Nobody said anything for a moment. Annie was taking in the scene, hands on her hips. Dan's cock flopped from my mouth. The camera continued clicking.

"I see," she said, after what seemed like a very long time. Dan seemed to be looking for his clothes but she stopped him. "I don't know where you think you're going buster, just stay right there."

"Honey, I'm sorry," I said, "We were doing some pics for you for Valentine's Day and I got a bit carried away."

Annie made a snorting sound. "Have you any idea what it's like to come home to see your partner sucking another man's cock?" she asked, sounding just a little angry. I had to admit I did not know what that might be like.

I was instructed to go and take a shower. She told Dan to get on the bed, and lie on his back. He also knew her well enough not to argue. Annie's skirt came off, then her top. It was only too obvious what was going to happen and I wanted to stay and watch but she was having none of it. "Go and clean yourself off in the shower. Don't come back until you're clean and dry," she said, unclipping her bra. At least she wasn't quite as angry any more.

I had mixed feelings heading for the shower, hearing Annie tell Dan what she was going to do to his balls and cock with her mouth. I'd known her long enough to tell the difference between a request and an instruction. This was my punishment. I realised that if I was quick about it, I might get to watch her with him.

As I was showering I could imagine what was happening in the bedroom, and Annie's deliberately loud action was obviously intended to paint a picture for me. I found myself stiffening as she fucked Dan on our bed. "Fuck my cunt...that's it...oh yes...fill my cunt Dan...ohhhh" - she was taunting me.

Annie was squatting over Dan when I got back to the bedroom, riding his cock. Dan had his hands on her bare breasts, his cock inside my sweet and kind, yet so dirty girlfriend.

She pointed to the chair and I sat, letting my towel fall open. She was completely naked now, her beautiful firm breasts bouncing gently as she raised and lowered herself. Without saying a word, she lifted herself clear of Dan's cock, shuffling over him to press her pussy onto his face. His cock, slick with her juices, was hard in front of her face.

Looking directly at me, Annie kissed Dan's cock head. Taunting me, she rolled her tongue over him, letting his cock slip into and out of her mouth, over her lips, onto her tongue, and then further into her mouth. I could hear him moan. My gorgeous sexy girl, my girl, was right there in front of me sucking another man's cock, grinding her pussy onto his face. The message was clear...this is what it's like to see your partner sucking another man's cock.

I was rock hard again, masturbating at the sight of her worshipping and teasing Dan's stiff cock with her mouth. My beloved Annie, licking and kissing and if truth be told worshipping another man's cock. Dan...if the sounds coming from the other end of the bed were anything to go by, was in man heaven.

"So how does it feel to see your partner sucking another man's cock?" She said this looking me straight in the eyes, making sure I could see her working Dan's cock head, his precum oozing onto her lips. I was lost for words. Should I tell her what I was really thinking, or did the fact I was hard and stroking myself answer Annie's question for her?

Annie was smiling, loving the power she had over us both. Holding Dan's erect, twitching, throbbing penis between two fingers and her thumb, she tapped it across her lips, slapped it on her face, marking herself with his precum. I had to stop touching myself, or I'd have cum at the sight of her being so deliberately slutty, taunting me.

She giggled, wrapped her mouth around him, and went down on him in one smooth move. I could hear Dan's ecstatic moaning, he couldn't be far off. Annie drew her head back, once again showing me Dan's twitching cock on her tongue. Streaks of drying precum glistened on her pretty face.

"Now come here you cocksucker," she said, "and help me finish blowing your boyfriend.";u=10613

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