I leaned back and said, "Now you do it!" Tony didn't move and it looked like he was going to say something until I shot him a wicked look and raised the crop. He quickly leaned in closer, but he tried to hold back and stick his tongue out as far as he could until he just barely made contact with the tip of his tongue. He quickly dragged the tip of his tongue half way up the shaft of Steve's cock, barely making any contact at all. He then stopped to look at me for approval.

I glowered at Tony and said, "That was pathetic! Try again!" He slowly moved in with his tongue stretched far out again, but I had enough of this, so I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him roughly forward while saying, "Stick out your tongue, goddammit! Lick his cock right this time or I swear to God I'll make you lick his asshole instead!"

Tony apparently took my threat seriously and so he did what I said, with my continued pressure on the back of his head of course. He held his tongue flat and wide and slowly licked upward over the entire length of Steve's cock. I pulled his head back and said, "That's much better. Now do it again but use more spit. You have to make him wet. I want his cock to glide in my pussy!"

I released Tony's head from my grasp and let him do it alone. To my surprise he did it again correctly without my prodding. When he looked back he almost gave me a smile, proud of his accomplishment. I said, "Much better, but keep doing it until I tell you to quit. I want his dick dripping with your spit!"

Tony gave me a dirty look, but he dutifully leaned back in and licked Steve's cock again before I had to discipline him. Then he did it again on his own, and again and again. Watching him repeat this motion several times I noticed he was doing it more slowly now. Could he actually be savoring Steve's cock!

I sensed that Tony was indeed starting to enjoy licking Steve, especially when we both heard Steve give a moan of approval and put his hand gently on the back of Tony's head and pull him in a little tighter so that Tony's tongue would put more pressure on his cock. Tony glanced up at Steve and then at me and he almost smiled as he continued to lick. I felt a twinge of excitement in my pussy at seeing that.

Encouragingly, I said, "That's a good little cuckold! I may teach you to be a good cocksucker yet! Are you enjoying licking Steve's big, black cock for me? I think you are! But don't be stingy; his cock is big enough for two tongues. Move over a little!"

I leaned in to the left side and began to lick half of Steve's cock while Tony licked the other half. With my hand I then lowered Steve's penis so that it stood out straight. To my surprise, Tony, without missing a beat, repositioned himself to start licking the top side of Steve's cock. We were both soon moving our lips and tongues all over Steve's long cock, up and down the shaft and over the head, and he was enjoying it immensely, moaning and groaning loudly.

I began to worry that Steve was going to climax too soon from our combined tongue action, so I pushed his penis back up to vertical and said to Tony, "Let's give his cock a break for a moment. Here, watch and do what I do." Tony watched intently as I moved downward and began to kiss and lick Steve's clean-shaven balls, then I moved aside. Tony hesitated for a moment to try this new thing, but without complaining he soon tried to copy me, although he didn't dive into it eagerly.

After watching him lightly lick on Steve's balls for a while I moved back in to correct his technique, showing him what to do. First, I opened my mouth and lightly sucked and licked Steve's balls, cradling them in my open lips. I kept at this for a minute, eventually sucking one of his balls gently into my mouth and caressing it with my tongue. Then I sat back and said, "Your turn now, Dear. Suck his black balls for me!"

Tony moved forward and resumed half-heartedly licking again. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face in farther and said, "No! I told you to suck his balls. Open your mouth!" Tony obeyed and opened his mouth a little. It took some more prodding to make him do it right, "Open wider! More. That's good, now stick out your tongue and caress his balls. That's a good little white boy! Now gently suck his black balls into your mouth. Not too hard, Steve won't like it! That's right, now move to the other side. Good! Now keep going until I tell you to stop."

It took Tony a little while to get into the groove, but soon he was licking and sucking on Steve's balls like they were candy. I left him to do that while I resumed sucking and stroking Steve's cock from above. Steve was loving every moment of this and even grabbed my head firmly and was preparing to start mouthfucking me to a big climax. I had to wrest myself back from his grip and said, "Whoa big fella, I think I'm ready for you to fuck me again."

This time it was Steve who gave me a dirty look, because I had stopped him just as he was getting ready to blow. I gave him a sheepish smile and mouthed the word "Sorry!" Then I told Tony, "OK my little cuckold, I can tell how much you like that, but you need to stop sucking Steve's balls now! I've got another task for you. Lay down on your back." He did and I climbed on top of him in a '69' position, straddling his head between my knees and with my butt in the air. Steve kneeled on the bed behind me and positioned his cock at my pussy lips.

I said to Tony, "Steve is going to fuck my pussy now with his wet cock and you get to watch, you lucky devil! Your job is to help me when I ask. I will tell you when I need more lubrication and Steve will put his big dick in your mouth so you can wet it again, do you understand?" I could only hear a mumble from behind me, so I yelled, "Do you understand, goddammit?!"

This time I heard Tony clearly say, "Yes Mistress, I understand."

I lowered my shoulders and arched my back to raise up my butt and expose my pussy to Steve. He inserted the head of his cock and pushed forward. I felt that glorious pressure again as his thick cock moved inward, further and further. Steve would intermittently stop and allow me to become accustomed for a few seconds until I was ready for more.

I was biting my lip to keep from crying out from a combination of pleasure and pain in my pussy, but the pleasure was easily winning out. The pain was subsiding and changing to an intense feeling of pressure, as if every nerve in my pussy was being stimulated at once. I finally cried out, "Oh my God! Deeper! Yes, deeper!" Steve took that as a cue for the last big push and that's what he did, pulling my ass toward him as he drove forward with his hips.

He was all the way in now! I could feel his pelvis tight against my ass and it felt so good. I didn't want him to stop so I yelled out, "Now fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Steve immediately began to withdraw and then move forward again, starting with short movements but quickly getting longer and more deliberate in his strokes. I called out again, "Oh Shit! That feels so good!"

I was so caught up in the feeling of Steve's cock fucking my pussy that it had driven the thought of Tony completely out of my mind, but then I remembered that he was there, his face just a few inches below my pussy. He could see Steve's cock close up as it drove deeply into my pussy and then back out. I imagined that Steve's balls were even slapping the top of Tony's forehead. The thought would have made me laugh if I wasn't so overwhelmed by the feelings of intense pleasure.

I cried out, "It feels so good, but I need more lubrication. Service that black cock, cuckold!" Steve pulled out of my pussy and I looked back over my shoulder to see Steve feeding the head of his cock down toward Tony's face. Tony wasn't cooperating enough to my satisfaction, so I grabbed his cock hard, which was standing at attention directly below me, and gave it a firm squeeze. I reinforced this by saying, "Open your mouth and suck on that big cock. Lick it all over and wet it up for me like I told you to do!"

Tony complied, and I released my grip on his cock and said, "That's better. Now put it back in my pussy!" Steve resumed his attack on my pussy, slamming himself deeply and forcefully into me. I stood up to it for several minutes but knew that I wouldn't last much longer, so I commanded one more break to allow Tony to slather more of his spit all over Steve's long cock.

I looked back again. Although I couldn't see him clearly, I could hear the loud noises of sucking and lip smacking down below. I grabbed Tony's cock again, but this time gently and began to stroke it while I coaxed him along by saying, "I'm so proud of you, my little cuckold. Do you like the taste of my pussy juices all over Steve's cock? Can you taste Steve's precum, too? Suck it out of his cock! Now put his cock back in my pussy because I'm ready to cum all over your face!"

Steve entered me one more time and resumed his hard thrusts. It didn't take long before I began to feel that glorious sensation deep between my legs as it grew and expanded. I held my breath as it intensified and then finally washed over me like warm water. I heard myself crying out the same words repeatedly "Oh Yes! Oh Yes!" as my climax grew and exploded through me and my entire body began to shake and quiver violently.

I collapsed on top of Tony with Steve still buried deep within me. When I finally regained my senses, I lifted up, so Steve could withdraw his cock, but before he did I said, "Oh my God! That was incredible, Steve! Your cock is amazing! Give it to my husband as a reward for his help. Let him clean my pussy juices off of your cock."

Steve pulled back and pushed the head of his sticky wet cock into Tony' mouth. Tony accepted it, but not gladly at first, but his attitude changed when I started to suck on his own rigid cock below me. I was rewarding him for everything he had done up to this point; he deserved it. As I continued to lavish more attention on Tony I could hear him doing the same to Steve. Even Steve seemed to be enjoying the attention from my husband's mouth. But I had one more plan in mind.

I stopped sucking Tony and climbed off him saying, "Steve, please take your cock out of my cuckold husband's pretty little mouth and lie back on the bed. When he did that I climbed on top of him and straddled his cock. Tony was still lying there; he hadn't moved yet. I said, "What are you waiting for? Can't you see that I'm ready to keep fucking Steve and he needs more of your spit on his cock? Get busy!"

Tony slowed rolled over and moved in behind my ass to where Steve's long cock was standing vertical and poised ready to enter me. I said, "Go ahead. Start licking!" He wasn't protesting anymore. Tony moved down and efficiently began to lick and spit all over Steve's cock. He even used his hand to spread the saliva over the entire shaft. Then he stopped and raised up.

I said, "If you're ready, grab his cock and stick it in my pussy!" I was amazed that Tony did what I asked without question and I felt Steve's cock pushing into my pussy again. Now it was my turn to fuck Steve. I wanted to make him feel as good as I had. I started slowly, raising off of him and then pushing myself back down, and then again faster.

Soon I was riding up and down on his cock with long fast movements and the feeling in my pussy was intense. Steve was also liking the sensation as he squeezed my tits and moaned. I slowed and raised my ass up so that I was only fucking the upper few inches of his cock and exposing the rest for my cuckold. I ordered Tony, "More lubrication boy! Lick his cock for me; get it wet again."

Tony moved in and mouthed the base of Tony's cock to wet it and when he was done I slid my pussy back down, fully onto Steve's cock. My body shuddered at the heavenly sensation. I said to Tony, "That's good. Now help me get Steve off. This poor man needs and orgasm soon! While I fuck his cock, I want you to wrap your little sissy mouth around his balls and lick them like their made of chocolate!" Tony amazed me again because he obeyed without complaint. I complimented his eagerness to comply saying, "Wow! You do love his balls, don't you baby? Suck those pretty black balls for me!"

I started fucking Steve's full cock again while Tony mouthed his nuts. I could tell he was down there doing his job because I could feel my ass contacting the side of his head each time I slid down Steve's cock. But I could also see from Steve's reactions that Tony's mouth was helping and soon he would be pumping my pussy full of his cum. The thought of Steve's balls nestled in my husband's mouth, along with the feeling of Steve's massive cock pounding my pussy caused me to have another orgasm that just sprung on me, taking me completely by surprise.

I cried out while continuing to ride Steve as each wave of my orgasm quickly rolled over me until eventually my body relaxed. I felt wonderful, but I also felt bad because I couldn't hold out long enough for Steve to cum in my pussy first. But surely I could take care of that; he can always cum in my mouth!

I quickly climbed off Steve and turned around, fully prepared to devour his big cock and suck him to his own intense orgasm. That's when I saw Tony still lying there dutifully licking and sucking Steve's balls and apparently enjoying himself immensely. I had a sudden thought, but I also wondered "Could it work? Would he do it? I guess there's only one way to find out!"

I resumed my dominating character and loudly ordered Tony, "Quick, put Steve's cock in your mouth and suck off my pussy juices. Tony reluctantly released Steve's balls from his mouth, but he did get up on his knees and lean forward toward Steve's penis and tentatively took it lightly between his thumb and a finger. He was hesitant to grasp it fully in his hand, let alone to commit to going down on Steve's cock of his own volition.

I snapped! I moved in quickly and fiercely slapped Tony hard across the face, startling both him and Steve. Hell, I even surprised myself, but I didn't stop. I screamed at him, "What in the fuck do you think you're doing? This is exactly what you wanted from me, and this is how you repay me? I'm telling you right now to either suck his black cock or get the hell out of here and I'll do it myself! I swear to God though, if you quit now I will fuck every black man I can find but you will be completely locked out!"

Tony, his cheek now red with a clear outline of my hand, looked wide-eyed at me, but quickly said, "Yes Mistress!" and then he immediately grasped Steve's cock with both hands, opened his mouth wide and engulfed the engorged head of Steve's black cock in his mouth and began to lick and suck it.

I was quiet for a very long time while my I breathed deeply. I was surprised at how emotional I had become in playing this role. I suspect that much of the rage that welled up in me at that moment was from the deep anger I still held over discovering Tony's secret desires; at having been excluded and lied to for so long.

I was calmer now, but my heart was still racing. That was from the surprise I felt at my level of arousal at this moment. I realized there were three reasons I was so sexually aroused; first was that I was thoroughly enjoying dominating my husband and watching him respond with equal arousal at this new role. Secondly, of course, was the fulfilment of my interracial fantasies with a gorgeous black man like Steve.

The third reason was the most surprising to me, and it was a combination of the first two. I was hugely turned on by watching my husband as I forced him to sexually service a black man. The thought of pushing him more and more to perform sex acts with this man was driving me onward.

During this long internal conversation in my head Tony had kept up his clumsy oral action on Steve's cock; at this point he wouldn't dare stop without my permission. I could see now that he was only serving to maintain Steve's hard-on, but not moving him toward a release. Something had to be done about that.

So I spoke, quietly this time, "That's much better, my little cuckold, but I think it's time that you learn how to really suck cock!" Tony started to raise off of Steve, but I was ready for that and I pushed him back down even before Steve's cock was out of his mouth. I said, "I didn't tell you to stop! It would be rude! Keep sucking his cock and do exactly what I tell you to do!"

Tony did what I asked, so I ventured further, "Now, start moving your mouth up and down onto the head of his cock and close your lips tight to create pressure on the tip. Good! Now try to take him deeper into your mouth, as deep as you can!" I could see Tony moving his head further down the length of Steve's cock with each forward motion of his head, inching along.

I could also see more of Tony's saliva dripping from between his lips as he pushed Steve's cock deeper into his throat, but soon he started to gag. I said, "That's OK. He's just too big to take all the way in, but you can use your hands to stroke the rest of his cock. That's right, grip him tightly, but not too tight, and make long slow strokes up and down."

Steve laid back on the bed and closed his eyes and was starting to feel the difference in Tony's technique. I continued, "Good! Open your lips for a moment and let more of your saliva drip down his cock. Good! See how it helps your hands glide more smoothly? Now stroke his cock a little faster and match the speed of your mouth moving up and down with those of your hands."

Steve started to squirm and move his hips and I could hear his moans getting louder. I said, "You're doing great, Dear. Now move one of your hands down and caress his balls while you stroke his cock even faster with the other hand. That's right! Now grip his cock tighter and stroke him even faster, and keep your mouth moving up and down in rhythm with your hand."

I could sense that Steve's breathing was getting shallower and faster, but Tony was so caught up in trying to follow my instructions, in trying to obey and please me, that he wasn't recognizing the signs that he had displayed so many times before when I used the same blowjob techniques on him. Would I really be able to make this happen?

I continued to praise my husband, "You're doing great. You're quite the little sissy cocksucker now, aren't you? Keep going! Suck that big, black cock! Stroke it faster! Yes!"

Steve was now moaning very loudly, and his hips were straining to push upward, trying to push his cock forward, deeper into my husband's mouth. I said, "Now get ready, little cuckold, there's one last thing you have to do..." Tony was still moving his mouth and hands, still engrossed in his task. His eyes were closed tight in concentration as I finished my thought, "Now get ready to catch Steve's cum in your mouth!"

Tony's eyes flew open wide and looked toward me in fright, but his mouth kept moving! He was too much under my control to stop what I had commanded him to do, but nevertheless he began to verbally express his reluctance to continue to the end.

With his lips still clamped tightly around Steve's cock he began to voice his reluctance, "Mmmmm Mmmmm!" along with a shake of his head. He did this several times while giving me a pleading look with his eyes, yet all the time he kept up his hand and mouth action on Steve's cock.

A glance at Steve showed me that he was now only seconds away from exploding, so I spoke firmly but softly to Tony to keep him going to the end, "You can do it, my sweet little cuckold! Do it for me! Take his cum in your mouth for me!"

Tony's eyes kept looking into mine, but now they seemed less frightened. He had resigned himself to continue because I wished him to. I smiled a big smile and said, "That's my good little cuckold! This is it! Stroke his cock hard now! Suck his dick! Faster! Faster!"

Steve let out a loud wail and simultaneously reached out and grabbed Tony's head, holding it firmly and keeping Tony's mouth tightly on his thick cock as he bucked his hips forward and started his orgasm. Tony had removed his hands from Steve's cock, so he could brace his body against Steve's sudden body movement, but Steve's penis was still buried deeply in Tony's mouth.

I had a clear view of the lower half of Steve's throbbing penis and I noticed the thick shaft of Steve's cock swell and subside several times in a rapid pumping action as Steve propelled his hot semen into my loving husband's mouth! Tony's eyes went wide as he felt the gush of Steve's cum explode inside his mouth and down his throat!

I was so excited that I was shouting further instructions as Tony did his best to weather the onslaught, "Yes! Yes! That's it! Keep your lips closed! Catch all of that delicious cum! Don't take your mouth off his cock!"

Tony couldn't have disengaged if he wanted to; Steve continued to hold his head firmly while thrusting his cock in and out, deep into Tony's mouth for a very long time until his orgasm finally subsided. It seemed to last forever!

Steve finally let go of Tony and laid back in exhaustion, but Tony was still holding on, his lips tightly clamped on Steve's penis as I had commanded. Despite his valiant efforts some of Steve's thick cum did leak out from his lips, but he managed to hold most of it in.

Tony was patiently waiting for my instructions, so with my heart beating a mile a minute I said, "Don't move! Now I want you to swallow everything that's in your mouth!" Tony's eyes looked at me and pleaded with me again, but I could tell there was no real fight in him anymore. He knew he was going to lose this one too.

I said, "Go ahead now. Swallow it!" With the softening head of Steve's cock still in his mouth I could see Tony struggle to try to swallow what must have been a massive load of cum. He had to swallow it in small incremental amounts and I watched him clinch his eyes and grimace as he forced it down his throat over several attempts.

His mouth now empty of most of Steve's cum, I said, "Good boy! You're a real cocksucker now! But you're not quite done yet. You still have to clean Steve's cock for him. That's right! Suck every last bit of cum out of his dick! Use your hands to squeeze it from his cock and into your mouth. Good! Now clean all the excess cum from his cock and don't miss the stuff that dripped down on his balls! I want him to be completely clean."

Tony kept us his cleaning of Steve's cock and balls, and I must admit he was doing a good job. He was being very thorough. While he did this, I made a decision right there and then, and said, "I've decided that you'd better get used to this because you're going to have to do this with all of my black lovers from now on!" Tony looked up at me while he continued to clean Steve's cock and listened.

I continued, "Yes, there's going to be many black lovers coming here and you are going to service me, and them! I'm your mistress from now on, and they will be your black masters. You will bow down to black masters and satisfy their desires, whatever they ask of you, do you understand?"

Tony looked at me and nodded but didn't speak as his mouth was still occupied with his task at hand. I said, "You must thank your black master for letting you suck his big, black dick and then giving you the gift of all his thick, sweet cum!" Tony didn't fight me at all now; he did whatever I asked him to do without question. Tony mumbled a thank you to Steve. He was truly my obedient cuckold and I owned him completely!

When I could see that he had cleaned Steve's cock and balls completely I ordered him to stop and look up at me. He sat up. His face was red and his lips looked raw from all the hard sucking he had done. That didn't stop me from jumping onto him and kissing him hard, driving my tongue deep into his mouth and kissing him for a very long time.

I then pushed Tony back on the bed and climbed on top of him and kissed him again and told him I loved him. Then I moved down to his still-hard cock and gave him the best damn blow job he ever had! He had earned it!

Part way through Tony's blowjob I saw Steve get up and start to leave the room. He looked over at me and waved. I responded with a wink and a smile while continuing to suck Tony's penis. Steve walked out of the room without saying a word. I was confident that Tony and I would see him again someday soon.

I finished Tony's blowjob by giving him a powerful climax directly into my mouth; the most powerful one I have ever seen him experience. After I devoured his entire load and gave him the same cleaning treatment I had demanded from him, I climbed back up to him and kissed him deeply before we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day Tony and I talked, and fucked, and talked some more. We repeated that over the course of the next few days and weeks. We even started visiting Dr. Andrews together and she is helping us explore our sexual attractions and fetishes together.

During one of these sessions, Tony coyly reminded me that another big fetish for him, one that he has had for most of his life, is a threesome with two women. He made sure to make it clear that it obviously must include a large amount of lesbian activity. I laughed, but my pussy was tingling as I said, "I think that can be arranged, if you continue to obey me!"

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