"You there alone," the driver asked?

"I was with a girl. I guess she left during the night or early morning."

"Oh. Was she pretty?"

"Yeah. Blond, maybe 5'5" such a tiny waist yet round hips and maybe D cups. Sweetest voice, ruby red lips." I went on to describe every detail I could about her and was surprised I could describe even the most minute details.

The old driver went to rolling in laughter.

"What is so funny?"

"Son, you drink much?"

"No sir why?"

He just looked at me and laughed.

My truck back and with new tires, I headed to the hotel to pick up my bag and check out. I had picked up everything and put it in my bag making one last look around I noticed an envelope on the little writing desk.

I picked it up and read "Hey Cowboy," on the outside of the envelope.

Travis Steele,

Good morning cutie, I had a wonderful time last night. I have not made love to anyone since 1962. You doubted I bought the car new. Yes, I could read your mind. I am who you think I am.

P.S. You are not going crazy, I was there, this is your proof.


Marilyn M.

I felt the chill run across my back and the goose flesh popped on my skin. My finger traced the red lip prints from her lipstick gently and suddenly I could smell her perfume. My mind pulled an image out of its memory banks of Marilyn Monroe by a black Thunderbird in an old magazine mom had in the attic...

Was Marilyn really a ghost? Travis does have proof that she was there ... Will we see more of Travis in the future? ... We can only wait and see.

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