This is pure fantasy and all people are over 18 and all actions are consensual. Hope you like it.

Cumming with Mom

I have been working hard to get into college. My mom has always been there for me and I will miss her when I go away to school. Not only is she super smart and successful, she is a really pretty curvy women with big boobs and a great shape. I could stare at her tits for endlessly, and I actually do. I fantasize about her nearly all the time.

My cock gets hard when I am around her and sneak glances at her and hope she doesn't catch me. I have had the chance to peek into her room after she comes home from work and watch her get undressed, Her bras barely hold her boobs in and when she takes them off, her boobs spill out and I run to my room and jerk off, cumming in my hand. It wasn't soon after that I had to be quick and clean up was hard, so I would lick my fingers of all my cum.

I loved the taste. It was warm and sweet and I knew I wanted more. The next time I saw her tits, her nipples were rock hard and I ran to jerk off my rock hard cock, this time catching my cum in a glass to get it all. Soon I was drinking 5-6 loads a day. I was hooked. Big tits and lots of cum were just about all I needed and I really loved the taste.

Last year, my dad walked out on us and we hardly ever saw him again. What the fuck really? Why would he leave a woman as hot as this, plus she is a hot-shot successful lawyer.

Over winter break, I finished my college aps and spring semester was starting up. I had a pretty full load at school and I spent most of my time at home studying, when my friends were out partying. I was kind of bummed out, but little did I know how well this would work out.

One day when I came home from school, my mom was home early and I peeked into her room. Holy crap, I had never seen her pussy before. I had imagined it a million times, and I liked the pussies I saw on porn sites, smooth, shaven, nice lips, but hers was amazing. Her pussy lips were huge, it was smooth and she was grinding this giant cock dildo in and out, hard and fast and I could actually hear how wet she was.

My cock had literally never been this hard ever and I started to stroke right there while I watched. I lasted about 1 minute and ran to my room and nearly filled up my cum cup. I closed my eyes and imagined her huge pussy as I slowly drank my cum and swirled it around in my mouth. I was drunk with lust and cum.

After I finished, I heard her moaning and she let out a scream and I tiptoed down the hall to look. She was lying still, breathing hard with this giant cock buried in her swollen pussy. She never knew I was there. If she did, she never let on. I ran to the kitchen to do my homework and she came out to the kitchen, surprised to see me and smiled.

She was braless, wearing only a tank top and a short skirt. Fuck, my cock was so hard, watching her as she went about the house, going through mail, checking her work email and starting dinner. We chatted and laughed while she made dinner but I knew she could tell I was staring at her hard nipples. I was off to my room again as it seemed my cum was just bubbling over inside of me.

This time I tried something new as I was wanting to make sure I didn't waste a drop of cum. I had gotten a long plastic straw and as I stroked, I stuck the end in my slit. There was so much precum leaking and it slid in a few inches. As I jerked, the feeling of the straw was amazing and started to cum. I leaned down and took the end of the straw in my mouth and as the cum started to spurt.

I sucked and all of the cum went directly into my mouth. Wow what a feeling and no mess! This meant more cum for me, less waste and no clean up. I moved the straw in and out of my cock and it felt so good. I knew that there was more of this in my future. I must have drunk 5 loads a day. I have lost count how many loads I have eaten as I fantasized about my mom.

As the weeks went on, my mom started to go out again and it put some spring in her step and she was more chatty, and we were having more fun. We were a team. Best of all she started dressing sexier. This was amazing for me. But shit, I was already jerking off so many times every day, drinking as much of my cum as I could.

One day, I was watching my mom get undressed after work and watched her slip on a low cut dress, black stockings and a cool jacket. OMG she was hotter than any thing I had ever seen. Was it even possible to cum more? On another evening, as she walked out the front door, I watched her get in the car, her black stocking legs and high heels pulling into the car; I was off to my room to jerk some more.

I stroked slowly, thinking her big tits, low cut dress and that wet shaved pussy. I slid my straw into my cock and moved it in and out, deeper each time. It felt amazing and as I started to cum, I could watch the spurts inch up the straw, closer to mouth. It tasted so good.

I finished my homework, and watched some TV and before I knew, it was 11 pm. I heard her walk up to the door, laughing and talking and she slipped inside. Oh my fucking god, her dress was open all the way down, and I swear it looked like cum all over her tits and down her legs. She blew me a quick kiss and said she would be out in a minute and she quickly went to her room.

Well there was no way I was missing this. I peeked into her door as she started to get undressed. YES! It was cum all over her and she raised her tits to her mouth and licked it off. She ran her fingers up her leg and cleaned the rest of the cum and she licked it. My dick was missile hard now and I started to stroke. I must have let out a gasp as she looked up and saw me peeking.

I was fucked. How could I have blown this? I would never see her like this again. She walked to the door and opened it and looked at my cock.

She whispered, "I was waiting to see this. I know you have been watching me and it turns me on. Ever since your dad left, you made me feel good knowing you were watching me. Thank you" she said and she reached down and stroked my cock.

It felt out of this world. She motioned me to come into her room and pulled me by my dick. She told me that she had been fantasizing about me jerking off in my room and couldn't wait to see it and told me that one time she saw me drink my cum and it made her so hot.

She undressed but she left her cum-covered stockings on. My head was about to explode. She told me to sit on the bed and she slowly walked over and sat in a chair across from me. She grabbed her nipples and started pinching them. She told me to start stroking my cock and as I did, she spread her legs.

My cock was about to burst as I rubbed. She reached down and spread her long pussy lips. Cum dripped out of her pussy and she licked it off. Where did she get all of that cum? It could not have been the cum from just one guy, it was dripping everywhere.

She stuck 3 fingers into her pussy and spread it wider than I had ever seen a pussy get spread. It was huge. As I stroked, she told me that she loved to have her pussy filled up. She said that she wanted to keep making it bigger so she could enjoy bigger cocks and toys and hoped that I liked it.

She asked me, "Do you like my pussy?"

I could barely manage an "uh huh" as she pulled my head close to her pussy. She told me that she rubbed her pussy one night when she saw me drink my own cum and wanted me to lick the cum out of her pussy. She pulled me close and I licked deep inside. It was the first time I had licked a pussy.

She helped me by moving my head back and forth and told me to flatten out my tongue on her big swollen clit. She threw her head back and moaned. I licked and sucked as hard as I could and I spread her pussy wide to get more cum out. This mix of cum tasted so good.

My cock was so hard, I reached town and touched it and I started to cum. She knew what was happening and she quickly pulled me over and said, "I want you to cum on my tits. I know you like them".

And cum I did, rope after rope shot out of my cock and blasted her tits, splashing on her face, on her shoulders and down her tummy. I know I unloaded more than I ever have.

She started licking it up with her fingers and licked it all dry. She stood up, gave me a kiss and pushed my cum into my mouth. "I know you like it", she said. She told me "go to bed and have sweet dreams". She didn't know how sweet they would be.

At 3 am, my cock was hard again and I jerked myself to another load of cum. I think today I drank more cum than ever and couldn't wait until tomorrow.

The next morning I was sore. I think my cock was hard all night so as I lay there replaying the entire last night in my head until I drank another load through my straw.

She was all smiles as I got ready for school and she got ready for work and the next days were good. She would go out some nights, and I loved it as her skirts got shorter, her tops were lower and sheerer and heels got higher.

God I had a hot mom.

Some nights she would get dropped off and there were a couple of guys in the car. She would walk up to the door, covered in cum and we would go jerk off together and go to bed after she fed me my cum. I had it made.

On thing for sure, her pussy was getting bigger and her lips were longer and she would put her whole fist in when we were rubbing together. I was drinking so much cum every day and I was in heaven.

Most nights after dinner, she would wear a short skirt and a tank top, or a guy's shirt with just panties underneath. She would sit across from me, rubbing her pussy while I stroked my cock.

Tonight though, it was different. She told me, "I have a new toy I want to try and I need your help". We went back to her room and she pulled a box from under the bed. She pulled it out and I thought was a car jack or a horse cock or something. It was huge.

She told me, "I met a new guy and my pussy isn't big enough for his cock". I could not even imagine how that would be possible. "I need to get this cock all the way inside my pussy before I can fuck him" she said hopefully.

I was more than happy to help. She brought out some lube and started rubbing it all over her smooth pussy. Her lips and clit were slippery and glistened as she spread it wide, it was so big. God my cock was hard and she could see it through my pants. I helped her lube up the giant cock and she looked and me and said she wanted me to make her pussy bigger than ever.

She spread her legs and I aimed the tip at her gaping huge hole. I pushed slow. It really didn't want to fit at first, but she spread her legs wider and I pushed harder. I leaned on it and it started to go in and she gasped. I kept pushing and I heard a pop as finally the giant head went in and she screamed.

She took a deep breath and she rested, impaled on this giant dildo.

I pulled my cock out of my pants and started rubbing. She was lying back, breathing hard with this giant cock sticking out of her. I leaned on the cock again and it moved in another inch now that her pussy had adjusted to the size. She grabbed the toy and pulled it toward her and I pushed it in another two inches.

Her tits where thrusting as she was breathing so hard. Her huge nipples where like rocks. There was about 4 more inches to go and I asked her if she wanted it. She nodded and told me "Push it hard, I want you to get in all the way into me".

I leaned against it with my full weight and forced it in deeper. She screamed as it slammed to the base. This thing had to be 5 inches across and I couldn't believe it. She was out of breath, legs spread with this giant toy impaled in her pussy.

She gurgled, "fuck me with it, please fuck me hard". I started pulling it out and pushing it back in. At first slow and then faster. She was dripping all around it.

She said "harder!" I was slamming it in so hard I was worried I would hurt her. She shouted, "push it harder and deeper! Fuck me with it hard!"

I have never seen or done anything like this and all of a sudden she stated cumming. Her fingers gripped the bed and her hips spiraled around this as I hammered her with it. I pushed it in as far as it could go and she almost passed out as she came and her fingers grabbed the sheets on her bed.

She lay there, exhausted with nearly a 2-liter bottle inside of her. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, I slowly pulled it out as her pussy lips wrapped around it, as if to keep it in. I had to tug a bit and the giant head "popped" out. It was just magic.

This gaping dripping pussy had just been worn out and was destroyed.

I reached out to touch it but it was too sensitive for her. It was so soft. I wanted to put my hand in. Her lips were raw and her pussy was gaping. I probably could have put my hand in and she wouldn't even know it.

She whispered, "please don't touch my pussy, I can't take it. Please rub your cock and shoot your hot cum all over my pussy".

It only took me about 30 seconds to shoot a big load all over her gaping cunt. She rubbed my cum all over her swollen lips.

Then, she told me to lick it. She said lick your cum out of my pussy. I was so happy! My tongue circled around, lapping up my cum. I spread it apart and licked as deep us I could, circling her swollen clit and she started to cum again.

She wrapped her legs around my head. I was dreaming. I looked up at her and saw her face between her big boobs. She thanked me and said that was what she needed.

She had a special project and now she was ready. I had no idea what she was talking but if this was the training, I could only imagine.

She pulled the sheets up over her and I slowly went off to my bed looking back on her laying on the bed, worn out and exhausted.

Needless to say I couldn't sleep as I was so excited by what just happened. My cock was so hard I had to jerk off another load or I would have never been able to sleep.

I must have fallen asleep with my straw buried deep inside my cock as when I woke up, it felt so good having it in there all night that I woke up super hard and was able to squirt out another warm load of cum before I got up. I thought about getting a replacement for my trusty plastic straw. What could it be? Something else to think about another time.

When I got up, my mom was already dressed. Dang I thought. I missed what was surely an interesting wake up and shower. She looked amazingly corporate today, skirt, blouse and stockings, heels, but not fuck me heels, and her hair up. It always amazed me that she could find a blouse the buttoned up but I was thinking about what was underneath all of that.

Was it lingerie, garter belt, lace, nothing? I could feel my cock stirring. She told me she had to go to work early and went out the door. I got ready for school, grabbed my lunch but my head was spinning about last night and what she was up to today.

Needless to say, I needed another cumload before I went to school.

School took forever but it was a minimum day. I had forgotten about that. Bonus that we got out 2 hours early and I couldn't wait to get home. Most of my friends didn't want to go home right after school, but I always did. I told them that I had so much homework since I was going to college soon and had to catch up.

I was still replaying in my mind me helping mom force that giant toy into her pussy. I was mesmerized by her pussy and how deep and wide it was. It looked like a big flower and loved helping her make it bigger. I could barely walk my cock was so hard.

As I walked down my street, I saw two cars in front of my house.

A group of well dressed guys got in the first one and it drove off passing me. One by one, more guys, two of them big black guys, came out of the house and got in the car. I just stood there and wondered. As I kept walking, the last guy came out and got in the car and it drove off. What was I walking in to?

I walked in the front door quietly. Mom's skirt was by the front door, then as I walked down the hall, I found her jacket and then her blouse. My heart was beating so fast. As I turned the corner and went toward her door, it was open. I could not believe my eyes.

My mom looked like she was passed out, lying on the bed wearing only her stockings and high heels, her legs spread and arms outstretched. Her big boobs fell to the side but her nipples were rock hard. As I got closer, she was covered, literally covered with cum. There was cum on her tits, in her hair and there was a river of cum leaking out of her pussy.

As I walked up to her, she was breathing slowly and she looked over and smiled at me.

She said, "thanks for helping with my project, it really helped me today. Now help me clean all this cum up". So I quickly joined her, licking all of the cum off her tits and stomach and her neck.

She spread her legs wider and told me to suck all of the cum out of her pussy. She told me there must be 30 loads inside. I licked all of the cum up the inside of her legs all the way up to her pussy. It was destroyed. I have never seen it like this, it was hanging open, spread, worn out and filled with delicious cum.

The taste was amazing as I spread her lips and stuck my tongue inside, trying to reach every drop. I could hear her moaning as I licked. This was all new to me but I was doing my best. I didn't know how sensitive her clit would be until I wrapped my lips around it and sucked.

She jumped, pulling away and shouted "Oh my god, I can't take it". After a seconds, she told me to keep going. She started shaking, her pussy was dripping and I was trying hard to lick every drop. It was amazing.

My cock was so stiff it hurt. After she stopped cumming, she sat up and she grabbed my cock and put it between her tits. I have dreamed about this moment forever. OMG she was rubbing her big tits up and down on my cock and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and started blasting cum between her tits, up her neck and into her mouth.

My knees were buckling but I hung on. She told me to lick up my cum off her tits and as I licked up her neck, she kissed me and gave me the rest of my cum back.

She asked me "please don't go to sleep in your bed tonight, I really need someone beside me". She was getting a lot of cock action and fucking, but no one was sleeping with her.

She didn't want that connection with someone yet, just the raw sex. I went to sleep, next to her wet and sticky and used body and it felt great.

I woke up to the sound of her in the shower. I looked up and saw her, soaping up, rubbing her tits and started jerking my cock. As rubbed, she looked out of the shower at me and smiled. I couldn't wait to see what today would be like, but I knew it would be amazing.

To be continued .....

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