Worldwide Junior is a friendly tournament for clubs with kids under 16 years of age. Tournaments will be played on Saturday at 5 pm CET. Time control is 10 + 2 for 2 hours. There are no limits, each team can field as many players as they want, but only 10 best results count for the team score at the end. The tournament is divided into seven leagues for now. If you are a new team, you start at the bottom League (currently the G). Two teams each week get promoted. Another competition is Worldwide Junior Under 11 - that is those born from 2009 onwards - that is held on Wednesday, every two weeks at 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm and 11 pm CET, with three European leagues, two Eastern divisions and América division. Competition for youngest is Worldwide Junior Under 8 - born from 2012 onwards - that is held on Thursday, every two weeks. In same time as U8, we have new, girls only tournament, Worldwide Women Under 14 - that is those born from 2006 onwards - that is held on Thursday, every two weeks.

All tournaments

2nd Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena on July 20, for the International Chess Day, with special guests IM Nico Zwirs, IM Anton Skurygin, IM Michel Diaz, FM Soriano Quispe, FM Docampo Beltran, FM Kemel Gallo Garcia, FM Oleg Papayan...

On July 4 IM Max Warmerdam played a simul on lichess with 28 kids from our Team.

On June 22 GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera, current Cuban Champion, Italy number one GM Daniele Vocaturo, GM Aramis Alvarez Pedraza and IM Nico Zwirs played the first Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena on lichess.

On June 5 and 6 GM Alexander Morozevich played a simul for our kids on Check out our team for more info. Games were broadcasted on Chess Events.

On May 14 GM Evgeny Shtembuliak, current World Under 20 Champion, played for us a simul on 35 boards organized in collaboration with and broadcasted live on his Twitch channel

Please note

  • The most important thing is that the spirit of competition remains friendly.
  • Let me know if you'll participate in the next tournament by writing me by as soon as you can!
  • The groups should be closed and the captains should know the kids playing, we should all be sure that there are only Under 16.
  • New accounts should not participate, especially those created on the day of the tournament but also not those created in the week preceding the competitions.

Week Results
11/04/2020 137 players in one League: congrats to Trojanska Hästen for a stunning victory!
18/04/2020 355 players in two Leagues: congrats to Team Veracruz Mexico for winning League A!
25/04/2020 596 players in three Leagues: congrats to Trojanska Hästen for winning again League A!
02/05/2020 660 players from all over the world! Congrats to Eskaki .gr for winning League A!
09/05/2020 690 players in four Leagues! Congrats to Детская Академия Наук for winning League A!
16/05/2020 775 players in four Leagues, 268 players in League A! Congrats to Cuba Masters for winning!
23/05/2020 796 players in 4 Leagues, 273 in League A and 217 in C! Congrats to Cuba Masters for winning again!
30/05/2020 957 players in 6 Leagues, 268 in League A, congrats to Cuba Masters for winning!
20/06/2020 811 players in 6 Leagues, congrats to Cuba Masters for the fourth win in a row!
25/07/2020 859 players in 7 Leagues, congrats to Cuba Masters for the fifth win!!
29/08/2020 XI Worldwide Junior Tournament


Lipetsk Chess Club Russia
Crowborough Chess Club England
RCG School Players Sri Lanka
Этюд Russia
Mexico Jovenes Promesas Mexico
Chess Club G-2 Russia
Dnipro Juniors Ukraine
Maestro Chess Kazakhstan


Школа шахмат гроссмейстера Кирякова| GM Kiriakov's School Russia
Morona Santiago Ajedrez Ecuador
Strategy_club Russia
Team Krasyliv Ukraine
Santísimo Selección Peru
Val Parisis Echecs - Franconville France
Замандас 21 Kazakhstan
Team Veracruz Mexico U-16 Mexico
Galaxy Chess Team Turkey
StanEchecs France


Alfieri del Garda - chess Academy Italy
Chess Academy Elite Mexico
Team Minnesota Scholastic USA
Combinado COINESTEPONA Spain
NYChessKids USA
Grand Master Chess Club Baku Azerbaijan
Jamaica Knights U16 Jamaica
Ekb_Intellect Russia
Chess Chile Escolar U16 Chile
Arriba PERÚ Peru


Ajedrez Blanco y Negro Spain
Trojanska Hästen Sweden
Schaakstad Apeldoorn Netherlands
Уктусский гамбит Russia
Mantua boys Italy
Malatia Chess Club Armenia
Bischwiller Junior Team France
Welsh Dragons Wales
Liga Cuauhtemoc-Mexico City U-16 Mexico


SDS Novarese Italy
Derzhava Chess Club Russia
De Wetterse Vrijpion Belgium
Yaroslavl U16 Russia
Chessnuts - Under 16 Champs India
Chess-Ecuador Ecuador
CS Chess Knights Scotland
Olymbic Chess Junior Egypt Egypt
FVA SUB 16 Venezuela
Paraguay Juvenil Paraguay


"Бриллиант" (г.Кострома) Russia
Club Ladya Kazakhstan
Önderler Chess Syria U16 Syria
Schack 08 & LASS juniorlag Sweden
Cantabria U16 Spain
Chess Shoots Juniors India
bahrain chess academy Bahrain
FDCH Ecuador
Шахматная Школа "Наставник" Russia


Eastern Cape Super u16 South Africa
Newton College Peru
Lichess Lions New York City
Brazilian Young Chess Team Brazil
Asep Chess Masters USA
Rustenburg Chess Club South Africa
Club de Ajedrez UOM San Luis Argentina
Gerasimenyuk chess team Ukraine
Cairo Chess Academy Egypt
Шахматная Школа "Наставник" Russia


Oborishte Panagyurishte U16 group Bulgaria
Tatanzak Killer Bees Italy
Ученики И.Погорелова Russia
Don Bosco & Rising Star Chess Clinic Tanzania
Aldosivi Argentina

Worldwide U11 is for kids born from 2009 onwards.
Tournaments are played on Wednesday 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 11 pm CET. Time control is 10+2. Tournament duration is 90 minutes.

Worldwide U8 is for kids born from 2012 onwards.
Tournaments are played on Thursday 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 11 pm CET. Time control is 10+2. Tournament duration is 90 minutes.

Worldwide Women U14 is for girls only, born in 2006 and younger.

If you have suggestions or advice or ideas to propose, you can write to Maurizio Matteoli or Goran Banovac

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