The hooves of his steed clopped over the rocks and sand. The gate to the city is just up ahead! The towers and roofs in sight. A sight that sent him into joy and focus. He whizzed past by the caravans and the guards. This is no time for formalities. Quickly he rode straight towards the hill in the middle of the city, where the Pika Palace lie.

On his throne sat the leader of the local Emirate. The Ba'al Emir of the Bani Pika. His eyes set upon the messenger as he scurry up the throne room's flight of stairs. The Ba'al stands up, acknowledging the presence of the messenger. The royal guards ready their spears in case this frenzied man starts doing anything suspicious. Dropping his bag aside, the messenger bowed on his knees to the Ba'al. Begging for him to listen to his word.

The Ba'al glances at the sobbing man and hand signals the guards to lower their weapons. Immediately demanding the messenger of his hasty presence in his court. The messenger instantly grabs his bag and pulls out an item wrapped in cloth.

"This came... from the Corpse, Your Excellence..." he nervously mutters the words out of his lips they were barely proper language. Slowly he unwraps the object. With a layer of cloth uncovered, the gleam of metal reflects light into the throne room. The Ba'al's eyes widened in astonishment.

The item is a fascinating contraption, a collection of metallic parts, gears, and non-standard artisanship. Akin to that of a clock, but far more complex in nature. The previous discoveries from the Corpse had greatly contributed to the advancement of his Emirate. The Ba'al is already eager to attain this new discovery. Quickly, he orders his men to form an excavation party, food and water, horses and soldiers, scholars and equipment. They will move by sunset tomorrow.

It has been two days of travel and they finally reached the valley. The Corpse of Monoe, as the locals named it. How such a name came to be was chronicled with great care. It was barely a decade ago, the sands suddenly flooded with rain. Tornadoes ravaged the land, and entire mountains struck by lightning. Overnight, priests and astrologers screamed in pain, the Ba'al Imam of the Imperial Capital collapsed in despair.

The Elohima of Metal, Jitomi Monoe, was slain and fell from the Heavenly Realm. With her death, the Bani Mono of this region too collapsed as the Emirate suffered from demoralization, riots, and soon a coup.

Soon after the anarchy died down, the first anomaly happened. Not far off from the Capital of the Bani Mono, lightning struck the valley of sand, a myriad of halos flashes in the sky, and with it a gargantuan vessel suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The vessel appeared to be a galleon, but curiously made of metal instead of wood and extremely far from the nearest coast. Its interior devoid of crew members nor any signs of life. Merely contraptions of advanced metal and clockwork. All free of rock, sand, and dust.

Month after month, more of these metallic objects appear in the valley. Appearing in a flash of light similarly as the last. Be they swords, carriages, or even ships. Some had clockwork, some did not. But all of them share the same nature. Objects of metal.

The locals quickly pieced together the clues. The death of the Elohima of Metal followed by the sudden appearances of metallic artifacts. This valley is a grave. Where pieces of the metal goddess are dropped from the heavenly realm.

The Ba'al get off his horse and inspects the newest addition to the Corpse. A vessel the size of a chapel. Adorned with clockwork more advanced than before. He can tell it's been here for less than a week by the thickness of sand deposited all over it. But before he order his men to set up camp, he pulls out the sword from his scabbard.

Voices! He heard voices coming from inside this vessel!

"By the Kronissiah! When will we leave this junk!" the sailor asks. "We've been teleported here for a week! It's hot! We're out of milk too!"

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