Smiling, she did a once over in the full-length mirror as she adjusted her red and white strappy lingerie, making sure everything laid right. Wanting to look like a little Christmas present for him, she had purchased this outfit special for tonight.

The only part that wasn't new was her collar. Fingering it she smiled, thinking of the day he had given it to her. It would always be one of her most cherished memories. To add a little festivity, she clipped a jingle bell charm to the heart at the front, giggling at the cute twinkling jingle sound it made when she moved. Eyes lingering on her wedding ring, she felt a swelling of happiness and pride at being his in so many ways.

With one last look in the mirror, her mind slipped to the other night when she had watched him make her cum over and over again. Feeling like the luckiest woman in the world, her smile widened.

Making her way downstairs, dimming the lights as she went, she placed her note for him on the entryway table. She knew he would see it here, it was always his first stop when he got home.

Glancing at the clock, she felt a thrill of excitement. He would be home soon. Heading to her destination, she walked through the living room, the only light coming from the Christmas tree. The kids' sweet homemade ornaments decorated the majority of the tree and she smiled fondly at the ornament at the top they had all picked out together reading "Our First Christmas". She treasured the memories they had already made together. But for tonight, she had taken them to their grandmothers for a sleepover.

It had been a rough week for him. Long hours and late nights. She wanted to do something special for him at the end of his week, so she had spent the day getting ready for this. Taking the kids to their grandmothers earlier in the day, making sure the house was spotless when he got home, dinner ready for when they came up for air, preparing her body for him. Now as she descended the stairs to the basement, chills of anticipation ran through her.

This was her favorite room in the house. Smiling as she switched on the dimmer and red walls greeted her. She immediately felt herself relax and her posture change. The smells she now associated with sex washed over her. Leather, metal, candle wax, massage oils. She could feel her body awakening just from setting foot in this room.

Slowly, meticulously she laid out the toys they would possibly be using tonight. She moved around the room lighting candles and switched on her addition of white Christmas lights for the evening, casting the room in a warm romantic light. Running her hands over the bedsheets, and furnishings they had spent hours deciding on together, she smiled. She couldn't believe this was her life now.

A jolt of excitement ran through her as she heard his car pull into the driveway. Not long now. Taking her place, she kneeled in the way he had shown her what felt like forever ago. Eyes closed, she took a deep breath to calm her excitement as she heard the front door open and his keys on the entryway table.

Imagining what she must look like, kneeling with legs spread, hands resting on her thighs, head bowed, heart pounding. She hoped she looked like the present she had tried to make herself up to be.

She felt herself begin to flush as the door at the top of the stairs clicked open. He had taken her in every way possible and yet she still blushed for him. Breathing increasing, she could hear his footsteps on the stairs and chills ran through her body.

His intake of breath told her he had arrived.

Softly, she whispered, "Welcome home, Daddy."

"Baby girl..." he breathed as he closed the distance between them. Gently gripping her chin and angling her face to look up at him. The depth of emotion in his eyes took her breath away and as he kissed her she lost herself in the taste of him, their tongues mingling. In just his kiss alone, she felt his ownership.

Breathing deeply, his hand moved from her chin to her throat. His hands were gentle but possessive as he pulled her to her feet. Wrapping his arms around her, he cupped her ass and lifted her off the floor. Giggling, she wrapped her legs around him and continued to kiss him until their contact was broken as he threw her to the bed.

Eyes hungry, he ran his hands along her body, leaving fires in their wake. She would never tire of his hands on her. Of the possession they carried. She knew her eyes were hungry too as she watched him unwrap his present. Slowly peeling off her panties, kissing down her legs as he did. She ached for him to slide his hands over her pussy, to slip a finger into her drenched folds, but she saw the look in his eyes. He was in his element and he wouldn't touch her where she wanted until she begged for it. She had been waiting for this all day, she knew she wouldn't last long.

Fingers digging into her thighs, his lips trailed kisses back up her legs, all the way up to just barely between her thighs. So close to where she longed to feel his lips. So close. Whimpering and wiggling in his grip, she tried to push herself to him, but his strong hands held her firmly in place. With legs spread wide, she felt completely exposed to him, his face inches away from her pussy. She knew he was exercising a great amount of self-control himself, he loved tasting her.

"I can smell your need, baby girl." He said, with a wicked smile as he looked up at her. "You're dripping."

"Fuck," She moaned, his breath on her as he spoke, driving her wild. "Please, Daddy."

Cocking his head to the side, she could see the amusement written across his face. "Begging already? My little fuck toy is needy tonight," he said as he continued to kiss her thigh, so close to where she needed his lips.

Bucking her hips again, she moaned as a loud slap rang through the room, her thighs stinging as his hands came down on them. She knew she had to be gushing now.

"Daddy..." she breathed, barely audible as she tried to keep her need in check.

"What does my slut need?" he asked, forceful voice contrasting with his fingertips lightly trailing along her thigh and around her needy cunt. Nearly touching her multiple times, her breath would catch as he did so. Every time she tried to form words, he would move his fingers closer and she would lose all thought, turning into a whimpering mess. "Use your words, baby girl," he taunted, as a devilish grin spread across his face.

"I... I need... fuck, Daddy." she moaned, her words becoming inaudible again. Without warning, he slapped her pussy; one, two, three times. Her body jolting at the unexpected contact, pain and pleasure coursing through her. Moaning loudly, she tried to gather her thoughts.

"Come on, use your words for me. You speak so beautifully," he said, voice deceptively calm. She knew he was on fire just as much as her.

Closing her eyes to focus, she slowly and purposefully spoke, "Please... fuck... me, Daddy."

"Good girl." No sooner than he had spoken the words, his fingers were inside her. Moving in the way only he could, while his other hand pressed on the soft pelvic area just above her cunt. She didn't know how he did it, but he fingered her like no one ever had before.

She was there within moments, gripping the sheets, she begged, "Please, Daddy, can I cum?"

"Yes, baby girl, cum for Daddy," he said, watching her intently.

That was all it took, his worlds were her release. She came on his fingers, feeling herself gushing and clenching around him. She knew there would be a wet spot on the sheets. Withdrawing his fingers, he smiled down at her as he took his clothes off.

Watching him, her eyes ran over his body appreciatively. She loved watching him undress. Loved watching his hard cock released as he slid his briefs down.

"Fuck, Daddy..." she breathed, as she watched him. Legs spread wide, she needed him. Now that she could see his cock, all she could think about was getting him inside her. But tonight wasn't about her. Forcing her gaze to meet his, she could see the darkness there, waiting to be released. Needing to be set free. "Please use me, Daddy. Take what you need."

He needed no more encouragement. His body pinned hers to the bed, holding her captive. There was nowhere she could have gone if she had wanted. But she didn't want to get away. She needed this release just as much as he did. She needed him to pour his darkness into her.

His demanding lips closed on hers, tongue claiming her first and twirling around hers. Kissing her, he took her breath as his own and in return, gave her his. It was moments like these, where she couldn't tell where she ended and he began that she felt truly at peace. As he broke the connection she moaned, needing him to come back, needing him to be inside of her in every way possible.

Looking up at him, she knew "fuck me" was written all over her face as he watched her. Slowly, she felt his tip enter her needy and willing cunt, then pause, just inside her. Losing herself in her need, she squirmed under him, bucking her hips, wiggling, trying to push herself further down his cock, but his body held her firmly to the bed. There was nowhere she could move, no extra pleasure she could steal from him. This would be on his terms, as it should be. Yet still, she struggled. She couldn't help herself.

Slowly, controlled, he bent down and kissed her neck. Trembling beneath him, she felt like she was losing her mind. Whimpering, squirming, moaning, begging. She wasn't sure if she had needed anything more than him fucking her in her entire life. It was all she could think about at this moment, all she craved, all she needed. His cock buried deep inside her, using her for his pleasure. She was made to be his, she craved pleasing him more than she craved air.

Unaware of what she was even saying as she begged, she heard him chuckle as he pulled up to look at her. "Is my little whore ready to be bred?" he said, his own need almost covering the look of satisfaction at what his words did to her as she squirmed beneath him.

"Yes, Daddy... please... I need it." She felt like she would lose her mind if he didn't start fucking her soon.

"Who do you belong to, baby girl?" he asked, eyes intense.

With no hint of hesitation, she breathed, "You Daddy. I belong to you."

"That's right," he smiled before bending down to kiss her neck again, only this time, he sunk his teeth into her soft skin. She convulsed under him, almost cumming from the pain and what it meant. "And now everyone will know," he said as he lightly ran his fingers over his handy work. She knew it would leave a bruise and she would wear it with pride.

Slowly wrapping his hand around her throat, she whimpered as his eyes locked on hers. His ownership washed over her, pressing her to the bed. So palpable, she felt she could breathe it in. As if it alone was sustaining her.

Without warning, he thrust the rest of the way into her and she almost screamed from the sensation. Pleasure washed over her as he filled her completely, pressing on all of her walls. Taking his time, he moved in her slowly, but forcefully. Each thrust brought her closer. Moaning loudly, she clutched onto him, nails digging into his shoulders as she left her own marks.

His eyes on hers, there was no possible way she could look anywhere else. She was transfixed and right where she should be. She was his plaything, his whore, his cum slut. And tonight, she was his vessel. His to pour the frustrations of his week into because she could take it. She could take all of him. All of his darkness. It's what she was made for.

They were completely lost in each other, but she could feel she was so close. He knew as well. He knew her better than she did. Pace increasing, he growled, "Cum for me, baby girl." His words like a trigger, she felt her whole body tighten. Her face in a silent moan, back arched, she came on his cock. Head spinning and eyes distant, she was vaguely aware that she had soaked the sheets again. Continuing, one hand on her throat, the other slapped her across the face as he said, "Good girl," and she almost came again. "My whore needs to come again doesn't she?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said in hardly more than a whisper, but it was urgent and needy and she thought if he denied her now, she wouldn't be able to stop herself. She was already holding on so tightly.

"Who does this needy little cunt belong to?" He growled as he fucked her ruthlessly.

"You.. Daddy..." She struggled but managed to speak. "Please..."

"Cum freely, my fuck toy princess," he said around a grin. He knew once she started, she wouldn't be able to stop.

She didn't know how many times she came for him, she had turned into a ball of nerves. Every way he touched her brought more pleasure. Their playroom was filled with the sounds of him using her. Slaps ringing across her tits, her face, her thighs. Skin against skin. The little jingle of the bell on her collar. Moans, dark whispers, primal utterances. Words that they wouldn't be able to recall when it was over, but that was okay. They would remember how they made each other feel. That's what mattered.

She was lost in a sea of pleasure when his words brought her back to the present. "Is my breeding slut ready to take Daddy's cum?" Focusing on his face, she could see he was struggling to hold back his orgasm.

"Fuck yes Daddy." she moaned. "Please, fill me. I need all of your cum."

Thrusting deeper than before, she felt him spasm and his heat fill her. Watching his face, the feeling of him shooting into her sent her over the edge one last time. They came together, feeding off of each other's high.

Pinning her again, his weight was on her as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. She could have laid like this forever, his cum trapped inside her, his arms around her, breathing in the scent of his cologne. She loved being so thoroughly his.

Nibbling his lip, she giggled. "Do you think that did it?" she asked, blushing slightly.

Hands on her face, he looked at her with more love than she thought she could ever contain. Pulling out of her and rolling onto his side next to her, she felt a trickle of cum leak out of her. "If this time didn't," he mused as his hand traced a circle over her tummy above her womb, "This next time will, baby girl."

Wrapping his arms around her again, he pulled her into a deep kiss and she laid her head against his chest snuggling in. This was home. This was freedom. This would always be where she belonged.

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