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  • RARBG.to - One of the most organized public trackers, gets new content very quickly. Can search by IMDB tags (eg. tt0258038, appearing in IDMB URLs)
  • rutracker.org [.org, .net, .nl] - The best general tracker from Russia and arguably the best one overall. It's great for niche movies, especially from Russia and other east European countries.
  • TorrentGalaxy.to - Another highly recommended site for movies & TV. Proxy list.
  • 1337x.to - Many public p2p releases/encodes are released here, including Tigole/UTR/YIFY. Cams are typically uploaded here as well.
  • psa.pm - Small-sized x265 (re-)encodes
  • [Documentaries] forums.mvgroup.org - Very good documentaries tracker. Registration required.
  • [Anime] Nyaa.si
  • [Anime] hi10anime.com
  • [Anime] shanaproject.com


► DDL (Direct Download)

Some DDL sites will use premium-only hosts to distribute content. To get around them, jump to Download Services in the Tools section of the megathread.


Private Torrent Trackers

Introduction to private trackers

  • Nebulance (NBL) - Very good alternative to BTN and easy to join. Great for finding/requesting old, unpopular, obscure shows.
    NBL can be joined through MAM. You are eligible the moment you become PU, which is 1 month.
  • Filelist - One of the largest general private trackers. Romanian tracker, but media content will typically include dual language audio (English and Romanian). The tracker might be smaller compared to IPT but the quality control is better, especially for movies and TV shows. You will be able to find high quality encodes from PTP and BTN which you might not find on IPT. Can be joined through MAM with a 5 months old account
  • IPTorrents - The largest general private tracker, period. Definitely worth to have as a back up. Invites are easy to come by if you make acquaintances otherwise you can join it through EMP (unofficial invites; need access to invite forum so you have to be Good Perv user class which requires 8 weeks on the tracker). Also, don't forget to log in every 3 months or you lose your account (called Inactivity rule)
  • Secret Cinema - If any of the following keywords interest you then this is the tracker for you - old (as early as the 1st movie ever), non-mainstream, non-English, arthouse, experimental, rare - movies and Tv shows. This tracker can be joined through MAM (6 months old account required) and RED.
  • PassThePopcorn (PTP) - Movies tracker. Best source for movies, period. Couple of unique features -

!* The amount of active fleshed out collections available to discover content to watch. It's often better than some legit sites dedicated to this stuff.

!* High quality encodes. Many torrents are marked Golden Popcorn (GP). They are best of the best encodes. It is like Oscars but for encodes.

Currently it is not possible to join PTP unless you know someone who has an account there and can invite you. The best strategy suggested is to reach as high of a user class you can reach on RED as feasibly possible. This will increase chances when PTP starts recruiting again. In the meantime you can join SC, BHD, BLU etc and make requests there

  • beyond-hd.me (BHD) - Movies/TV tracker. Focuses on HD and some SD content. Originally home to the famous FRaMeSToR remux group but then many more after AHD died. Currently the best alternative to PTP and BTN. After AHD's demise, this is now the 2nd best tracker for high quality encodes too. Can be joined through RED (either be Elite user class OR power user with 6 months old account)
  • pixelhd.me - Movies tracker. Known for producing small sized encodes. PxHD Mobies - 720p/AAC/mp4 at 1.5-2GB (esp. for Mobile Devices); PxHD/PxEHD - 1080p/AC3/mp4 at 4GB and 8GB; and PxHDA - 1080p/DTS/ at "whatever size is necessary" for high transparency (usually 6-12gb). Can be joined through RED (Elite or "high-level" PU; + 2 more proofs; all 3 accounts at least 6 months old) and MAM (Elite or "high-level" PU; + 2 more proofs; all 3 accounts at least 6 months old)
  • HD-Torrents (HDT) - Movies/TV tracker. Focuses on HD content only. This tracker is great for HD movies though not as good as PTP. Specialty lies in allowing of multiple untouched material of the same movie, which helps in getting those foreign languages, different audio/video quality, or even different content in audio/videos. Slightly superior to PTP in this regard. You can pay for an account through their website. (Note - Only buy the account from their own website, not a 3rd party)
  • uhdbits.org (UHDB) - Small movies tracker. Should not aim for it as your primary tracker but it is good to have as backup, aim for BHD instead. Can be joined through RED.
  • TV Chaos UK - TV tracker. Great site for UK TV content. Best joined through requesting on /r/invites (proof of ratio from other sites required). Quality lacks a bit so use it with a TV tracker like BTN to get the most of UK content
  • Broadcast the Net (BTN) - TV tracker. Best source for TV related content, period. Currently this tracker is not recruiting anywhere but it is recommended to join PTP where BTN will recruit again in the future
  • TV Vault (TVV) - TV tracker. Best private tracker for old TV shows. Best way to join it is through MAM.
  • More Than TV (MTV) - Movies/TV tracker. 2nd best private tracker for TV after BTN. Retention is not good but with a strong request section, this is not an issue. Can be joined through RED
  • asiancinema.me - Movies/TV tracker. A neat little tracker for Asian content.
  • animebytes.tv - Best place for anime on the internet. Can be joined through RED (account has to be 1 year old)
  • AvistaZ - Movies/TV tracker. One of the best places for Asian (mainly Japan, South Korea, China etc) movies and TV shows. Best place for Korean dramas. Easiest way to join is through application on their site. Also one of the few top trackers that have open signups from time to time.
  • Blutopia - Movies/TV tracker. Very nice tracker for Movies and TV. Like other private trackers, you can make the most of it through the use of its request section. As SD encodes are not allowed on this tracker, it is a great source for untouched DVDs, especially if you aren't in top trackers yet
  • TorrentLeech - General scene tracker. One of the largest general private trackers
  • alpharatio.cc - A general private tracker focused on scene releases. Inferior in content compared to other general trackers like IPT, TL, FL etc but has a very strong request section. Great for requests for which personalised trackers don't exist or aren't good enough. Can be joined through MAM and RED during AR's global invites period, keep an eye out



For streaming with Kodi, visit r/Addons4Kodi


Android Streaming Apps

  • [Anime] AnimeXStream - Anime streaming app by /u/mukulbanga. Original announcement here.
  • [Anime] Animeglare - Anime streaming app
  • [Anime] aniyomi - (their own description) Aniyomi is an unofficial fork of the free and open source manga reader Tachiyomi that adds anime capabilities! For Android 6.0 and above.
  • Cloudstream - Movies, TV and Anime
  • Morpheus TV - Movies/TV streaming
  • Nova TV - Movies/TV streaming
  • Viva TV - Movies/TV streaming
  • CyberflixTV - Movies/TV streaming
  • TyphoonTV - Movies/TV streaming
  • MediaboxHD - Movies/TV streaming
  • BeeTV - Movies/TV streaming
  • [POSSIBLE MALWARE] AOSTV - live streams aggregator (Sports, TV, etc...)


► iOS Streaming Apps


Live channel Streaming


Anime (Streaming)

/r/AnimePiracy's exhaustive wiki filled with anime streaming, manga, and light novel sites

/r/KissCartoon's extensive anime/manga site wiki


► Sports

FIFA World Cup 2022

  • /r/rugbystreams - Live streams. Links posted within the hour of the match
  • /r/MLBStreams - Live streams. Links posted within the hour of the match
  • /r/ncaaBBallStreams - Live streams. Links posted within the hour of the match
  • /r/WWEstreams - Live streams. Links posted within the hour of the match
  • /r/mmafights - Live streams. Links posted within the hour of the match
  • /r/motorsportsstreams - Live streams. Links posted within the hour of the match


  • rutracker.org > Sports - Torrents. Sports subforum at rutracker
  • sport-video.org.ua - Torrent soccer, motorsports, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, rugby, other
  • footybite.com - Highlights and live streams. Soccer
  • nbafullhd.com - Replays. Basketball, football, F1
  • liveonscore.tv - Live streams. Soccer, MMA, motorsports, baseball, basketball, football, hockey
  • sportsurge.net - Live streams. MMA, boxing, motorsports, basketball, football, hockey
  • sporthd.live - Live streams. Soccer, MMA, handball, basketball, rugby, football, tennis and others
  • sportsbay.sx - Live streams. Football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, NCAA, tennis, cricket, motorsports
  • worldcupfootball.me - Live streams. MMA, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, NCAAF, NCAAM
  • 6stream.xyz - Live streams. MMA, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, NCAAF
  • bilasport.net - Live streams. MMA, baseball, basketball, football, hockey
  • 720pstream.me - Live streams. MMA, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, NCAAF, NCAAM
  • ripple.is - Live streams. Soccer, MMA, boxing, motorsports, basketball, football
  • nflbite.com - Live streams. Football
  • nbabite.com - Live streams. Basketball


► Sports Private Torrent Trackers


► Subtitle Download Sites


► French Sites


► French Private Torrent Trackers


► Spanish Sites


► Spanish Private Torrent Trackers


► German Sites



  • ard.de - Free German broadcasting
  • zdf.de - Free German broadcasting
  • mdr.de - Free German broadcasting


► German Private Torrent Trackers


► Relevant Software

  Media Centers / Clients

  • Stremio - Multi video library manager. Plugins available to stream from various media sources, including torrents. Also check out /r/StremioAddons. Watch-together guide.
  • Plex Media Server - Self-hosted netflix. Provide your own content and serve them in a netflix-like interface.
  • Jellyfin Media Server - Open-source self-hosted netflix. Provide your own content and serve them in a netflix-like interface.
  • Emby Media Server - Self-hosted netflix. Provide your own content and serve them in a netflix-like interface.
  • Kodi - Home theater media center. Host your own content or add online content sources (/r/Addons4Kodi)


  Media Managers

  • Sonarr - Sonarr is an automatic TV show downloading tool where you can add new shows to monitor, and it will automatically download any new episodes as soon as they are available on torrent sites.
  • Radarr - Same as Sonarr, but for movies.
  • Medusa - Very good alternative to Sonarr. An automatic TV show download tool.
  • SickChill - Very good alternative to Sonarr. An automatic TV show download tool.
  • Jackett - Jackett is an all-in-one indexer. It allows you to add many different torrent trackers onto the app, in which you can do all your searching. In conjunction with sonarr/radarr, you can add jackett as an indexer to them, allowing them to search on any or every single torrent tracker that you have added to jackett.
  • Prowlarr - Similar to Jackett but from the *arr family of apps so it has the same design as Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, and Readarr


  Download Managers

These are useful for DDL sites. Download managers such as these are meant to help to speed up downloads, typically by increasing the number of connections to the server or attempting to split the download into chunks. They are also especially handy when grabbing multiple links at once, which is typical with DDL sites, where they'll split up large downloads into multiple small .rar parts, as well as bypassing captchas and eliminating the risks of clicking on the wrong download button on various file hosts. They also help with resuming paused or timed out downloads which your browser may not be able to do in some cases.

  • JDownloader2 - Download manager that supports downloading from a variety of file-hosts. Supports downloading video from many websites.
  • Internet Download Manager (IDM) - Paid download manager that supports downloading from a variety of file-hosts. Supports downloading video from many websites. Use the free trial, then when the trial is nearing its end, simply reset the trial with this. Alternative method here.
  • XTREME download manager - Another very nice download manager
  • pyLoad - Lightweight download manager written in python. Managed through a WEB UI.
  • aria2 - Commandline-based download utility.


► Misc

Some preliminary steps to take (in regards to non-software) to avoid accidentally running malware.

See: Related Subreddits for streaming subreddits or request subreddits

For hard-to-find content, you can use these general trackers and/or search for open directories.

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