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Many customers have long known Kruger Carpets for providing excellent carpets at competitive pricing however, aren't aware that we now also supply and install a range of hard flooring options including laminates, timbers, vinyls and hybrids.

Hard flooring is fast becoming a popular alternative to carpet for its easy maintenance. Common household spills could be cleaned up easily and routine cleaning requires only sweeping or mopping down with a well-rung mop. Our floating floors are all highly durable and scratch resistant making them ideal for high traffic areas in your house including staircases.

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Whether selecting a laminate, timber, vinyl or hybrid, each can be found in a vast range of colours, species and finishes to match both contemporary and traditional homes. Come in store to go over which of the hard flooring options is best suited to your requirements and view our range of products,

We now have a select selection of manufacturers designed for your viewing inside our showroom.

Included in these are ranges from: (select manufacturer to be studied to their website)

? Frontier Design Flooring (Dunlop)
? Cloudwalk Flooring
? Floor Distributors
? Armstrong Flooring

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