I had the suspicion she was over reacting on purpose. Maybe not consciously, but deep down she was using this fight as an opportunity to push us apart sexually. And the only reason I could think, so she could have an excuse to experience something new. The irony being she was also bored, and wanted to feel sexually excited, just like me.

It had been the longest week of my life living in our garage I had renovated into a little apartment, and I was crawling the walls wondering what she was up to. It didn't take long for my curiosity to get the best of me, as I ordered spy ware for her phone, and a mini voice activated mic to plant in her bedroom. I knew it was next level stalker, but it's all I could do to calm my anxiety and give me some sense of control. Not knowing was torture, and I was determined to find out one way or another.

Then one day when she left the house I snuck into her room and hid the mic behind the headboard. It had over a month of recording capacity and it would alert me on the app anytime it was activated so I could listen in. Then one night when I had seen the lights go out I came in ninja quiet to use the bathroom and saw her phone on the charging station. My heart was pounding as I picked it up and installed the hidden software that would allow me to see her texts. But thankfully it went quickly and smoothly.

Over the next week there was nothing except work talk, and discussing our break up with her family. But just when I had all but given up worrying about anything happening, one wednesday night as I lay in bed overthinking, she got a text from a mystery number.

"Hi Veronica this is Dan. It was great to meet you today. Id love to grab a drink sometime, if you are interested."

My heart was pounding as I read it, and I nearly got sick when I saw her response.

"I'd love that, I'm actually free this Friday."

"Ok great, how about I pick you up at 7 on Friday?"

"Sounds good. Looking forward to it."

Needless to say I couldn't sleep at all that night.

The next day was Thursday, my day off, and she texted me to ask if I could take the kids to lunch so she could go to a doctor appointment. Of course I agreed, and when the kids and I were out, a text from her phone came through from her cousin.

"What are you up to?"

"Getting waxed"

"Oh really? Why, I thought you stopped doing that"

"I did, but I have a date Saturday"

"Little chicky getting some D already?!"

"Not yet but hope to soon, it's been forever and I def need some!"


"Brazilian and legs"

"Damn girl, everything?! that's some pain!"

"It's not too bad, hopefully it's not wasted though lol"

"Haha, well be safe and tell me how it goes."


My stomach was in knots and my mind was spinning knowing she was getting waxed for her date. The next morning she text me, "my dad is picking up the kids for the weekend, and I'm having some people over so please stay somewhere else tonight."

"Ok no problem" I texted back, as my hands trembled. That day was torture. The waiting was the hardest, as I couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen on her date. When I finally finished work around 5:30 I was beyond tempted to sneak into my garage/apartment to be near, but I didn't want to blow it by her seeing me on the Ring doorbell camera, so I stayed at the hotel near my work instead.

As soon as I checked in, I logged on to the hidden microphone app in her room to see what I could hear. There was the faint sound of music coming from the living room for about five minutes, then her phone rang. It was hard to make out what she was saying until she walked in the bedroom.

"He's picking me up.............uh huh.......I met him at a work event..................he is.....................oh dude tell me about it! I haven't gotten off in months!! I be needin' that D!! hahaha............the kids are at my dads.....................I don't know, I told him to stay somewhere else, not my problem...................oh believe me I will!!.................they always do chicky, they always do.......hahaha........ok, I will......ok, late!"

My mouth was dry, my body felt weak, and my stomach was in knots. Then a few minutes later the doorbell rang. I quickly switched on the front door Ring camera and saw a handsome man in a black button down standing in the doorway. Within a second she opened it as he smiled, saying "Hi! wow.......you look great!"

"Thank you, so do you!" she said, still not visible to me.

"Thanks, well, are you ready?" he asked.

"Sure, let me grab my purse"

A moment later she walked into the cameras view and my mouth dropped open. She was wearing shiny black skin tight pants, and a V neck cut so low it was showing off half her breast! Her hair was pulled into a high and tight ponytail, with gold hoop earrings, black eyeliner and dark red lipstick. Fuck she looked so sexy! My heart raced as I watched them walk towards his car and drive away.

Hours crawled by at a snails pace, as I sat like a zombie staring outside at the people walking by. I imagined them drinking and flirting, as he smelled her perfume and stole glances of her tits and nipples poking through her shirt. One thing was for sure, she seemed set on getting some, and the way she looked I'm sure the anticipation of sex was building between them. The thought instantly made me jealous, and I felt sick to my stomach.

I must have stared out the window for a good hour and a half when I was startled out of my trance by the ring alert. I quickly logged on and watched as they walked up to the door. He stopped at the steps and said, "well I had a great time....."

"would you like to come in for another drink?" she asked.

"Yeah sure......that'd be great!"

Then as they walked in I switched to the microphone in the bedroom. It was close enough to the lounge area to where I might be able to hear something.

My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I sat listening intently to the muffled voices and laughter in the other room. It was hard to make out what they were saying over the music, but it sounded as if they were just having a drink and talking. This went on for about 20 minutes, then their voices fell silent. I strained but couldn't hear anything but the music. A few moments passed, then I heard them walk into the bedroom, and my adrenaline surged. The mic was so clear, I could hear their movements as if I was in the room. Then I began to hear the unmistakable wet sounds of kissing! I imagined their tongues sliding in n out of each other's mouths and could hear her soft moans in between the kisses. All I could think of was how she hadn't kissed anyone but me for over 8 years! Was she nervous? Excited? Then my thoughts drifted to her her pussy, which was waxed smooth for this moment and wondered if she was already wet. Then I suddenly became aware that the sick feeling in my stomach was being replaced by another feeling. Arousal. I was confused by the conflicting feelings, but as my cock began to swell, I yearned for more. My heart pounded at the thought, but the feeling only grew along with my dick, and soon I was rock hard. I began to ache for release, so much so I actually wanted to hear her, hear her fuck.

As the sounds of kissing continued, the breathing became heavier, and I began to here what sounded like clothing being removed. Then whispers, and the bed creaked, and blankets moving around. Then the sound of sheets wrestling as they must've laid down.

The sound was so clear, I could hear the distinct sound of flesh on flesh. Oh god they were, they were naked! I listened as hands explored one another's bodies, and could feel dripping. Then suddenly he moaned, and continued to moan, and I knew, her hand must've found his cock.

As I listened, my mind flashed to the bed, remembering what it felt like, smelled like, to be the one laying next to her. But here I was now, just listening, as she stroked another mans cock where I used to lay. He moaned, "ohhh yes, ohhhh" over and over, until she said, "mmmmm.....you're so hard"

"Yeahhh.....your hand feelsssss...... so good" he panted.

I nearly jizzed.

Then he suddenly stopped moaning, as I heard blankets and bodies moving, then silence.

A moment later Veronica's breathing quickened, slowly becoming louder by the second. What was happening? Then I began to hear the faintest wet sounds, like that of.......licking! Oh my god! He was starting to eat her pussy! Just as the realization hit me she moaned out, and didn't stop, only getting louder by the second. I imagined her on her back, legs wide open, with his face buried between them, lapping up her juices. The visual in my mind, combined with hearing her being pleasured was all I could take, as my cock swelled beyond capacity the pressure finally burst, as pleasure ripped through me, I began to orgasm. I groaned as my cock throbbed, as the feeling of warm cum soaked my briefs and cock.

After I had finished I sat in awe of what had happened, as she continued moaning. She was so loud now it almost sounded as if she may even cum! But suddenly she stopped and said, "come up here"

My eyes went wide, and I felt my cock quickly growing hard again. I heard movement on the bed, then what sounded like candy wrapper being opened. My heart quickened as I realized, it was a condom! It was still for a moment, then the sound of sheets and bodies moving again, as she said, "lay down.....let me ride you". As she said it I realized I was still rock hard and starting to throb again!

As the movement on the bed settled it became silent for an only a moment, but it seemed like forever as I strained to hear anything. Then there it was, her breathing becoming heavier, louder. Then he moaned out, "uhh.....uh huh.....ohhhh....."

My mouth hung open as my heart pounded out of my chest.

"You like that?" she whispered back

"Uhhhh huh, oh yesss..... so.... smooth...ohhhh..you're so wet...."

"You want more?" she asked teasingly

"yes....ohhhh yes!" he said almost beggingly.

A second later he moaned, "ohhhhhh.......ohhh fuck!.....fuck your tight!"

I almost came.

As both of them were getting louder by the second, I could almost see her straddling him, with her hands on his ab's to steady herself.

"Wooooo", she sighed, "you'r big!".

My eyes went wide and my stomach churned as I imagined her face wincing with a combination of pleasure and pain, as she worked her way down his huge dick.

It didn't take long before I began to hear the wetness between them as she began to ride him.

Almost immediately he yelled, "ohhhh fuck!!! fuck your tight......ohhhhh...... so wet, fuck you feel good!" as she was already moaning and screaming. It was sounding wetter by the second as I listened to his cock plunging into her, faster and faster! It was clear they were both ravenous, and ready to cum. Suddenly she screamed, then he yelled, "Oh fuck.....Oh fuck!.....I'm cummmm......" his words cut short, replaced by muffled moans and groans as she continued to scream.

Listening to my wife make another man cum as she came on his dick pushed me over the edge, and I also began to cum. I was mesmerized, hearing them, as we came together.

After what seemed like the longest orgasm ever, they didn't say anything, but just got up to use the bathroom and get back in bed to sleep.

My head was fuzzy, I couldn't think, I felt dizzy. And after I cleaned myself up, I just crawled in bed and passed out.

I was awakened sometime in the night from my phone. The room was black except for my phones illuminated screen. Squinting, I pulled it to my face. Another noise activated alert. It was 2am!!

I turned it on. His moans, mixed with faint, but very clear sounds of sucking. Omg she was sucking his cock! My dick grew instantly hard, as I listened to his moans becoming louder, whispering how good it felt. I was confused, at first, but realized she must've woke up horny and wanted to get him hard to fuck again! Oh god!

Only a minute or so later there was sounds of moving around on the bed, then suddenly they both moaned out, again, and again, each time getting louder, and louder, as I started to hear the sound of wet, naked flesh slapping together.

My dick ached for touch, and reaching down I began to squeeze it. Their orgasms came quick as she yelled, "uh huh....fuck me....... fill me up!!", as he screamed out "ahhhhh!!!...... I'm cummm......"

It was more than I could take, as I stroked my cock I yelled out with him, as she made us, unknowingly, both cum together.

The next morning I came back to the house around 10 and they were gone. Probably at breakfast. So I came in the back door and straight to her room.

The bed was unmade, and as I walked up my mouth dropped open. The sheets were soaked! Omg she came so much! I leaned down and sniffed as the smell of her juices filled my nose, blood began to fill my cock. Oh god! Then standing back up my mind immediately thought.......condom!

Looking over at the ground I found the two wrappers. They were Magnum XL's!! My heart was pounding. I looked around, wondering where they were. Then looking in the trash can, there they were! Slowly reaching in I grabbed the edge of one by the rim and pulled it up. My mouth went dry as I stared. He filled the condom! Then lowering it back down I went out the way I came in and back to my place.

That afternoon I texted her, "how was your thing last night?"

"Good. Thank you for staying somewhere else"

"No problem, anytime"

"Oh good"

She wasn't giving me anything.

About an hour later she began to text her cousin.

"Dude I finally got some!"

"Oh yeah how was it?"

"Really good. But man am I sore"

"Oh yeah? So tell me, what was it like with someone new?"

"It was different, which was fun. he was so much bigger though"

"Damn, ok! Like too much?"

"almost. I honestly didn't think I could do it at first, but once I got used to it it was really good"

"Wow chickys getting the big D lol"

"Yeah but I'm sore today!"

"so when are you going to see him again?"

"Hopefully soon, it was good, got me all thirsty!"

"Damn chicky you get it!"

"Got me all WAP over her lol"

"Haha well I'm glad you had fun"


I was hard hearing her describe it, and I wanted more. So I decided right then to instal a spy cam in the room. Next time I'd get to watch!

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