This story contains themes, discussion, and scenes of nonconsensual and painful sex. This one also gets pretty heavy emotionally. Proceed with caution. * Valerie couldn't be in her room right now, so she was roaming the halls of Waylon. She had sent a text to Nicholas: "Can I come up to your room? I'm sorry, I need to see you, something happened." But no reply yet, so she was just waiting, pacing, wandering around, no place to settle except the room with Laina in it.
After what felt like an eternity, she got a reply: "Yeah, come on up."
She wrapped her arms around Nicholas as soon as he opened the door. His roommate Brian wasn't around, thank God, so they could sit on his bed together and she could talk freely about what had just happened.
"That's awful!" Nicholas said when she was done.
"Oh, my fault," Valerie said, "Should have just put my cock away, you know?"
"I mean, that doesn't mean she can just come in and start sucking it though!"
"Well yeah," Valerie rubbed the back of her head. "There's lots of worse things you can do to someone though. This is pretty tame as far as, like, situations I've been part of."
Now Nicholas was touching his face, "Well, yeah..."
"It's not like this is traumatic for me or anything, I just," and her mind flashed back to last Friday, her laying there, letting Bray rub his dick on the back of her head as she psyched herself up to turn things around on him. "...I just can't let people treat me like that if I'm going to be good."
Nicholas didn't know what to say to that, so he just said, "Yeah. Yeah I can see that."
"Like, shit like this is why I was reluctant to tell you. Like, people change on you when they know you're a futanari," she said. "Some people get mean, some people just get... weird. Laina has been weird about me for a long time, like fetishistic about me. But so you develop, like, caution about who you tell. Obviously, I've got to tell people I'm dating about my dick at some point, but when are you supposed to do that? Which date is the 'telling the guy you have a dick' date? There's no script for that, most people don't have to do that. You didn't have to tell me you had a dick, I just guessed correctly. Me, people guess wrong."
He nodded, "Yeah, I guess I never thought about it. I don't know, I want you to know I wasn't mad, I just, you know, wanted you to tell me."
"I know," she said, "I know. I just, God, okay, everything's coming out right now, you ready?"
He took her hand and squeezed. "I'm ready."
"So," she started, "when I was eighteen, early senior year of high school, it came out that I was a futa, and you know, some people teased me but that was fine. Then one day this group of other senior guys, like, came up to me when I was coming out of the girls' locker room. They were like, 'Oh, we heard you have a dick', and I just nervously said, 'yeah?'
They were like, 'We don't like you being in the girls' locker room with our girlfriends.'
I told them, 'Oh, I'm not interested in girls, nothing to worry about.'
But that didn't calm them down at all. 'Oh, so you want to fuck us in the ass, is that it?'
And it was probably stupid, but what I said was, 'Maybe.'
And they started surrounding me, like, 'You're not fucking us!' They dragged me over to the boys' locker room and," here she paused, to catch her breath, "and they all took turns, you know, fucking me in the ass." She sighed. "That was my first time, that was the first time anything sexual happened to me."
He put his arm around her shoulder. "That's horrible," he said, "I'm so sorry that happened."
She stared ahead blankly. "You're the second person I've told about this. The first one was, well, Rose. The day after it happened, I was telling her, just a wreck, and, God, I have this very clear image in my head of her, listening with interest, not troubled or anything, just munching on the cafeteria fries.
When I got done talking she just said, 'That's really hot!'
I said, 'Really?'
She nodded. She put another fry in her mouth, and asked, 'How many times did they cum in you?'
I told her I didn't know how many, and she seemed really impressed by that. Like, 'Wow! I've never lost track of how many loads I have in me. That's so hot.' Then she said, 'Did you cum at all?'
And I hadn't, it wasn't, like, a pleasing experience, but I wanted her to keep being impressed. So I said, 'Yeah', and then a second later added, 'Twice.'
She said 'Wow!' again. 'That was your first time, right?' I nodded. 'Man, what a way to lose it,' she said, 'You're so lucky.'
And, it's crazy but," at this point Valerie burst into a quiet laugh, "but it helped? I mean I guess it didn't, fucked me up, but it made me feel better about it? Like, we'd been friends for years, and I'd always admired Rose's confidence, and I always felt way lamer than her, and like in that moment I felt cool, like it was cool that this happened and I was cool because it happened to me. It felt good.
Then she was like, 'You know, I have a group of friends, girls like us, who gang up on guys like that all the time. It's really fun. You should come with us some time! Hey, maybe we could hit one of the boys that got you, would you like that?'
And I said no to that, but of course I ended up joining them. At first it was just to, like, I guess re-experience the situation, from the outside. Then I was doing it with them all the time, and it was just what we did. For a long time, that was all that sex was, just doing that. And like, because it was normal to us, because we were doing it all the time, it was all okay. It felt like nothing that bad had happened to me, and nothing that bad was happening to the boys we targeted. And, I guess, I didn't feel comfortable having sex where I wasn't, like, for sure in control of the situation, so I just kept doing that stuff even though I knew it was hurting them. Like, better them hurting than me. I don't know... like, what happened to me is such a small part of the story now. Like I can't, literally can't, conceive of how much hurt I've been a part of. Sometimes I can hold a little piece of it in my head, and even that's overwhelming. And there's nothing to be done about it except sit around feeling gross. I don't know. I guess part of why I wanted to study sexual predators, you know, is that I wanted to see if I could find someone who'd done things like I've done that I wouldn't judge to be, like, a monster."
Nicholas squeezed her. "You're not a monster."
She started sobbing. "Yeah, I am."
"No, hey," he kissed her cheek. "You've been through so much. You had your whole perspective messed up by what happened to you, and how Rose responded."
She pulled herself together a little. "Yeah. I still have to own my actions though. And, honestly, I feel bad so much of the time, but also a lot of those things I did I'm still able to look back on fondly. I still fantasize about a lot of that stuff. Fantasize about doing it again. If you think I'm a victim, Nicholas, I'm not. I'm a perpetrator. I've got a perpetrator's brain. Like, you know why my dick was out when Laina came in, you know what I was thinking about? I was jerking off thinking about raping you, just an hour ago. I came, like, really hard from that."
Nicholas' heart skipped a beat to hear her say that. Ooh, that made him feel things, a little bit of fear, yes, but... curiosity too. It made him feel dirty, but he knew his dick was moving in his pants.
"Really?" he asked, trying not to sound too eager.
She nodded, guiltily, "Really." She buried her face in her hands. "I'm so sorry."
Huh, Nicholas thought, maybe I should've sounded more eager.
Valerie continued, "Like, God, I feel so sneaky about how I've handled things with you. Like, I hid that I was a futa from you..."
"Well," Nicholas said, "people have hurt you for being a futa."
Valerie shook her head. "I knew you wouldn't, though. I wasn't afraid for a second you would hurt me, I just didn't want to lose you. And I did the 'you owe me' thing. Like, that's Rose Nail tactics. She taught me, like, 'You don't want them to be fighting the whole way, you gotta extract compliance. Say whatever you need to say, to get them to resist less.' And so making guys feel like they owed me, it reduced resistance." She sighed. "And for so long, I couldn't bring myself to chase you like I wanted to because I didn't want to just fall into the same tactics I used before because I knew they were sneaky, underhanded. But you know what, when I started chasing you I did all the same stuff again cause it's what I know how to do. I did the 'you owe me' thing. Or like, God, when I was younger I knew lots of guys didn't want a girl with a dick, but I thought it'd be okay if I just sucked them off, they wouldn't have to, like, engage with my dick. But a lot of them felt betrayed when they found out. And I didn't take it seriously, cause dude, I could've done so much worse, I've done so much worse. But since I've been trying to be better, I thought, well I should take it seriously, don't do something that will make someone feel betrayed. But, I don't know, I still did it to you, without telling you, without you knowing..."
He gave her another squeeze. "Hey, I'm fine with it. Look, I'll tell what," he said, "I've never really talked about this, and I don't know how this makes sense, but even though I'm into girls, I've always thought about dick, getting fucked. And so ever since I suspected you might have a dick, it just made you more intriguing."
She perked up considerably to hear this. "Really?" she said, a hopeful grin appearing on her face.
He nodded. "Really. And like, I did find it really hot when you told me I owed you. Like, I don't know, I liked that you were insistent on your own pleasure, on being reciprocated. Cause God knows I wanted to reciprocate." He grinned at her. "Still do."
Valerie had this horny, eager look in her eye that Nicholas found intoxicating. "Yeah?" she breathed.
"Oh yeah," Nicholas said, grinning back at her. "I don't know, I'm sorry for pulling away, leaving you alone earlier. The truth is, all day my gut has been telling me that even if you did the things Sarah said you did, I didn't think you would hurt me. And that I still wanted to be with you. And so pulling away after our conversation earlier, it wasn't because I was mad or stopped wanting you, I just didn't trust that I was right, because it seemed like a crazy thing to be okay with. But I don't know, talking to you right now, I think I was right. I think you're good."
She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight. "Oh God, you're just, you're too perfect. I don't deserve you."
"Maybe not," Nicholas said. "But... I do owe you."
He felt her inhale sharply. "Hmmmm you do owe me, don't you?" she said.
"Now," he said, "I know this has been an intense evening, I don't know if you want to-"
Suddenly he was on his back on the bed, her on top of him. "Mmmm but I do want to, baby." Her hand was in his hair, her other hand running down the side of his body, her lips all over his face and neck, showering him with kisses. "I feel so close to you right now, and I want to get closer. I wanna get... inside you."
Nicholas felt her cock distinctly now, huge and hard and grinding into him through her denim jeans. Her body on top of his, her hands and lips all over him, he felt enveloped by her, consumed by her. He wanted so badly for her to take him, use his body how she wanted. But, there was still some trepidation. God that thing felt huge against him. Would it hurt going in? Even that was kind of exciting, but...
"One thing though," he said to her. She paused, looked at him. "Not my ass tonight, okay?"
She seemed disappointed by this. "Okay, sure..."
"Hey," he said, and he went in and kissed her cheek. "I do want to try it, absolutely. Just, want to prepare myself better, you know? Besides," he added, stroking her hair, "I want you to show me that you really do have restraint, that I can put down a boundary and you won't cross it, okay?"
She nodded, still seeming disappointed. "That's... that's smart..."
"But hey," he said, "I'm for sure gonna make you feel good in... other ways." Some slutty little impulse took him, and he went in to lick the side of her face. She gasped at that, which he found gratifying. "Sound good?"
"Sounds like heaven," she breathed. Her hands stroked his body greedily. "Take off your clothes. I've been looking at you so long, I want to see... everything."
"Hmmm, I wanna see all of you, too," Nicholas murmured back to her.
Valerie got herself off of him, and was now upright on her knees on the bed towering over him as she pulled her hoodie over her head. She always wore such baggy clothes that Nicholas had never gotten a clear sense of her body, but God, she was gorgeous. Round perky tits, strong arms, nice tight tummy, skinny little waist that curved outward toward her hips... A second later she was undoing her jeans and the beast in her pants was unleashed, big, thick, incredibly hard, standing at attention right above him. He wanted to reach a hand out and grab it, but he just lay there, paralyzed with lust, drinking in the glorious sight of her.
"Hey," she said, grinning, "you aren't taking your clothes off at all!" She reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. Nicholas was a little embarrassed to be seen.
"I'm scrawny, I know."
"Hmmmmm," Valerie purred as she ran her hands along his torso, "I'd call it slender. I love the way you look, Nicholas."
That made him feel good. "I love how you look, too!"
"Oh," she said, with a little giggle, "I could tell. Now let's get these off..." and she reached for his jeans, started undoing them, then yanked them down his legs. Once they were both bare, she descended on his body again.
It was funny, he had spent time imagining what her cock would feel like in his hand, his mouth, his ass. But nothing had prepared him for how divine, how electrifyingly good her bare, hard cock felt grinding against his stomach, touching his own hardness. He'd been worried it would feel wrong, having a dick pressed against him, but it just felt transcendently right. She went in for a deep kiss; he gladly let her fill his mouth up with her tongue as they ground their cocks against each others' bodies. He grabbed her neck as he drank in her kisses, then let his hands run down the front of her body to her breasts. He played with her nipples, gently, eliciting a moan from her. Oh God, he liked being able to please her.
"Mmm, you like that, huh?" he said to her. She nodded. For whatever reason, words were just spilling out of his mouth, "Oh, you're so strong, aren't you Valerie? I can see from your arm muscles. So powerful. You could overpower me for sure, couldn't you, make me do anything." He was worried this would upset her, but instead she just looked down at him with a strange horny smile on her face.
"Ohhh, Nicholas," she moaned, "I could make you my little bitch right now, you know? Oh, and I want to, just lose control and have my way with you." She put her head down beside his ear and gave it a nibble.
Nicholas was shaking from excitement to hear her say these things, to hear them and believe them and be caught under her body, all hers, hers for the taking. "What can I do to please you?" he breathed.
"Mmmm. Suck my dick baby," she said.
"Yes please!" Nicholas exclaimed. They shifted positions. Valerie got off him and sat up on the bed, while Nicholas got up on his hands and knees, crawling toward her until his face was very near to her cock. He stared at it for a second, unsure what to do. He remembered her licking the underside of his cock right where the shaft met the head, how good that felt, so he tried that.
She moaned at that. Guess it works on her too, he thought. He moved his tongue up to the urethra; she inhaled sharply and he tasted her salty precum on his tongue. He put his lips on her tip. She gasped. Slowly his lips descended until the head of her cock was in his mouth. He pulled up a little and then started taking more and more of the shaft into his mouth. God, he was just in love with the feeling of her cock in his mouth, and he could tell he was giving her intense pleasure.
He wanted to take her cock into his mouth all the way to the base, but he hit a wall a few inches from the base, just couldn't make himself go past his gag reflex. So he started moving up and down on the part of the shaft that he could fit in his mouth. Soon, Valerie was thrusting back into his mouth, her hand on the back of his head, holding it firmly in place. He looked up into her face, she had this hungry, appreciative, horny smile on her face and this amazing glint in her eye as she stared at him working away on her dick.
"Mmm, give me some suction baby," she moaned, so Nicholas sucked hard on her cock. She inhaled sharply from the pleasure, and her hand on the back of his head started pushing down, down, down.
"Take it all the way in baby," she breathed.
"Ah can' do ih," Nicholas protested through a mouthful of cock.
"Oh," Valerie's eyes started to glow something truly peculiar here, "but you can."
Hand firm on the back of his head, she stabbed her cock into his throat. After a couple unsuccessful jabs against the back of his mouth that Nicholas feared might bring up his dinner, she found the way to his throat and drove her cock in until his mouth touched the base of her cock. Keeping it deep inside at all times, she made shallow little thrusts into his throat.
Interesting, he thought. Extremely uncomfortable, obviously, and yet... God, he listened to the weird throaty noises coming out of him, felt Valerie's rough treatment as she held onto his head and kept thrusting, thrusting, thrusting... he was being used. His body had ceased being his and was now her plaything, and from the way she'd tilted her head back, from the satisfied "Haaaaaah!" noise she was making, he was giving her tremendous pleasure. That made him feel good.
Oxygen was starting to become an issue though. He tried to pull her cock out of his throat, but Valerie wouldn't let him. Okay...
Valerie perked up when he started struggling. She looked down at him, clearly struggling with her massive cock in his throat, eyes wide, cheeks red, tears streaming down his face.
What a delicious sight.
He tried to pull away again, but she held him in place. His watery eyes met hers, pleading. But seeing that didn't move her at all toward letting him go. Just brought her a little closer to orgasm. Oh, God, all the times she'd told herself, told him, told anyone who'd listen that she'd never hurt him.
How about that. The first one had been an accident, he moved and her arm kept holding him in place. It was just instinct, nothing intentional. But now that they were here, him struggling to get away, all she wanted to do was keep forcing her dick down his throat, another second, another second. It was the control she craved, control over his skinny little body that she'd wanted for so long, that had eluded her for so long.
You could actually just choke him with your cock til it kills him, said a nasty little voice slithering across her brain. But then of course, you couldn't see the look on his face when you put your dick in his ass...
Oh, she was for sure taking his ass now. She'd craved it for so long, she knew she could just do it. Oh God, it had meant so much to her that he trusted her, that he was willing to give her a chance despite knowing everything. She had hoped, sometimes even believed, that the fantasies about hurting him were just fantasies, that she wouldn't betray his trust like this if given the chance, but right now the thought of betraying him so she could use his body for her gratification was just so incredibly hot... Sweet girl can't help you now, monster girl has taken over.r"

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