Chapter 1: Morning Meal

It is dawn on Monster Island. The contrast between the sweet peacefulness of this central pacific island and the raging wars taking place between kaiju all around the world could not be any greater. Having just awoken from their slumber, the exalted Godzilla and magical Mothra slept at their most favourite sleeping spot beside an azure inland lake connected by a thin river that leads out to the calm, open sea. Looking out silently into the rising sun, the King is just about to set off to the big wide world, when he suddenly feels a hand tug at his wrist. Turning round, he sees the gleaming light of his life in all her glorious beauty. With a humanoid-resembling body, Mothra has shining white skin, and her forearms and calves contrasting with a light shade of brown. Along with that, the Titan has an alluring feminine, insectoid face with sparkling bright blue eyes decked with delicate black eye lashes. On top of that, the kaiju possesses an adorable brown beak, has a distinct orange line running down her face between her eyes, two golden feather-like antennae springing elegantly from her forehead, and a cute brown abdomen hanging from her lower back. Of course, to finish it off, how could you not stand in admiration at her grand and vibrant multicoloured wings - orange, black, yellow, white, when fully spread, they are a magnificent sight!

Though as astounding as all that may be, what is certainly most eye-capturing to anyone who lays eyes upon this ravishing kaiju, are the more... provocative aspects of her heavenly appearance. Her immense, doughy breasts straddled proudly on her chest, kind and addictive to the touch. Her lustrously moulded ass, never will you find one as plush and peachy. And standing high above them all (or rather under), is undisputedly, her tight, mouth-watering snatch. It would be an absolute honour to have one push their meat past her puffy rims and into the warm, moist paradise locked on the other side. And if you get lucky, having the divine privilege to release inside and breed the lovely Queen will be just about the most memorable experience you could ever imagine. Just having a little taste test would have any Titan feel on top of the world! This busty, curvaceous figure is sure as hell unmatched by any kaiju in the universe - and Godzilla is sure as hell thankful that this girl... is all his. This goddess is truly nature's most blessed creation. Being no stranger to having kaiju girls willingly and gladly submitting themselves to their King, it is crystal clear to Godzilla which one of those tasty sluts outclasses them all. Mothra is on a completely different universe!

"Do we have to go so early?" Wondered Mothra as she looked up to Godzilla with a frown.

"The world is falling apart, and our friends and the humans need us." He responded nobly.

"Well... couldn't we just have a quick one before we go?" Mothra continued cutely. "It'll only take a minute, you know you want it, Goji-San!" Trying to resist the alluring temptation is for damn sure impossible, he knew he wouldn't get anywhere. Surely it wouldn't hurt just to be a tad late to work! Giving in to his burning thirst at the delightful sight set before him, Godzilla launches himself at his Queen, locking their lips and wrapping his arms around her in a passionate embrace.

Collapsing on to the silky sand below with the King on top, their gorgeous reflection followed them in the water as they fervently caressed each other while rolling along the beach. Impatiently grabbing both of Mothra's tits in his hands with such confidence, Godzilla squeezes them firmly in his titanic grasp, twiddling and pinching her hardened, pink nipples. The massaging stimulated joyful shock waves across her body, causing her to moan melodically, these gargantuan jugs are by far the best for kneading. Digging his claws into them as he jiggles and bobbles them up and down, left and right, Godzilla had always loved a good foreplay to build up the fun.

Knowing she loves the feeling, Godzilla breaks their kiss and goes down to lick and suckle on her giant orbs. The saurian's snout sank slowly into the Queen's right breast, he could never get over how sublime they tasted, it was as sweet and soft as sugar. He guzzled on it ravenously like a thirsty baby sucking it's bottle.

However this is not all those perfect bosoms are good for! His immense cock throbbed heavily, his shaft, which was as large and thick as his forearm, was aching terribly to have some fun with this dreamy girl. Godzilla promptly ceases licking her magnificent rack, though keeping them firmly held in his reptilian hands. His dick could not be any more solid, it has become as hard as diamond. Waving stiffly from side to side, it screams out to be included, it's missing out and is desperate to be engaged in the pleasure. Gazing down at his cock, Mothra may just have an idea on what her mate is thinking. "What are you gonna do, honey?" She smiled. Simply smirking, Godzilla slowly inserted his titanic length in between her buns. His stressed rod feels like it's being hugged from all angles by such soft, plump pillows of comfy flesh. Mothra could smell the masculine musk of Godzilla's manhood poking out between her orbs, his length exudes the strong scent of the domineering alpha predator that he is. And without a hint of hesitance, Godzilla begins to slide in and out with increasing speed.

It feels so good to shift his hard dick between such pillowy orbs, to feel their warmth lovingly rubbing along his cock is so tantalisingly uplifting. They squeeze so nicely in his claws and grind against his penis so smoothly. The goddess giggles and moans ecstatically as Godzilla fucks her tits, his claws squeezing them tightly as he kneads them over his shaft. Wanting to enhance his experience, Mothra playfully licks at Godzilla's tip whenever it pokes out from her bosom, getting light, flavoursome tastes of precum that oozes from his head. The alpha grunts in appreciation for this slutty female's commitment.

The combination of her tits and tongue were without a doubt going to get him to divulge a smashing load for the moth, and he guesses there'd be no harm done to open just one present early, to give his gorgeous bitch a clear, conveyed idea of what shall follow. Thusly, with a mighty roar, Godzilla unloads his first package of the day for his girl. His cock blasting an intense spurt of cum straight into her waiting maw. She gasps in wonder as his hot semen splatters into her open mouth and onto her divine face, basking her in a wave of exotic tangy flavour, as she mewls pleasurably at its unique taste. More barrages of cum continues to shoot out for her, she playfully sloshes and gurgles his semen in her mouth, savouring his wondrous, colourful taste before greedily gulping it all down. Such creamy and delicious cum must not be wasted, and she'll gladly commit herself to make sure she doesn't miss a single drop! Out of all the females Godzilla has fucked in his time, none of them comes even close to match his own Mothra's desire to drink his seed.

Shifting back with a deep and low rumble, the King of the monsters, pulls his shaft free of Mothra's fat tits and now instead aims his barrel across her enthralling rack instead. Her white skin becomes splattered with his gloopy cum, caking them under layers of equally great whiteness, she groans in relish as his hot gunk satiates her sensitive jugs. The moth finds herself revelling in every little tonne of cum pouring onto her tits.

Without wanting to waste anymore time, Godzilla feels like he's ready to go all out. Swiftly lowering himself over Mothra as she fondles her cum-covered bosoms, the King hastily takes a hold of his still-hardened dick, and guides it to the moth's awaiting, soaking pussy.

Rubbing the tip of his cock around the rim of her puffy lower lips, faint pulses of rapture course through Mothra. "You wanna shove your hard dick so hard up my tight pussy don't you!" Mothra's temptations were all too much for the apex kaiju. Pushing his cock inside her pussy, Godzilla peels apart her enclosed tunnels, already slick and sleek from her dribbling. Dear god, describing how it feels to have his titanic cock drilling into her tight sex is downright impossible. Pulling out and shoving back in, Godzilla quickly hastens his speed, soon slamming her sex with a ferocity only equalled by his and her fuming desires.

Mothra's screams of euphoria echo throughout the island, and so does the forceful banging of Godzilla's dick against his girl's cunt. "AHHH!!! YES!!! FUCK ME HARDER GOJI-SAN!!!" The divine moth squeals. "DON'T STOP!!!" Her pussy is so cozy, it cushions around Godzilla's penis so perfectly. The King has railed her snatch innumerable times in the past, and it never gets old!

Godzilla is so glad to have Mothra be his mate and Queen, being there for each other since he was a hatchling and she a larva, the alpha just doesn't know where he would be without this beautiful kaiju in his life. Always there to deliver his needs, she is not the Goddess of Peace for nothing! Every time he bends his luscious slut over and bangs her senseless for his enjoyment, he always feels like he's died and gone to heaven.

Groaning in utter ecstasy, Godzilla grabs ahold of Mothra's glazed orbs, groping them roughly once again, adding more to the goddess' elated sensations, so much so that it finally brings her to the point of climax. "G-GOJI-SAN!! AHHHH!!! I'M CU... CUMMING!!! KEEP GOING!!!" The Queen pleaded to her King to give her what she wanted, and luckily for her, the alpha is never one to disappoint. To make the experience that much better for her in the final stretch of this joyous marathon, Godzilla begins to pound away at her even faster, slapping her snatch at a rate that causes Mothra to switch from moaning to full on squealing.

Wailing jubilantly, she becomes overwhelmed by her own invigorating orgasm, her screams resonating round the world. With her womanhood caving in around Godzilla's cock, the goddess cums violently and lengthily all over her lover's crotch, her juices dripping heavily from both their thighs. Squirting and squirting, she was crying her lungs out in glee as she floods the sands around them with her fluids. But if anything, Mothra's cum lubricated Godzilla's length even more, which in consequence allowed the atomic lizard to rail his bitch even faster, and with even more severity. Mothra's entire body shudders, she adores the feeling of his manhood grinding in and out of her pussy, smashing endlessly at her cervix, it justs never gets old!

"I'm gonna blast it inside you, Mothra!! AGHH!!! Hope you're ready!!" Godzilla himself is ready to unveil his package. Right now, Mothra couldn't be anymore in the moment, there is virtually nothing else she could want more than to be completely stuffed and deluged by her mate's lovely seed - and its been quite a while since she had her King's load dumped inside her. Pounding away faster than ever, he penetrates as far as he can into Mothra, plunging past her cervix and opening the gateway to the slut's fabulous and fruitful uterus. Throwing his head back and invoking his power, Godzilla gave a giant roar of triumph as his cock unleashes a grand flow of cum right into her very core. His semen spurts powerfully and thickly into her pussy, right into her very womb, and the goddess finds herself shrieking with utter pleasure as she feels his hot spunk flooding and simmering inside of her. It fills her womanhood to the brim, pumping so hard and so fast, warming her nicely as it all swells satisfyingly. Her belly bulges with all that tasteful cum being mercilessly pumped into her, plugged inside by the enormous girth of Godzilla's massive cock. She could only squeal with happiness as she is completely overcome by his fertile seed, her eyes rolling back and her tongue lolling out.

A few more moments of ejecting his gunk into the squirming, squealing slut, Godzilla eventually ends his burst, smirking smugly as he shifts back to withdraw himself from her claimed cunt. Without his gigantic girth corking her pussy, all his cum comes flowing freely out of her gaping snatch like a grand river of viscous white, spilling out on to the already saturated sand around her plush ass.

Mothra indulges herself in his sizzling cum, she just wants to collapse into its loveliness and lay there for all eternity. Godzilla looks down upon his marvellous work, gazing down at his moaning slut as she felicitates herself in utter joy underneath his softening shaft. Caressing her caked breasts and amorously covering her flooded (and pleased) pussy - attempting to stop the ongoing torrent of warm jizz from spewing out of her, Mothra is well pleased with her lover's work, Godzilla has once again wholly conquered her insatiable urges.

"It feels so warm inside!" Mothra moaned, still squirming in all that delightful heat. Godzilla feels absolutely blissed that once again he has had the chance to pump his favourite slut up with his splooge, to get her pregnant with his children. Countless times he flooded this bitch with his cum, and just like pounding her pussy, he never gets tired of it! Watching his recouping Queen splendidly suck the cum she had collected on her fingers before dipping into the lake for a quick clean, the King grins with merriment, cheery that this slutty girl is all his - she belongs to him, and he belongs to her.

Suddenly, a rustling in the trees from his right drew his attention away from his mate. Leaning to the side and fixing his reptilian eyes at the source of movement, tension manifests in the air as his heart beat strengthens by the second, when just like that, a little grey head pokes out of the dense foliage. It was their son: Godzilla Jr. "Is everything okay over there?" Asked the young kaiju innocently. Glancing at Mothra who had just finished washing then back at his little boy, Godzilla responded with a smirk. "Yeah, everything is good, Minilla." Being just half his dad's size, Godzilla Jr (or Minilla as everyone in the family calls him) is just a smaller version of his father, only with shorter, developing spines. One could say he is the heir apparent to his father's throne. Then out of nowhere two more creatures emerged from the vegetation. It was their youngest kids: the twin Mothra Larvae, named Leo and Lea.

"Was that you making all that noise, Mommy?"

"Yeah, what were you two doing?" The two larva questioned as they wriggled to their mother and Minilla trotted to their father.

"Oh nothing... Me and Daddy just had a big tickle fight thats all!" Mothra smiled as she stepped out of the water.

"Like this!" Godzilla exclaimed before he without warning pounced at Minilla, with Mothra also following suit as she swiftly swooped at the twins, tickling them all over place as they laughed in exhuberance together.

Eventually noticing the sun rise further whilst he enjoyably mucked about with his children, Godzilla unfortunately knew that it's time to head off to fight. "Mothra, we should get going now." He gestured to his mate before she too realised the time.

"Yeah you're right." She replied as she sat up off the ground with an adorable larva in each arm.

"I'm off to South America first, I can sense that there's a really nasty kaiju over there. I don't know who he is but I'll soon find out, and put an end to him. What about you?" Asked Godzilla as he rested his chin on his precious Minilla sitting in front of him. What's annoying is that though there's a Hollow Earth portal barely a mile north of the island for him to use, there is none anywhere near his destination, so the Apex Predator will just have to take the arduous journey by sea. "I'm off to Australia." Mothra answered bluntly. "My sister's there."

"Who, Battra? You still call her your sister after how she started treating you before?" Godzilla continued. 65 million years ago was the last time he saw the dark moth, he had pretty much forgotten what she was like, or even what she looked like for that matter.

"I know there's still good in her. I will at least give it one more try." She tried to be optimistic.

"And does she still hate humans for... well... everything?" The alpha carried on.

"Yeah... But still, no matter how far she's gone, I want to get her back!" Mothra spoke enthusiastically. "I love her Goji-San, I don't want to lose her." The goddess suddenly sounded sorrowful as she strokes her little larvae Prince and Princess lovingly. Godzilla secretly had his doubts, but nevertheless, he's his Queen and he must wish her the best in the worst of times. "Well good luck to you, I hope it turns out alright." Standing up and walking to the King who too rose to his feet, Mothra placed both her hands on his muscly chest and whispered quietly to her alpha. "Try not to have too much fun with any of the girls you might encounter, alright? I know what you're like, and I'd hate to feel left out." Chuckling, Godzilla turned to face their children. "Now you kids behave yourselves while we're gone, okay? And make sure you stay within the island's shield boundary. Got it?"

"Got it, Dad!" The three children replied sweetly. Skipping over, Godzilla and Mothra kissed and hugged each and everyone of them goodbye.

With everything out the way, the two kaiju then gifted each other another affectionate kiss for themselves. "Oh, Goji-San!" Mothra almost forgot. "Remember what we always talked about? If you do find any girls that you think I would also like?"

"Don't worry, Mothra! I'll always make sure to keep an eye out!" Godzilla tittered and sneaked in one last peck on the divine moth's cheek. And with that, as well as waving back to their children, Mothra warmed up her wings and flew up in the sky, with Godzilla sailing out into the open sea. One heading South West to Australia, the other East to South America. Both off into the gory midst of battle...


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