The Riptide Retreat: Iris, The Mermaid

You are rudely awoken by a knock on the door, followed by a voice.
"Hey, handsome. I got something for you." You hear a female voice whisper.
You sit up and rub your eyes, trying to see the time on your bedside clock.
"What the fuck..." You mumble.
You look over at the door to see that it's still dark out. The sun isn't even up yet.
Still too dazed to really think critically, you walk over to your door and open it up.
On the other side are two catgirls, although they both seem taller and more muscular than Michi or Yusei. They're also naked, like it's natural to them.
"Hey there, handsome." One of them says in a sultry tone.
"You're new here, right?" The other asks.
"Yeah...I am." You answer hesitantly.
"The name's Suki." The first one says as she pushes her way into your room.
"And I'm Haruki." The other one says, doing the same.

"So, you're a working boy, right?" Suki asks.
"Um, I guess?" You say.
"You guess? What kind of answer is that? It's a yes or no question." Haruki says, pushing you into the wall as she gets in your personal space.
"Geez, calm down. He's just nervous." Suki says.
You look at Haruki, who is surprisingly at eye-level, with a sleepy gaze. "Uhh... Yeah. I work here. I got here yesterday. You girls need something?" You ask, still a little too foggy from being awoken to comprehend the fact that there's a naked and ripped catgirl as tall as you are pinning you against the wall.
"We need you." Haruki says, kissing your chest.
"We need your dick." Suki says, pushing up against your left side as Haruki keeps you against the wall.
You look from Haruki to Suki and back again. You're still too sleepy to comprehend what's happening right now.
"What are you girls doing?" You ask.

"I think it's pretty obvious, silly." Haruki says, grabbing your hand and placing it on her tits.
The sensation of a soft breast against your hand finally snaps you awake. You quickly realize that you are, in fact, pinned up against the wall by a naked and ripped catgirl. It's also clear that you're in a very sticky situation.
"Woah! Hold up!" You say, pushing Haruki away with all your might.
She falls back onto the floor, but quickly gets up and leaps at you again. You manage to dodge her, but she grabs your arm and throws you on the bed.
"Come on! Don't be like that! We just want to have some fun." She says, crawling on top of you.
Suki slides up next to you, purring with delight and anticipation as she runs a hand along your arm. "It's not every day an actually good human comes by... Michi and Yusei said such good things, and we just had to see for ourselves."
"And I'm glad we did." Haruki smiles, kissing you on the cheek.
"We're going to have so much fun together..." Suki says, kissing your other cheek.

You push both of them back as they try to kiss you on the lips, and manage to get out from under them. You quickly stand up and take a defensive stance.
"Alright, that's enough. I'm not about to get involved with my coworkers on the first day!" You say with an exasperated expression.
"What's the matter? Don't you like us?" Haruki says, sticking her bottom lip out in a fake pout.
"Of course I do, but I'm new here and I don't want to make anything complicated."
"We don't have to be complicated. We can all just have fun together..." Suki says, also pouting.
"I mean... Yeah, sure, you girls are pretty hot," you muse as you stare at their impressive bodies, "but that's not the point!"
Haruki returns your glance with a hungry smile. "Oh I think it's definitely the point."
She takes your moment of admiration as her chance to spring off the bed, pouncing on top of you and knocking you flat against the floor. Her strong legs squeeze your sides, keeping you locked in place as you squirm beneath her. Suki appears just behind you, sandwiching your head between her muscular thighs as she stares down at you with a playful grin.
"Is this really the best you can do?" Suki asks, giving your head a slight squeeze.
"Shit...!" You grunt as she increases the pressure slightly.

Haruki leans down to rub her upper body against yours, purring deeply as she does so. It's at this point you realize you're wearing nothing except some beat-up shorts. Her large, firm breasts rub against your chest as she continues to smile at you. Her long, blond hair drapes around your face as her icy blue eyes stare into your own.
"You know..." She says, "I've been with many men twice your age and larger than you."
You need to think fast. Your window to avoid a double-catgirl molesting is rapidly closing. Your mind racing, a devilish idea pops into your head.
"Sure, but I doubt they were as skilled as I am." You say as your arms spring into action.
Now that Haruki is pressed up against your chest, her large and fuzzy ears are right within your reach. Catgirl's ears are notoriously sensitive, and you have plenty of experience with administering brain-meltingly good ear rubs. Her sharp intake of breath is all the confirmation you need that you've gotten her.
"Wha... What are you doing?" She asks, trying to maintain her cool demeanor.
"Buying my freedom." You say as you rapidly pick up the pace of your rubbing.

You make sure to rub and caress every inch of the inside and outside of Haruki's ears, paying special attention to areas right around her ear fluff. That's where catgirl's ears are the most sensitive, a fact you intend to exploit.
Haruki's thighs and arms squeeze you with increased pressure, but she's clearly having trouble focusing. She lets out a pleasured moan as she closes her eyes, her breathing becoming heavier.
"You like that?" You say, smiling as you increase the intensity of your rubbing.
"Shit... Fuck yes..." She says, her face turning red.
"Fuck... I can't hold out much longer." Suki says, looking down at you and Haruki.
You feel Suki squeeze your head a little harder, clearly worked up at the sight of you setting upon Haruki with such vigor. It's clear she's going to need handling as well, but for now you need to focus on the catgirl keeping you entire body pinned, not the one with her thighs around your head. You return your attention to Haruki's ear rubs, cranking up the intensity even more as slowly probe against the edges of her ear fluff in between more caressing and scratching.
"Fuck! I'm gonna... gonna..." She says, as her legs clamp down on your sides.
You feel a bit of wetness on your stomach, and realize that you've made Haruki orgasm from the ear rubs, just as intended. She makes a loud, high-pitched squeak as she arches her back, before tipping to the side and collapsing on the floor next to you.

"Shit..." She pants, her face beet red from both embarrassment and pleasure.
You immediately take your shot at freedom to slide out from between Suki's thighs, whirling around just in time to catch her pouncing on you. Even with her caught off guard, she still manages to latch on to you.
"Shit! I've got him!" She says, closing her thighs around your lap.
"Wait, what about the others?" Haruki says, still lying dazed on the floor.
"I don't give a shit. I'm not waiting any longer." She says as she starts grinding her lower body into yours.
"No you don't!" You holler as your hands set upon Suki's ears with orgasmic intent.
"Shit... Shit! No! Don't!" She says, desperately trying to keep you from getting a good grip.
Suki's arms and hands are all in the way, and she's not about to let go of you or her thighs. You need to get one of those arms out of the way.
You quickly shuffle your arms so that your hands are still able to grip her ears, but your elbows keep her arms locked against her sides. She tries to pull her arms free, but you keep a steady pressure with your elbows.

"Let me go!" She demands.
"Never! This is the price of disturbing my rest!" You roar as your fingers move with lighting speed across her ears. You rub, massage, caress, scratch, coax, and tease with every ounce of passion and rage you can muster. You're going to get Suki off of you, if it takes everything you have.
"Fuck! No! I can't... I can't..." She whimpers.
Suki's thighs squeeze down on your legs as her arms flail uselessly against your sides. You feel her entire body shudder and shake as she moans through clenched teeth. The smell of her arousal floods the air, and you keep up the ear rubs until you feel her legs starting to grow weak.
"I can't... hold on... Please..." She says, as her legs fall away from your body.
You quickly sit up, and catch Suki before she can collapse to the floor. You gently set her down next to Haruki, where she lays spent and panting heavily.
"Oh... shit..." She pants.
"Do you yield?" You ask.
"I... I do..." She answers.
"Good, I'm not keen on my coworkers getting frisky with me just yet." You say as you stand up.

Haruki stirs on the floor, before rolling onto her back and leaping up. "I'm not done yet!"
This time, you're ready for her pounce. With a sidestep, she goes sailing past you and onto the bed.
She coils up for another pounce, which you take as your cue to rush out the door.
You manage to enter the hallway right as makes her leap, breaking into a run towards the lounge as she impacts against the wall opposite your door and scrambles to her feet.
"Get back here! We're not done having fun!" She playfully calls out as she starts to pursue you.
You're going to need a way to keep these catgirls off you for good, since it's clear ear rubs are just a temporary distraction that only makes them hornier. You quickly scan your surroundings as you rush down the hallway. There's the lounge, the break room, and...
The aquatic section!
You quickly open the cabinet to the staircase and slip inside as you hear Haruki call out from behind you.
"Where are you? You can't hide from me!"
You close the door behind you and lean against it, hoping that it'll slow her down. You can hear her footsteps as she runs and then a heavy thud.
"It's stuck!" She says.

You can hear her trying to open it, but the door doesn't budge an inch. You take the opportunity to rush down the stairs and onto the sandstone walkways below. You can hear Haruki's footsteps making their way down the stairs.
Standing on the edge of the main canal, you turn to face Haruki as she arrives at the bottom of the stairs.
"Alright Haruki! This has been fun, but playtime's over. Come any closer and I won't hesitate to get you wet!" You say threateningly.
Haruki's eyes widen with fear as she takes in the multiple large pools of water lapping against the walkways. "You wouldn't."
"Oh I would." You retort.
"Fine, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to get you soon enough. You think a few pools are enough to save you? Hah! Just wait and see! I'll be ba-" Haruki's ranting is cut short by a thunderous splash of water erupting from the pool her left, which crashes against her spectacularly.
She's instantly soaked from head to toe, screeching as her tail stands on end and she clambers up the stairs.

As Haruki's wails fade away, you look to see who's responsible for saving you. Swimming in the pool where the wave originated is none other than Iris, giggling to herself with an amused expression.
She briefly makes eye contact with you, before diving below the surface again. You take a moment to try and figure out where she went, before she pops out of the main canal behind you. You yelp as she presses up against you, wrapping her arms around your midsection.
"Hiya!" She says cheerfully.
"Hi Iris. Thanks for saving my ass." You reply, trying to maintain your calm demeanor despite being in a state of shock from having a naked mermaid hug you.
"You're welcome!" Iris says, releasing you and swimming backwards a few feet.
"That's was a close one! I thought I was toast there for a moment." You say.
"It definitely looked like you were in a jam!" Iris says in between giggles.
"We barely even know each other. Why did you help me?" You ask.
"Because I like your eyes. They're pretty." Iris smiles.

"My eyes are pretty?" You ask incredulously.
"Uh-huh! They're soft and smoky green. Just like those reef corals!" Iris says, treading water.
"Oh... thanks." You say, a little taken aback by the random compliment.
"I'm going to kiss you now." Iris says, before doing just that.
She leaps out of the water with a graceful twist, wrapping her arms around your neck and carrying you with her into the pool behind you as she arches across the walkway. You fall back into the water with a heavy splash as Iris presses her lips up against your own and pushes her tongue into your mouth.
She tastes like saltwater as her tongue dances with yours, one of her hands wrapping in your hair while the other grabs your hip and pulls you into her. You feel your dick growing hard as it pushes against her stomach. You groan into her mouth as she grinds against it, a shiver running up your spine as she releases your hair and swims backwards, pulling you along with her towards the deeper end of the pool.
"I want you." She says, looking at you with lust filled eyes.
You shake your head nervously. "I... I don't know Iris. Aren't we supposed to be coworkers? The rules-"
"Don't worry about the rules." She says, turning towards you and kissing you again.

She wraps her arms across your back in a tight embrace, keeping your lips locked around hers as she powers her tail and pulls you under the surface of the water.
You swim down with her, twisting as you put your hands against her shoulders and push away to swim to the surface, catching your breath as you tread water.
You look at Iris, who has swam up beside you, smiling at you and stroking your inner thighs with her webbed hands.
"Come on... Swim down with me." She says, swimming towards you and kissing your neck.
"I can't..." You say, trying to push her away.
Her hands move from your thighs to your crotch, where she begins to rub.
"Come on..." She whispers in your ear, as you feel yourself being persuaded into temptation.
Iris runs her long, thin tongue along your jawline as she gently pulls at you. "I can make it special. Romantic. Intimate."
She kisses your neck, then moves towards your cheek. "I'll make it worth your while." She says, as she nibbles on your earlobe.

Her hand continues to rub your crotch, and you let out a quiet moan despite yourself.
"That's what I thought." Iris says, smiling as she runs a finger along your ear. "You even have a breather charm... We can be together in the deepest part of the water... Where nobody can disturb us..."
She swims backwards, looking at you. "Come on... Just for a little while. You won't regret it."
Iris swims away from you, moving her hips from side to side as she heads towards the deeper part of the pool. She turns around and smiles at you, sticking her tongue out and licking her lips seductively.
"Come on..." She says, before diving into the water and swimming towards the bottom of the deep end.
You lean against the edge of the pool for a moment, considering your options. It might be poor form to get caught with Iris, but you're finding it very difficult to decline her invitation. There's a small twist of indecision inside your stomach, before you hammer it out with a flare of resolve. You're not some squishy human pushover. You're a monstergirl manwhore. And a damn good one. To decline a direct invitation like this would be foolishness, weakness.

Certainty achieved, you dive under the surface of the water. You swim down towards the bottom of the pool, where Iris is waiting for you. She wraps her arms around you and kisses you passionately. You eagerly return the favor, your hands wandering across her wet form.
"Let's head to one of the private pools." Iris says, swimming towards a passageway at the bottom of the pool.
You nod eagerly in agreement, following after her. As your last breath of air runs out, you feel your breather charm kick in. There's a bit of coughing before your breathing returns to normal. You notice the air in your lungs feels a bit colder, and that you're not blowing bubbles anymore with each exhale.
"You okay?" Iris asks, noticing your coughing fit.
"Yeah, just my breather charm." You say.
You follow after Iris through the passages, eventually entering one of the private pools. The water is much warmer here, and there's a soft light coming from the floor, illuminating everything in a blue glow similar to the surface pools.
"This one is my favorite. The water's so much nicer." Iris says, smiling as she swims over to you.
"It is nice! The warmth is really soothing..." You say as your muscles start to relax a bit.

Iris swims over towards you, wrapping her arms around your shoulders and pulling you closer to her.
"I could use a little extra soothing warmth right now..." She purrs as she pushes herself against you.
One of her hands slides off your shoulders, slipping under your arm and gently brushing along your waistband.
Her other hand slides over your chest, then up to your neck, where she grabs a firm hold and pulls you in.
You lean down, pressing your lips against hers as her hands continue to roam.
She eagerly accepts your tongue as it enters her mouth, wrapping her lips around it and sucking on it gently.
Her free hand slides along your torso again, squeezing and petting your muscles as she feels her way around your body.
You slide your hands down her back, caressing the smooth skin of her hips where they meet her scales. Iris lets out a soft moan, letting your tongue out of her mouth as she licks her lips with smile.
"This is why humans are the best... So gentle and passionate..." She says with a wistful sigh as she pulls you closer against her.

She moves through the water with you in her arms, guiding you to a hidden recess in the private pool. It's lit with the glow of amber sea glass, in contrast to the blue that surrounds the rest of the private pool. More notably, there's a large and squishy-looking expanse of what appears to be an opaque blob of slime, shaped like an oversize beanbag chair.
"It's a water cushion. Makes it so you and I don't have to twirl around in the pool so much to enjoy each other." Iris explains as she sets you down.
The water feels even warmer and more comforting here, with the touch of the water cushion reminding you of a soft and rubbery mattress.
Iris wraps her arms around you again as you both settle down, pulling you into an embrace as she kisses you.
She lets out a contented sigh, closing her eyes and smiling as she holds you close.
"Thank you for this, I haven't been with a human in forever." She says. "Can I just, hold you for a bit? I don't get to do that a lot..." She asks, almost nervous.
"No objections here." You reply with a smile.
Iris lets out a pleased squeak, before drawing you against her chest even tighter. She slides your body down just a bit, so that your head comes to rest against her collarbone as she keeps you in her arms.
"You're so warm, and I'm so cold... It's nice." She says, as you feel her press a kiss to the top of your head.

You feel her tail move, curling slightly around your ankles.
"May I?" She asks, almost sweetly.
"Of course." You reply, feeling her squeeze your leg gently as she twists her lower half to embrace you.
You feel her tail move, sliding up your legs as it hugs you.
"I've wanted to do this since you first came here." She says, as you feel her press even closer against you.
Her breasts squish into your chest as she holds you close, pulling you tightly against her. You can feel the wet scales of her mermaid lower half against your legs, and while it feels a bit odd, it's not unpleasant.
You try to let out a small sigh of pleasure, but she silences you with a finger to your lips.
"Shhh. I know. Just relax." She whispers.
Her tail uncurls from your legs, bending to press up against your back instead. The broad fins at the tip of her tail are remarkably dexterous, flexing backwards and forwards to massage your shoulder blades. Her tail moves slowly, as if caressing you gently, while Iris keeps you close against her.
She moves your hand down to her thigh, holding it there for a moment, before sliding it upwards slowly.

You still have your shorts on, but Iris seems to be working on fixing that. Your hand slides up her smooth skin, feeling every inch of her until you pull your hands away to help get your pants off.
You slide your hand under your waistband, and that's when Iris stops you.
"Let me." She whispers. "I want to savor this."
You nod, and she slowly draws your shorts down your legs. She lifts and twists you gently in the water with her arms and tail, pulling your pants off you in a single smooth motion before she lets them float away.
She presses up against you once more, as you feel her draw your underwear off.
"There. Now we're ready." She says.
Iris slides back a bit, her hand drawing away from your body as she reaches down to press against your pelvis.
"Now..." She says, sweetly kissing your cheek.
She leans in close to your ear, her lips brushing against it as she whispers to you.
"Let's make each other feel good..."
She kisses your cheek again, before finding your lips and kissing you.

Her hand wraps around your cock as she begins to slide it against her slit, a strange sort of water-resistant mucus covering your length as she gently teases herself with it.
You slide your hands up her body, feeling her slippery skin as you caress her. She's so soft and delicate, you don't dare do anything else but gently hold her.
She seems to like what you're doing, as she presses her body against yours. She rocks her hips back and forth, moving your dick up and down against her slit, her fingers gently squeezing you in time with her movements.
"D-don't... Don't..." Iris moans, her voice trembling slightly. "I want... I want to..."
She continues to grind against you, before suddenly sitting up and wrapping her arms around your neck. She presses her body tightly against yours and begins to slide up and down, your dick pushing into her folds with a bit of squishy suction.
"Ahh! Ryan!" She moans, her tail twitching in the water.
She begins to slide back and forth against you, as you try not to just push into her. You want to make this last.
"Harder... Harder..." Iris pants in your ear.

You're not sure how much longer you can resist Iris's advances, so you give in to her demands. You grip her body and thrust into her, as she begins to moan uncontrollably.
"There we go... There we go..." She says, her voice trembling with excitement.
Her tail wraps around your legs, pulling your body against hers as she grinds against you, pressing her soft breasts against your chest. She hugs you tightly, her body trembling as she moves.
"Don't... Don't stop!" She moans.
You continue to thrust into her, Iris's moans filling your ears as you feel her body's movements against your own. You can feel her insides getting slicker and stickier with the secretions of her arousal as you slide in and out of her.
"Kiss me..." Iris whispers.
You lean in, your lips meeting hers as you continue to thrust into her. You can feel her body quivering in your hands as the two of you embrace, her tongue pushing deep into your mouth as she tastes herself on your lips and tongue.

Her tail changes positions, uncurling from your legs and pressing flat against your lower back, pushing you deeper into her as she continues to moan. Her arms wrap around your shoulders as she holds you tightly, her body writhing against your own with passion and lust.
"Oh... Oh, yes! Don't stop..." Iris pants.
Your hands roam up and down her supple body as you ravish her tongue with your own. She tastes a mixture of the ocean and cinnamon, a strange flavor but one that you find quite enjoyable.
Iris's tail curls around your legs again, her hips gyrating against your own as her body moves forward and back with you deep inside of her. She brings her tail all the way around your legs so that her broad tail fins can still push up against your back, holding you deep within her as she squirms.
You swallow several of her deep moans as Iris continues to kiss you with surprising intensity. She runs her tongue all across your mouth, spreading her flavor along your gums and cheeks as her saliva mixes with yours. She holds you tightly, her slick and delicate body pressing against your own as the two of you become one.

Iris's body begins to shudder as she pushes her hips against yours, her tail guiding your thrusts as she pushes into every one of your movements and bucks back against every one of hers. Her moans are deep and guttural, resonating in your mouth as the two of you melt together not just in body, but also in raw instinct. Her body tenses up as she pushes her mouth against your own with renewed force, bringing the depth of your kiss to a peak as she holds you tightly in her grip.
The two of you release almost simultaneously, as your seed empties deep within her while Iris's tail tightens around your legs, pulling you in closer and deeper with every thrust. You moan into each other's mouths as the height of your climax subsides and your bodies shudder together.
You continue to kiss, even as you both start to come down from the high of your intimacy. Iris's hands rub up and down your back, while yours do the same. She finally pulls her mouth off yours with a satisfied sigh, fluttering her eyelids as she wipes her mouth.
"That was... perfect." She says with equal parts passion and breathlessness.
"Definitely." You admit.
Iris smiles, bringing her lips to your forehead as she holds you close again. The pair of you bask in the other's warmth as you rest your head against her chest, listening to the sound of her heart beating.

You smile, reaching your hand up to stroke her cheek, and she leans into the touch.
"Mmm... This is so nice. You're a natural at this." She purrs as you rub her cheek.
You softly chuckle as you nuzzle your head against her. "Glad to know I have your endorsement."
"Hm? Oh, yeah. It's just... I've never known a human who was so... In tune with my needs. You don't know how long I've waited for someone like you."
You frown a bit, not exactly sure how to take that comment.
Iris rubs your back to comfort you. "Hey, what's wrong?"
"Nothing, really. I just... feel weird about all this."
"How come?"
"Well... We're supposed to be coworkers, aren't we? I don't want to steal your heart and then not be able to reciprocate. I leave at the end of the month, you know." You say with a twinge of sadness.
Iris smiles, reaching up to touch your face. "You silly thing. I'm not offering you a permanent place in my heart. I'm just offering you a place in my bed for as long as you're here."
"Oh..." You say, blushing profusely.
"So... You interested?" She asks with a smirk.

You nod eagerly, and Iris laughs as she wraps her arms around you and squeezes. "Good! I haven't felt someone this passionate in a long time. It's nice to feel such a deep connection again. You're going to make this month a lot more tolerable." She says with a smile.
"But what about the rules? What if Vaughn-"
Iris interrupts you. "No one will know a thing. Nobody in management keeps tabs that closely to put us in any sort of danger."
"If you say so..." You say with a tone of anxiety.
"Don't worry about that. I'll make sure it's all handled. For now, let's just focus on us." She says with a wink.
You smile, nodding as she leans in to kiss you again.
Iris runs her arms underneath yours to brace her hands along the back of your neck, drawing you close as her tongue pushes against your lips. You're more than happy to let her in, parting your lips and pulling her tongue into your mouth with a bit of suction. The action startles Iris, drawing a small squeak from her that turns into a moan as you lavish her tongue with attention.
You feel her lean into your touch, her hands running through your hair as you massage the back of her neck, drawing a pleasured sigh from her.

She breaks the kiss after a moment, looking into your eyes with a lustful gaze and smiling. "You're really good at that."
"I have plenty of practice." You say, returning her smile.
"So do I, but you put a startling amount of energy into that. It's... really nice." She says.
"Then let's not waste time talking."
You lean in to kiss her again, and she lets out a small squeak of surprise before returning the favor. Your hands find their way to her hips, your fingers tracing the smooth scales along her lower body. She shivers in pleasure at your touch, and you slide your hands further around her body, pressing your fingers against the surprisingly soft skin of her lower body.
You break the kiss, and Iris lets out a small whine of disappointment, but that quickly disappears when you begin kissing down her neck. Her faint flavor of cinnamon returns as you suck on the soft skin of her neck, leaving hickies in your wake. She lets out a pleasured sigh as you work, her hands running through your hair. She begins to massage your head as you continue to suck on her neck, drawing more and more pleasure from her.

You slide one hand up from her hip, slowly tracing its way up her side towards one of her breasts, which you give a gentle squeeze. Iris quietly gasps in surprise, but doesn't tell you to stop. Encouraged, you begin to massage it, rubbing your palm over the nipple. She lets out a gentle moan, which you smother with a deep kiss.
She breaks the kiss with a gasp, her hands leaving your hair as she presses her fingers against your chest. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open and she's panting as if she's run a mile.
"Please... please..." She pants.
You draw your lips close to her ear as your gently run your hands up and down her sides.
"Tell me what you want," You whisper in a warm voice.
"I want you... I want your fingers inside me." She says, her voice catching in her throat.
"Are you sure?" You ask, teasing her. "You don't sound sure."
"Please!" She begs.
You slide one hand back down to her lower body, gently pressing your palm against her crotch as you return to sucking on her neck. She lets out a shudder and a moan, her hands firmly gripping your shoulders as she writhes under your ministrations. You gently rub her crotch, feeling the pulse of her arousal through her skin. Slowly, you run two fingers along the length of her labia, slickening them with her juices.
"I want to feel you inside me." She begs.

You run a broad stroke of your tongue along her neck, from her collarbone all the way up to her jaw. After that, you gently press your fingers inside her, easing them in at a torturously slow pace. Iris' eyes roll back in her head as her tongue hangs from her mouth, and she lets out a drawn-out moan. You press your fingers deep inside her, reaching up towards her G-spot. She squirms and writhes as you massage that sensitive area, making her body convulse as you gently thrust your fingers in and out.
"Harder..." She pants.
You comply, but just barely, moving your fingers in and out with more force as you start to curl them. Iris' body starts to twitch from the intensity of your work, and she begins to make helpless whining noises. You can feel her getting wetter with every thrust and rub, and you're thankful that you're underwater, as that would probably be quite a sight.
"Please... please... Don't stop..." She whimpers.
You give her a soft kiss on the cheek as she continues shuddering and panting, completely at your mercy. Seeing her so vulnerable and passionate in your arms only makes you invest more energy into your work, twisting and curling your fingers in all manner of pleasurable motions. Before long, Iris' eyes twist shut in an expression of pure bliss as she lets out a final deep moan.

"I'm... I'm cumming!" She cries.
Her body begins to shudder and convulse as she releases her passion, leaving her helpless and weak. You continue your work until she's finished, and then pull your fingers out of her. She lets out one last moan as she collapses back into the water, panting heavily.
"That was amazing." She pants.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." You smile.
You lean in and kiss her on the lips. She wraps her arms around your neck, eagerly returning the kiss as you twirl through the water. Your tongues intertwine as you rub your hands along each other's backs, feeling the other's skin with your fingertips.
"I want to go back to the surface now." She says.
"Alright." You say.
You swim up through the water, with Iris in your arms, towards the surface. As you break through, you find yourself floating in a large wooden bathtub in the middle of a lavish room. The tub is filled with water, with you and Iris fully naked inside it.
You cough for a moment as your breathing charm deactivates and you get used to breathing actual air again. You look around, noticing that you're in a large bathroom with an equally large bathtub.

"Where are we?" You ask.
"This is my private quarters." Iris says, softly kissing you on the cheek.
You stare into her bright green eyes as she gazes back into yours. You feel yourself blush as you notice how close your faces are to one another. Her long, curly blonde hair frames her face, and you notice the faint hint of blue lipstick on her lips. She's biting her lower lip gently as she looks at you. She has a gentle beauty to her, and you feel yourself getting swept away in those eyes.
"This is... really nice." You say, thoroughly impressed at lavish state of her quarters.
"I know, right? I mean, the Retreat is nice and all, but this... this is my little sanctuary. No one is allowed in here except for me."
You look around the room once again, noticing how much it reflects Iris herself: elegant, yet at the same time filled with a youthful wonder. You admiration is cut short as Iris guides you over a seating ledge in the bathtub, pressing you up against it as she takes your face in her hands. She kisses you softly on the lips, before moving down to your neck and kissing you there.
"No one except the men I really fancy, that is." She says with a playful smile, before returning to work on your body.

You let out a pleasured sigh as Iris runs her fingers through your hair, before continuing down your body. She grabs at your thighs and gently nibbles on your ear, which causes you to shudder in ecstasy.
"Woah..." You say, shivering a bit at her ministrations.
"You're really sensitive." Iris remarks. "I like that."
Iris continues to work her magic, caressing various areas of your body and teasing others. She moves her hands along your legs, massaging them and running her fingers along the insides. She then moves to your arms, gently touching your hands and running her fingers along your arms.
You let out a pleasured sigh as she does this, before she moves in closer and starts caressing your chest and torso, teasing your belly button with her finger for a bit before moving up to your chest.
"This is so nice..." Iris says with a sigh. "I never get to be this tender with clients, let alone a human male like you."
Iris begins kissing your chest and neck, working her way up to your mouth. You can feel her long tongue licking the inside of your mouth, as she moves her other hand down to your crotch. She begins stroking you softly, moving her hand in sync with her tongue.
You moan in ecstasy as Iris works her hands, you reach out and caress her body, moving your hands along the scales on her fish half. You gently caress her, as she continues to pleasure you.
"Oh, I want you inside me..." Iris says with a lustful sigh.

Iris moves her hands back to your head and begins kissing you more passionately, while also positioning your body so that she can wrap her tail around your legs for support. She gently lowers herself onto your length, letting out a pleasured sigh as you enter her.
She begins riding you slowly, gently bouncing up and down on your cock. She keeps her lips locked with yours the entire time, and you can feel her press her body against yours as she rides you.
You run your hands along her fish half, caressing it while she continues to pleasure you. You then slide your hands up along her sides, stopping to massage her back and the sides of her breasts.
Iris breaks the kiss with a small pop, and a soft moan. "Oh yeah... that's nice..."
You continue running your hands along her body, and then hook your arms under her to support part of her weight. This lets you control her speed and movements, as you begin thrusting up into her while she rides you.
"Oh... You're so good... You're so good to me..." Iris says with a moan.
Iris closes her eyes and licks her lips, continuing to bounce up and down on you. Her breasts jiggle slightly with each bounce, and you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge.
Iris' scales trail along your body as she moves, sending a shiver of ecstasy through your body. "Oh... I can tell you're getting close..."
"Mmm... I can't help it when you feel this good." You say in a voice rich with satisfaction.
"Ooohh... You're so good to me..." Iris says, continuing to bounce.

You reach up and caress her cheek, then slide your hand into her long hair. This seems to pleasure Iris even more than the motions of your lower body, as she responds by forcefully leaning into your hand with a moan.
"Oh... Oh yeah... Just like that..."
You continue to gently stroke Iris' hair, alternating between caressing her cheek and gently rubbing the underside of her chin.
"Oh... That feels so good... So good..."
Iris begins bouncing even faster and more forcefully on your dick, and you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge.
"Oh... I'm going to...!" You say.
"Me too! Cum with me!" Iris says.
Iris continues bouncing, and you thrust upward to meet her. You're both moaning in ecstasy as you release inside of her, which sends her over the edge. She takes her hands off your lap and draws them around your neck in that familiar embrace, bring your lips to meet her in a powerful mid-climax kiss.

"Mmmm... Mmmmhh! Mmmmh!" She moans into the kiss, as you feel her body shuddering against yours.
You keep thrusting upward into her spasming body, as Iris continues to moan in ecstasy. She slides her tongue into your mouth, which you eagerly accept. Her hot, lust-infused breaths mix with yours as Iris brings your body as close against her as she can. You feel your release reach new depths inside her as she licks every inch of your mouth with equal parts passion and greed.
"Mmmm... Mmmm..." She moans, breaking the kiss.
You both lay your heads against each other's, completely out of breath. You're still inside her, and you feel her body shudder once more as your dick twitches.
"Oh... That was amazing..." Iris says.
"Yeah... It really was..." You say.
Iris' hands caress your face, then your arms, then your chest, then your belly and your legs.
"I love your body." She says. "It's so... hard and strong, but also soft in all the right places."
You smile.
"I'm glad you like it." You say.
"I love everything about you." Iris says.
"You're pretty amazing, too." You say.
Iris smiles.
"Do you really mean that?" She asks.

"Of course!" You say. "You're soft, tender, and romantic, but also very experienced. It's a great combination."
Iris smiles.
"We're going to have a fun month together." She says.
Iris begins kissing you again. You feel her thrusting her tongue into your mouth, and you do the same. She breaks the kiss, staring at you with those engrossing emerald eyes.
"Mmmm..." She moans. "I need more of you."
You softly chuckle with a warm smile, running a gentle finger along her nose. "Well you can have more of me later. If we keep at it like this, I'll be late for my first day of work."
Iris pouts in disappointment, but nods.
"You should get going." Iris says. "Vaughn would probably come down here with a fish net if I made you late!" She giggles.

Iris slides off your body, swimming to the center of the bathtub and floating lazily. She has a very pleased expression on her face.
You wash yourself a bit in the bathtub, before climbing out and drying off. That's when you realize you're naked, without a change of clothes. You look around the bathroom, wondering what to do.
"What's wrong?" Iris asks.
"I don't have any clothes." You say.
"Oh!" Iris says. "I can fix that."
Iris swims over to the edge of the tub, before pointing at a wardrobe in the corner of the room. "That should still have some old clothes in it that weren't for me."
You nod, walking over to the wardrobe and opening it. Inside you find a few older looking shirts, and what looks to be a white and beige robe adapted for the desert. It actually looks quite nice, in good condition compared to the other garments inside. You decide to go with that.
Iris watches you get dressed with a smile on her face, before snapping her finger to get your attention. "Check that drawer," she says, pointing, "I think some gold jewelry would work well with that."

You walk over to the drawer in question and pull it open, revealing several different pieces of jewelry made from gold and sea glass. You take out two bracelets and a necklace, before realizing you've forgotten something.
"Uh... do you have any shoes?" You ask.
Iris giggles for a moment, before looking at you with a thoroughly amused smile. "Sadly not."
You chuckle in return, realizing the absurdity of your question. "That's fine. You've done more than enough for me. Thank you very much, Iris."
"Thank you~!" She retorts, blowing a kiss in your direction. "Don't let the girls tucker you out too bad! I want to see you again later..."
You laugh, turning and walking out the door. You close it behind you, leaving Iris to prepare for the day ahead.

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