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Sitting at the bar, I watched as Dona scoped her "next" victim.

Okay, I was biased. She's just a woman who likes to tease, catch and release guys like wounded animals. She'd display interest, tempting her prey into her net, use them and then conveniently dump them in punitive ways.

Am I being too critical? You be the judge. Hell, Dona was not a loving, caring specimen. No, she was a vindictive, using lady to enjoyed using her ways to entice the humiliate guys.

On this night, she worked hours to secure her next conquest.

I was once in a similar position.

Learning to hate her wasn't really an option, it was a way of life as the woman caused more heartache than any three other relationships I'd had in my life.

We were both in our mid-20s, and worked together at a think take outside Philadelphia along the Blue Route. One of those three story buildings with a cafeteria and lounge. We were not in the same department, but we somehow got to know each other by happenstance.

Dona was a 5-7 redhead who loved shopping, as evidence by her array of clothing that made her look, well, not only attractive but smart. Not a librarian in that sense, maybe a post-college smarty pants who know enough about everything to get involved in conversations from sports to politics. But through that not a know it all by any means. Someone who could carry a conversation or pitch in where appropriate.

At one point we began dating, and admittedly it was enjoyable.

We went to movies, traveled down the shore, and on several occasions had sexual relations that, well, curled my toes. She always seemed to move in just the right ways, said the right things, and we always brought each other satisfaction. Or so she said.

She was dating other guys, I knew it, and was okay with it. Our relationship was working, it seemed, until it wasn't. She pulled apart, starting spending more time with another guy, and before I knew it our relationship was shitcanned.

Hey, it happens. Not all relationships were meant to be.

All was okay and we'd still have lunch once in a while, al least until I heard from a close friend that Dona was bad-mouthing me in the locker-room of our gym. She apparently told several co-workers that I was a dud in bed, that I smelled and was a total loser. Nothing of which she ever told me to my face.

It was humiliating.

At that point I broke any ties with her, changing my lunch hour, making sure I wasn't around her. That worked until she got a promotion after delivering a smart new business proposal that was loved by the higher ups.

Here's the kicker, it was stole directly from a report I was in the process of finalizing. She actually stole my report, repackaged it, and delivered it to management who fawned over it and her. I made the mistake of mentioning it to my boss, who saw it as sour grapes and all of a sudden found ways to criticize my work and ultimately showed me the door.

It took weeks before I could find another job. Throughout, I hated the bitch Dona more and more.

Now, to be sure, I'm not stupid. I wasn't going to do anything illegal to get back at her. But not a day went by that I didn't think about getting back at her.

Hence, the night in the bar. She hadn't noticed me sitting in a dark corner. But I was there. And Billy, my accomplice, was the subject of her affection that night.

Dona attempted to cast her spell, and Billy seemed receptive. Before long they were drinking and then caressing through their clothing in front of others. The woman was ordering drink after drink, and soon she was slurring words and losing some of her control of the situation. Normally in control, on this night she lost all of her bearings.

It was getting close to closing time when Billy led her from the room and to the back of the parking lot, into the back seat of his car. It didn't take long for her dress to be lifted, panties pulled down and Billy to mount her and begin a hard fucking. Oh, and my camera to be shooting with night vision.

Captured on tape was the fuck. What surprised me was her vocal enticement, encouragement and acceptance. "Fuck me, fuck me harder," she said, legs around the guy and rocking her midsection in passion.

The girl was drunk, slurring words, but in a state of sexual arousal. They fucked like no tomorrow as I filmed away, making sure to zoom in on her facial expressions. I have to admit my dick was hardened. Soon, we were joined by a couple guys heading to their car next to Billy's and the guys were amazing at the scene in front of them.

It wasn't long before Billy emptied his balls in the woman, shouting that he was cumming. She kept rocking, and soon he disengaged and slipped above the girl's head for a dick cleaning. He pumped his cock into her sucking mouth, as she cleaned his manhood.

When done, he laid on top of her for a minute before she drunkenly commented that she needed "more cock. I need to cum. Now!"

In the darkness Billy said he'd be right back, and he stopped outside the car. Taking the camera, he merely said, "Next!"

And next I was.

To this day I wonder if she new it was a new partner?

Flipping her over she put her hands against the door as I slipped into her cunt from behind. It was soaking wet, and I easily slid in. In and out I plunged before pulling out and smiling. "Don't stop, fuck me. Fuck me harder," she groaned. "I need your cock. Don't stop."

The puckered asshole wasn't seen, but I knew where it was, and with some rubbing and movement of secretions there, I plunged into her ass in one brisk movement, drawing a near scream from the woman.

Damn that ass was tight. It was my first time inside a backdoor and I have to admit I didn't want it to end. Fucking the groaning girl, I pistoned in and out with abandon.

My cock was enjoying the action immensely and I have to say I didn't last long. Soon I was shooting my sauce into her bowels and she milked me dry.

Laying on top of her, spent, was a great feeling. Knowing it was just a little retribution to her past actions made me euphoric.

Exiting the back seat, I smiled at Billy, looked at the two other guys, and graciously said "Next."

Damn, that was hot, and made up for some of her earlier transgressions. It was amazing.

I heard her mutter something like, "give me more cock" and smiled again.

I left after the first guy used her ass, but totally enjoyed watching the complete video a couple days later.

Billy said Dona had blown him before he left her. There is no reason to disbelieve him.

Dona never mentioned a word of the rendezvous to the best of my knowledge. Hell, don't think she actually knew who had partaken in the fuck feast. But have to say hearing her say things like fuck me harder and I'm cumming sure sounded great to my ears.

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