I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday and decide to rent an apartment in Torquay with a mate for a week. When we booked we had no idea this would be the hottest, driest Summer for years. Our "uniform" of choice was Clockwork Orange. Cherry red, 10 hole, Doc Martins, cut off white baggies, T-shirt and braces. Throw in a kiss-me-quick bowler hat and the train journey down from London was a laugh a minute.

The apartment owner could only stare in disbelief when we collected the keys, his deposit to cover damages suddenly seemed too small I think. We dumped our bags and headed down to the seafront to check out the girls and get some beers in. The looks we got ranged from amused, mostly from our age group, to horrified, from Mums and Grans. Nobody else was kitted out the same as us so we were hoping to be a big hit with the girls and not get hit by the boys!

Karl had been a mate all through school and then joined his brothers' hairdressing business. He was a fanny magnet, with all the patter, and I was glad to pick up the leftovers. Crowds of drinkers from several pubs along the seafront had all spilled out onto the pavement and people were just switching from one to another, treating the street as one big bar.

Girls were everywhere, singles, pairs, groups, all in summer gear and nicely suntanned. As we worked our way down the street a commotion kicked off a bit further ahead, loads of shouting and arm waving. When we reached the spot we saw a woman and two teenagers surrounded by a group of lads. The woman was silent but animated and the girls were in tears. Karl pushed through the circle of lads and asked the woman what the problem was.

She seemed to be ignoring him when one off the lads offered a very unsubtle explanation, "She's fucking deaf, stupid cow". The words were hardly spoken when Karl put him on his arse. "I have a sister who's deaf, doesn't make her stupid. Now fuck off the lot of you and let me sort this out". For a moment it looked like his mates were going to kick off but I stepped up to the biggest one and nutted him before he could react. With two down the option for fight turned to flight and their mates helped them up and left us alone with the three women.

Now Karl used his sign language skills to communicate with the older woman. Turned out they'd booked a week through an ad in the paper but the address was a launderette, they were the third group to turn up that day having been conned. Now they had nowhere to stay and no way of getting home until the train the following day. Our apartment was two bedroom with a sofa bed in the lounge so after a quick chat we offered to put them up until they could sort out getting home.

Karl and I helped with their luggage and we all walked back to our digs. The girls had stopped crying now and I found out their names were Denise and Jenny, 18 year old twins. Karl spent all the walk home with Mum, Kathy was her name it turned out. Their sign language excluding me from their "chat". As we passed an off licence Karl asked who wanted wine, beer or spirits. Kathy went for wine, vodka for the twins, against Mums' wishes and cans for me and Karl.

Back at the apartment we piled all the luggage in the hallway and got the party started. There was a radio in the lounge and we argued for a minute over which station to have on before settling on a local station which played a mix of current chart tunes and a few oldies. Having not eaten much, and quickly drunk too much, we were all soon pissed. Karl was into MILF's, he met them at work every day and was all over Kathy. A couple of hours after we got back they said they were knackered and going to bed, the sly thumbs up Karl gave me suggested sleep was not on his mind.

Kathy gave the girls a lecture about not stopping up all night, not drinking any more booze and not annoying me with their "twin act". They promised to adhere to all the rules, although Mum didn't see the crossed fingers they hid behind their backs. As soon as Mum was gone Denise suggested pulling out the sofa bed before they flaked out, so they jumped up and wrestled the sofa into submission. I found some bedding in a cupboard in my bedroom and they set everything up.

We put the telly on and scrolled through the channels but it was all rubbish. I asked if they needed some PJ's out of their bags but got told, with a cheeky smirk, that they slept bare and usually together. Suddenly I wasn't tired anymore. I quizzed Jenny about the "together " comment, turned out they lived in a two bedroom terrace house and had shared a room from birth. They'd never got out of the baby routine of sleeping in the same bed and Mum had despaired of breaking the habit. "We do everything together" said Denise. Now I was the one smirking "Everything?"

They knew what I was thinking and nodded in unison, before holding out a hand each to invite me to come lay down with them. Seemed like my birthday and Christmas had all come together. Being careful not to hurt them I wriggled into the space they made for me, and wrapped an arm around each one. They rested their heads on my shoulders and playfully licked my neck, hands stroking my chest as I squirmed between them trying to hide my growing erection. "Don't worry" said Denise "we've done this before".

Maybe they had, but a threesome with 18 year old twins was definitely a new one for me. How I was going to make this last longer than two minutes was at the front of my mind. I gently massaged their backs and then they surprised me by moving to kiss each other. They rubbed each others tits through their T-shirts and as I worked their T-shirts up, exposing trim. sun tanned abs, they slipped hands underneath and continued their titillation. I got both bras unfastened after a struggle and they sat up and slipped off their upper garments.

At an unspoken signal they moved to lay head to toe and suckle each others nipples. This seemed like a well practised routine and they ignored my presence as they helped peel off each others shorts and revealed identical, damp gusseted, knickers. Adjusting position they got into a 69, Jenny on top, and began to tongue each others thighs, fondling their taut butt cheeks as they writhed in excitement.

Jennys' bum was invitingly presented and I tentatively reached out and ran my hands over her firm globes. When i didn't receive a rebuke I hooked my thumbs into her knickers and slid them down her thighs. Lifting one leg at a time she let me slip her undies off and then offered her shaven, puffy lipped fanny to her sisters probing tongue. Not wanting to miss out Denise slid her own panties off and Jenny bent to reciprocate the ministrations she was receiving.

Denise reached around Jennys' thighs and parted her lips so she could work her clit with her tongue. Jenny adjusted herself to present her swollen labia and erect clit for Denise to access easily, meanwhile pulling Denises' thighs apart and inserting her extended tongue like a mini prick into her twins fanny. Obviously this was a well practised routine but I wondered how often they'd had an audience, especially one so keen to become part of the action.

I cautiously reached out for Jennys' gaping pussy and slid a digit between her lips, as the juices trickled down my finger Denise lapped them up. Swapping ends I did the same for Denise. She was more sensitive and soon clamped her thighs around Jenny and trembled through an impressive orgasm. This seemed to trip Jenny over the edge and she nearly suffocated Denise as she ground her pussy into her face. I guessed that would normally be the cue to cuddle up and go to sleep but hoped that things would be different tonight.

As they rolled apart I bent to kiss first Jenny then Denise, licking the smeared cream from their faces. I waited for them to make the next move and was rewarded when Jenny reached for the bulge in my trousers and gently fondled my swollen prick. Denise pushed my T-shirt up and used her mouth to stimulate my nipples, a trick that was new to me and showed their experience was greater than I thought. I felt fingers working my belt then releasing my waistband fastener before sliding the zipper down and reaching in to extract my hard cock from my boxers.

Denise swivelled round and presented her pussy to my mouth and as her sister removed my trousers and boxers Denise bobbed her head down to flick her tongue over the tip of my cock. I automatically thrust my hips up, aiming to bury myself in her face but she pulled back and put her mouth on one side of my cock, massaging me with her tongue. Because my head was still buried between her legs it took a couple of seconds to work out what was happening when Jenny performed a mirror image of how Denise had positioned herself and their lips sandwiched me as they rode up and down in unison. Every downward motion peeled back my foreskin and then they covered my bell end as they slid back to the tip.

I abandoned my cunnilingus duties so I could watch them work on me and when one of them grasped the root of my cock and pulled back my foreskin the resulting stimulation of my exposed bell end by two sets of lips soon had me pumping out copious amounts of spunk. The first globs fells on Jennys' forehead then the remainder dribbled down my prick. the twins soon cleaned me up then Denise licked her sisters face clean and french kissed her, swapping fluids as their tongues tangled.

I was delighted when the twins reverted to their 69 position as I had a chance to recover and the spectacle of girl-on-girl action was sure to bring me back to full attention. Within minutes I was hard again as the girls drove each other towards a second climax. In the first round of action I'd used my finger as a stirrer in Jennys' gash, now I knelt behind her and used my cock to part her labia and excite her tight inner ring of vaginal muscles. I withdrew completely as Denise tongue lashed my balls and guided my juice coated cock into her mouth. She suctioned off the cream coating my length then guided me back into her sisters slit. I repeated the fanny to mouth transfer until I felt my second eruption nearing.

Withdrawing my cock from Jennys' pussy I sat back to watch the twins work on each other and let my throbbing cock settle down from its' near eruption. Kneeling beside the interlocked duo I managed to reach a hand to each oozing pussy and probe the depths until they came together, vaginal walls gripping my digits as they both vibrated through the peak of their climaxes.

I grabbed the pillows and lay them across the foot of the bed before indicating to the twins that I wanted them to lay on their backs, side by side, and hang their heads over the bed end. As I stood at the foot of the bed I was presented with two targets and moved to guide my knob into Denises' mouth, the angle of penetration ensured that deep throat was achievable with no problems and I quickly got into a rhythm, one thrust into Denise then the next into Jenny. This spectacular scene, both girls laid out below me with everything on show and my hard on being swallowed enthusiastically soon brought my second explosion which I shared between the two receptive orifices.

If this was the "twin act" that Mum had warned against I was thankful that the girls were disobedient, I'd never had such a hot night and have never been lucky enough to repeat that scenario since. Next morning after Kathy and the twins had left Karl confirmed that Kathy had done the full MILF act and they'd hardly slept all night but he had to admit that my experience trumped his. The rest of the week passed in a blur of alcohol, sun and sex but nothing could match the first night which will always be the first thing I recall whenever Torquay is mentioned.

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