Still straddling him, kissing his neck. She eases up and off. Then goes to remove the toy that is still there.

"No, I don't think so." He says gently moving her hand out of the way.

She gets a cautious smile on her face, concerned it might fall out, but is thrilled by the idea of being buzzed at random times. Slipping on her shorts, then snuggling in next to him to watch the strip go by.

He presses the intercom button and let's Michael know he can take them back to the hotel.

Michael opens the door after they arrive with their bag of goodies. Walking through the casino he starts to play with the app just a bit. He turns on the g-spot vibrator low. It startles her a little bit, but feels so good. He stops to watch a busy craps table. The action is pretty exciting. The guy throwing is doing well. As they watch he hands her a hundred dollars and tells her to ask for chips. She does, then he instructs her where to put them. The first roll after she places the bet pays out, then another, and winner again. When the next winning roll happens, the clit part of the toy turns on. Just light, but enough to enjoy. Each winning throw it ramps up and then slowly down. Her knees were getting weak as she got close.

"Put some there." He instructs as points to a spot on the table.

This time it rolls exactly what is needed, and so does the toy. She desperately tries to not show her climax. Luckily the cheer of the table win helps cover her moan. Mercifully the next roll was a crap out. They gather their chips and head for the elevator. The combination of winning, her wetness, and his cum has her lips so very slick. All she can think of at the moment is having him inside her again. They show their card and are let into the elevator.

She pushes him to the wall of the elevator and kisses him deep. Her hand finds his cock and kneads it in a frantic, must have manner. She breaks the kiss longer enough to tell him that as soon as the door closes to the room he better be balls deep in her.

"I need you to fuck me hard." She growls at him.

"How hard?" He questions.

"I want you to make it so tender in there, that every other time we fuck you will have me teetering between pain and orgasm!" She commands out to him.

Just then the doors open. Calm and collected they step out to be greeted by the floor attendant. They reach the room and the door opens. As the door closes behind them he grabs her hand and whips her around facing him. She drops the bag as he walks her backwards, kissing her. He pushes her onto the large couch in the suite.

With quick motions, her shorts have been stripped away, shoes nowhere to be found, top and bra removed with such speed she has no idea how it happened. He slips the toy out with a quick but sensually smooth motion. Laying naked in front of him, she watches as he removes his clothes.

"If you want it hard you better get that ass in the air." He suggests.

Quickly she flips over and awaits. A sharp spank landed on her right cheek. It still smarts pleasantly from the limo spankings. Then a matching one landed on the other cheek. He gets on the couch, pulling her ass to his cock. He lines up, and with the help of her very wet pussy, slides all the way in, hands gripping her hips. Slowly in and out he goes. Almost gentle in the strokes. After about the fifth one she protests loudly.

"Will you fuck me already!" Is barked out.

On cue his cock slams in deep and hard, then again. The pace jumps tremendously into a blur of pounding. She clutches for anything to hold onto as he pounds away. Keeping this pace up, leading her into the first one. Her voice echoes in the room. His grunts fuel her lust and own sounds. Then the next one hits. Finally the third one crashes over her causing him to join her. He slows his pace to savor each orgasm stroke while dripping sweat on her ass and back.

Still exquisitely easing in and out of her wetness, the tenderness within her is so enticing that she just melts into the couch.

"I think we need a shower." Rolls from his lips.

"I would love that." She purrs

He eases out of her, the sensation of not being full is not welcome. She wants to feel him in there soon. They walk on unsteady legs to the shower. He looks on how to start this high tech unit and quickly figures it out, punching in the preferred temperature. He steps in and makes sure it's good and gets both shower heads going, then reaches for her hand and guides her in.

Holding each other close, as the water cascades over their bodies. Kisses are savored. He keeps his hands tame until her hands find his ass. She fondles the wet skin, he returns the favor feeling her perfect backside. With one hand on his ass her other hand runs up his back. He matches the movements, then hands are exchanged. One up, one down. She thinks to herself how much she wants to feel his hand on her sex, so she sees if he will follow suit and reaches for his cock. Slowly she strokes it as it hardens in her hand. He takes the bait, his hand moves to her pussy to make use of the slick to ease fingers in. She melts into the sensation as her mind knows that she is going to be sore, but her libido is just not able to take any warning. She does stop, and reaches for the soap to lather him up. She takes special care to clean all of the spots that get him hard, keeping him ready. Handing the soap to him, his hands move sensually over her body. She turns her back to him, a massage of her shoulders is welcome attention. Hands make it to her backside, and cleans well between the cheeks, teasing her backdoor. A murmur of approval passes her lips. He starts to focus a little more with small circles, followed by a dip in. Just a little bit of his finger makes it in. She looks over her shoulder and asks,

"Do you want to play there after dinner? "You know we do have the lube and a new toy. You can try it as long as you behave and not put in too much."

"May I lick your freshly waxed pussy?" He inquires.

"Well you know that is how I liked to be warmed up before you play back there, so of course." She says with a pornstar quality in her voice.

Finishing up, and while the shower is still running he steps out to grab the enormous warm towels on the warming rack. She turns off the shower and steps into his warm towel embrace. They kiss as he drys and wraps her up with it. Then he takes his towel to dry off. They step into the loft bedroom portion and notice something hanging that they did not notice before.

On a hook next to the door were two hangers. The first one was a very cute black knee length dress with a shoulder sweater. Under that was a pair of black slacks and a long sleeve button down shirt. Below that was a very cute pair of strappy heels and very handsome shoes for him. On the hanger was a note.

"These have been tailored to you both. Everything should fit perfectly. As you walked from the elevator to your room you were both laser scanned and info sent to our stylist. Please try on the clothes and shoes. Do not hesitate to text stylist on your concierge number if you have any questions or concerns. When you check out these will be laundered and shipped to your address of choice."

She quickly got the dress and looked it over like a kid at a birthday party. Holding it close, She asked,

"Will you zip me up?"

"Of course." Was his cool as a cucumber reply.

Yet inside he was just as excited. They made sure they were both very dry. Then slipped into the outfits. The look on her face as it fit perfectly was incredible. She twirled in front of him and the mirror at the same time.

"What do you think?" She asks

"Perfect, how is mine?" He returns.

She comes close and puts her hand on his member.

"I hope you don't wear underwear." Rolls off her lips in a seductive manner.

"Are you planning on wearing any?" He asks.

"Well I was, but I might not." Was her answer?

"Why don't you wear them, and when you're ready to come back to the room you take them off and hand them to me." He suggests.

She smiled and nodded.

They finished primping and thought of what they wanted for dinner. The hotel was known for some incredible restaurants. They decided on the Italian one they had heard a lot about. A shot of dread went through them as they hadn't made any reservations. He texted the name of the restaurant to the concierge number. This time they received a call.

"Hello sir, would you like to be dining with us, or in your room this evening?" Was what the voice said on the phone.

"In the restaurant, please." He returned.

"Sir we have a view table waiting for you whenever you decide to join us. Please come when you're ready." The voice said.

With that they head out. When they reach the restaurant there is a light crowd waiting for tables. They are greeted warmly by name and lead directly to their table.

The table was in a glass alcove behind a velvet rope. The view was commanding of the strip and desert. Martinis to start. There was a choice of ordering off the menu or just letting the chef surprise them. They settled quickly on the chef's choice. With that the food began to appear. Antipasto, salads, and a few other courses of incredible edibles. Not too filling, but just enough. Between each course there was a healthy service of flirting and innuendo. Lips licked, recaps of things that happened, things that might still happen. Feet rubbing legs. Dessert finally was on its way. She began to shift in her seat. He was curious about what she was doing. She lifted her hand holding her panties, then tossed them to him. With a big smile she says,

"I just took the wrapper off your true dessert, after we eat here I hope you eat me."

With a smile he sniffs the panties, with her showing mock disgust and a smile. They teased their way through a creme brulee. Feeding it to each other seductively. The show garnered a slight audience. One couple was a funny sight. He was excited by the show as his wife was not amused. When they were asked if they would enjoy dessert, the woman made it clear they would not and wanted the check.

After they finished, the walk to the room was interrupted by sensual kisses, fondles, and flirty remarks about what was going to happen.

In the elevator there was some very deep kissing. She takes and sneaks a couple of fingers into her wet sex, breaks the kiss then feeds them to him.

"I hope you want to taste more of that." She whispers into his ear as he savors her taste.

Once in the room he firmly embraces her, kissing as he unzips the dress. With just a slight shimmy it falls to the floor. Her naked body has him even harder. She walks over to the hot tub with a flair for the sensual. Standing there watching with pride, he knew that she was his and that she knew it. He undresses as she eases herself into the water, then goes to join her. He just gets in up to his knees, only to be stopped so she can take his cock into her mouth. Her eyes gaze up and lock with his.

"I thought I was supposed to taste you?" He questions

Pulling him out of her mouth, she rubs the head sensually of her lips, and replies,

"Well it looked so inviting, I had to have a taste."

The head disappears between her lips again as she takes him as deep as she can, for a few more strokes, then leads him down into the tub.

Bodies close, the kisses start again, hands moving all over enjoying the nudity. His hands find both her ass and pussy. The warmth of the water when his fingers spread her lips is very welcome. Her hand finds, and strokes him slowly. The pent up lust has her very ready for her climax. The feeling of his fingers circling her clit two to three times then dipping in as deep as they can go, mixed with being chest deep in the warm water has her orgasm not crashing in, but waving over her body with such passion that it causes her to fall into his embrace. Her head spinning, as he lifts her up to the edge of the tub. Gently her legs are spread as he kisses down her body. Chest, nipples, stomach, then smooth mound. The kisses on the edge of her cleft is so teasing that she has issues debating to grip his head and thrust him in, or letting him just do what she loves. Kisses turn to licks, licks turn into a deep dive into her wet slit. His tongue starts low, tasting its way up, slowly till the tip sends jolts of lust through her when it makes contact with her sensitive button. A few licks from the bottom to the top is all it takes to have her loudly moaning,

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, don't stop!"

His final lick is topped off with a swirl around her clit has her body shaking as he sends her over the edge.

He keeps licking softly in a not so sensitive area, as she comes down. His fingers find her backside and begin to tease gently.

"What are you doing there?" She asks.

"Well I thought I would see if you would enjoy a finger back there." Is his answer.

"I would, but can we do that on the bed? We can see how well that lube and maybe the beads feel." She says.

He gets out of the water to grab the robes that hang close. As she gets out he wraps her up in it, topped with a big kiss.

He leads her to the bed. She drops the towel before fetching the lube and semi rigid string of silicone beads.

"Will you be gentle?" She questions handing the erotic handful to him.

"Yes I will be very gentle, only as much as you help me put in." He says reassuringly.

She lays on the bed and he climbs up after her. She spreads wide and gives him a come get me look. He gets in position to taste and toy her. His mouth on her sex is very welcome. Fingers find her backside again. He gently rubs as his tongue slowly licks circles on the clit. The fingers leave only to come back slick. Her excitement keeps her from noticing that the lube is a little cool. He positions his finger in such a way for her to push back on it.

"Show me how much you want." He tells her.

Easing back on the finger is intoxicating. The sensation running through her clit, pussy, and ass is what she is lusting for. Pushing on him has it easily sliding in. Taking over, his finger starts to slip in and out with nothing but pure pleasure. She feels her orgasm rushing up.

"Just a bit deeper." She requests.

He obliges and dips in and out deeper. Quickly she is launched over. The pulsation going from all sensual points between her legs has her shaking. His motions slow to both ease her through it, and also keep her arousal on edge.

"Try the toy." She says breathlessly.

He finds it and lubes it up. The licking begins again. This time what is on her ass is the toy.

"You slip the first one in." He instructs.

She pushes back and the first one slips in and she could feel the next one just there. He tugs it slowly halfway out then back in. This sends shivers through her. Then the next one eases in, then a third. Now focusing on her clit he leaves them alone except for a light tug now and again. Licking and tugging has her heading quickly to climax. She is right on the edge and he pulls the first one out. That was enough to seal the deal. He doesn't stop. His licking continues as the second one is just there. The bead this time is hovering not all the way in, not all the way out. The pleasure is intense. The next orgasm is launched with the bead in between in and out. When it finally comes out her shaking is uncontrollable. She pushes him off and flips over.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" She says.

He takes no time to answer her request. With the last bead still in her he moves the toy out of his way, to fill her with one stroke. Wasting no time he starts to fuck her hard as she requested. His cock pounding every sensitive spot in her. The pace is fast and hard. She grips the bed in an attempt at some control. Her mind is blank, just waves of orgasms hit her. He finally reaches his and as he cums deep in her he pulls the last bead out. The sensation of his cum, her orgasm and the bead coming out, has her shaking so hard that words can't be found. They collapse together.

"How were the beads?" He asks, catching his breath holding her close.

"Better that I ever thought they would be." She says trying to catch her own breath.

"So you want to try them again sometime?" He asks

"I hope that some time is a few times on this trip." She purrs back to him.

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