention you've given her nipples combined with her extreme levels of pleasure is finally too much, and the warm taste of Candy's milk manifests in your mouth as she wails with delight.
"Ah! Mama's cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"
You can feel Candy's entire body convulsing as the pleasure rocks through her. Her warm, sweet milk fills your mouth, and you swallow instinctively to avoid drowning in the stuff. You continue to lap at her nipple as she climaxes, drinking down as much of her milk as you can. You can feel yourself starting to get close as well, and the pleasurable feeling emanating from your cock is immense.
You let your mouth off of Candy's nipple with a thick, wet pop.
"C-Candy... I'm close..." You say between heavy breaths.
"Do it! Cum for Mama! Give her everything!"
Candy's words are too much, and you can feel yourself getting past the point of no return. You thrust into her as hard as you can, pressing against her ass as your cock throbs painfully.
"I'm... I'm cumming!"
You release, and the feeling is incredible. Candy showers your face with kisses as she rubs her hands all over your scalp and neck in a frenzy of lust.
"Oooh... Oooh... Good boy... Such a good boy... Give Mama your cum..." She moans between kisses.

Candy's womb is filled with your seed, and you collapse on top of her in a daze.
Candy continues to run her hands along your head and shoulders, interspaced with light kisses as she coos softly. "There, there... You've done so good... Worked so hard for Mama... Good boy..."
You lay motionless on top of Candy, still reeling from the afterglow and exhausted from your efforts. A short while later, you finally manage to roll off of her, laying next to her as you pant heavily.
"That... That was amazing." You say.
Candy props herself up on one elbow and looks over at you, before getting up and crawling towards you on all fours. "Mmm... Yes, yes it was. But don't wander so far from Mama. You belong right here." She says as she starts to cuddle up against you again.
You wrap one arm around her, pulling her into your chest as you sigh contently.
"You're right. I feel much better like this." You say with a smile as you shift Candy's body down a little lower to be at eye level.
You smile as you stare into her eyes, and she smiles back.
"Now... Will you let mommy cuddle you a bit?" She asks.
"Of course!" You reply with a chuckle.
"Mmm... Good." Candy replies, before shuffling up on your torso again.
Candy wraps her legs around your waist and her arms around your back, drawing you deep into her bosom as she wraps the two of you in her wings. Her gentle breathing makes your head rise and fall against her chest as she strokes your hair.

"Mmm... There we go... My sweet little boy... Nice and comfy in mommy's arms..." Candy purrs as she runs her hands through your hair, sliding a hand down to brush against your back.
"Ah... You're so good at this Candy." You say with a sigh of pleasure.
"Mmm... I know... But I can be even better..." She says with a smile as she starts to shake her wings.
As her wings beat back and forth, Candy's glittering pink love powder starts to drift across your cuddled bodies.
"Ah... What are you doing?" You ask.
"What does it look like, baby?" She replies with a smile.
"It looks like you're trying to make the both of us high on love powder."
"That's because I am." She says, before leaning in and kissing you deeply.
You feel your head get filled with hazy thoughts of pleasure as the two of you continue to cuddle.
Candy's soft voice fills your mind. "Just relax, baby. Let Mama take care of you."
"Mmm... Yes... Just let yourself go..." You hear in your head.
Candy continues to cuddle and embrace you in her wings, as the two of you drift off into a hazy bliss, free from all worries and stress. You can feel the soft texture of her velvet wings running up and down across your back as she snuggles you. Her voice in your ears feels like being spoon-fed warm honey.

"Does baby like being cuddled? Does my little boy like being held nice and close to Mama's chest? Does he, baby?"
"Yes... So...fucking...good..." You hear yourself groan in delight.
"Does my little boy want to be good for Mama? Does he want to make Mama feel good?"
"Oh... Oh yes..."
"Do you want to please Mama? Does my little boy want mommy to ravish him?"
"Oh... Oh fuck... Please... Please... Mama..."
"Alright, baby. Alright. Mama's going to do just that."
Your vision starts to become clouded by a thick pink haze as Candy starts beating her wings harder, summoning more lazy plumes of love powder.
"Good boy... Good little boy... You're so good to Mama..." You hear in your head as your body starts to become more tender, the hazy pink cloud wrapping around you and filling your mind with foggy bliss.
"Oh... Mama loves her little boy so much..." You hear from above you, as you feel a tender caress on your cheek.
"He's all mine... My baby boy... My sweet little boytoy... I'm the only one allowed to ravish you..."
"You're... Mine..." You hear from below, as you feel a pair of lips on your chest.
"My baby boy... My sweet little boytoy... My innocent little lamb..."
"You're all mine..."
"I love you..."
The haze continues to fill your mind with foggy bliss, filling you with tender feelings of love and adoration for Candy and her sweet embrace.

"I love you..."
You feel a pair of lips caress your own, as you find yourself kissing Candy's mouth.
"Mama loves you..." You hear in your head, as you are embraced by the haze once more.
You find yourself kissing Candy's mouth once more, her long tongue entering your mouth and wrestling with your own.
"Loves you so much..." You hear once more, this time the voice is below you.
You feel a pair of lips wrap around your cock, sucking and licking it with a loving tenderness.
"I love you..." You hear in your mind once more, this time from above.
You find yourself looking up at Candy's beautiful face, smiling down at you with a look of pure love.
"My baby boy... My sweet little lamb... Mama's going to love you like nobody else..."
You feel a warm wetness start to embrace your cock, before Candy suddenly takes you all the way to the base.
You bolt upright with a gasp, as the feeling is explosively pleasurable.
Candy doesn't even flinch, instead gently taking your head in her hands. She coos softly as she rubs the sides of your skull with gentle fingers.

"Shhhh.... It's okay... Mama's here..." She says in a voice that's as soft as her touch.
"It's okay, little lamb... Mama's here..."
She rubs the sides of your head as you lie back, looking up at her.
"I love you..." She says, before leaning in to kiss you on the lips.
You feel yourself pushed back down by two gentle hands, as you are pinned by Candy's loving embrace.
"It's okay... Mama will take care of you... It's okay... Mama loves you..."
You feel warm and fuzzy all over as you lie back, looking up at Candy and basking in her love.
You find yourself staring up at the beautiful mothgirl who's currently rocking her hips back and forth, slowly sliding all of your cock in and out of her warm wet pussy.
"That's it... Let Mama do the work... Just give her your thick cock... Mama will do the rest..." She says.
You reach up to touch her breasts, but she catches your wrists and holds them down to the bed.
"Nuh-uh~ Mama's taking care of you... Just lie back and enjoy it..."
Candy's warm wet pussy gently squeezes your cock as she slides back and forth, gently bouncing up and down as she rides in your lap.
"It's okay... Mama's here..." She says, leaning down to kiss you on the forehead.
"It's okay... Mama will take care of you..." She says, kissing you on the lips.
"It's okay... Mama's here..." She says, kissing you on the chin.
"It's okay... Let Mama take care of you..." She says, kissing along your jawline.
"Let Mama love you... Just like this..."

Candy's hips grind back and forth as she rides you, working your cock with her soft and soaking folds. You feel her hands move from your wrists, up your arms, and onto your chest. She leans forward as she rides, rubbing her breasts in your face as she presses your arms down against the bed.
"It's okay... Relax... Mama's going to make it all better..." She coos.
You feel yourself about to come, and you try to warn her, but she just presses her breasts into your face and continues to grind into you. You groan in ecstasy as you release inside of her, and she continues to grind into you.
"It's okay... Let it all out... There we go... There we go..." She says, continuing to grind into you as you squirm and writhe in ecstasy, releasing every last drop inside of her.
You lie back, breathing heavily as you try to catch your breath. The only thing you're capable of doing is lying there and smiling.
"There we go... Good boy... Mama loves you..."
Candy leans down and kisses you on the lips.
As she kisses you deeply, you feel Candy draw you into a tight cuddle, protectively swaddling you in her wings once more.
"You've worked so hard for Mama... Done so good... Sleep now, my sweet little boy... Rest..."
You close your eyes, and let sleep take you.

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