Adam forced himself to keep working, and stay dressed as a man, until the dryer buzzed. The buzz did cut through his concentration, however. He logged his time and rushed to the laundry room, as if something could wrinkle in less than a minute.

Adam transported everything from the laundry back to the guest bedroom in a laundry basket. Even though most of the load actually went back to the master suite, he didn't want to spend all his time on camera folding -- he would take the items back there already folded.

Adam didn't know exactly how Skyla and Maya folded some items, but he remembered the picture he had taken with his cell phone of their panty drawer, right before he was caught. The picture served as a guide for folding their underwear.

Eventually, Adam had all his neighbors' laundry in folded piles, separated from his new bikini cut panties. There wasn't much sense in folding these, if they were to be his undergarments for the duration of his stay here. He put all but one in the dresser, then stripped down to slip into the last pair.

Tactilely, these were softer than the pair he had borrowed from Maya, which were a bit more ornate. But Adam believed the main reason they felt different were because they were his and not only was he not betraying someone's trust wearing this pair, he was actually submitting to an order, and that felt amazing.

Adam checked in the guest closet for something to wear for now. He would build the maid outfit for his call, but he wanted to save that as a surprise for Skyla when he could see her reaction. He wanted something functional to wear for now. In the closet, he found a green romper with a wide lace pattern that reminded him of a doily at the hem and on the ends of the short sleeves. It fit the bill as feminine, but likely comfortable and functional.

He pulled the romper on over the panties. The dress hung loosely in the front, no doubt since he lacked feminine breasts. The waist was also a bit large for Adam, causing the romper to hang somewhat like a muumuu. Still, he wanted to see himself, so he started to head for the master suite, before remembering and turning back to carry in the laundry.

Adam brought the laundry basket of folded piles into the Master suite and set it on the chest at the foot of the bed. He transferred the cleaned piles to atop the comforter of the made bed, except for the panties. Adam approached chest of drawers and opened the panty drawer. He set the folded stack inside, closed the drawer, and stared at the teddy cam.

Adam turned his head, stuck his tongue out and made a peace sign, posing for the hidden cam as if he was a social media model. Then he stepped into the Master bathroom to see himself in the mirror.

Adam was instantly disappointed: the dress did just hang off his shoulders, he had no figure, and his hairy, manly arms didn't even allow an illusion of femininity to begin. He sighed as he pulled on the back of the dress, causing the front of it to come back and meet his waist; this just made it even more evident he had nothing up top though.

"I'm an idiot," he said to his reflection, "a burly, hairy idiot pretending to be something I'm not."

Adam walked back through the Master suite, hitting the light, and shutting the door behind himself. Dottie met him and walked beside him as he returned to his work laptop. She seemed like she could tell he was upset about something.

"Don't worry, girl, I'm not upset with you." He welcomed her into his lap as he logged back into the work system. Adam worked to keep his mind occupied, but as the room darkened around him with the setting sun, so too did enthusiasm at dressing as a woman. Even though he wore a dress, albeit an unflattering one, as he worked, his mind didn't drift to fantasy.

Adam's phone buzzed and he saw a new text from Maya: can't wait to see your new look

Adam looked at the clock and noticed he still had time to put together the maids' outfit Maya had suggested. Would he feel sexier in it? Would it be worth the effort? And, if he put on the maid's uniform now, wouldn't he be sort of lying, as he hadn't actually done any maid's work?

Adam decided on the path of least effort -- he would video call in the unsexy thing he was wearing currently. Then his Mistresses, if they were still interested in being so, could see this fantasy was just that -- a fantasy, and one he didn't have the body for in any case.

Adam worked ahead as much as he could, finishing all his work tasks up to the point he required someone else's input. He looked at the clock and decided it was almost time to call his neighbors.

Adam put out a fresh bowl of food for Dottie and went back into the guest bedroom.

The video signal came in of both Skyla and Maya wearing nearly matching black dresses. These dresses were cut very flattering, with plunging necklines and waists that tapered in as if corsets -- there was no mistaking that these dresses were worn by real women and they looked good in them.

Mayas expression changed from a smile to a look of disappointment, but she was not the first to say anything.

"Hello girlfriend," Sky opened with, "looking good."

"Yeah right," Adam heard himself say. "You both look amazing. Black is a great color on you."

"I was expecting we might all be wearing black, girl." Maya said. "What happened to my suggestion?"

"I saw myself in this dress in the mirror. I look stupid."

"Who told you that?" Sky asked, concern in her voice.

"I told myself."

"Well don't listen to that guy -- you just said he was stupid," Maya ribbed.

"I said I looked stupid. I'm not cut out to be a woman, obviously."

"Sweetheart, how long have you been dressing as a woman?"

"Yesterday was the first time."

"How long do you think models and actresses have been doing it? How long do you think we've been doing it, assuming you find us both pretty?"

"I do -- you are both gorgeous."

"I'll let you in on a little not-so-secret," Maya said, "I'm a freaking esthetician! I am trained and paid to make women look amazing, and I've been doing it for years. You just pull on a dress and you expect to immediately meet your criteria of beautiful and feminine?"

"Maya," Skyla tried to interrupt.

"NO Sky, this one needs some tough love right now and we both know I'm better at being rough."

"That's not what you said last week," Sky answered back.

"Oooh, mi amor, show me that after the call. Adam, you only put on panties and that dress, right? You didn't do anything to adjust your figure, you didn't put on makeup, hell, you've not even shaved your body hair yet. What did you expect to see in the mirror, Cleopatra?"

"What my darling wife is trying to say Adam, is that if you are serious about looking good en femme, you are going to need to put more time and effort into it. Now that dress with no adjustment is not the most flattering cut on your body as it is now, but that can be augmented and even if you don't like the final results with that dress, there are other dresses that will suit you better."

"Don't throw out the baby with the bath water, Adam. Do you want to be our bitch or not?"

"I -- I think so."

Sky's smile returned.

"Do us a favor then, avoid looking in the mirror dressed as a woman until you've done a couple things for us. Are you willing to take our instructions?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good gurl. So the first thing is face and body hair -- they need to go."

"I believe we told you this already, didn't we slut?"

"Um, I believe you suggested it, yes," Adam admitted.

"Do not look at your reflection dressed en femme until after your body and facial hair have been removed. Are you going to listen to us this time, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress." Adam nodded, now embarrassed that he had missed their earlier direction.

"As I told you last night, use the tub in the hall bath. Get an unused disposable razor with the moisture strips out of the master bath drawer," Maya Instructed. "Also bring a can of the spray shaving cream; it will be in a pink canister. Use your own razor and shaving stuff on your face; that's what men's products are built for, then use what I just told you for body hair."

"Be prepared for it to take a while, Adam," Skyla added. "You've got a lot of skin that will need shaved."

"You're going to want to shave your body in the tub with hot water. After taking care of your face and neck, take all your shaving supplies to the edge of the tub, then I want you to soak your legs in the hot water for at least five minutes."

"You might try lighting a scented candle before you soak," Sky suggested. "We have some very pleasant ones in the cabinet behind the toilet in that bathroom."

"After soaking your legs in the hot water, apply the cream to one leg at a time and shave with the flow of your hair, likely down your leg. Then shave the same leg against the hair growth for a closer shave. After you've done both legs, carefully shave around your balls and strike."

"You'll love the feeling of smooth skin down there."

"Then be sure to get your arm pits, around your bikini line, then your arms. If you are getting tired, for tonight, you can leave alone from the nipple line down to your navel and your back. Those will be the least visible regions while dressed up."

"You want all this done tonight?" Adam asked.

"Just get it done, you little bitch. I'd say before the next time we video chat."

"Adam, eliminating visible body hair will make a very noticeable difference in your appearance when dressed. It will be time well spent."

"Anyway, always use hot to warm water on the skin before applying the shaving cream. After you're done shaving, you can shower off all that nasty man hair."

"You'll feel like a whole new woman." Sky punctuated her declaration with her big, warm smile.

"I've got so much more to teach you, but let's stop with shaving for tonight."

"Yes, I think you've overwhelmed our poor neighbor, Love."

"She just needs to woman up."

"Are you still with us, dear?"

"Um, yes Ma'am. Just trying to remember everything Maya was teaching me."

"You can also find instructions online if you need a reference."

"You're not the first clueless male wanting to be feminine. And you live in the age of the internet."

"I don't want to overwhelm you, but I do want you to hear one more thing: The dress you are wearing that broke your self-image: don't be too hard on it or yourself. As I said, some cuts are more flattering to some women than others and you've not properly set everything. After this dress has been washed, perhaps we can redeem it later in your journey."

"For tonight, try not to cut yourself, at least not too badly. If you light the candle like Sky said, be sure to blow it out before you leave the bathroom. And lastly, clean up whatever fucking mess you make." Maya smirked, "if you want, you can even put on that maid uniform I brought up to clean it."

Maya smiled, "This is a journey, and we will guide you. You're in good hands."

Both women paused and Adam realized they were waiting for him.

"Thank you, both of you."

"You're doing fine, Adam. Don't give up on yourself."

"And don't doubt us."

"Now, bring us our baby, please. We'd like to tell her good night."

"Then you've got some work to do in the bathroom."

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