I couldn't sleep thinking about what Jim said. I didn't know if he was serious or not. I would marry him that day if he wanted.

Jim had to leave for work earlier than I did. Our hours were very different, so we couldn't ride together. His 7-3, mine 9-5. As I got out of bed to get ready for work, he was ready to leave. I kissed him goodbye and asked him if he meant what he said last night. He replied, "We'll talk about it tonight."

As I showered, all I thought about was whether he was serious about a honeymoon or was going to dump me that night.

I was getting dressed and opened the drawer to pick out my iron bra for the day. I hesitated and put it back, reaching for a bra that I knew, no matter how I walked, my breasts would jiggle like crazy, as it had no support at all. I was going to show the guys Jim worked with, just how much my boobs could bounce. I wore a dress that even in the brightest light, you wouldn't be able to see through. I walked in front of the mirror to see how much my tits jiggled, I was very happy with the results!

I, like the rest of the girls in the office, drove to work wearing sneakers, you can't really drive a car safely wearing heals.

As I walked quickly across the parking lot, I could feel just how much my boobs were in motion. I knew the guys were going to be very happy.

I walked past the guard station, tits jiggling and showed my badge. He said, "Good morning, you look very nice today." He had never said anything but good morning before.

I got to my desk and changed into the high heels that I hated. Maria came by and asked how things went with Jim. She said he really seemed to like you.

I told her we saw each other every day and he helped me finish all that I can do on my house. I told her, "He sort of asked me to marry him last night." What do you mean, Sort of? "He asked where I wanted to go on our honeymoon." Then I asked him this morning if he meant what he said last night. He just said we'd talk about it tonight.

Maria said, "Relax, I'm sure he just wants to get his thoughts together."

I said, "I hope your right, I'm in love with him."

Maria said, "Oh, I almost forgot, the bosses flight back was delayed by weather. He won't be here till tomorrow."

I was glad, I was nervous he'd see my breasts swaying a little too much.

I knew there were going to be a lot of trips between offices today after the two week break. I had to make a trip early, before Jim was on break. I was curious how the guys would react to my boobs new found freedom. I found out quickly, the howls and whistles were louder, I just smiled and kept bouncing down the aisle.

I delayed my next trip until I knew Jim would be with his friends. I was bouncing quite freely. I just glanced over to make sure Jim was there, he was.

I continued walking, listening and enjoying the sounds coming from the guys.

I had several more trips that day, making sure his co-workers liked what they were looking at.

I was nervous on my drive home, not knowing what Jim was going to say.

I pulled in the driveway and at least, Jim's car was there. So was my father's truck.

As I entered, there were balloons all over. Jim came out and so did my parents. Jim walked over to me and said, "I asked your parents if I could marry you and they gave their consent, now I'm asking you." He held out a ring and looked at me, waiting for a response. It seemed I'd never get it out, but finally I gave Jim a big hug and kiss saying, "God yes, I love you!"

I was so happy and relieved.

Jim and my parents had set this up. The next part was going to dinner. We went to a restaurant Jim had told me his parents liked. Dad held the door for us. There was a congratulations banner hung from the ceiling. We were seated at a table with a little bride and groom center piece on it. I thought, Jim must have been very confident I would say yes.

As dinner progressed we chatted about what our plans might be. My father liked his beer and he was getting a little tipsy. He exclaimed to Jim, "Doesn't she wear a bra to work?" I'm sure she does, is all Jim said. I remembered dad staring at me as I walked past him when he was holding the door open, I hadn't had time to change. I must have turned beet red right then.

Dinner was great and so was life. We went home and my parents left. I couldn't wait to be alone with Jim.

When we got inside, I took my dress off and told Jim, "You need to make love to me right now!"

Jim carried me to what is now, our bed. He laid me down and went to the bathroom, coming back with a bottle of warm baby lotion. I was excited, I hadn't had a good massage in a long time. Jim asked if I wanted him to do my front or back first. I said, "Do my front first then my back, paying special attention to my ass, I want another good fuck in my backside. It made me cum so hard, I want to feel that again."

Jim started with my feet, worked his way up my legs, then buried his tongue in my pussy. He gives great oral, paying special attention to my clit as he lubricates my ass with his finger, almost making me cum right then. He sensed my level of excitement and quickly moved to my waiting breasts and nipples, sucking them so gently.

I told him to move up and put his cock in my mouth so I could get him prepared for my butt. As I sucked his ever hardening cock, I was careful to not make him cum.

Jim told me to roll over and put my ass in the air. I did as told and soon felt his cock enter my pussy, pumping very slowly as he lubricated my ass some more. He withdrew and put his cock against my ass and pushed gently. I pushed my ass onto his cock in a hard thrust. He pumped harder and harder while reaching my pussy with his fingers, massaging my clit and probing it's depth. I couldn't take it anymore and exploded in a fantastic orgasm as Jim filled my ass with his cum.

We both collapsed and fell asleep as his cock slowly retreated from my ass.

The rest of the week at work went great, I continued my bouncy ways. Jim didn't tell any of his fellow workers about us. He wanted to hear them say what they would do to me if they had the chance. Most said they would fuck those tits and shoot their load all over my face. Some just wanted to fuck my brains out. As we fucked Jim would tell me what I'd be in for if they had their way with me and he would fuck me harder and harder till we came.

Friday came and Jim asked me what I'd like to do for the weekend. I had been thinking about it all week. I told him I'd like to go to a XXX theater, as I had never been to one, then get a room at a hotel that had a bar in it. This idea came to me when Jim told me about the guys that wanted to fuck my tits and shoot their load on my face. I remembered seeing it in a video I watched with my friends when I was young.

Saturday afternoon we found a Holiday Inn in the center of the city we lived near that had a bar. We checked in, then had a light, late afternoon lunch in the bar to see what it was like. The customers were all dressed well. We would be able to tell more in the evening.

We figured we would hit the theater about 9 PM. When the time approached to leave I pulled out the outfit I had chosen. A short, pleated, button up skirt, suspender panty hose, a surplice blouse that would fall open very easily if I wasn't careful and my old 3/4 cup bra that my tits rested on nicely. You noticed, no panties were mentioned! After Jim watched me get dressed, He said, "Wow, you must have something more planned than just watching the movie." I exclaimed, "I think you and some others will be very pleased!"

We entered the theater and stood there for awhile letting our eyes adjust to the darkness. I suggested we walk down this aisle and go across the front of the seats and up the next aisle to check things out. Jim agreed and as we walked, all eyes were on my giggling tits, making me feel very good. At one point, my top slipped off one side, exposing my nipple. I quickly pulled it back over but not before it was seen by a few of the men.

We decided to sit in the back, away from the crowd, to see if anyone would move to sit near us. It didn't take long and a group of three, well dressed, young men sat in front of us. They asked if we minded if they sat there. Jim looked at me and I nodded yes. He told them it was alright as long as they were gentlemen. They asked, " Can we watch?" I said of course. They ended up watching me more than the movie.

We settled in and as the movie played I moved just right so that one side of my top slipped off my tit, showing the three young men my naked breast. They seemed very pleased. I was getting very aroused as I watched the film, and my three new friends. I hiked my already short skirt up a little and spread my legs enough so I knew they were able to see my pussy. All the time, Jim was watching with a big smile on his face. I knew I had his approval to go as far as I wanted with them. Jim leaned over and whispered to me, " I think they might like this," as he pulled my skirt up showing my nude pussy completely. I raised my butt so Jim could pull it up to my waist.

The guys eyes became very big. Finally, and I wondered what took so long, one of them asked if he could come up and sit next to me. I said ok but you have to be gentle, I don't like rough stuff. He moved up and right away reached over and pulled the other side of my top open. Making me virtually topless, both tits out in the open.

He started playing with my tit closest to him and began sucking my nipple. It felt really good. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation and felt hands on my legs. It wasn't his, he already had a hand on my tits, it was the other two guys, still in front of us reaching up to play with my pussy! They had a hard time reaching it so I slid down in my seat to give them easy access. Before long, I felt my pussy being penetrated by their fingers. I was hot to say the least, I had one stranger playing with my tits and two more finger fucking me. Next thing I knew, one of them took their finger out of my pussy and tried to put it in my ass. I raised my butt off the seat and he was able to penetrate my anus. I came hard and felt my juices running down my butt. Good thing Jim had pulled my skirt up, it would have been a mess!

The show was over, without even asking Jim, I asked them if they would like to come to our hotel for a night cap. Without an answer I told them we would be at the bar at the Holiday Inn downtown. We then got up and left.

Jim asked, "What is your plan if they show up or don't?"

I told him that I always wanted and even dreamed about being tied naked to a bed while strangers jerked off over me, shooting their loads all over me, particularly on my face. Being tied up I would be at their mercy, they would be able to do anything they wanted. Making me blow them all, maybe more than once, even having each of them fuck me as much as they wanted. I would lay there until they were done with me. If the guys from the theater don't show up in an hour, I'll just sit at the bar and spread my legs, showing my commando pussy. I'm sure I'll have some takers.

The bar was busy, Jim had to stop at the restroom so I entered and picked out a stool nearest a bright light. I wasn't exactly lady like sitting down, I'm sure I was exposed to anyone looking. Jim hadn't returned yet, I found out later he had to go to our room as the one in the lobby was so busy.

I hadn't been there for more than a minute and I was hit on. This guy walks up to me, I instantly saw the ring. He asks me if I'd like a drink. I replied a manhattan. He orders and then says, "I couldn't help but notice how nice you looked when you sat down." I replied, "Yes I know, my fiance likes it also. He should be back in a minute, but you can look all you want tonight, but you won't get laid." It didn't take him long to leave.

Jim returned and saw my drink, "Hey, I didn't think you brought any money."

"I didn't, but the guy about four tables back, in the blue shirt did, just not as much as when he approached me. He must have watched me climb up on the stool and got a good look at my pussy. I told him he could look all he wanted but wasn't going to get laid.

Jim said, "He's looking at you, why don't you face him so I can check out his expression. I looked around to make sure nobody who shouldn't see could see.

I slowly turned my chair, smiled at him and put my leg out to the side, lifting my skirt just enough so I knew he could get a great view. He smiled and nodded his approval.

After a half hour or so, the three guys from the theater walked in. They bought us all a drink and we talked about what I wanted. I made sure they knew I was looking for a bukkake! I told them I would be tied to the bed, face up, naked, spread eagle. They could use me for anything they wanted, until they were done with me. My fiance will be there the whole time. Their mouths hung open as I told them what I wanted. I said so, are you up for it? All said yes at once.

I stood up, making sure they could see my pussy. I said, "We are going to our room so my husband can get me ready. He will return for you after."

We went to our room, my legs were shaking with anticipation. Jim said, "You can still back out." No way, I replied. I stripped and laid on the bed on my back. Jim tied my hands and feet to the bed. I laid there powerless, to await my gang bang and bukkake, legs spread wide open. Jim licked my pussy, sucking on my clit I moaned as he left to get the guys.

The guys entered and before Jim could close the door, they were stripping naked. Their cocks were already showing signs of erection.

In a matter of seconds I had three lovely cocks at my mouth. I sucked each one until they were hard. I told them, "Remember the deal, you have to jack off on me, then I'll suck you again and you can fuck me and cum in my pussy or fill my mouth. Then I will keep sucking you as long as you want but you will have to jack off on me more than once."

They jacked off as I watched, One each rubbing the head of their cock, then coming on each nipple, the other I sucked till he pulled out of my mouth and came, shooting his load on my mouth and nose, his cum running down my cheeks.

This repeated again, starting with me sucking each one erect again. This time, one came in my mouth, me swallowing his cum, the other fucked me till he exploded in me, filling my pussy with his warm sperm. The third stood aside, resting, stroking his cock till the one pulled out of my pussy. He then climbed on me, burying his cock deep inside me. I could feel he was larger than the first guy. I massaged his cock with my pussy as he pounded me till he unloaded.

As I sucked one again while the others sat and rested I could see Jim out of the corner of my eye, his pants down, stroking his erect cock. I and I'm sure Jim were surprised, as one of the guys said to Jim, "I'll suck you off if you want." Jim looked at me and as I continued sucking, I nodded to him yes, let him. I continued sucking while Jim was getting a blow job, I guessed, from a man for the first time.

The one I was sucking exploded in my mouth, I was able to swallow all of him. As he pulled away I heard Jim moan and turned my head just in time to see him coming in the guys mouth.

This scene repeated itself for several hours, until they and myself were completely exhausted. Jim untied me, that felt good, I was becoming sore from laying in that position for so long.

Jim told the guys they could stay and get some sleep and leave in the morning.

We needed a set of clean sheets so Jim called the front desk. He told them he'd come down and pick them up.

I needed a shower to remove the crusty and the wet semen that covered my body. I told Jim I would shower while he was gone, maybe with some help.

When Jim returned with clean bedding the guys were helping me wash my tits. They were doing a thorough job. We stepped out and toweled off.

I changed the bedding and said, Two of you could sleep with me and one in the other bed with my boyfriend. They decided to flip a coin and the loser would have to sleep in the other bed.

Everyone was naked, I always sleep in the nude, I got in bed and one guy laid in front of me and the other behind me, I always sleep on my side. We fell asleep, one with his hand on my ass, the other had his hand between my legs. I liked the feeling!

I woke up to a hard cock pushing against my ass and another hard cock between my legs, both dry humping me. I licked my fingers and reached behind to lubricate one cock, my pussy was fine, I was already wet. I lubricated the cock behind me again. I pushed my ass hard against his cock and it slid in me easily. Then I guided the other cock into my pussy. "Fuck me hard, I said."

The double penetration felt great. The guys must have liked it to. I moaned loudly as I came, I woke Jim and the other guy up. They lost their loads in me as soon as I came. They got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

The other guy with Jim said, "Hey, what about me?" I replied," Get your cock over here."

He wasn't erect so I sucked him till he was hard. I asked him fuck or blow job. He immediately put his cock back in my mouth. It only took a minute to make him lose his load, filling my mouth with semen, which I swallowed with ease.

It was almost check out time so everyone dressed. The guys left, thanking us profusely.

We never asked them their names.

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