"Are you seriously betting me, that I wouldn't?" I asked my husband.

"There is no way you would, no way!" He said smugly.

"So lets get this straight, if I do..." I began.

"If, and it's a fucking big if, but if, and not just once..."

"OK, so if, then you'll pay up, and not try and wriggle out of it, but you'll buy me a complete new wardrobe, my choice, and I'm not talking High Street, and take me for a fortnight in Sardinia?" I asked.

"You're never going to do this, I don't even know why we're talking about it?" He said.

"We are talking about it, because you my darling said I wouldn't, in fact you said, not only that I wouldn't, but that I wasn't up to it!"

"And lets not forget, that if we make this bet, and I know you won't, but having made the bet, if you back out, then I get a blow job everyday for the next month.!"

"I'll tell you what, if we make the bet, and I back out, I'll not only blow you everyday, but in a location of your choice, and I'll swallow, and I'll throw in a threesome with Debs, how's that?"

"Then it's a shame you won't, another drink?" He asked.

"Make mine a double."

I watched him walk to the bar, she was back, the woman that had started this conversation in the first place. She wore a little black dress, with the emphasis on little, and I wondered if she was what we both imagined she was, though did that actually matter. She was now smiling at my husband, her foot touching his leg. Was she propositioning him, it looked like it. I wondered if she was, and if I wasn't here, whether he would even now be on his way to a room somewhere in the hotel with her.

"There you go, double G&T," he said as he put the glasses on the table.

"What did she want?" I asked.

"My hot body of course," he said, laughing.

"So, hypothetically, what's she charging?" I asked.

"How do you know I even asked?"

"Because I know you!" I said.

"Three fifty, for an hour of anything," he said.



I watched her, as she got up, and disappeared into the ladies.

"Hi, I'm Leigh," I said.

She looked up from washing her hands. "Look, I didn't know he was with someone," she said.

"I think you did, not that it matters." I said.

"It doesn't?"

"No, you see my husband has bet me that I would do what we assumed you do."

"Really?... No you are joking, right?"

"No, so if I were to take him up on this bet, how do I go about it?" I asked.

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Lets just say, I'm exploring my options!"

"Not that difficult, you need to..."

I sat back down, and took a gulp of my drink. Put it back on the table, and sat back into the seat beside my ever loving husband. The loving husband that had just bet me that I wouldn't prostitute myself. I sat there thinking.

"Well?" He asked.

"Not now!" I snapped.

I watched my new found friend, as she took another man out of the bar, up to a room.

"Alright!" I said.

"Alright what?" He asked.

"Alright, you have a bet. I'll do it," I said.

"The terms as discussed?"

"As discussed, now you need to set me up."

"Set you up?" He said.

"List me online, my new friend has told me how, so you need to advertise me, online."...

I was nervous. I wasn't so sure of myself as I had been three nights ago when this ridiculous bet was made. My nails were painted a deep red, I'd been waxed, my hair and brows all done. My makeup heavier than I'd normally wear. My hair cut and colored a shade lighter than normal, and Hubby had paid for it all. He still didn't think I'd go through with it, and was confident I'd be sucking his cock everyday for the next month, wherever he wanted, including under his desk, in his office, with a bonus threesome with one of my friends.

I fastened my stocking to the suspender, then picked up my knickers, and stepped into them, pulling them up tight. I reached for my bra, which like my knickers were sheer. I took the dress off the hanger, and stepped into it.

"Do me up darling," I said to my husband who was enjoying the show of me dressing to be a tart.

I felt him zip me up, and as he did he kissed my neck, then squeezed my bum.

"Sure you don't won't to call this little charade off?" He asked.

"Charade, what charade, thanks to you, I have two clients tonight, all down to the photographs you took and uploaded to that site for escorts, so no darling, I'm not calling this off. Of course, if you want to, then its going to cost you, and cost you big," I said, as I slipped my heels on.

"Not me, I'm not calling this off, after all, a bet, is a bet!"

"So it is! Now if you don't mind, I have work!"

"So you're going to do it then Leigh, all for a bet?" Sonja asked.

I sat on a bar stool, waiting for my first client. Client, a man that is going to pay me so he can fuck me, so I can win a bet with my husband.

"Yes, and I am so nervous I can tell you," I said to her.

"Anya, another drink for my friend," she instructed the barmaid.

"We've a few minutes, so pointers, money first, and establish what he wants, and get him to pay for any extras up front."


"Extra's, anal, photo's, your knickers, anything you want to add on," Sonja said.

"OK," I said.

"I'll meet you back here in just over an hour, alright?"

"Jesus I think this is him," I said.

"Then lucky girl," Sonja said.

He closed the hotel room door behind him, and I had a feeling that I'd done something I shouldn't have, and that I need to get out of here now. I was in a hotel room with a man whose name I didn't really know, who could be some total nutcase, and I was alone with him. What the fuck had I been thinking, up to now this had been a bit of a laugh, now it was suddenly real. Too fucking real. Then he took me into his arms, and kissed my mouth, and I melted.

"You are lovely," he said, "those photo's didn't do you justice."

"Thanks," I managed to say.

"Shall I help you with your zip?"

"Sorry...oh yes, thanks."

He unzipped me, and then pushed the dress off my shoulders, it fell, catching on my hips.

"Shall I pay now, or later?" He asked.

"Oh sorry.. Yes... now," I said.

"Three fifty?" He asked, counting a wad of notes.

"Yes, that's right," I said. He handed me three hundred and fifty pounds in cash. I folded it, and put it in my handbag. "Now, where were we?"

I draped my dress over a chair, and stood in front of him in my underwear, and heels. He reached for me, kissing me again, and as he did, so he undid my bra, and then his hands were on my bum, cupping it, then he pulled them down so they were over my cheeks, a finger traced between my cheeks, lightly tracing my sphincter, and I suddenly remembered what Sonja had said about anal, and extras. Then his finger was gone, moving downwards.

"Fuck, you're wet," he exclaimed.

"Am I?" I murmured.

I lay on the bed in my stockings and heels, my knickers and bra gone, my legs parted, his cock in my mouth, and what a cock, hard, really hard, and big, well bigger than I was used to. I worked my tongue around the smooth bulbous head, his hand on the back of my head. Then he pushed his hips forward, and his cock went deep into my mouth, almost to my throat. Then he pushed again, and I nearly choked, then again, and again, until his cock was in my throat, and I could feel my eyes watering. He fucked my throat, and my mouth, all the time holding my head so I couldn't pull away, even if I'd have wanted to. Then he pushed me back, and was between my legs, his saliva coated cock pushing into me in one. I gasped, as his balls slapped against my bum, as he literally plowed me, fucking me with long hard strokes, his pubic bone, bumping against mine, and against my clit. And suddenly I was cumming. Fuck, I never came this quickly, like ever.

"Oh Jesus fuck, oh my God... I' m cumming!" I almost screamed.

His pace didn't slacken, as he fucked me harder than I'd ever been fucked before. I dug my nails into his back, as my legs gripped him around his waist, as I pulled myself up, tilted, to allow him penetrate deeper into my welcoming and hungry cunt. He suddenly kissed me, his tongue in my mouth, stifling my next orgasm, one I knew was just a foretaste of the next...oh fuck, yes...

"Well you look as if you have been fucked to heaven and back," Sonja said.

I laughed, taking the mineral water from the barmaid.

"Sonja I have just had the best sex of my life, and been paid for it. Fuck I should have been paying him."

"Then lucky you, its not always going to be like that. So this bet, is that it?"

"No, I have to fuck one more...client...then I win." I said...

"I don't believe it!" He said.

"I thought that might be the case darling, so check my photo gallery out, and you'll see, oh, and if that's not enough, in my handbag two pairs of soiled knickers. Have a good sniff, now I need a drink, and a shower," I said.

I poured myself a scotch, as hubby checked the photos, and then my dirty panties.

"There is a grand in my purse," I said.

"A grand, I thought you were charging three fifty a go?"

"I was, but my last guy wanted a few extras," I said.


"He fucked my ass, and filmed my masturbating, so he paid... extra."

"Jesus fucking wept, so now you're on the internet!"

"I hadn't thought about that, oh well..."

We were interrupted by my mobile ringing.

"Hi," I said. Then listened.

"Hold on a mo, just need to check," I said, pressing the mute button. "Darling, one of my clients, wants to book me again this weekend, an all night booking," I said, gripping his cock through his trousers, which grew harder as I squeezed it.

"Well shall I sell myself again?"

He groaned as I unzipped him, his cock now hard.

"You want me all night," I said into the phone," as my hand yanked hard on my husbands cock, then listened to him.

"Yes, of course I'll do anal," I almost purred, lowering myself so my mouth was level with my husbands cock.

"A couple of friends, no problem," I said. Then as I listened, my tongue darted out of my mouth, flicking almost snake like on the engorged head.

"Three grand, yes, no problem, I'll be there." I said. My mouth enveloping his cock.

"You want to film it? Then an extra grand should cut it," I said, before returning to the cock in my hand.

"Yes, of course, a selection, tomorrow then," I said pressing end.

I dropped the phone on the floor, and took hubby cock deep into my mouth, then into my throat, my hand never still on the hard shaft. I felt him stiffen, the grunt, as he came in great ropes into my mouth, rope after rope, so much, so much cum.

"You're doing it again then," he asked unnecessarily.

"Absolutely, now, you owe me I think! So tomorrow we go shopping, and I need some more clothes for work."


"Oh yes, I rather like my new job, so you can have that blow job, as a little thank you, from me."

"And the threesome with Debs?"

"Don't fucking push it!"...

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