Just another day in the office.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I checked my teeth and slicked my styled, blonde, hair back. I was about to go on a cruise with my newest partner, though partner might have been a bit of an exaggeration. He was just another victim on my list of scams, just another rich boy who will fill my pockets.

I left the apartment I rented, and of course presented as my own to the victim. With a jacuzzi, water bed and several other luxuries even he could not afford, his trust was quickly in my hands.

Wearing a slick hawaiian shirt, white shorts and shoes of crocodile skin I basked in the hot sun of summer and thin sunglasses of course, to cover up the glint in my eye when I know the victim trusts me completely.

God I love my life!

The sun was high in the sky, no clouds to be seen and the sweet smell of the sea.

Just another day in the office... or rather it was until I saw the truck lose control, and come straight at me.


I blinked in front of me, trying to comprehend what had happened. One moment I was looking at a truck spiraling out of control, heading straight for me, the other... I was here. I don't even know where here is. Walls of what seemed like marble, crimson marble, with a pink tinted air that smelled of sugar and honey.

It was actually kinda nice, or rather it would have been did not look like hell.

Am I dead? Is this what happened to me? Were the fucking Christians right? Did the bus do me in?

Click, click, click.

Came a strange sound from beyond the door. The closer the sound came the thicker the pink mist became and the more potent the smell of sugar and honey.

Can't wait to see what idiot got me tied up in here like this. Not the first time an asshole thought he got me cornered, only for my connections to get me out... if I am not dead.

Ever so slowly, the door opened up and...

I wasn't expecting something like this... if this is hell, I am all for it.

A stunning, absolutely hypnotic woman stood in front of me.

Woman... she must be around 25, not older.

Clad in black, shiny, latex, her outfit consisted of thigh high boots, pantyhose, long fingerless gloves and bra... I would have drooled all over the girl, maybe even offered a buck or two for her silence for all the crap I planned on doing to her... were it not for her pink skin, tail and white eyes. Her white haired bobbed cut somehow only enhanced her demonic features.

"What the fuck are you?" I asked her, half annoyed, half reluctant.

"You seem pretty calm for someone who is tied up." She said, her voice metallic yet just as sweet as the aroma that hung in the air.

"Am I dead?" I asked. "Or are you just after my money, bitch."

The demon giggled at my words.

"No. Neither of those things. You would have died though, were it not for me honey." She posed in front of me, both hands upon her hips, a smug grin upon her face.

"Then what? And what are you?" I asked again. She rolled her eyes as her grin shifted from one side of her lip to the other. The pink skinned girl walked behind me, and placed both of her arms around me, her lips not an inch from my ear.

Oh honey, the things I will do to you.

"You are not dead, and you are here to be rewarded." She shifted to my other ear and gave it a playful lick. "I have so many games planned for you and me, that you will be thanking me for the rest of your days."

I turned towards her, moving away from her mouth even though I loved the feeling of her tongue upon my skin.

"Good girl. I thought as much. Then why do you have me tied up?" I asked briskly.

"I couldn't have you running away love. I know you are a man of action." She chuckled and snapped her fingers. The ropes dissolved and my arms were free again. "Oh... and I am a succubus sugar."

I barked with laughter.

"See, I would not have believed you but not only does that tail seem pretty real, but a demons work would be exactly like something that would have saved me from that truck." I told her with a sly grin.

"Follow me you big, bad man and I will show you what games we will play." She said and opened the door. "Oh, and call me Juicy."

Juicy... fits.

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