The Husband's Hideaway: Candy, The Mothgirl

"Hey, wake up! Your two hours are over!" You hear Zal shout from the other side of the door.
"Alright, alright, I'm getting up! Jeez... What's the situation?" You ask Zal as you get out of bed.
"We've got lots of customers tonight. Lobby's packed. I need you gussied up and out there looking good in 15." Zal says.
"You got it, boss." You say, still wiping your eyes a bit. Your body still aches a little, but more rest and that health potion has put you back in decent condition.

You get out of bed and head over to the bathroom, splashing some cold water on your face and taking the time to fix your hair. You then cross the room and pick out a good set of evening formal wear.
On your way to the door, you stop by the full-length mirror to look yourself over. You've cleaned up pretty nicely. You look good, you're ready to go.
You head down to the lobby, where the front desk is located. Zal is already there, talking with a woman in a fancy red dress. Zal looks over at you and smiles.

"Ah, there he is. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to my most valuable employee, the man who takes the hardest job each night and makes it look easy. Without further ado, the ever-impressive Ryan."
You wave sheepishly as a few people clap for you. You then head over to the bar on the far side of the lobby while glaring at Zal.
She returns your angry look with a smug grin. You can practically feel the eyes of several horny monstergirls glued to you thanks to Zal's little announcement.

Slumping down into a barstool, you ask the bartender for your a lemon vodka. You down it in one gulp, sighing as you feel the cool liquid travel down your throat and into your stomach.
"I think I need another..." You say.
"You got it." The bartender says, already pouring you another.
You down that one a little slower, savoring the taste. You look around the bar, watching various people engage in conversations or try to convince others to engage in more physical activities with them. You see Zal speaking with a group of three women, no doubt discussing the price of their services. You also notice the woman who was talking to her previously watching you from across the room, giving you an obviously flirtatious glance.

You give her a nod and a smile, which she gladly returns before walking over to you.
"Hello there, I'm Candy." She says, extending her hand towards you.
"Hello Candy, I'm Ryan." You reply, shaking her hand.
"Hmmm... You look like you'd be a lot of fun."
"Why thank you." You say with a chuckle as you look her up and down. "You look like a quite a bit of fun yourself."
Candy's appearance is striking, to say the least. If you had to guess, you'd say she's a mature mothgirl. The fur on Candy's body is a light tan, and her wings are a mixture of black, purple, and blue. Her face is soft and inviting, with a smile that makes her look approachable and kind.
"So what do you say, hmm? Care to join me in a private room?" She asks, giving you another flirty smile.
"Well, I wouldn't want to turn down such a pretty girl." You reply, tossing a couple coins onto the counter as you stand up. "But you simply must tell me, what brings you here tonight?"
"Ah, well, my husband fluttered away some time ago after I gave him a couple of a children. But they're all grown and gone now, so I find myself feeling lonely these days." She says as she traces a finger along your arm. "I just really need some extra company from time to time... Especially during breeding season..."

"Well, I'm more than happy to bring tonight's search for company to an end." You say with a chuckle.
Candy giggles as she takes your hand, tugging you towards the hallway that leads back to your room. "Splendid. Show me to way to paradise, handsome."
You grin and begin leading her to your room.
You close the door behind you as you enter your room. You turn around to find yourself suddenly pinned against the door by Candy who has thrown her warm, moist lips against your own. "Ehehe~" She laughs as you feel her hands begin to wander across your body.
The feeling of her lips against your own and the feeling of her hands across your chest causes a surge of blood to rush to your crotch, which you can feel pressing up against your pants.
"Oh my~" Candy giggles as she pulls back from the kiss, staring at your crotch and licking her lips. "I do believe it's time to unwrap your present." She continues, reaching down to unbutton your pants.
You let out a sigh of pleasure as she gently tugs your pants down and you feel her hand wrap around your cock. Her hand slowly begins to slide back and forth along your length as her tongue darts back into your mouth.

You eagerly greet her tongue with your own, sliding it against hers as the heat of your mouths blends together. Her hand begins to move faster as she strokes your cock, her lips popping off of yours as she lets out moans of pleasure.
"Oh god~" She moans. "You're big... Mmm... I just know you're going to feel so good." Her other hand reaches up and begins to unbutton your shirt, soon pulling it off completely.
Candy then leans against, pressing her massive breasts against your chest as she continues to work your cock.
You let out a small moan of pleasure, which Candy silences with a light finger against your lips and a gentle smile.
"Shhhh... Mama's going to make you feel real good now..." She says in a voice soaked with desire.
Candy runs her hands up and down your cock a little more before sliding them back up to your chest. She stares into your eyes with that same smile.
"Why don't you take me over to bed and help me get this dress off?" She asks.

Candy leans back in and the sensation of her hand on your cock as her warm, soft tits rub up against your chest is overwhelming. You let out a long moan as you feel yourself edging closer to the point of no return.
"With pleasure." You say, smiling.
You reach down and wrap your hands around her thighs to lift her up, and are immediately struck by how light she is. It's like lifting up a bundle of blankets with some weight to it, but not much. You stand up and make your way over to your bed with her, then gently lay her down on it.
Candy kicks off her shoes and undoes her dress, revealing a black lace bra and thong set that matches some of the velvet black on her wings. She kicks the dress away and beckons you closer to her with a single finger.
You lean in, and she wraps her arms around your neck as she pulls you down, pressing your lips back against hers. You immediately begin to explore her mouth as she moans softly. She reaches a hand down and grasps your cock, slowly beginning to stroke it again.
"Mmmm... This thing is ready to go." She says. "It's going to go in my mouth now..."
Candy sits up on the bed with you in her arms, before gently guiding you into laying down as she moves her head down to your crotch. As she opens her mouth just inches from your dick, you can see the heat and salivation waiting inside. You barely get a moment to admire the scene before she wraps her lips around the tip of your dick and begins taking you into her throat.

The sensation is incredibly pleasurable for both you and Candy, as evidenced by the deep moans coming from her that are vibrating your cock.
"Oh my god, you taste so good... And you're huge..." She says, not realizing she'd spoken out loud.
Candy bobs her head up and down on your dick for a few minutes, the salivation and wet sounds of her mouth making it clear she's doing a great job of servicing you.
Deciding to make a somewhat bold move, you reach down and gently caress the fern-shaped antennae at the top of her head. She lets out a pleasured squeak, and it's enough to cause her to gag slightly on your cock.
"Ooohhh... You like that?" You ask in a sultry tone.
"Mmmm... Mmmm!" She says, nodding her head.
You gently massage the base of her antennae as she continues to suck your dick. It doesn't take long before her gag reflex is under control and she begins to bob her head on your cock even faster.
Candy begins to pick up her pace, going so far as to gently slap your cock against her tongue. The sounds of wet dick in wet mouth are incredibly loud in the room. You begin to feel your orgasm building, and you're helpless but to enjoy it as it comes.
"C-Candy! I'm-" You moan, your voice quivering.

Candy immediately takes your entire length down her throat, and you release a torrent of semen down her throat. She happily accepts it all as she continues to suck every last drop out of you. When you're finally finished, she lifts her head up and smiles at you.
"Oooh~ You're good at that." She says in a slightly melted voice. "I think a came a little just from the way you worked my antennae."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." You say, a little out of breath.
Candy lays her head down on your pelvis and begins to gently kiss the top of your dick.
"Absolutely. But Mama needs more than just a little drink, you know~" Candy trails off with little noises of enjoyment as she kisses the top of your dick.
"Well... How can I help?" You ask.
"Mmm... Just give me a moment." Candy says as she continues to kiss the tip of your dick.
Candy lays there for a few moments, gently caressing and kissing your dick as it slowly gets harder. She only stops when it's completely clean and erect again.
"There we go. Good as new." She says with a smile.
"Woah..." You stare at her handiwork in amazement. "You seem really good at that."
Candy giggles and gives your dick another kiss. "I have plenty of experience. You pick up certain talents after a while."
"I'd say."
"Now~" Candy chirps as she sits up. "For the fun part!"

Quickly bounding across the bed, Candy's wings flutter for a brief moment, startling you as they release a light and shimmery powder.
"What's this?" You say, trying to wave away the powder.
"It's my love powder. It'll help relax you and improve your mood." Candy explains as she crawls towards you on all fours.
"And what exactly is your love powder?" You ask as you feel your airways tingling.
"Oh, just a little something mothgirls make when they're aroused. It'll make you feel really good."
Candy crawls up towards your face, her large tits hanging low as she leans in and kisses you on the lips. You feel your head get fuzzy, and your vision begins to blur as her tongue enters your mouth.
"Mmmm..." You moan as you taste the mixture of her saliva and the love powder.
You feel Candy guide your hands across her back, undoing her black lace bra. You pull it off and free her tits, before grabbing and squeezing their softness as she begins to grind her hips into yours.
"Ah... There we go..." She moans as you play with her tits.
Candy pushes your head down, leading you towards her large bosom. You suck on her right nipple as she continues to grind on your pelvis. Her wings flutter lightly as she sighs in pleasure. With the fluttering of her wings comes more love powder, now accumulating as a light pink haze in the air.

"Mmm... keep going..." She moans.
You begin to suck on her other breast, swapping between the two as she runs her hands through your hair.
"Ooh... just like that, baby~" Candy arches her back with another moan, pushing her ample breast against your face and her nipple deeper into your mouth.
You shift your hand down her soft tummy, reaching past her lace panties. You rub along her wet slit, as she grinds harder against your hand.
"Ah...! Yes...!" She pants as you insert your finger into her, "Mmmm... I need it..."
Your mouth goes back to sucking on her tit as you finger her faster, moving your hand in a circular motion against her clit.
"Ohhh... I'm gonna cum soon..."
Determined to drive her off the edge, you suck on her nipple even more greedily, working the soft flesh of her tit in one hand you continue to wildly finger her with the other.
Candy's wings spread wide as she arches her back, moaning out loudly. She spreads her legs wider to allow you easier access as you feel her pussy tighten around your fingers, and a wetness dripping down your wrist.
"Ohh... I'm cumming!"
You continue to finger her as she cums hard against your hand, coating your palm in her juices. As she moans and pushes against you, her breast seems to swell slightly. Before you even have time to register this odd phenomenon, the taste of warm milk floods your mouth.
"Mmmm! Yes...!" Candy smiles, her body shuddering as she climaxes, "Chug~! Chug~! Drink my silk milk!"
Taking your head into her hands, Candy presses your face into her breast has hard as she can. Her sweet milk pours down your throat, coating it as you gulp it down. It's incredibly rich, bordering on cream, mixing with the love powder dusted across your mouth for a mind-blowing taste.
"Ah... So good... Drink up, baby..."

Candy rubs her tits against you as you lap up her sweet nectar, the room beginning to smell like a heavy perfume factory. You're so lost in the moment that you don't even realize how much you're drinking until she stops pushing your head into her. Your face is plastered with a thin layer of white liquid as you greedily suck on her large bosom.
"Mmmm... Good boy."
Candy strokes your hair as she smiles down at you, her eyes half lidded. The absence of her heavy breast in your mouth is felt immediately, the cool air making your mouth feel dry. You look up at her, and she smiles sweetly.
"Come here, baby." Candy purrs deeply as she draws your mouth up to her lips.
She kisses you deeply, your mouth still full of her sweet nectar. You can feel her tongue caressing your own as she tastes herself off of your lips.
"I need more..." She groans as she breaks the kiss, "More... More..."
Candy's wings begin to flap more vigorously as her arousal spikes again, flooding the room with even more love dust.
Candy rests your head on her shoulder as she continues flapping her wings, gently running her hands through your hair as she pants with lust.
"Just breathe... Breathe in for mommy..." She moans.
You take a deep breath as you feel her warmth press against you. Her body heat rises along with her arousal, and you can smell her sex in the air. The room is beginning to smell like a pervert's scent shop as your own arousal begins to rise along with hers.
You take a deep breath, and you find yourself enamored with the feeling of her touch, the softness of her fur.
"Ohh... Just like that... Good boy..."

You take another deep breath. Her hands in your hair feel like the most blissful sensation you've ever experienced. Your vision is little more than a glittering pink haze of her love dust as Candy grinds against you.
"You're such a good boy... My baby... You're my good little boy..."
Candy's words are like music to your ears as she moans to you. You wiggle a bit, and find that you're stuck firmly in place. She's trapped you against her with her arms and wings, leaving you no way to move.
"Such a good boy... Mommy loves you so much... Doesn't want you to go... Stay with mommy..."
Candy's words are becoming less and less coherent as she rocks her hips back and forth, grinding against you.
"Such a good boy... Mommy needs... To cum... But mommy needs you... To cum first..."
Candy's wings release their grip on you as she slowly lowers herself onto the bed, bringing you with her. Her hands begin to wander all over your body as she kisses you deeply.
"I need... You... Inside of me..."
Candy's words are the last straw as her hands wrap around your member. You let out a deep moan as she begins to pump you.
"Cum... For mommy..." She moans, "I need your cum... Give it to me... Please..."
You let out a deep sigh as your body gives in to Candy's desires. Your body tenses and releases as you begin to climax, releasing your seed all over her waiting hands.
"Yes... Yes!" She moans, "Ohh how I love your cum... So yummy... I need it... I need..."
Candy's wings wrap around you once again, trapping you in their embrace. Her hands begin to stroke you faster and faster as she moans in your ear.

"Give it to me... Please... Give it all to mommy..."
You let out a pained groan as your body begins to climax a second time. Candy's wings release you, and she takes her hands, now covered in your semen, and shoves them in her mouth, eagerly lapping up your cum.
"So yummy! So good!" She moans, "I need it... I need more..."
Candy crawls over to you on all fours and presses her body against yours.
"Mommy needs to taste you... But mommy needs your help... Will you help mommy?"
The best you can do is deliriously nod your head as the sensations of her fuzzy body wrack your brain. "Yes. Anything." You pant.
"Such a good boy... Mommy loves you..."
Candy begins to take her panties off, revealing her dripping sex. You can see tiny droplets of her nectar leaking out of it as she positions herself above your face.
"Lick mommy clean..."
You waste no time, and immediately begin to taste the delicious river of her wetness. Her scent is intoxicating, and you eagerly lap up everything you can, drinking down every drop. You run your tongue along her womanhood with greed and ferocity, probing every fold and crevice for her sweetness. Her moans fill your ears as you continue, the writhing of her body and squirming of her legs just spur you on further.
You then feel a warmth on your own member as she begins to suck on it, lavishing you with all the attention you've given her. The pleasure is almost too much to bear as she swirls her tongue around your head and runs it along your shaft.
"I need it... I need more..." You hear her say as she releases you from her mouth.
"Mommy needs you inside of her... You'll fill me up, yes? Yes!"

Without another word, she pulls her soaking pussy off your face and rotates herself around, pulling you up off the bed and into her arms. As her wings close around you once more, you can feel her driving the tip of your manhood inside her.
"Yes... Give it to mommy..."
Candy immediately wraps her arms around your back, using her grip and the embrace of her wings to drive you deeper and deeper until your hips are perfectly flush against hers.
"There it is... There it is..." She moans.
She wastes no time in beginning to bounce and writhe on top of you, her claws digging into your back as she pushes you deep inside her over and over again.
"Give it to mommy! Harder! Deeper!"
Her wings flutter around spastically, releasing more thick and hazy love powder as she brushes against you. You can feel her legs wrapped around your back as she presses and grapples her entire fuzzy body against you, quivering with pleasure.
You're not sure how much longer you can hold out, as the pleasure is already almost overwhelming. However, you manage to hold off your climax, and in return Candy rewards you with yet another of her delicious kisses.
She then guides your face into her neck, holding your head in her hands as she continues to moan and squirm, pulling you even deeper inside her. Having your face buried in the fluff of her neck is like being shoved into a gigantic fuzzy blanket, soaked with the smell of her arousal and love dust.
"I'm... Almost there!"
That's all the warning you get before her entire body begins to tense up, squeezing you tight within her grip as she lets out a quivering howl. You feel yourself being squeezed more intensely than ever, inside and out. The sensation throws you over the edge and you begin shooting deep inside her, filling her up with your hot seed.
"Yes! Give it to mommy! Give it all! Every drop!"

She keeps her legs wrapped around your back, her arms around your shoulders and your face buried in her neck as you both climax together. She continues to writhe and squeeze you for a minute before finally relaxing, letting out a long, quivering sigh of ecstasy.
"Mmmh... Good boy... So good..." She moans as she brings your face out of your neck and up to hers.
She kisses you long and hard, forcing her tongue into your mouth and rubbing it against yours. As she does this, she begins to grind herself into you slowly, making sure you're both enjoying the afterglow as much as possible.
"You know..." She whispers, her voice filled with lust, "I don't think I'm quite done with you yet."
"Oh?" You ask.
"Mmh... You see, I may have just created a whole new addiction for myself."
"New addiction?"
"Yeah... An addiction to you."
She gives you one last, long kiss before finally releasing you and pulling you out of her.
"Mmmm... Mommy made a real mess... Let me clean that up~" Candy says with a small giggle as she shifts down along your body.

Candy takes your cock into her mouth and begins sucking, licking, and kissing it clean of both of your juices. You let out a small sigh of pleasure as she works, feeling thoroughly drained but happy. You feel her hands and mouth working in strange ways along your length, while Candy beats her wings incessantly as she works.
As her love dust begins to saturate the air again, you can feel her slowly working you dick back to life. It's a little terrifying how good she is at it.
"Now be a good boy and breathe deep for me." Candy purrs between her licking and kissing.
You do as commanded and breathe in the air, and immediately feel dizzy. The world seems to grow slightly dimmer around you, but not Candy. She stands out against your darkened surroundings like a beacon of warm light.
"Mmmm... That's a good boy... It's okay, I got you." You hear her say as she finishes bringing your dick back to full hardness.
You then feel her climb back up your body and press her huge tits against your chest, wrapping her arms around your shoulders.
"Are you ready for round two, baby?" She asks.
"I... I think so." You say, feeling a bit dizzy.
"Hehe, well don't think! I want you to just relax and enjoy this with me..."
Candy shifts her weight, pressing her wet slit against your now fully erect cock.

She then pulls against your shoulders and hugs you close to her as she begins to grind and writhe erotically against you. You feel warm all over, like you've just soaked in a hot bath. Her breasts squish up against your chest as she moves, the feeling of her warm, soft skin mixing with the cool air of the room and the sensations of her fur.
Your breathing is deep and drawn out as Candy squishes against you, her hands now rubbing across your back in time with your inhaling and exhaling. You feel dizzy again, but this time it's different... It's a good feeling.
"There we go... Just let me take care of you... There we go..."
As Candy continues to coax your deep breathing, you can feel her love powder coating the air you breathe like humidity. It's sickly sweet, and each breath only makes her embrace more intense. You can feel her rubbing against you more feverishly now, grinding her body circular motion. Her wings flap gently against your body, the feeling of the fur on your chest and face almost tickles.
"There we go... There we go... Just relax... Let me take care of you..."
You feel her grip on you tighten as her wings begin flapping more rapidly, and you can feel yourself being lifted up off the bed slightly. It's all so overwhelming... The pleasure, the scent, the feeling... You can feel yourself about to reach the point of no return.
"That's it... Just let yourself go... I got you..."
Candy's wings wrap around your body like a blanket, and her arms follow as she pulls you into her chest. You ears are pressed up against her massive bosom, and you can hear her heart beating. It's a wonderful sound.
"Mommy's got you... Nice and snuggly... Just relax..." Candy says as she runs a hand through your hair.

You can't take it anymore.
You gasp as you reach the point of orgasm, and your hot semen shoots up into her womb.
"That's it... Give it to mommy... Give everything to me..."
Candy continues to rub against you as you finish ejaculating, and when you're finished she doesn't pull away.
"Just relax... Nice and comfy... Enjoy this with mommy..."
The soothing embrace of Candy's love feels like you're drowning in warm, thick honey. It's an immensely pleasant feeling, with your entire body swaddled in her fuzzy grip. You can feel yourself becoming erect again as your brain drifts along the waves of euphoria Candy is tenderly spoon-feeding you.
You can hear her deeply moan at the sensation of you filling out her depths with your erection once more, her vocalization vibrating your head slightly as she's still got you pressed against her chest. Your ears can sense Candy's heart rate speeding up again as her arousal becomes sharper.
"There we go... There we go... You're so cute... So nice and hard for mommy... I love the way you feel inside me... The way you make me feel..."
Candy's hands begin rubbing and kneading your back as she wiggles her body against yours. Her wings flap gently, showering the two of you in more love powder as she continues to grind against you, your hips moving on their own accord due to the waves of pleasure.

"There we go... There we go... I love you... You're so cute... So perfect... My sweet little boy..."
You can feel yourself reaching your limit once more. Candy's moaning increases in volume as she nears her own orgasm, her body beginning to writhe and twist on top of you.
"Mommy's ready... I'm gonna cum for you... Cum for mommy... Cum with me... I love you... Cum for mommy!"
Candy's wings flap rapidly as she presses her body tightly against yours, and you can feel her claws dig into your flesh ever so slightly.
You reach the point of no return once more as you are immersed in a euphoria that can only be described as heaven. You moan out in ecstasy, releasing everything you have into Candy's warm and loving embrace. You can hear her scream in ecstasy, and you can feel her release spurting out onto your stomach.
"Oh god yes! Give it all to mommy! Every last drop!"
Candy's body slaps against yours as she continues to moan, the two of you completely lost in your own little world. Your bodies are so close that they're almost molded into one, and your minds can't be much different. You can feel her pouring her maternal lust into your soul as you fill her with your seed.
Candy's wings flap gently as the two of you are locked in your embrace.

"That was amazing... You're amazing... My sweet little boy..."
You can feel her soft fur rubbing against your skin as she nuzzles up against you, still filled with your erection. Her wings wrap around both yourself and her tightly.
"Mommy loves you so much... You've worked so hard to make her feel so good..."
Candy's eyes are filled with nothing but love and adoration as she stares deep into your own eyes. She's a creature of pure love, a mother figure who would do anything for her children.
"You're a good boy... My sweet little boy... Mommy's so proud of you..."
You feel yourself beginning to drift off. Her voice has a hypnotic quality to it, and you can't help but obey her commands as she slowly lulls you into a deep sleep.
"Time to sleep... You've been a good boy... I love you... My sweet little boy... My sweet... Little... Boy..."
You can feel yourself losing consciousness as the world fades away from you.
In your last moments of awareness, you can hear Candy whisper one last thing to you.
"Sweet dreams... My little one..."

You can feel yourself blacking out, your mind and body shutting down as you melt into the sensations of Candy's soft fur and plushy body, her gentle hands running through your hair and along your back as she soothes you to sleep.
You can feel her lips press against your forehead for a brief moment as she blows out the candles that have long since melted down, plunging the both of you into an intimate darkness.
"I'll be here when you wake up..."

You can feel the warmth of her embrace as you drift off into a dream.
Your mind is filled with an endless euphoria, a sensation of pure bliss.
It feels so good to just drift here, floating in the void of your mind. Your bed is incredibly soft and comfortable, like nothing you've ever felt before.
You feel something rubbing against your skin, caressing every inch of your body slowly. You can feel your member slowly swelling as the pleasure overwhelms you.
You can hear a woman giggling next to you, and you can feel her lips press against yours for a moment.

"That's my boy... Mommy's going to take good care of you..."
You can feel her hand wrapping around your erection, and she begins to jerk it softly.
"I love you... My sweet little boy... I'll give you everything you need..."
You feel a moist orifice slide around the tip of your member. You let out a moan as she begins to pleasure you, her breathing speeding up as she lustfully thrusts herself onto you.
"I'll take care of you... Give you everything you need..."
Her hand moves faster as she moans, the wetness dripping down your shaft as she strokes it.

"I want to give all of my love... I want to make you feel good..."
You can feel the warmth of her body as she presses up against you, enveloping you in her arms.
"I love you... My sweet little boy... Mommy loves you so much..."
You can feel her tongue press into your ear as she whispers to you.
"Come for me, my little one... Give me what I need... I need your love..."
You can feel yourself about to reach climax as she moans loudly, thrusting herself against you.
"I need your love... I need your lust... I need your cum... I need you... I need you... I need you..."
The coaxing of her sticky sweet words in your ear is enough to pull your subconscious into a deep, fully body orgasm. Candy moans and coos in your ear as her hands run across your body, savoring the sensation of your filling her as she arrives at her own peak.

The both of you climax for an eternity, and as you drift off into a blissful sleep, you can hear her whisper "I love you..."

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