My left hand cupped his balls as my right wrapped around the shaft. Well, most of the way around it. I slid my hand its length and saw a small amount of pre-cum on the tip. I leaned forward and licked it off. I heard both my husband and my lover groan when I did. I looked at Mike. He was still smiling and nodded again. Elise was stroking him slowly. I licked the length several times before I opened my mouth to take it in. I hesitated for a moment, afraid it wouldn't fit. The head fit easily into my mouth and I used my tongue to swirl it then moved farther onto the shaft. By the time I had a couple of inches in my mouth I realized that my lips were stretched to about their limit. I pulled off.

"Elise, can you really take this whole thing?" I asked.

"I can. I'll teach you later," she replied. "Mike, my brother's going to cum soon. Where would you like him to do it?"

"In her mouth, all of it in her mouth," he replied.

I sucked him back into my mouth and worked to go as deep as I could. I think I got more than half but I'm sure I was no where near taking it all. My hand and mouth worked together as I stroked, sucked and licked his beautiful organ. When his hands went onto my head I knew he was close. I picked up the pace and a moment later he filled my mouth with his hot cum as he moaned. When he finished I pulled off carefully and turned to my husband.

"Show me," he said.

I opened my mouth and showed him my lover's cum then swallowed it. Mike's cock went from semi to hard in seconds. Elise moved to the side as Lee took my hand and walked me in front of my husband.

"Put your hands on his thighs," Lee told me.

I bent forward and did as he instructed. My face was inches from my husband. Lee stepped behind me and I felt his cock at my vagina. As the head entered and stretched me I gasped. Mike was smiling at me. As Lee went in further my mouth flew open. I was being stretched to the limit. I had never been so full in my life. He began slowly driving in and out. As the stretching eased I was in ecstasy. I don't think my pussy was deep enough to take the entire thing but what I was getting was extraordinary. I'm sure my husband could see that on his face. My labia were stretched so tight that I could feel every movement on my clit. My orgasm was coming on fast. Mike took my face in his hands to steady me. I felt little fingers stroking my clit and looking down saw Elise was the cause. I panted and soon arched my back moaning. As I came my legs began to tremble and I could feel Lee holding me up by my hips. My feet were no longer on the floor. I stared into my husbands eyes as I came violently. He moved his face to mine and kissed me hard which seemed to lengthen my already long, massive orgasm. After a moment my arms gave out and I fell into my husband's lap. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him as my lover continued to pound my pussy and Elise continued fingering me. It was just minutes later that I came again. This time I screamed when it hit. I was nothing more than a writhing rag doll. When Elise sensed that I was sensitive she stopped playing with my clit and moved her hand to my breast and pinched the nipple between her fingers. I moaned again. Lee increased his pounding. I was cumming again and it wouldn't stop. Apparently, that was when I fainted.

When I woke I was laying on the couch with a blanket over me. Everyone else had left the room. I glanced up at the clock. It was six-fifteen. I must have slept for at least three hours. I wrapped the blanket around me and went to the kitchen. As I passed the patio door I saw the three out at the pool. I got myself a glass of wine then stuck my head out the door.

"Anyone need anything?" I called out.

"Beer and a blowjob would be great, honey," my husband replied.

"Anyone else?"

"I'd like my pussy licked," Elise said, grinning.

"I'm good," Lee said.

I got the beer and walked outside. When I stepped outside I dropped the blanket. Everyone else was naked, so when in Rome.... Mike was laying on a chaise on his side watching Elise and her brother. Lee was also reclining while his sister leisurely rode his cock cowgirl style. I couldn't believe that big cock fit in that tiny girl. I pulled up a chair next to my husband and watched them.

"I'm surprised you aren't getting fucked," I told him.

"When you passed out they cut me off. Apparently someone told them that we both need to be there."

"I thought that would be better. That way there are no secrets," I replied.

"Well, they've been fucking for about two hours. She's cum about a dozen times."

"How about Lee?" I asked.

"Not once. The only time he's cum since they arrived was in your mouth."

"Wow, talk about control," I replied.

"Lori, Lee's going to need to cum soon. Why don't you and I swap seats?" Elise asked.

I looked at my husband. "Go for it. That's why he's here."

I stood up and started toward them. Elise grabbed my hand and walked me to an empty chaise. "Lay down. Let me get you ready."

Not wanting to be a party pooped I did as she instructed. Her tongue was on my pussy by the time my ass hit the seat. This girl knew what she was doing. I was cumming in minutes as she licked and fingered me. Elise stood. "She's ready for you now, Bro."

"Thanks, Sis," he replied.

I walked over to Lee and straddled him. Even after getting thoroughly fucked by him earlier I had to work my way onto his big cock. It took several minutes to get comfortable. My husband pulled a chaise up next to us as Elise motioned for him to lay down. After a couple of deep sucks on his cock she straddled him and began slowly riding. I'm still amazed what a turn on it is to watch the person you love most in the world being fucked by someone else. I was riding hard on Lee's big cock. When his hands grabbed my tits I began to flush. It was minutes later when I came on his hard cock for about the sixth time that day. He came just a couple of minutes later. I looked at my husband just as he came in Elise's tiny little pussy. She came about the same time he did then laid on top of him.

I got up, dripping cum with every step. "Is anyone else hungry? I'm starved."

"We talked it over. After showers we're going out to dinner," Mike said.

"How sweet. I get fucked and dinner on our anniversary," I said.

"Nothing but the best for you, sweetheart."

We all showered and dressed then went to a buffet with a fantastic salad bar. It was Elise's idea. She said if you fuck like a rabbit you should eat like one too. Who was I to argue? After dinner we went back to the house. Mike was really pushing for me to eat some pussy. He didn't have to push very hard. We went to the master this time. Elise was naked and on the bed in no time. I undressed and crawled up between her legs.

"Don't I at least get some foreplay?" Elise asked.

It hadn't occurred to me. I was so excited about eating her pussy that it completely eluded me. I wondered if that was why guys can be such dicks sometimes. I crawled up next to her and we started making out. Over the next twenty minutes or so I explored her body with my hands and mouth and finally my face was again between her legs. I hesitated before starting.

"Lori, think about what you like done to you and just do that to me," Elise said.

Mike and Lee were sitting on the bed watching us. I leaned forward and kissed her mons then licked her right up the middle from asshole to right over the top of her little red pearl. When she moaned, I knew I was going to do just fine. As I licked her all over I savored her taste and watched her responses. When I thought she was ready I began on her clit. I was rewarded by having my head forced into her pussy and clamped between her legs and she rode my face. I loved it and wished I had a cock so I could fuck her too. "Maybe next time," I thought. I wanted more and dove back in for a second round.

"Turn around so I can eat you too," Elise requested.

I turned without even taking my face from her pussy and this is where we spent the better part of an hour. Lee got between his sister's legs and after I licked his cock he put it in her pussy. My husband got behind me and was pile driving my pussy over Elise's face. He periodically pulled out and I could hear Elise sucking my pussy juice off him. Not to be outdone, I asked Lee to share some with me. It looked nasty on the internet but being there and doing it was different. It really was fun and delicious. When Mike came, he pulled out and came all over my pussy. I could feel Elise lapping it up. That set me off again into another big orgasm. When Lee came he pulled out and shot all over my face and his sister's pussy. I licked up everything I could find before getting up.

"How do you like eating pussy," my husband asked.

"I love it. I wish I had a dick so I could fuck her," I replied.

Elise laughed and ran out of the room. She returned just a few minutes later with two strap-ons. One had a dildo about the size of my husband. The other was a little longer but about half the girth. I laughed when I saw them.

"Oh no!" my husband said.

"You've never been pegged?" Lee asked.

"Never," he replied.

"I'll suck your cock while she does it," Elise said, seductively.

"Does it hurt?" Mike asked looking at Lee.

"Pressure at first then it's actually pleasant. With Elise sucking you you'll cum like nobody's business," Lee told him.

"What the hell," Mike said. "Where do you want me?"

Lee helped me put on the strap-on and Elise took up her position on the bed with her pussy near the top and her mouth toward the bottom of the bed. My husband joined her in the 69 position. After putting lube on the pretend, long, skinny cock and on Mike's asshole, I got up behind him. Lee guided me in very slowly. My husband groaned a few times but it wasn't long before he was pushing back on me. Elise was edging him. Lee's fingers were fingering my pussy as I fucked my husband's ass. Having a cock gives a whole new perspective to sex. I felt powerful. I was in control. I was also getting tired. Fucking someone is a lot of work and I worked up a sweat doing it.

"He's getting ready to cum. Pick up the pace," Lee whispered to me.

I began pounding his ass and just a moment later Mike, Elise and I all three came at the same time. We fell together into a heap. I started laughing and soon the others joined me.

"After you catch your breath I want you to fuck me with the big one," Elise said.

It took me a few minutes before I got up and put on the bigger one. Mike rolled out of the way and went to the bathroom to clean up. Elise had switched positions and waited for me with her legs spread. Once I had the thing on and lubed, I moved up between her legs and slipped inside. I laid down on her and began fucking her. She wrapped her legs around me and was pushing back to get it all. I felt the bed shift and then felt the head of a cock enter my pussy from behind. It only took a second to realize which one it was. Lee began fucking me and every time he pushed in I was pushed inside his little sister. Mike laid down beside Elise and I and watched us. His grin seemed permanently etched on his face.

"Lee, can you do that and take her ass?" my husband asked.

"If that's what she wants. Lori?"

"Carefully. I've never had anything that big up my ass before," I replied.

"I'll be very careful."

Lee slid a wet finger in my ass and worked it around as he fucked me. Over a few minutes he got up to at least three fingers. At first it felt like his entire arm but as I relaxed it was feeling good. He pulled out his fingers and then his cock. I'm pretty sure he lubed it up because when he put it in my ass it went right in up to the internal sphincter. He waited a minute before I gave him the okay to go forward. My poor ass was stretched to the limit as he went in all the way. He stopped to let me adjust. When I gave the okay he began moving in and out. Mike moved to where he could see it. The look on his face was one of sheer terror. I had to laugh when I saw his expression and almost pushed Lee out as I laughed. Soon Lee and I had developed a rhythm and as he fucked my ass I fucked his sister's pussy. Elise came and being above her watching was awesome. I came soon afterward then Lee filled my ass with what seemed like about a quart of cum. In a few minutes we untangled ourselves. Elise and I went to the shower. When we returned to the bedroom I made a suggestion.

"Elise promised me that she would teach me how to deepthroat. My pussy and ass are exhausted. I think now would be as good a time as any to learn. What do you boys say?" I asked.

"I'm game," Lee replied.

"I'm game to try, but I don't know if I can get it up again," my husband said, with a frown.

"Well, lay down here Mike. Let's see," Elise said.

Elise positioned him sitting up at about a forty-five degree angle then crawled between his legs. I crawled up next to her for a good view. She took him in her mouth and got him hard again. "In order to get it in all the way you have to get the angles right. Your neck has to be extended so the cock goes into your throat. The hotter you are, the less gag you have. Lee diddle me please." Her brother began playing with her pussy with one hand and mine with the other. I'm not sure about Elise but my pussy was dripping quickly. "Get the cock good and wet then pull it down and dive on." She pulled Mike's cock down toward her face, licked it several times, took a deep breath and swallowed him.

"Jesus!" Mike said.

"Now you try it." She scooted over to make room for me. I gagged a couple of times but finally took him to the base. I pulled off grinning. "Don't quit now. Suck him dry," Elise said. "Share the cum with me when you get it." I nodded and went back to work. Elise sat up and moved out of the way to give me full access. "Now, when he's in all the way swallow a few times. It feels like you've got another mouth on the head of his cock. He'll cum in no time. Give it a try."

I did as she said and Mike groaned with each swallow. About the third time he erupted like a volcano. The first stream happened so fast it went right down my throat. I pulled back a bit and collected the rest in my mouth. Then after making sure he was done, I shared it with Elise in an open mouth kiss.

"How did I do, honey?" I asked my husband.

"Amazing! That was fucking amazing. By far the best blowjob of my life," he replied.

"Ready, Bro?" Elise asked.

"Whenever you are."

"Mike, you're going to want to watch this. Come down here with us," Elise told him. Mike and Lee traded places. "Get him hard first." I took him in my mouth and had him hard in no time. "Same procedure but since Lee's a bit bigger it takes more work. Give it a try." Elise started playing with my pussy.

I actually got about six inches in but couldn't get any farther. "What am I doing wrong?"

"Nothing. Now, to get the last few inches you have to use your lips and pull your mouth onto him."

"You lost me," I told her. "Show me." As she did it, she seemed to move like you see a snake eating it's prey. She moved over and I tried again. This time I had about seven or eight inches. After a certain point I couldn't breathe and pulled off.

"Take a few deep breaths before you get blocked. If you don't you'll run out of air."

I laughed. "You could have mentioned that earlier."

"It's natural for me. I don't even think about it. Sorry."

I tried again and after taking the deep breaths made it about an inch farther. "I can't do it."

"Okay, try one more time. I'll show you one last trick," Elise told me.

I started again and as I got near the breath cut off I took several deep breaths. I used my lips to pull onto him. When I got as far as I could Elise shoved my head onto his cock. I panicked, I guess, and struggled but she held me on tight. After a few seconds I calmed and she let me go. I pulled off and gasped. "You could have warned me."

"You wouldn't have done it if I had." Elise chuckled. "That's what Mom did to me. Try again. Give me a thumbs up if you need help. Try the swallowing trick when you're all the way down."

"I don't trust you anymore."

"I doubt you'll need my help this time. Go for it."

I followed the same steps as before and got all the way down on my own. Elise was still playing with my pussy. When I hit bottom I swallowed a few times. Lee groaned and I pulled off. He came all over my face as I did. Mike and Elise clapped for me as my face was being pelted with stream after stream of cum. I started laughing. Partly from the humor of it all but partly from the adrenalin rush. I was pretty damned proud of myself. Elise began licking the cum off my face. That girl loved the stuff. I do too but not like she does.

"So how do you feel about what we did today?" Lee asked.

"It was amazing," I replied.

"I agree. It was amazing, but we sort of missed the boat," my husband said.

"What do you mean?" Lee asked.

"The first hour was sensual. It was very loving and beautiful. After that it became sex. I'm not complaining, mind you. I guess, I wanted you and Lori to be making love."

"Not just sex?" Elise asked.

"Well, yeah. I guess that's what I'm saying."

"Then tonight why don't you and I sleep in one bedroom together and let Lori and Lee have another. They can make love and so can we," Elise suggested to Mike.

"Sis, Lori asked that they be together during everything," Lee said.

"Mike, what are your thoughts? Would you really be okay with that?" I asked him, hoping he would decline.

"Honestly, no. I want us to be together. That was the whole idea of this thing. How long are you guys going to be with us tomorrow?"

"We need to leave by about two," Lee replied.

"How about tomorrow then? Lori and Lee can make love while we watch," my husband suggested.

"If we do that, I'd like you and Elise to do the same thing afterward while Lee and I watch. We'll all be rested then too. I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to soak in the tub then get a good night sleep," I replied.

"I'm fine with that," Mike said. Everyone nodded in agreement. "Do you kids want separate rooms tonight?"

Elise laughed. "No way. I need to get fucked again."

"Sis, you're as insatiable as mom."

My husband rolled his eyes. "You've got it really rough, son."

Lee grinned. "Yes, I do."

I took a nice long soak in the tub. My butt really needed it. When I got out I climbed in bed with Mike and we cuddled. "Are you okay?" I asked him.

"I'm good. Really good. Happy Anniversary, baby," he told me.

"Happy Anniversary. I love you," I replied.

We were both asleep in minutes.

I'm an early riser and was up making breakfast when everyone else came into the kitchen. After breakfast we chatted for a while before Lee took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Elise and my husband followed. I'm not going into detail on what went on but I will tell you that Lee and I made passionate love for quite a while. My husband and Elise did the same thing afterward. It was beautiful.

We all showered and dressed then had lunch before saying goodbye to our teenage lovers. After they had gone, Mike and I sat and talked it over. We were both glad we did it. Mike made suggestions about another visit with their mother included. Neither of us wanted Stan involved. He just didn't fit into our fantasies. We agreed to think it over for a while before jumping into anything else.

Looking back, I suspect I named this wrong. I called it 'My Husband's Fantasies.' That is how it started out, but now I have a few more of my own. The thought of being in a pile with Elise and her mother really gets my juices flowing. Watching Jen making love to her son and daughter does it too. I guess I'm a pervert. I know Mike would love being in the sack with three hot women at the same time, and his birthday is coming up in a couple of months. He's hard to buy gifts for, so maybe, just maybe....

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