Russia says it began attacking Ukraine's energy networks in retaliation for an attack on a bridge linking mainland Russia to occupied Crimea, although Kyiv has not said it was behind the bridge attack. For six months, homes in Ukraine's southern coastal city of Mykolaiv have been without clean drinking water. Military and UN experts have told a BBC investigation they believe Russian forces deliberately cut off the water supply last April. But the organisation said he was not suitable for the job because the processes had to be explained in a lot of technical detail. At another point in the debate, Oz tried to turn Fetterman’s law-and-order narrative back on him by bringing up a years-old encounter in which Fetterman, during his time as mayor, chased down a Black jogger with a shotgun. Fetterman has said he heard what sounded like gunfire and saw a man running away. According to a police report, the man was unarmed. - ItbG2e <span class="inline-block">Bad gateway</span> </a> <div id="cf-wrapper"> Browser <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> <div class="mt-3">2022-10-21 22:03:38 UTC</div>

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