Amy started rubbing her clitoris while Ujofee kept hammering her. She could feel another climax coming as his penis continued to harden and expand inside her rectum. She couldn't remember a time when she would orgasm so much. What was it about Africa that was causing Amy to be so horny, her libido set to high?

Ujofee started saying something with a hurried voice. It sounded like he was close. Amy could feel his hard cock tensing. She rubbed her clit faster as Ujofee erupted his balls inside of Amy's asshole, hammering away inserting his seed deep in her bowels. Amy erupted into a second orgasm of her own as Ujofee's loss of control sent her over the edge, her sphincter tightening on Ujofee's cock, squeezing out every last drop of cum into her ass.

After a moment, he finally pulled out. Amy then laid on her side and rested while her body recovered from the event. It's then she noticed about five other men and two women were watching, both women sucking on the cocks of two of the guys. Apparently that's the thing here in the Congo. If you choose to do it outside, what little privacy you enjoy in the hut goes out the window. Amy's reputation as a three-hole cock whore spread throughout the village as Amy finally got up to continue her water-fetching and eventually to get a little cleaned up. No one had seemed to care before how big a slut she'd become. She settled in her mind that no one would care now either since her outdoor anal spit roast; however, her descent into debauchery had not yet reached its zenith. That is for Chapter 4...

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