This was a car I had seen somewhere before. I put it out of my mind and went about my chores weeding a flowerbed. As usual I was wearing my special ‘gardener’s uniform’, a pair of cut off jeans, no shirt just the shorts. I wore no underwear either because that was the way my ‘client’ wanted me.

About an hour later I heard the expected call from the kitchen window that I should come in or some lemmonaide. As I approached the back door I noticed that the car was still there. Entering the cool kitchen I found my neighbour Mrs. Brenda Roberts and a new woman that I had never met.

"Tom this is Sylvia." I was introduced. We sat at the table where I had fucked Brenda just a few days earlier. Brenda indicated a chair placed so that Sylvia had a good view of my nearly naked body. We made small talk. After about fifteen minutes and then suddenly Brenda excused herself.

"I need to run to the store for some milk. Do you two think you could hold down the fort for a couple of minutes?" she explained. With that she was out the door before anyone could respond.

Sylvia and I sat in awkward silence for a bit. She was trying not to examine my body but was losing the battle.

"You seem to be in very good shape." She began to speak nervously. "I have never met a man that seems to be in such good shape. Do you work out?"

"No I don’t, but I get plenty of exercise." I said looking her right in the eyes. "People are always asking me to perform demanding tasks. Do you like my body?"

"Ye…Yes I … yes I do." She stammered her face colouring a bit. "Brenda says that you might be willing to… uh…to uh…" she took an envelope from her purse and gave it to me. "When I came here I didn’t expect that I was going to… I have never uh…done anything like this before… I…uh… I hope this is enough." 
I looked inside and quickly perused the bills. "This will be just fine." I said standing while I put the envelope in the pocket of the tight shorts. The bulge in my cutoffs was just at her eye level. I cruelly stood before her letting her have the benefit of the view. "Did you have anything special in mind?"

 "Bre… Brenda said something… something about… the kitchen table." she nervously stuttered, staring right at my crotch.

"Really?" I said as I sat back down. We sat in silence for a moment or two looking into each others eyes. I decided to move matters foreword. I audaciously slid my hands along the outside her long, smooth legs and reached up under her dress to find her panties. I kept my eyes on hers and begin to work them down her hips. It was her turn to stand in order to let me complete my naughty task. She lifted one foot and then the other and I left the panties lying obscenely on the floor. As I rose to stand in front of her I let my palms travel up the back of her shaky legs to her now naked backside. With her dress bunched up around her hips I pulled her trembling body into mine and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my bare shoulders and moaned as our tongues fought for supremacy.

When we parted I stepped back releasing her smooth buns and letting her dress fall back into place covering her supple body. She leaned back against the table as I put my hands on my shorts and opened the button to let them fall to the floor next to her discarded panties. She looked down at my exposed rising manhood and an expression of pure lust crossed her face.

"Oh…my…god." She said in a low voice as she reached for my phallus. Her hand felt warm as she began to gently stroke it. She looked back into my face, and then slowly knelt in front of me. Examining my cock before opening her mouth and engulfing the sensitive head. Slowly but deliberately she took more and more of my shaft deep inside of her mouth I felt it enter her throat. For the second time in less than a week I was receiving an extremely expert blowjob.

I looked down at her and watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth as she leisurely sucked me off. Her actions were driving me wild, but this was not what either of us really wanted. After a few minutes I stepped back causing my cock to fall from her mouth and wave obscenely in front of her. She looked up with a bewildered look on her face.

"I want to cum in your pussy." I explained as I reached to help her to her feet. I seductively reached for the top button of her dress. She stood with her eyes riveted on my throbbing cock as I undressed her. It took only seconds to expose her bra-less breasts. She moaned and leaned into my marauding hands as I began to lightly caress her ample tits. I swept the garment from her shoulders and down her trembling body and let it fall to join the rest of our clothing on the floor.

She let me guide her to the table, then lay down on it with her legs dangling over the edge. I put my arms under her knees and pulled them up and pressed them back over her exquisite breasts, exposing her open, drooling cunt. As I had done with Brenda, I grasped her ankles and spread her legs open in a lewd "V", and plugged my raging cock into her juicy fuck hole all the way, and held it there with my balls resting on her ass. She moaned in deep satisfaction. She gasped as I began to pump back and forth in her smouldering cauldron.

Just like the last time with Brenda, I held her ankles spread above her nude torso as I fucked her standing on the floor. I fixed my eyes on her tits that were quivering all over her chest with each forceful drive. Her eyes were closed as she savoured each pounding thrust from my marauding tool.

"Harder! Fuck me… harder!" she demanded, so I brutally slammed into her again and again. She held on to the table with both hands and she started grunting with each violation of her demanding pussy.

" Oh god… fuck me ugh…ugh…ugh…oh…shit…more ugh! Fuck hard…ugh harder!"

Sylvia, the nervous almost shy lady about town was turned into a cock-loving harlot that couldn’t get enough dick. I showed her no mercy as I stood on the floor and roughly rammed into her open cunt again and again. Soon her body tensed up for a couple of cruel strokes, and then she orgasmed writhing on my pounding cock. I kept on hammering her flooding cunt with long inflexible thrusts still holding her ankles up high and wide apart. With another loud groan she lost herself in her orgasm. The room filled with the aroma of our lovemaking.

The sights and sounds of her gratification sent me over the edge. I shoved my thick cock as deep as it would go, and held it there while I pumped her spasming cunt full of my sperm. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked as if she were in a dream world. When I removed my failing cock from her trembling cunt it was as if I opened the flood gates on a dam, my sperm mixed with her juices came flooding out and dribbled down her naked ass.

I lowered her legs and, holding my half hard cock at the base I walked around the table. Pulling her up so that her head was off the end of the table I placed my cock on her mouth. Her eyes focused on my member then looked up at me.

"Clean it!" was all I said.

She eagerly opened her mouth and with a lustful moan sucked it in. With her head tilted back I fucked her face. What an erotic sight she made lying naked on the table. Her breasts were rolling up and down as I shoved my dick in her willing mouth. Her pubic hair was dishevelled with beads of moisture and her legs were lewdly spread wide open.

When I was satisfied that my cock was spotless I sat in a chair leaving her there crudely spread out on the table. The room was filled with the aroma of our erotic adventure and all you could hear was the sounds of two carnally exhausted people trying to catch their breath.

It was at that moment that Brenda opened the back door and entered the kitchen. Sylvia seemed startled out of her lethargy. She tried to get up and hide her nudity with her hands. Her face was crimson in embarrassment. Without a word Brenda simply walked over to the distressed woman and kissed her fully on the mouth. Sylvia collapsed back down on the table with an erotic whimper.

What transpired before me was perhaps the most wanton display of lesbianism I could have imagined. Brenda was leaning over kissing Sylvia on the mouth and squeezing one of her naked tits as the two of them worshiped the goddess of female lovemaking.

"Mmmm, you taste good!" Brenda moaned. She looked at me with a shameless expression, and then went back to Sylvias mouth. I decided I wanted to be part of that so went up behind Brenda and put my hands up under her loose skirt and started caressing her panty-less asscheeks. This didnt deter either of them. Brenda moved her mouth down to the tit she was fondling and sucked on the erect nipple, while her prowling hand explored Sylvias sopping wet pussy. My boner had returned with a vengeance.

Sylvia started working at getting Brendas top off as I undid her skirt and let the garment slip to the floor around her feet. Brenda stopped what she was doing long enough to throw away her bra then nakedly returned to the neglected breast she was stimulating. I worked my rigid cock up and down the exposed crack before me until I found and entered my neighbours unoccupied drooling cunt.

I was afraid the kitchen table couldnt take the punishment of our carnal adventure but it was sturdier than I thought. Brenda couldnt concentrate on Sylvias breast so she put her elbows on the table and closed her eyes as I fucked her from behind. Not to be left out Sylvia manoeuvred her cunt under her friends mouth and pressed it against her lips. Moaning and groaning we continued to suck and fuck each other for what seemed like a long time.

Without warning Sylvia screamed in orgasm. This set off a chain reaction as Brenda and I reached our climaxes at the same time. The lewd display of three naked people vulgarly carousing in the kitchen of my former teachers house is a vision that has stayed with me for years.

We finally parted. Brenda and I collapsed onto kitchen chairs while Sylvia returned to her prone position across the table. If anyone would walk in at that moment they would see the three of us naked and exposed in erotic stupor. Our clothes were scattered in obscene piles all over the floor. From where I sat I had an unobstructed view of two drooling exposed pussys.

I began to think that my new profession in the service industry had more potential than I had ever imagined.


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