I recognized the bikes as soon as I pulled my RV into the space it would occupy for the next two days: a pair of brand new matching titanium white Cannondale Trigger carbon frames. Both were chained to the back of a brand new 18' Itasca Class C parked next to me. It still had the dealer ad where license plates would eventually go. Someone has a lot of money.

They were familiar because two days before I had ridden with the women who rode them as part of a group of riders in Moab, sisters it appeared. They were not what you might call cover girl beautiful but they were attractive. The older was curvier, more voluptuous; the younger had a slimmer, more athletic build. It was a large group so we never got to say much to each other but even though there had been several other women in the group, they had stood out.

There's one thing about people who ride mountain bikes regularly: they are really fit. Climbing up a trail and bouncing on the downhill uses almost every muscle in your body. Pretty soon you have no excess fat and great muscle tone everywhere, especially the legs.

I had unhitched my 5th wheel and unloaded some firewood from the bed of the truck when the two came around the corner toward their camper. It looked like they had just left the camp showers. Their hair was matted and wet, each had a towel draped over a shoulder, and both were dressed in loose sleepwear: shorts and matching tank tops. The younger one pointed toward me and whispered something in the older one's ear. They both smiled. I lit a few pieces of kindling and watched the flame lick up the pyramid of logs as dusk settled over the park and the temperature began to drop.

When the wood was fully engulfed, the older woman came out of the Itasca carrying a couple bottles of wine and a carving board. The younger followed a few seconds later with three clear plastic ups, some cheese, a knife, and a box of wheat crackers.

"Moab. Klondike. You rode the Klondike with us in Moab, didn't you?" She set the bottles on the picnic table and sat down. "I'm Kathy," she said, "and this is my daughter Kate. Mind if we join you for some wine and cheese?"

"I thought I recognized the bikes. Please, join me," I stumbled. Daughter? The daughter looked to be around twenty but mom didn't look a day over thirty. "And my name is Rick." I gestured toward the fire. "Look, that table is a long way from the fire. I'm gonna get some chairs so you can stay warm." I opened up one of the bays and pulled out a small folding table and two more folding chairs. In a minute we were all seated about the fire, each with wine in one hand and a small plate of crackers and cheese balanced on our laps.

Kate sat back in her seat and took a sip. "So, what do you think of all that slick rock?"

"Appropriately named, that's for sure," I laughed.

We sipped wine, ate cheese, and talked about our rides in Moab which, for me, was on my bucket list, as was Sedona, where we were now.

"We rode Cockscombe Loop this morning," Kathy said. "Easy after Moab."

Kate chimed in, "Gonna ride it again tomorrow. Easy climb, nice singletrack and fantastic scenery..."

"... half hour ride to the trailhead, then maybe three hours riding. Wanna go with us?" I nodded. Sounded like fun.

Kathy opened the second bottle and passed it around. We started talking about some of the places we'd ridden and some of the people we'd ridden with. I found out that Kathy was a single mom and a partner in a law firm. They had just won a major class action suit and she was taking a few weeks off with some of her bonus. She'd just bought the Itasca and new bikes.

Kate was on spring break from her freshman year at UC Irvine. They lived in Newport and rode a lot of the coastal trails in Laguna, and occasionally the trails around Silverado.

I smiled and we all laughed because I live in Yorba Linda and ride on many of those same trails.

"And you're out here because...?" Kate asked.

I told them that I retired a few years ago and that I was working through my bucket list of Places to Ride Before I Die.

"You don't look old enough to be retired..." Kathy said.

"... well, you don't look old enough to be a mom with a kid in college..."

"... and we both, Kate and me, both agree..." she looked over at her daughter, smiled and winked, "that you had the cutest set of buns of any of the guys in that group."

It had to be the wine talking. Kate squirmed nervously in her chair. "Jezzes mother..."

Kathy leaned over in her seat and asked in a loud whisper, "... tell me Rick, do you like bush or shaved?"

"Mother, stop this right now or I leave!"

"... one of us shaves, the other just trims..."

"... oh my god you are sooooo toasted..."

"... and Kate has never had a guy give her oral sex..."

Kate continued to squirm in her seat but didn't get up. "I've never had any sex..."

"... you and Greg, last year..." They were talking to each other as if I were just the fly on the wall.

"Never happened. We got our clothes off and I put his dick in my mouth and he he had an orgasm and that was the end of it because he couldn't get an erection again." She took another sip of wine. "Pissed me off. I broke up with him next day..."

Kathy laughed. "So that's why! Never knew that. So no one has popped your cherry yet, huh sweety?" She turned to me. "So tell me Rick, shaved or bush..."

At this point I was a little toasted, too, as well as a little shell shocked. How do you respond to a question like that? "Can I take the 5th on that one? And would you like to go inside? It's getting a little chilly out here." It was dark and a cold breeze had begun sweeping down from the snow-capped hills above us.

I stood up and reached a hand out to Kathy. She pulled herself up and stood next to me. Kate stayed seated and looked first at me, then her mother. I reached out a hand to her; she took it and we all went into my trailer together.

My RV is a 30 foot all-season Arctic Fox with two slides. The one at the rear opens into a living room; the one at the front becomes the bedroom closet. The heater had been on since I unhitched so the whole place was warm.

Kathy sat with one leg on the couch and the other on the floor. "So how'd he taste, honey?"

Kate flushed crimson. She was sitting on the couch with both feet on the floor but turned to face her mom. "I don't really know because most of it went straight down my throat so I mostly remember gagging... I was mostly just frustrated."

Listening to Kathy interview her daughter about this little escapade was having a visible effect on my manhood. I was sitting across from them in my recliner when Kate looked over at me and her face turned red. I looked her in the eyes.

She met my stare, smiled, and didn't move. "So answer my mom's question." My eyes roamed her body, stopping at her crotch.

"I don't care, shaved or bush, I don't care." I got up, stepped over to Kate, and took her hand. "Kathy, I'd like to take your daughter into my bedroom and ease her frustration." Kate kissed me full on the lips. "When we're done..."

She looked at her daughter and smiled. "Take your time, enjoy it. Just save some for me." Kate walked toward the bedroom and I followed.

Her hair smelled of shampoo and campfire. I sat her on the edge of the bed and lifted the tank top over her head. My fingers pinched each pink nipple until it was stiff. She unbuckled and unzipped my jeans; they fell in a pile around my ankles. I took off my shirt and shorts, got on my knees between her legs, and kissed my way up. I pulled her powder blue panties down to her ankles where she kicked them off.

She was the one unshaved. Her blonde pubic hair was trimmed to a little patch and the rest was bikini waxed around her panty line. Her breathing became short and rapid. She moaned softly as I nibbled my way up her inner thighs. She gasped when my lips teased her moist swollen lips, first one, then the other, finally sucking both and toying her clitoris with my tongue. She pushed my head onto her womanhood and began rocking her hips in rhythm with my tongue. Her moans changed from soft to frantic, her breathing more ragged, until finally her body stiffened. "Oh my god this is so good, so good oh god don't stop don't stop," she moaned over and over again.

My tongue kept teasing her erect clitoris, then began wandering up her body to her breasts, her neck, and her lips. My arms pinned her knees against her shoulders, exposing her swollen flesh to my throbbing erection. The fiery red head slowly parted her labia and slid into her wet cunt. Each short thrust seemed to send high voltage throughout her body. In spite of her professed virginity, there was no obstruction.

"Please Rick, don't make me pregnant," she whispered between groans of pleasure.

"Don't worry baby," I whispered in her ear, "I shoot blanks." Vasectomy after second baby.

We fucked, oh lord, we fucked. Her young nubile body quivered and shook as if were in one continuous climax. I rolled her onto her tummy, pulled her to her knees, and fucked her doggie style. She screamed into the pillow as she came again and again. She got on top cowboy and I pinched her hard nipples and palmed her firm breasts until, at last, I could feel the throbbing in my own swollen organ.

"I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to cum in your pussy." Holding her hips, I pushed her down as I thrust up, her swollen pussy lips wrapped tightly around my throbbing cock. She collapsed on top of me, crushing her firm breasts against my heaving chest and rocking her hips slowly back and forth as if trying to milk every drop of thick creamy semen from my body.

After kissing and caressing in the afterglow of our pleasure, I rolled off the bed. "I think your mom is..."

She smiled and dozed off. "Go take care of her, Rick."

Kathy was smiling lewdly, naked on the couch, one foot on the floor and the other on the back. "So, how was she?"

All I could do was look at her index finger teasing those swollen pussy lips, wet, slick.

"A raw flame, a live wire."

"Steely Dan," she whispered; she closed her eyes when she pinched her clit between the finger and her thumb. "My mom used to play them all the time when I was a kid."

Every man has his vision, his perception, of a perfect pair of tits, of what they should look like, feel like. Some men like them big and full, like an orange or grapefruit, and almost as firm. Others like them small, little more than bulges or mounds, almost pubescent. Kathy's were the definition of mine. When she leaned over, the tops sloped in a gentle concave tipped by firm nipples the size and color of raisins, the soft undersides full and slightly swollen, easy to cup in the palms of your hands.

Which I did... as she ran her thumb along the slippery little slit at the tip of my cock, still oozing clear fluids from my lovemaking with her daughter a few minutes before. She put the shaft between her lips, stroking it with her hand and teasing it with her tongue as it firmed up stiff and hard in her mouth.

I wanted to tickle her clit with my tongue and nibble at her swollen crimson petals while she bobbed her head up and down my erection but the couch wasn't big enough for both of us to be in that position.

We walked into the bedroom. Kate was still dozing in a light sleep. She began to stir as her mother and I reclined onto the bed and returned to our foreplay. A little pearl of semen dripped down onto the sheets when she moved to make room for us.

We were spooned together, Kathy's head at the foot of the bed with my cock deep in her throat, mine rested partially on the pillow and her thigh with my lips pulling gently on hers. She quit sucking as my tongue began probing her wet cunt hole, choosing to moan instead. I turned around to mount her while I teased her clit with my thumb and fucked her with my fingers.

"So he's going to have sex with you, too?" Kate rolled over and looked into her mother's eyes.

"God I sure hope so, sweety, because it sounds like you sure enjoyed it." Her legs guided my throbbing dick to her swollen gap. A quick move of her hips, a gasp, and my sex was fully enveloped in hers.

Well, what happened next almost made me shot my load into Kathy's pussy right then: Kate leaned over and began biting her mother's nipple. With one hand she kneaded the right breast and with her mouth she sucked on the other, at times taking the whole mound into her mouth.

Mom lost it. She orgasmed at her daughter's first touch and didn't stop until much later, after Kate had French kissed her and sucked my load from her mother's pussy.

So that's how I spent the next two days. Forget the bikes, forget the trails. Watching a mother and her daughter fuck me, suck me, swallow my cum, then eat each other out. I would cum in one and the other would lick it out. One would ride my cock while the other rode my face while they kissed and felt each other up. It was a crazy old man's dream, with add-on's beyond imagination.

We never did ride Sedona again.

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