Jess and I had been together ever since we had first met in our freshman year at university. She was a very attractive girl who was way out of my league when I had first met her, yet for some reason she had fallen in love me. We were both young sex hungry teenagers who fucked at every chance we got when we first started dating. Jess had only just awakened her inner slut back then developed a craving for one thing, it didn't matter if it was in my bedroom, at a house party, or even in a toilet cubicle at a club, she just wanted to be fucked.

Thankfully after we had both graduated from university and had moved in together her sex drive had only increased. My favourite time of the year had been either one of our birthdays, we would both dress up and go for an expensive meal and after we'd drank a lot of wine we'd go back to a hotel room for the night. Jess would pick out her most sexy lingerie to wear underneath her dress, for some reasons on our birthdays Jess would act a lot kinkier in the bedroom, it was one of the two times a year that i might have a chance to fuck her in the ass!

It was the year of her 25th birthday and I was looking forward to booking our hotel room for the big day. I opened her laptop to book a room, I noticed that she hadn't closed her last online activity and was shocked at what she had been searching for. As i flicked through her search history in shock i had decided that I wouldn't let her know what I had stumbled upon that night, instead I started my search for a new hotel that I had heard of rather than our usual one.

We had arrived at our hotel in Berlin on the day of Jess's birthday, the hotel was an old looking tall building hidden down a backstreet which was set away behind the newer hotels. Although the building may have looked a little old on the outside as soon as we stepped inside it had transformed into a luxurious modern setting. Jess was so happy that I had booked us an overnight stay in such a nice hotel for her birthday, but what she didn't know at that point was that this hotel had a twist.

Each of the twelve floors had only two luxurious rooms per level, only one of the two rooms would be occupied per floor at any time for a good reason. Each floor had its own sexual theme for example the top floor was named the 'bondage room'. Of course they had cover names for indiscretion on all of the signs, only on the secret webpage were all of the details readily available. The room to the left of the floor was the occupants room, and the one to the right was filled with members of hotel staff who were assigned to service that given floor only. It was the occupants choice what services the hotel staff could help them with, all of whom had sexual health checks before they were allowed to service a new occupants room.

To Jess the hotel room we were now situated in was just looked like posh expensive room that I had treated her to, only I noticed the slight difference to a usual hotel room. I didn't want Jess finding out what I had in store for her final birthday present so I'd given instructions to our floor porter to have the moderations done to our room once we had gone out for dinner. Jess decided to wear a short black velvet dress that she knew was one of my favourite outfits to see her wear, the straps that held up her black suspender stockings was teasingly visible when she sat next to me in the taxi. She'd also worn her hair in one long brown ponytail that hung half way down her back, the only time she wore her in such a way was when she wanted me to pull on it during our activities later that night, this only caused my cock to stiffen even more.

We had enjoyed a beautifully cooked two out of the three course meal and had worked our way through multiple bottles of wine when our desert arrived. It was evident at this point that Jess had consumed the majority of wine out of the two of us when she intently dropped her spoon under our table.

"Oops I've dropped my spoon baby, please can you pick it up for me?" She said mischievously.

I bent down underneath our table cover to retrieve her spoon when one of her high heels dug into my back and began to guide me closer to her. With her legs fully parted i could see that she was wearing my favourite black laced thong, the fact that we were in a posh restaurant didn't stop me from trying to get a closer look but she pressed her high heel against my chest, she'd pushed me backwards.

"That took you a while baby did something catch your eye?" She said.

"You teasing little minx, i think it's time we get something more enjoyable than this desert don't you?" I replied.

My cock was as hard as metal during our ride back to the hotel as what I had fantasied over for weeks was fast approaching. Rose petals were scattered over our king size bed with champagne on ice stood adjacent in a bucket, these last few treats made Jess's dress fall to the ground all the faster. I turned around to see her long, slender, stocking hugged legs elegantly strutting towards me, she unhooked her black lace bra, freeing her perky tits which bounced as she walked closer. When she finally reached me she had started softly kissing my neck and took ahold of my hands, she kissed higher and higher until she reached my ear and whispered inside.

"I've got a little present for you too baby." She whispered into my ear, she'd brought my hand around her waist and parked it underneath the thin line of lace wedged between her ass cheeks. To my amazement I felt the metal gemstone handle of a butt plug that was submerged inside her asshole, she was going to let me fuck her asshole!

"Oh baby I've missed your tight asshole. How about you open your last present?" I told her.

"There's more? Baby you shouldn't have!" She replied.

I took her hand and guided her with me as i walked over to the entrance door which had a large red ribboned star placed on it, pushing Jess down onto her knees I watched her crawl over. She grabbed ahold of the ribbon and ripped it from the door revealing a tennis ball sized hole situated a quarter of the way up the door.

"I don't understand baby?" She looked at me confused.

"A few months ago i needed to use your laptop to book our hotel, but when I opened the internet I saw that you had been watching a gangbang porn video!" I said. Her face went the colour of a ripe tomato at this point.

"Although it had shocked me I had assumed it must have been a pop up, but then I opened your search history and found that you had actually searched for girls getting gang fucked and had watched several videos! Over the past few weeks I've sneaked in early from work and found you masturbating to them. It became obvious to me that you fantasised about it, so happy birthday baby. Multiple cocks are waiting in the hallway to stick their cocks through this hole and into another of your choosing whilst i fuck you in here." I told her.

"Oh my god! I'm so embarrassed!" She said.

"Don't be baby, we both know it's what your craving." I replied.

I grabbed her ponytail and gently pulled her head forwards to the hole when a banana shaped cock sprung out of it. It took a little push from me to get her glossy lips to wrap around the bend of his cock, but when I let go of her hair she had carried on sucking the strangers cock further into her mouth. I stripped my clothes as i stood next to her head, she had soon lost the feeling of embarrassment of her guilty pleasure because she was now working the cock in her mouth like a pornstar whilst she looked up at my with her innocent brown eyes.

"That's it baby suck that guys cock, let's see how wet living out your fantasy has made you shall we?" I said.

Jess continued to suck the cock whilst I knelt down behind her and slowly pulled her black thong down, as the material parted from her dripping wet pussy strings of fluid had followed them down. I left her creamy stained thong bunched around her ankles and dived my mouth inside of her soaked cunt. After several minutes of tasting her sweet juices whilst she moaned Jess had started to make loud gagging noises followed my a loud choking cough. I stood up and saw that the cock had retreated back into the hole after spraying its load inside of my girlfriends mouth and leaving a trail down her chin, a sight that had my cock standing to attention.

"You liked that didn't you baby? Now let's get to the part you really want shall we?" I said.

Grabbing ahold of her ponytail again i guided her to turn around on her hands and knees. I pushed her ass backwards against the door making sure that her pussy was in position and returning to her face shoved my cock deep into her well lubricated mouth. After around a minute of her sucking my cock she let out a huge moan, her eyes that were looking up at me had widened and that's when I knew that a new cock had been entered into her patiently awaiting cunt. Knowing that my girlfriend was being fucked by another guy whilst I was fucking her throat had driven me wild with arousal, and when she started to moan loudly it didn't take long before I felt myself about to lose control.

"Fuckkkkk baby he's cumming inside of me!" She screamed.

I lost control straight away when I heard what she had said, I made sure her ass was pushed tight against the wall to ensure she took the full capacity of his load whilst shooting my own down her throat. That had been the loudest I had ever heard Jess moan. I pulled out of her mouth and brought her forwards a pace so that i could take a peek of her used cunt as she caught her breath. As soon as i had spread open her ass cheeks causing her still spasming hole to stretch wide open, a trickle of white thick cum started to drip slowly down her pussy leaving a puddle on the floor. Another cock had emerged and I knew i was going to enjoy this show.

"You sounded like you enjoyed that you little slut! How did it feel to have another guy spray his load inside of you?" I asked her.

"It felt so fucking good baby!" She replied.

"Well there's another cock waiting for you and this time your going to have to bounce against this one whilst I watch you and recover. I think your going to enjoy this one baby." I told her.

I went and sat on the edge of the bed ready to watch my girlfriends reaction when she pushed backwards onto the long, thick, veiny black cock waiting inches behind her. When I saw her eyeballs almost burst out i knew that she had backed her pussy onto the end of his cock, her tight hole will have been stretching out to accept it. She locked eyes with me as she slowly slid all the way backwards until her ass hit the door before letting out a deafening scream.

"Ohhhhh baby this cock is so fucking big! I've never been fucked so deep! He's stretching my tight hole so much!" She shouted.

I watched on in envy as my girlfriend rode his monster cock whilst she telling me how good it felt. When she started to cum her whole body began to shake but she just kept throwing her self backwards shouting out that she had never cummed like this before, even when he had emptied his load inside of her she wouldn't stop riding the limp cock. Watching Jess enjoy what had obviously been the best fucking of her life and not wanting to stop had given life back to my cock.

"Your turning into one filthy slut baby, you should see how wide your cunt is right now! There's only two more left how about you let me have a go? I asked her.

"Not just yet baby, I want one more cock to use me! I want you to cum inside my swollen hole last." She replied.

That last fucking had brought her out of her shell, now she was telling me exactly how she wanted things to go, although I'm not sure she imagined what was going up happen next. She slides back against the hole once again whilst she guided my cock back into her mouth, seconds later she pulled her mouth away and stared into my eyes.

"Baby he's pulling my butt plug out! I can feel him pushing against me! Fuckkkk he's too big!" She wailed.

I returned my cock back into her warm mouth to contain her screams which had very quickly turned to moans of pleasure. The thought of Jess being anally fucked by another cock had been to much for me, so I made a quick retreat before I blew my load again. Luckily I hadn't had to watch on for too long before Jess informed me that she could feel his cock pulsing inside her tight hole, but she didn't pull away and took yet another load of cum, this time in her asshole! She quickly turned around giving me a full view of both of her gaping holes that were leaking with cum.

"Come and fuck my ass baby!" She demanded.

My cock slipped inside of her lubricated pulsing hole which clung to my thick cock. I didn't hold back, I mounted her and drilled my cock deep inside with immense speed whilst I smacked her ass. I gave her ass the hardest fucking it had ever taken for almost five minutes before i couldn't last any longer.

"Fuck! Take my gooey load in your ass you dirty cock-hungry slut! Drink his cum whilst i fill you up!" I shouted.

I'd only asked for certain amount of cocks but she could have carried on and on. After we'd fucked for several more hours on the bed she had drained me so much that I passed out. I was awoken by the sound of Jess speaking on the phone around 1 o'clock in the morning, it seemed that she was so excited by what she had done that she stayed up drinking whilst pleasuring herself.

"It's room 6, please can I order a number 5 to my room?" I heard he say.

She hadn't noticed that I'd woken up and I waited till she had dismounted the bed before i quietly picked up the room service menu to find out what she'd ordered. The items on the menu were a little different to the food you'd usually see on a hotel room menu. 'No.6 Double filled cream pie: A double stuffed cream-pie filled with freshly warm cream, just open your door, bend over facing away, and wait to be served.' Read the description. The dark room was filled with a beam of light when Jess had opened the door that gave me the perfect view of her in the mirror. She was bent over with her head against the ground and her ass stuck upwards in the air, her hand under her waist was rubbing her clit as she awaited her order. I had awoken something deep inside of her, she was willingly asking two guys to come and what sounded like fucking both of her holes at the same time whilst she thought i was sleeping.

I watched her rubbing herself in the mirror for a couple of minutes until two muscular men appeared in the doorway behind her. I instantly noticed one of them had been the owner of the long black cock that Jess had enjoyed so much, and the other was the banana shaped cock she had gobbled up. When I saw the guy with the thick black cock hover over her ass i had never felt so aroused, the thought of how much he was going to tear her asshole was immense. I could see both guys lowering themselves inside of her at the same time and although she was trying her best to stay quiet I could still hear her scream out. After a few minutes of easing themselves inside of her i had watched my girlfriend endure a rough double fucking for several minutes. I could hear her trying to conceal her moans whenever she orgasmed, with one straight minute of relentless pounding one of them yanked her ponytail back whilst they both exploded inside of her at the same time.

They had pulled out and closed the door leaving Jess on the floor after being roughly double fucked laying in a pool of cum. When she had found the energy to crawl back into bed i grabbed her waist and launched her on top of me. Her holes were so stretched out and dripping in cum that i wasn't sure which of them I'd just shoved my cock inside. I began to fuck her wildly.

"Did you enjoy your room service baby? I knew that having a door between you and the cocks was going to be a problem, don't worry I've seen the videos you've watched. Tonight was just a starter, I've already ordered you 'The all you can eat breakfast in bed' from the room service, so get some rest because in the morning six guys are going to come and fuck you whilst your tied to this bed, just like in your favourite video!" I told her.

"Thank you so much baby." she replied.

The end.

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