"Wow..." Sophie breathed excitedly.

Then his finger touched the tip of his cock through his slacks. The tent quickly disappeared as his penis shriveled.

"Oh my god," she whispered with astonishment.

Sophie arose and stepped back in front of the toilet, seemingly in shock. Her hands moved to the pleats of her skirt and bunched them up, revealing cream-colored stocking tops. One hand reached under her dress and her wrist pumped quickly back and forth, her sex just out of view. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. Her face contorted.

"Aaaahhhh," Sophie sighed in ecstasy, ostensibly getting off on the evidence of her astonishing power.

Her face became serene and she took three slow, deep breaths. Tom remembered his hand and placed it back at his side. As if by magic, his rigidity began to return.

"Can you actually feel me in you head?" Sophie asked powerfully.

Tom just stood with his mouth agape. He continued to watch as her hand left her crotch and traveled to her lips. She slowly sucked on two fingers, watching Tom's cock bob once again in the crotch of his pants.

"You know I could have asked for your help," she breathed sultrily with a final lick, "but it's far superior when I take care of it myself."

Tom winced at the familiar reminder of his inadequacy. He both hated and savored her relentless taunting and humiliation. He knew he could never grow numb to it.

Sophie lifted her head to look at Tom's face and wink. Then with a single motion, she pulled the dress higher and sat down on the toilet. A hard stream of piss shot into the water. It sounded powerful, like a fire hose, faster and wider than the weak streams that dribbled from his small penis. The lurid act surprised him, but her volume and power more so. Everything about her was bigger.

She took a wad of toilet paper to wipe. Tom's head felt light. He couldn't believe what he had watched...and what he was watching. She was so incredibly sexual...and crudely brazen. Irreverent. Deviant. He wanted to cum so badly but it had become impossible to achieve on his own. He needed Her.

She stood and pulled her skirt back down, deliberately, so the precious jewel between her legs remained hidden. He realized with a twitch that she hadn't pulled down any underwear.

"Mmmmm, that's better," Sophie purred. "Almost as good as when I locked crotches with your number one girl."

Tom felt the inner pain return. She couldn't really believe that he preferred Gina? Sophie was his only. Everything was Sophie. Even the tryst with Gina was all Sophie. He felt an urge to tell her his true feelings, but he remained rapturously speechless.

Sophie quickly washed her hands in the sink then turned to leave the lavatory with Tom standing in her way. She stood up straight and he noticed that with her heels, his eyes now gazed forward at the bottoms of her massive breasts. If ever permitted, he would need to stand on tiptoes to suck her kumquat-sized nipples. Everything about her was bigger.

He wanted to move out of her way, but he couldn't. Instead, he stood petrified, breathing quickly, the only thing he could feel was his rejuvenated cock as it pressed rhythmically against his briefs. Sophie laid her wet palms on top of his head, then wiped down the sides, drying them disrespectfully in his hair. Her arms lowered and she slid the backs of her hands down Tom's polo shirt, rubbing their moisture across his stiff nipples. His body tingled.

He felt a knee brush across his crotch, and he started to double over with the urge to cum, but her hands caught him under his armpits. He watched the muscles in her bare arms turn rigid, then expand to reshape her skin. Smoothly and effortlessly, she lifted him up and away from her body, then set him to the side so she could walk past. He felt insignificant as he floated under her power, like a kitchen chair being moved out of the way. He drew in a breath as she strode by, catching an enticing whiff of her new scent.

Sophie arrived in the foyer just as Lisa came down the stairs.

"Hi Sophie!" Lisa exclaimed, then added with mock concern, "Do my eyes deceive me, or are you even taller than the last time I saw you?"

"It's the shoes," Sophie smiled, then added, "But they're only kitten heels. Dirk doesn't like it when I'm taller than him."

She turned and stuck a foot out, modeling a shoe as Tom came walking into the airy two-story entryway. The spike was indeed short, centered squatly under her heel like the base of a cake pedestal. Her shoes were white sequin, similar to her purse, with pointed toes and an open heel. A narrow band ran up her Achilles to an ankle strap held on with a gold buckle.

"So cute!" Lisa complimented.

It was the first time Tom had ever seen Sophie stand next to Lisa. His short wife looked like a lilliputian next to her. She appeared plain, even homely, in her rumpled sweater and loose mom jeans. Sophie's size and radiance seemed to dull everything around her. Everything about her was bigger.

"I brought the string of pearls I promised to lend you," Lisa said, stretching an arm up toward Sophie. "They were one of the first gifts Tom gave me when he got his first paying job."

Tom winced as the spice of his covert world collided with the plainness of his vanilla life.

"Oh, thank you so much Mrs. Douglas!" Sophie cried appreciatively, leaning down to hug the tiny woman in front of her.

Sophie gave her a full squeeze and Lisa lifted to her tiptoes to put her arms around Sophie's neck. Tom watched as her feet briefly lifted off the floor before settling back down. His cock raged.

"Oh my!" Lisa gushed with a flustered giggle as Sophie set her down. Her face was red from blushing. "Ah, um, you smell so nice, dear."

Tom's eyes widened in surprise. Her reaction was oddly familiar. It reminded him of the girly sheepishness she displayed whenever the topic of Brad Pitt came up. Was Lisa actually turned on by Sophie? Or perhaps more starstruck by her powerful presence?

"It's a custom scent I designed last year in Paris at Guerlain sur les Champs-Élysées," Sophie said with a perfect French accent, then giggled, "It drives the guys crazy."

"I'm sure it does, dear," Lisa laughed uncomfortably. "Let me help you put the necklace on, the clasp is really quite tricky."

Sophie bent toward Lisa, facing Tom, her cleavage spilling forward until it passed out of view behind Lisa's head. Fortunately, Lisa's back was to him so she couldn't see his pole bouncing uncontrollably in his pants. He watched as Lisa extended her short arms around Sophie's neck to work on the clasp. He could see one of Sophie's eyes looking past Lisa at his animated cock. She chewed her gum loudly. Lisa seemed to be fumbling with the clasp, taking longer than seemed necessary.

"Mom, I still need your help!" Lauren yelled hysterically from the top of the stairs. "We're gonna be late for our dinner reservation!"

"Oh, brother," Lisa muttered as she pulled her arms back. She seemed disappointed. "Tom be a doll and help Sophie with the necklace. I need to get back upstairs."

"Um, sure," Tom said nervously, managing to put two words together for the first time since Sophie arrived.

"And Sophie, you really need to get rid of that gum," Lisa chided, resuming a motherly demeanor. "It's unladylike."

Lisa turned and handed the necklace to Tom without looking at him, then began to walk up the stairs. Tom stepped forward and suddenly stopped as Sophie's finger wagged in front of his mouth. A big wad of pink gum was on the end. He looked up at her, confused. Her eyes narrowed and the finger pressed toward his lips. Comprehending, he opened his mouth and bit the gum off her finger. The taste of bubble gum reminded him of Gina. The chewy mass was surprisingly large, perhaps 3 or 4 pieces worth. It filled his mouth. It had looked normal as Sophie chewed. Everything about her was bigger.

"Sophie, can you let the boys know we'll still be a few minutes?" Lisa turned and called from halfway up the winding staircase as Sophie pulled back her finger.

"No problem, Mrs. D," Sophie responded and pulled her phone out of her purse to tap out a message.

Tom chewed the big piece of gum, savoring the fact that it had just been in Sophie's mouth. He quickly forgot Gina and thought of Sophie's powerful kiss the night before. She had devoured him like he was her prey. He had never known such aggression. He gazed at the beautiful, feminine presence in front of him and marveled at her contradictions.

Sophie put her phone back in her purse and looked past Tom toward a large wall-mounted mirror. Family members used it for a final glance before stepping out.

"Unladylike?" Sophie harrumphed incredulously as she brushed her fingertips over her breasts, then down her sides to her hips, tracing her flawless body. Her gaze shifted to Tom, "Are you forgetting something...doll?"

Sophie looked down her nose at Tom's face, then to his hand. He quickly remembered the necklace and began to raise his arm.

"But first I need your help with something else," Sophie stated abruptly, interrupting his motion. "My left shoe just doesn't feel quite right. Can you go down and unbuckle the strap for me? Please."

Her 'please' was more of a command than a request. Tom looked toward the empty staircase nervously, then set the necklace on the foyer table and crouched down to his hands and knees. As he crawled forward, he gazed at Sophie's long shapely foot encased in shiny beige nylon, then trailed his eyes up to the ankle strap. He lifted a hand to try to unbuckle it, but the pin stayed stuck in the hole when he pulled. He lifted his other hand to assist and accidentally fell forward. His cheek smashed into her solid calf muscle and he grabbed at her to steady himself. The feel of her strong shapely leg and the silky touch of her stockings caused him to quiver.

"Trying to cop a feel down there?" Sophie teased. "Come on, hurry up. I still need your help with the necklace."

Tom righted himself then bent down and grasped her ankle. He turned his head to the side, almost laying his ear on the floor. He looked closely at the buckle to see what was sticking. What should have been a simple task felt monumental. His fingers trembled and felt uncoordinated. With two hands he managed to release the clasp, then he held down the shoe while Sophie slid her foot out. He grasped the sole and started rising to hand it to her, but instead her foot came down softly on the side of his head. She pressed down gently until his ear settled onto the hardwood floor.

"Hand me the shoe, I don't have all day," Sophie complained.

He awkwardly reached a hand up and felt pressure increase on his head as she leaned down to take it from him.

"Turn and lie on your back," Sophie ordered.

Tom hesitated momentarily. It looked bad for him to be kneeling in front of Sophie, but he could probably muster an explanation if someone walked in. However, there would be no justification for lying on is back, with his cock poking up through his slacks.

"You must have forgotten about your other choice last night," Sophie said sternly, pressing a toe into the bruise on Tom's temple.

The sudden pain created a pit in his stomach as he realized that Lisa still hadn't seen the injury between all their comings and goings.

"Choice 2, you do everything I say. You trust me without question..." Sophie repeated herself verbatim from the night before.

Tom considered objecting that his choice was only in the context of the situation surrounding the assault. But it was clear she saw it differently. He was Hers to direct. He could never cross Her.

He twisted his body around as instructed, then Sophie's downward pressure relaxed, allowing him to turn his head to face up. Her massive foot lowered, covering his entire face. Everything about her was bigger.

Her long toes curled around his chin and the ball of her foot lay across his lips. The front of her heel covered his eyes. He breathed in deeply, with his nose in her arch. Her scent was surprisingly clean and neutral, just a faint hint of leather from the shoe. He recalled worshipping her feet weeks before. Her sweaty gym socks had felt wonderful on his face. But the sensation of her thin, silky stockings was a revelation.

Without thinking, he began kissing her sole and wiping his lips from side to side, savoring the smooth texture of the stockings. He wanted to kiss every inch of her pad but her downward pressure kept him centered in one spot. He brought his hands up to caress and massage her taut tendons.

"Pull your pants down and expose your little excuse for manhood. Now."

With dread and excitement, Tom reached his hands to his waist and unfastened his belt and button. He unzipped, then raised his hips and shoved his pants and underwear to his thighs. His small penis sprang to attention, eager for her humiliation. His hands pulled the bottom of his polo shirt up his stomach, then greedily returned to massaging her foot.

He couldn't believe he was doing this in the entryway of his home with his wife and daughter moments away from returning. He thought of the girls' dates just outside. What if giant Dirk saw him with his girlfriend like this? But he trusted Her without question. Instead of deterring him, the heightened risk turned him on even more. He believed in Her. His penis hopped in the air like a jackrabbit. His hips shoved up from the floor repeatedly. His need for orgasm rose. But he lacked friction and knew he couldn't use his own hands. He needed Her.

"Hmm, that's the problem," Sophie said under her breath.

Without warning, the shoe dropped on his crotch. The surprise and brief pain caused his balls to withdraw into his scrotum and he writhed to the side. Her foot pressed down, holding his head in place.

"Put the shoe back on."

Recovering from the momentary shock, he reached down and grasped for the shoe where he heard it clatter. Propitiously, his fingers caressed the jagged sequins. He lifted it to her foot. She raised up slightly and he was able to slide it on, relishing the soft resistance as her toes settled into the pointy tip. The sharp heel lowered softly onto his forehead; the curve of her sole came to rest on his chin.

"Now buckle it. Chop chop."

Unable to see his work, Tom fiddled clumsily with the strap. When it finally went through the buckle, he cinched it down snug until the small pin found a hole. With a sense of relief, he pushed the leather through the clasp.

"Good boy," Sophie spoke as if encouraging a dog, then lifted her foot. "Now stand up and do as your wife instructed."

Tom rose and hobbled to the small table where he had set the necklace. He had to widen his stance so his pants stayed at his thighs instead of falling to his ankles. He turned back toward Sophie and was surprised to find she had stepped toward him, encroaching on his space. He was forced to backpedal as her body pressed forward and bore down him. His back bumped into the wall mirror. His knees were partly bent into a half-seated position with his legs straddling one of Sophie's calves. His erect cock bobbed excitedly, an inch away from her stocking-clad shin. She applied pressure with her hip to the top of Tom's chest, pinning him in the awkward position.

"I think I'll add a touch more lipstick while you do your job," Sophie said nonchalantly, mercilessly oblivious to Tom's unfortunate posture.

Tom raised the hand holding the necklace and was barely able to reach past her breast.

"Well? Aren't you going to put the necklace on me?" Sophie prodded impatiently as she kissed at her image in the mirror.

With a disdainful shrug, she released the pressure on his chest so he could extend his legs and stand. His pants fell to the floor, bunching at his ankles. He stared briefly at the bottom of her fully exposed cleavage, then up toward her face. She continued to trace her lips alluringly with the dark red pigment.

He reached up again with the string of pearls and met his other hand at her sternum. Taking each end in a hand, he stretched his arms up, yet could only push the clasps as high as her collarbone. The strand arced down into the swell of her breasts. He felt a wave of inadequacy hit him and a memory flashed of Sophie playing keep-away with his t-shirt weeks earlier. But she was even taller now. Everything about her was bigger.

"I'm still quite befuddled about Gina," Sophie began to lament. "I mean, I'm taller than her, I'm stronger than her, I'm smarter than her...I think I'm prettier than her."

Tom winced. He hated the insinuation that he wanted Gina. Gina was nothing to him. Sophie was everything he wanted. Everything was Sophie.

"My boobs are definitely bigger."

She suddenly leaned forward into Tom so his nose dipped into her cleavage. It was like entering a cloud of her perfume. The scent was intoxicating, a perfect complement to her natural aromas. The skin of her bosom was soft and cool to the touch. Her supple flesh had just the right amount of give as his cheekbones pressed in. He was in his special place between her breasts, the place that seemed to always bring him peace.

But instead of relaxing him, the added fragrance triggered immense excitement in him. His whole body felt a deep sense of longing, of needing Her. He had the urge to climb her and bury his cock deep into the cool darkness where his nose now resided, between her giant, succulent feminine fruits. They had become larger than life to him, a monument to his desire. Everything about her was bigger.

His hips pushed forward, humping reflexively. The tip of his cock brushed past her leg and he could feel the friction of the nylon along the side of his shaft. He pressed his pubic bone into her knee longingly, then pulled back, savoring the feel of her stocking as it slid up his cock. He humped faster, unable to control the urge. He could sense his climax approaching with each breath of her scent and each stroke of his cock.

Before he crossed the point of no return, her leg slowly shifted forward, pressing his crotch tightly into the mirror. His cock pointed upward along her thigh, mashing it back into his belly. He felt upward pressure on his balls as her knee slowly rose. The pressure increased and he felt his feet get light, then lift off the floor. His back began to slide up the mirror and his hands slipped over her bare shoulders with each end of the necklace. Within seconds, his face was slightly below hers, staring at her lips. He was floating, lost in her aura.

"Aren't my lips more kissable?" Sophie exhorted with an exaggerated pout that caused them to puff out.

They were bigger than Gina's. Softer. More kissable. Everything about her was bigger. More.

He felt an ache in his chest. Her provocations hurt deeply, piercing at his psyche.

"I take it your silence means you really do like her better," Sophie accused, her eyes narrowing as she issued an ultimatum.

"no, No, NO," Tom suddenly blurted, a dam bursting in his head, words pouring from his heart. "She means nothing to me. She's nobody compared to you. You are everything to me, the most beautiful and amazing person I've ever met...I love you, Sophie."

Tom's eyes widened as he grasped the immensity of what he had just stated. It felt like a confession, admitting his deepest, darkest secret. An image of Lisa flashed in his head and a repressed inner conflict shot to the surface. Had he really just chosen Sophie over his wife?

Sensing possible resolution, he looked up into Sophie's eyes searching for recognition, hoping blindly for a sign of reciprocation. Her face was stoic.

Tom closed his eyelids, convinced it would be different when he opened them. He was desperate to see something, anything. His eyes pled miserably, needing her approval. With an audible gasp, he remembered to breathe in. As he exhaled, his lips trembled, cutting the air into tiny, nervous flutters. He felt tears forming.

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