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It's been a few weeks since Lisa's performance with Eric and we haven't done anything since. Kid told me that Eric left the company the other day and she was glad.

We talked about what we were doing and Lisa said she got a rush doing it and loved me even more and her performances usually came up when we were fucking and made the session even better and brought us closer together.

One day when Lisa came home from work she had a strange look on her face. "Hon, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine but we have a problem. My boss, Mr. Albright, called me in his office today and told me that before Eric left, he told the boss about me. Mr. Albright was very nice but reminded me of the morality clause in my contract. However, he said as long as the company wasn't hurt, there was no problem. He did say he wanted to continue the discussion tomorrow when he had more time."

"Well, just be honest with the guy."

"I have a bad feeling about meeting with him though."

"How about you wear a recording device so if he gets out of line we will have it on tape."

"Good idea. Set it up on me before I go to work. I feel much better now."

The next morning I put the recording device on Lisa with the miniature microphone undetectable and off she went.

When Lisa came home that late afternoon she said, "Baby, you are not going to believe what happened today. You have to hear the tape."

She hurriedly undressed and brought the recorder to the family room where we listened to the recording...

"Mr. Albright, you wanted to see me this morning?"

"Yes, Lisa. I wanted to continue our discussion from yesterday. As I told you the company has a morality clause in everyone's contract. From what I was told, you may have violated that clause."

"I'm sorry if I did. But whatever I did was in the confines of my own home and in no way was the company hurt. I don't think I should be reprimanded though."

"Good heavens Lisa, I am not going to reprimand you. You misunderstand my dear. Let me start over. I know what you did and it doesn't bother me, in fact when I heard about it, I was impressed even more with you. Let me explain; You don't know my wife or much about me except that I'm the boss. What you have done my dear, my wife and I have also done. And, between you and me, my wife have graduated to being swingers."

"I never knew that but how does that affect me Mr. Albright?"

"My dear, I would like to come over to your house one night and partake in one your sessions. And, I would like to bring my wife along with me."

"Did I hear that correctly? You want to come to my house so you and I have sex with my husband watching and you want your wife there too?"

"Yes, Lisa... that's right. I want to fuck you in front of your husband and I want my wife there to also watch us. Is there a problem?"

"I guess not Mr. Albright."

"Splendid. You know, your husband might even get lucky and fuck my wife. Would you like to see that Lisa, your husband fucking my wife?"

"I guess so Mr. Albright."

"Perfect my dear. We shall be over at your place this this Saturday, say 7:00 p.m. Why not take the rest of the day off."

"Thank you sir. I'll see you and your wife Saturday evening."

After we heard the recording, we just sat there in silence for a couple of


"Wow, Lisa that's terrific. You got all of that on tape. Good work."

"But what do we do?"

"Look, let them come over and let him fuck you like you did before. I'll record it on video for evidence if he ever tries to smear you or fire you... it's insurance."

"Ok. Sounds like a plan. But what about his wife? What if she wants you to fuck her. Or worse, what if she wants to fuck me?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Ok. I'm going to make dinner now."

Things were quiet for the next couple of days and Saturday was now here. I had everything set and we were ready for our guests, nervous but ready.

Lisa decided to wear her tight, white leggings over a white thing and her white tank top without a bra.

I was just dressed in slacks and a button down shirt.

At 7:00 p.m. the doorbell rang. Lisa went to open the door and let our guests in. As they entered, I went to them and greeted them as Lisa introduced me.

Me. Albright must have been in his early 50's, s/p hair, about 5'9", maybe 180 and looked physically fit. His wife, Adrien, looked younger, maybe early 40's, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7", about 125, full tits and a real nice shape.

Lisa escorted them to the family room while I got a bottle of wine and four glasses.

We chatted a bit on a variety of subjects and the weather. It appeared that everyone was a bit nervous. Then Adrien broke the ice...

"My husband told me about you two, not a lot, just the good stuff. So, Lisa when did you start?"

I knew what she meant and replied, " Our first time was a couple of months ago. And we did another one soon thereafter but that's been it."

"How did you like it?"

"Actually, I did like it, that's why we did another one."

"Did that get your husband off?"

"Not exactly. As soon as they left, we fucked and he never came as much as he did both times."

"Are you going to continue?"

"Quite possibly."

"But you are going to do it tonight, with my husband, aren't you?"

"If that is what everyone wants, yes."

"You look ravishing in that outfit by the way. Are you bi?"

"I have had sex with a woman before but I wouldn't consider myself bi."

"I'm bi and my husband enjoys watching me with another woman, just as your husband enjoys watching you with another guy."

"Tell me, what were you thinking the first time another man slipped his cock in your cunt while your husband watched?"

"To be honest, I felt like a whore but I wanted his cock in me and fucking me."

"And what about tonight, right now? Do you want my husband's cock in you?"

"He's my boss and I don't think I have a choice, do I?"

"Of course you do my dear. We always have choices. Forgetting he's your you want him to fuck you now in front of your husband?"

Lisa looked at me but I said nothing, waiting for her answer.

"Yes, I want his cock in me and I want him to fuck me in front of my husband."

"What if I told you that we are here tonight so I could fuck you. What would you say?"

"I'd say, why don't you both fuck me at the same time?"

Adrien smiled as did her husband and myself. Then as we all laughed, I poured wine for all of us.

Adrien said, "Lisa, you are a terrific woman and I like you... I like both of you."

"Thank you and I like you two as well."

More than an hour went by before Lisa excused herself. After about 15 minutes, she came out wearing her short satin cover-up and naked underneath. She sat between our guests as I sat across from them. The she untied her sash and opened the cover-up to reveal her nakedness.

Adrien and her Lisa's boss wasted no time in sampling Lisa's nipples while feeling her up.

I waited a few minutes and said, "It would be more comfortable on our bed and got up and left them to our bedroom. As the three of them got on the bed with my wife in the middle, I sat across from them.

Ad the couple were kissing and feeling Lisa, I heard Lisa say, "It will be more fun if you guys got naked."

No sooner said than done, they stood up and removed their clothes. That's when I saw her boss's large cock, hard and standing straight up. Adrien was a vision of beauty with full tits and erect nipples and a perfectly trimmed pussy. The immediately got back down with Lisa.

I watched closely as the couple seemed to devour Lisa with their mouths as the licked every inch of her body. Lisa was squirming under their touches, clearly enjoying every second of it.

Then I heard Adrien say to her husband, "It's time, fuck her."

He mounted Lisa as Adrien was kissing Lisa. I watched closely as he slid his big cock into my wife's cunt until he was balls deep in her. Adrien looked over at me & smiled.

He started fucking Lisa as his wife kissed and played Lisa's tits and sucked her nipples. Then, she stopped and yelled out, "Fuck her cunt hard baby let her husband are you cumming in his wife's cunt. He likes that."

My cock was out and I was jerking it. Adrien saw me and came over to me and slipped my cock in her mouth. Lisa looked up and saw this and just smiled as her boss was giving her a good fucking.

He yelled out, "I'm going to cum and pulled his cock out fare enough for me to see his cum streaming out his cock into Lisa's cunt.

By this time I was ready to cum and I shot streams of cum into Adrien's mouth. She got up and went to Lisa and kissed her, my cum flowing from Adrien's mouth to hers.

Everyone was exhausted and we all rested. I couldn't believe all that happened and loved every minute of it.

I went over to Lisa and told her I was sorry that I got my cock sucked. She smiled and said, "Baby, I can't wait to see you fucking her."

After some periods of rest, my wife and her boss sat across from the bed and watched as I fucked Adrien. When I was ready to cum, her husband yelled out, "Cum on her tits...she likes that."

When I was ready, I pulled my cock out and shot my cum all over her tits. As soon as I stopped cumming, Lisa went over and lapped up my cum and went and kissed her boss, sharing my cum with him.

He told Lisa to get on all fours and he knelt behind her. He lubed his cock with cum and saliva and positioned his cock at her asshole. He started inserting his cock in her ass but she wasn't able to take it all the way. He got a little in past his cock head and fucked her that way until he came bin her ass, a first for Lisa.

That night we all enjoyed each other and swapped partners throughout the night. Our guests stayed over and we fucked each other the whole next day.

When it was time for bout guests to leave, Adrien said, "This was the best weekend we ever had. Tell me Lisa, did you enjoy yourself? Did you like watching your husband fucking me? Want more?"

"I really did enjoy myself. Your husband was terrific and so were you. And, I really enjoyed watching my husband fucking you. Now I know why he likes to watch me getting fucked. I sure want more."

"Next Friday night, our house. Plan on staying the weekend."

Mr. Albright added, "This was the best weekend we've had in a long time. See you Monday morning Lisa. I want to talk to you about a promotion and raise..a few raises if you know what I mean."

When they left we hugged each other and I said, "Well Lisa, what do you think?

"I think I was wrong about my boss. I had a good time. What about you? Mad at me?"

"I had a good time too. Your boss has a big cock. I almost came as he slipped that monster in you. How could I be mad at you? You should be mad at me for having sex with Adrien."

"Never. I couldn't take my eyes off of you when you slipped your cock in her cunt. Now I know why you like watching me getting fucked. It's such a rush."

"You know, I guess we moved into the swinger category. Would you say so?"

"I guess we did. Do you think others will be at Albright'd house next week?

"Possibly. If there are I guess we will have to participate or leave. What would you want to do Lisa?"

"That's up to you. Whatever you decide is fine with me."

"So, you would be ok with swapping with others and getting fucked by different men?"

"Only if that wouldn't bother you."

"That's not an answer. Just tell me if you would be ok with others fucking you?"

"If you must know, yes...and I hope you would be watching me."

I smiled and took her arm and we went to bed and fucked...and fucked.

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