You're not sure how you got here, or how you're going to get out, but right now there's not a lot you can do. Despite the blindfold covering your eyes, you can tell your wrists are well tied down to the bedstead and your ankles equally well fastened at the foot of the bed. There is one thing you're grateful for and that is the fact your mysterious captor has chosen silk as the binding, it's subtle, smooth texture feels good on your skin.

There is a small shaft of light coming under your blindfold and if you angle your head right you can see into the room from underneath it. It's dark with just a few naked candles giving you a small view into your surroundings. A small window is the only view out of an otherwise barren room. The walls are bare and the bed you're strapped to is very basic with just a thin sheet covering the mattress.

You're suddenly aware of a presence behind your head as you feel a hand reach across your face and remove the blindfold. You blink heavily in the dimly lit room and try to crane your head back to see who is behind you but all you can make out is a prominent hood and the shadow it's casting over it's wearers face prevents you from seeing his features. You can, however smell the person and it is clearly a very masculine man from the odour.

You glance down at your body and for the first time notice you are completely naked, your heaving breasts are firm and your nipples erect from the coldness of the room. Your body is spread eagled across the mattress from the resulting hand and ankle ties.

As you blink in the filtered light, you notice a man in a hooded cloak standing in the doorway which is silhouetted against the light coming from the window in the fair side of the adjacent room. He removes his cloak and you are greeted with the sight of his dangling cock between his legs. It is clearly one of the biggest you've witnessed and, despite your predicament, you sense a rush of desire course through your body. As you bite your bottom lip in anticipation you watch in aghast as 2 more fit men join the mystery figure from either side, their cocks and balls swaying as they take up their position in the doorway.

"Begin," the de-robed figured commands in a voice that can only be described as intimidating.

The man behind you steps to the side of the bed and you tilt your head to one side and almost get poked in the eye as a result by his thick cock which he is keenly masturbating with. The veins in it are pulsating as it becomes erect and you can almost feel yourself drooling at the thought of what he's going to do with it. Out of the corner of your eye you notice the other 3 men have advanced on your position, each of them starting to stroke their heavy members in preparation for you.

The guy beside you clambers onto the bed and straddles your chest placing his thick cock between your heaving tits, his balls are placed on your skin and you take a gasp of air as he begins to slide it back and fourth between your cleavage, your lips engulfing the tip of it with each thrust due to its size. The tip is so thick you can barely fit your sweet, wet lips round it but the pre-cum tastes so good and you can feel your pussy already starting to get wet.

"Oh, Jesus!" You cry, slightly surprised at your own excitement. "That cock tip is huge, I need more of it!"

The brute lunges forward and grabs the back of your head forcing you to take it's full length between your lips and you almost gag on it, saliva squirting out from around your mouth.

You feel the presence of 2 of the other men approach you from each side and then you feel the silk ties release your hands only to be quickly replaced by 2 firm, throbbing cocks in each palm. You eagerly grab each of them and start to wank them off gripping them tightly and both men begin to moan and thrust in pleasure.

Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of the leader of the assault, I'm stroking my huge member vigorously as I get aroused by seeing my compatriots assaulting you. Your eyes glaze over as you see my cock getting larger the faster I stroke its length. The men either say of you grunt as you tighten your grip on them.

I reach down and release your ankles from their bindings and you order the beast off your chest.

"Get over, I want my cock deep in your ass," I order.

"Yes, my lord," you respond.

You flip yourself onto all 4s and present your ass to my throbbing cock. The brute that has manoeuvred himself in front of you and continues to stoke his cock in front of your face. You eagerly lick his balls as the other 2 men move in closer for you to hand fuck them further which you're more than happy to do.

"I want you to take all of me inside you," I demand.

"Gladly," you pant. "Please fuck my ass hole my lord I need it."

I caress the rim of your ass with the tip before I ease it inside your ass. The tip stretches the cheeks of your arse almost to breaking point before it finally squeezes inside.

"NNNGGGGG!!" You grunt as it fills you up. "FUCK ME HARD! I WANT ALL OF IT!" You plead as you fondle the 2 men either side of you, their backs arcing in pleasure.

The man in front of you shoves his cock into your mouth, his balls swing back and forth into your chin as he grasps your head to allow him to thrust his member as far down your throat as possible, tears stream down your face as your ass and mouth are stretched to abnormal size.

I pound your ass relentlessly, my swollen balls slapping against your pussy as it drips with your juices onto the bed. I slap your butt turning your cheeks red whilst my cock continues to punish you in tandem. The tightness is exhilarating as I grab your thighs to get maximum penetration in your glorious hole.

Despite the pleasure you're unable to express yourself verbally due to the massive cock currently lodged deep in your throat, his balls slapping against your chin. The other 2 cocks you have a grasp on are beginning to tremble as they near orgasm.

I whip my cock out of your arse with a satisfying slurping sound and your anus continues to gape at me having been temporarily enlarged due to the size of me. I waste no time in guiding it into the pussy which already is warm and dripping with your juices. I grab you arse and slam it in hard making sure it penetrates you as deep as it can. As I repeatedly thrust it into you your mouth slides back and forth on the cock in front of you. You can barely take any more as your body jerks with each and every orgasm, the quivering sensation you experience is one of the best you've had.

You feel the tension rise in the room and you release the cocks either side of you moments before they squirt huge amounts of cum over your face much to your satisfaction. I immediately remove my cock as I near my own intense orgasm.

"Get over here," I demand. "I want to fill your mouth with my spunk."

You approach me on your knees and begin caressing my balls from underneath just as the brute approaches you from behind his face contorted at the point of exploding. He lets out a massive grunt and splatters your body with enormous amounts of cum and you feel it trickle down your back.

"Give me your load, I want to taste it all," you plead as you tease my balls with your hand and lick the tip of my swollen cock.

"TAKE ALL OF IT!" I growl as I grab your head and force it's length deep into your mouth seconds later you feel the warm sensation of it oozing into your mouth. As I pull out you grab its sticky, wet length and milk the rest as it squirts over your face.

You lick your lips in satisfaction as I and my party collapse to the bed in exhaustion. You get off the bed caressing your face and swagger out of the room.

"Thanks boys," you murmur. "Same time next week?"

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