"You're going back to school," he told her.

Claire didn't know what to think about that. By this stage she had been raped by most of the boys at her school; anyone the slightest bit interested in her tits or cunt had visited her house in recent weeks and paid her father for the privilege of sexually using her. She wouldn't be able to pass the tests for graduation now anyway - she had already missed too much work.

She said nothing and just kept sucking Michael's cock.

"Oh, it's not your old school," Michael explained to her. "It's a new pilot program. The government is about to all but discontinue providing public education to women, thanks to our recent reports. Families who want to educate their girls will need to pay to send them to private schools. We're going to trial a new model of school for this market. It's going to let girls in for free, but the girls are going to pay for their education by being teaching aids."

Michael ejaculated into Claire's mouth. Claire held still, waiting for him to piss as well.

"The girls will learn to read and write, and enough maths to calculate their own bust size, but they'll also learn how to be good little fuckpets for their daddies, and how to be obedient little cunts for their husbands."

He started to piss. Claire relaxed, enjoying the warm, degrading liquid flowing into her mouth.

"We're going to send you along to be part of the trial program, Claire. You'll like that, won't you?"

Claire tried to nod with a mouthful of cock.


Claire's uniform for the new school was about what she had expected. A short pleated skirt, with no panties except for a small silver bell painfully clipped to her clitoris, and a button up white shirt, unbuttoned down to below her breasts. She wore a bra, but she was required to wear it with her tits pulled out of the cups, so that it provided no concealment or support at all but somehow left Claire feeling more exposed than if she had worn no bra at all. The complete outfit looked more like a stripper's parody of a school uniform than a real uniform, which suited Claire as she these days felt she was more a stripper than a schoolgirl anyway. Around her neck she wore a dog collar with a nametag reading "Fucktwat".

The school was called St Lucia's, and had every indication of being a prestigious private school, except for the small logos showing Titcage's sponsorship of the incident. When Claire arrived on her first day, she found it strange to be going back to a school with boys and sluts her own age. The boys were well dressed, clearly rich, and obviously excited about attending school with so many sluttily-dressed attractive sluts. It appeared not all the sluts had received as much re-education as Claire had about their roles in life. Claire watched several girls having to be pulled out of cars and forcibly marched into the school as they cried over their demeaning outfits. Claire found herself getting wet. Watching pretty girls cry was erotic.

School started with an assembly at which the students were told their expectations at the school. Males would be receiving a real education. Females would be receiving a "female education". The girls were chastised for dressing so sluttily, and warned that if they were raped it was their own fault. They were to answer only to the degrading names on their collars. The boys were told to never look at a girl's face, only her tits, and to get into the habit of slapping at least one girl a day in the face, to help them remember their natural dominance over women. Girls were expected to encourage this behaviour and report any boy who forgot.

There were no female toilets of any kind. Girls who couldn't hold their bladders for the day were expected to strip naked and piss outdoors on the oval, crawling on all fours. Girls who wet themselves indoors would be made to lick up their mess. If a girl needed to shit, she could use the male toilets, but she would have to strip naked before entering, and if she ended up occupying a stall while a boy needed to piss he would be entitled to use her mouth as his toilet.

In each class, the male teacher would select a girl to suck his cock for the lesson. The remaining girls would be given headphones playing training instructions, similar to Claire's training tape, and would be told to sit in their seats and masturbate and listen to their tapes while the boys received real education. The girls would only be called out for the degrading repetition of their headphones if something relevant to sluts was being taught, or if they were required for a demonstration of something.


The class was taught how women had evolved to pleasure men and make babies. A slut's tits and cunt were sensitive not for her pleasure, but to give men a way to easily hurt and discipline her. She grew hair on her head to allow her to be easily pulled and controlled. Women were essentially a complex life support system for their tits, cunt and womb. Women's brains were less powerful than men's and their thinking was normally distorted by the chemicals their body produces to make them fuck men and get pregnant. The girls of the class were brought to the front and stripped naked to allow the boys to compare the difference in their tits and cunts.

A practical experiment involved allowing the boys to inject needles into the girls' tits to promote lactation. Claire, already pregnant and soon to begin producing milk, was spared this, and got to masturbate as she watched the other girls cry from the pain in their breasts. She, however, was chosen for another experiment on female cognition. She was made to masturbate to the verge of orgasm in front of the class, and then the teacher began to beat her tits with a ruler. She was told the beating would end when she asked for it to, but when she did she would have to stop masturbating. Claire chose to endure the violation of her breasts until she had brought herself to orgasm, demonstrating to the class the priorities of the female brain.


The girls learned very little in maths other than that females were stupid and bad at maths. Their education involved basic counting, wherein they were made to count how many times their breasts or pussies had been slapped with a leather belt, and estimations of volume, where they were given cups of piss and cum to drink and asked to estimate how much they had swallowed.

They girls were, however, called on for a number of demonstrations. The boys practiced a number of ways of determining volume by binding and measuring the girls' tits, dunking their breasts in full buckets of water and measuring the overflow, and pushing objects into the girls' twats.


In geography, the girls had homework to draw maps of their houses, showing only the locations of the bedroom and the kitchen, being the only parts of their house relevant to them. Later, they learned the location of the city's strip clubs and brothels, to help them find easy employment after graduation.


The girls received a full history education, with a focus on the ways that women had been enslaved, chastised and controlled over the centuries and how it had improved society. They learned about the many ways that women had fucked up the world, and why to hate the evil and ugly women who had attempted to argue women weren't fucktoys. Claire was ashamed to learn of all the horrible things feminists had done, and was glad she didn't live in a world where women were expected to fuck only a single man and no other girls at all. It made her really appreciate what Titcage was doing for her. She hadn't been fucked at all before Titcage came into her life, and now she got things shoved into her mouth and up her cunt every single day.


Physical education was an important part of the curriculum, and the girls all stayed back on Fridays for an extra hour of it with no boys. In their extra hour, they were taught how to exercise to stay fit and pretty. This training was conducted with the girls naked, with small weights hung from their nipples and clitoris by clamps. The girls would run around the oval with their hands tied behind their back, the weights bouncing agonisingly from their breasts and clit. At the end of the session, the sweaty, exhausted girls would pair off to wrestle nude. Raping your opponent was encouraged, and Claire never missed the opportunity to pin her classmates and grind her wet, aroused fuckhole against her opponent's face.

The class they shared with the boys was focused on teaching the boys how to treat women. The boys would be taught how to slap a women's face without damaging her prettiness; how to overcome their reluctance to punch a woman in the tits or cunt; how to control a woman by pulling her hair, or pinching her nipples, or squeezing her clit. The girls, naked, were passive punching bags for these sessions, with only a vibrator pushed into their twats to distract them.

In later classes, the boys were taught to rape the girls. Initially this involved turning the naked girls loose on the oval and letting the boys chase them down, wrestle them to the ground, and enthusiastically stick their cocks into the girls' twats. Eventually, most of the girls became resigned to this ritualised raping, and classes spent less time on subduing the girls and more time on helping the boys get the most enjoyment out of their bodies.


As there was no a reason for a girl to learn chemistry or physics, during the time when the boys attended these classes the girls instead attended "Presentation". Here they were taught how to keep themselves looking rapeable, and how to please men with their attitude and posture. The girls learned how to put on make-up and how to groom their hair. They were given lessons in what sort of clothes were appropriate for sluts, and what sort were not. They were instructed on how to give themselves a douche and an enema to keep their fuckholes clean. They were shown ways to painfully bind their own breasts and how to apply clamps, chains, and cunt-spreaders to their bodies.

In addition, they were taught poses, postures and slutty walks. Claire had already learnt this material at Titcage, and her teacher was impressed, patting Claire on the head like a dog and calling her a "good slut".


English was a surprisingly important subject for the girls, and here again they studied along with the boys but also had additional lessons during their Monday lunch breaks.

The bonus lessons focused on vocabulary. The girls were taught to refer to females as sluts, whores, bitches or fucktoys. The learned to never speak of their tits or their cunt without degrading them. A good slut referred to "her slutty sex-udders" or "her dirty slutmelons", along with "her wet fuckhole" or "her whorish cuntmeat". Use of the words "breasts" or "vagina" by a slut was grounds to be stripped naked and beaten anywhere on the school grounds.

They also spent long periods listening to prerecorded tapes with electrodes on their nipples and cunt. When certain "forbidden words" were spoken on the tape, the girls would receive a shock. The forbidden words included "rights", "feminism", "indepedent woman", and "patriarchy". Claire already hated all these words, but she got the shock treatment for them anyway along with the other sluts.

In the classes they shared with the boys, the girls got to analyse pornographic films and books, which the teacher described as "women's literature". They would watch a film of a woman being raped, and describe which bits aroused them the most and why. They would discuss why rape films aroused the girls so much, and why films routinely focused on women as sex objects. ("Because women ARE sex objects," Claire answered, and was rewarded by applause and a pat on the head.)

The pornographic stories were treated similarly. The class speculated on what was motivating the female characters ("their cunts" was normally the right answer). Sometimes the class would read a problematic and difficult text, where a woman WASN'T fucked or raped but instead did something like work at a normal job. They learned that these texts were likely satire, and together they speculated on things the woman deserved to have done to her, like having her tits beaten or her cunt kicked.


The St Lucia's pilot program only ran for three months, until the end of the normal school year, but by the end of it a great many girls were pregnant with the babies of one of the many classmates or teachers who had raped them. A significant number had vanished during the last month and then returned with their tits obviously surgically enlarged. Most of the sluts now had a submissive, defeated manner about them, and willingly fucked and sucked anyone who showed interest in them. It was common to see some of the girls idly masturbating themselves in public.

Claire had enjoyed the program immensely. She had learned some new perspectives on why women deserved to be enslaved and raped, and she had had a lot of wonderful sex and gotten to rape a lot of pretty girls. And as the program came to a close, she was now five months pregnant, with a round, visible baby stomach. On the last day of school she woke up with a wetness on her chest, and sat up to find a thin tricke of milk leaking from her left udder.

She had finally begun to lactate.

(To be continued...)

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