I love to masturbate, I always have. When I was in my 20s, I used to masturbate a LOT. Back then, before the internet, I used to go to the adult bookstore once a week and buy several swinger magazines. I used to read the ads, and masturbate to the photos of the hot couples looking for someone to share their spouse with. I would send responses to certain ads of couples looking for single males, but almost never heard back from any of the couples.

One month I noticed an ad for a masturbation club. I had never heard of a masturbation club, but it seemed like a very hot idea. The masturbation club was a group of people, men and women, who shared a love for masturbation. They would get together as a group and watch each other masturbate.

I decided to respond to the ad. Per the instructions, I sent my picture and a brief description of why I loved masturbation, and why I wanted to join the club. I was excited a few weeks later to hear back from them. I had been accepted! The letter from the organizers (I learned it was an older married couple that had an obsession for mutual masturbation) had instructions to be at a local hotel at a certain date and time next month. I must have masturbated every day, just thinking about the possibilities!

When finally the date came to go to the masturbation club I almost didn't go, I was so nervous! Once at the hotel, I knocked on the room door, my heart racing. The door opened, and the man I had been corresponding with, the husband and masturbation club organizer, Keith, welcomed me. Keith was fully clothed, as were the other people in the room. I was introduced around to the other members (8 men and 2 women), and was shown around what turned out to be a mini-suite. There was a kitchen, fully stocked with munchies, beer and wine, a living room with a couch, chairs, TV and VCR with a porn tape already playing, and a bedroom with a king bed and another TV/VCR, also with a porn tape already playing.

My fellow masturbation club members turned out to be mostly older than me. The 8 other men were mostly in their 40s or I guessed early 50s, some with pot bellies, one looked to be about my age and was well built. The 2 women were interesting to me, as one of them (Sue) was the wife of Keith, the organizer. Sue was somewhat plump and was probably in her late 40s. She had what could best be described as a rather plain face, and was somewhat short with what looked to be a well-rounded but firm rear and medium sized breasts.

The other woman, Amy, was tall and skinny, probably in her early 40s, with long legs, blond hair that reach almost to her butt, and almost no breasts to speak of. If I had passed these two ladies on a street corner I probably wouldn't have given them a second glance. But somehow knowing that they were just as interested in masturbation as me made them extremely sexy in a way that transcended looks.

The masturbation club was shortly called to order, and Keith went over the rules. There were only two important rules, first was to always ask another person before touching them, and second was for the men to not make a mess by using one of the many towels and tissue boxes sprinkled liberally around the rooms.

With that, the masturbation party started. I helped myself to another glass of wine, extremely nervous and wondering when all the members would shed their clothes and start their stroking. I mingled around, getting a chance to meet some of the members. Some were talking, a few were sitting down on the sofa and arm chairs watching the porn tape. I wandered into the bedroom, and instantly felt a jolt of excitement as I saw the beginnings of a very sexual scene. A group of men were standing around the bed, still clothed, but watching the hostess, Sue, who was now down to her bra and panties. Several men were at Sue's sides, and were slowly removing her clothes, as Sue's husband, Keith, provided guidance on the best way to touch and arouse Sue.

"She loves her tits to be rubbed from behind, use some lotion, it really turns her on," Keith instructed.

One guy moved to a kneeling position behind Sue, who was seated at the edge of the bed facing the TV. He did as instructed and unsnapped the back strap of Sue's bra. He slowly lowered Sue's bra, and all of us watchers now had a perfect slow revealing view of Sue's bosom as her bra was ever so slowly lowered. Sue's tits were cone shaped and a good size, with large areolas and nipples that were erect, ready for touching. The man's arms and hands slowly snaked around Sues waste, up her breasts, slowly feeling their weight, then moving up to the nipples which he gently pinched and stroked.

Sue's eyes closed and her head relaxed back onto his shoulder, she moaned a soft sigh of pleasure. My cock was quickly stiffening, and as I looked at my fellow masturbation club members, several of who were rubbing their clothed crotch, and one who had his hand down his pants, feeling his cock.

I wanted to start stroking my quickly hardening cock, but was somewhat shy to start feeling myself with all these strange guys around. It was strange, I had joined the club and come specifically to enjoy masturbating in front of strangers who shared my obsession, but now I was too scared to do it!

As Keith continued his dialog on how to arouse his wife the men around her continued to strip her, slowly, making sure to touch her body in her inner thighs, along her neck and ears, and across her belly and especially tits. My cock was straining against my underwear and jeans, and I badly wanted to start stroking it, several more men who were watching had their hands down their pants. My passion got the better of me, and I thought,

"What the hell! I came here to masturbate! I've got a naked woman being fondled and masturbated by a bunch of guys. I'm horny. I'm going for it!"

And with that, I started taking my clothes off. Several of the men turned to watch me as I started by pulling my T-shirt over my head. And even Sue, in the middle of her quickly growing passion looked at me as I undressed. Not normally one to exhibit myself, I figured, why not?

I pulled my pants off. My tight white briefs bulged where my cock strained against it, pre-cum leaking out the top and causing a stain near the top waist band. I slowly revealed my cock by pulling my briefs slowly down my legs, and then pushed my underwear down and off completely. I was naked in front of the room, my erect cock standing straight out like a flag pole, pointing to the sexy view of Sue being pleasured by several men.

The men around Sue continued their pleasuring of her, rubbing their hands all up and down her body while Keith continued to provide sexual instructions on how to tease and fondle his wife. I started stroking my cock, enjoying masturbating in front of a group of strangers while watching a "live" porn scene.

The other men standing around the bed watching Sue, and me, started undressing, rubbing their cocks as they freed them from their pants. Soon the entire room was naked, stroking, and enjoying watching and being watched.

Sue's sexual manipulations continued, with Keith giving detailed instructions on how the men should pinch her nipples, rub their hands around her breasts and tummy, and tickle her clit. I stroked my cock faster as Sue's breathing got louder, and she started arching her back and moaning. Keith told us she was close to her first, but not last, orgasm of the night. Me and the other men watching were stroking harder and faster now, as our nerves calmed down and we felt the sexual energy flowing through the room and our hard cocks.

As the men continued masturbating Sue her pleasure obviously was peaking. She arched her back, her legs were parted and stiff. The man between her legs was rubbing her clit and labia with more speed, tickling her cunt, which was very wet and slippery with her love-juices. She arched her back higher, and shuddered.

"Oh baby yeah! Faster! I'm going to get off all over your hands! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh! Oh! MMMMMM!"

Her whole body stiffened and shuddered as she came, spreading her legs wide, then clamping them tightly shut, exposing her naked body and orgasmic bliss to the room-full of masturbating strangers.

The show in the bedroom being temporarily over, I turned and went back into the living room. Amy was seated at the couch, a younger man probably around my age seated on the arm chair at the far side of the couch. He was naked, and stroking a long 9 inch cock that reached half way up his 6-pack stomach. Amy's pants were off, as was her blouse. She was in her underwear and bra, watching the porn, her left hand playing with her crotch, her right hand playing with her left breast and nipple. But now her eyes were on me and my cock as I entered the room.

I sat on the other arm chair next to the couch, across from the guy with the 9 inch hard on and near Amy. My cock was only half-erect at this point, but watching Amy, the guy across from me and the porn my cock soon started to grow again. The guy across from me was stroking his cock in long, slow strokes up and down his shaft. I started rubbing my hard cock again, I didn't have the 9 inches he had, mine is only 6 inches, but I stroked it slowly up and down like him. I spread my legs on the arms of the chair, exposing my cock, balls and ass for Amy and his lusting eyes.

Amy's fingers were rubbing her slit through her now wet panties, her right hand continued to tease and pinch her left nipple. Her breasts were not big at all. I guessed I probably had more cleavage than her, as she was pretty flat. But apparently her nipples were extremely sensitive because each time she pulled or pinched them she would hiss her breath in and close her eyes in obvious sexual bliss. What she lacked in cleavage however, she more than made up in long, long legs, and a heart shaped ass that looked amazingly sexy.

We continued masturbating, our little group of three, for another minute or so. Then, several of the watchers from the other room started moving up to our little scene, some standing near the TV, some sitting in chairs near us, rubbing their cocks and watch the three of us enjoy our mutual masturbation session.

Amy was obviously enjoying being watched by all the men in the room, as they masturbated to her body. She spread her legs wide, pulling her panties tight up her cunt, revealing her shaved labia. She brought her long legs together, then raised them straight up toward the ceiling, giving all of us an amazing view of her ass. She slowly pulled her panties up, up those long legs, then off. All the men in the room held their breath, and masturbated faster, as she slowly, ever so slowly, spread her straight legs wide, revealing her now naked, shaved and very wet cunt to our lustful eyes.

Amys fingers went back to work on her cunt, squishing her lips, sliding up and down her slit, circling her hole, teasing it by ever so slightly entering it, then moving back up to play with her clit. I was masturbating much faster now, and my balls were tight and pressed against the base of my engorged cock. My brain was filled with the awesome pleasure that flowed from my erect, wet cock and tight hand.

Amy laid her head back on the couch, and with her legs splayed wide placed her middle finger up to her vagina, as the men in the room stroked their cocks faster, all eyes on her, she slowly slid her middle finger deep into her cunt. She buried her finger up to her knuckle, then slowly withdrew. She brought her wet finger up to her nose, sniffed her juices, then slowly placed it in her waiting mouth, sliding in between her red lips, licking and tasting her own salty, heady juice as she sucked her finger.

Her hand went back to her cunt, and this time she plunged not one, but two fingers in her open, wet and willing cunt. She started fucking herself with her fingers, moving them all the way in, then all the way out, repeating it again and again. The squishing noise her fingers made as she parted her lips and entered her hole were an amazing sexually hot sound. Across from me the 9 inch guy had copied me and placed his legs over the arms of the chair. His left hand caressed his ass and balls while his right hand slide tightly up and down his hot, hard and slick shaft.

Several of the other men in the room who were watching and masturbating were clearly near the point of orgasm. Their breathing was fast and heavy, and several were grunting as their hands quickly stroked their cocks. One of the men, obviously close to cumming, moved up toward Amy, stood between her parted legs, his cock aimed at her face. He masturbated his cock faster, and clenching his buttocks started to orgasm. His cum sprayed over Amy's chest, face and hair. I waited to see what her reaction would be. She ran her tongue around her lips, licking the globs of white spunk on her cheek and chin.

"I love a hot, nasty cum bath," she said.

With that, another man, and then two more came up to her legs to replace the man that had just cum. They too stroked their hard cocks, pointing them at her. One by one they each started cumming. Some sprayed their cum high, hitting her face, lips and eyelids. Some shot over her legs, stomach and cunt. She continued fucking herself, her hands pistoning her fingers faster and faster in and out of her sopping cunt. One by one each man in the room came up to her and unloaded his hot sperm on her.

Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore, I stood up and turned to face her. Her head was back against the couch, eyes half open in sexual ecstasy, her body covered in cum. Her fingers were fucking herself with legs open wide in a perfect slut pose. The 9 inch guy stood up and moved next to me. My cock was amazingly hard, I had never felt such sexual excitement. I was near cumming. He turned to me while stroking his huge cock. He spoke.

"Can I stroke your cock?"

I was shocked. But at the same time I was strangely sexually excited in a way I've never been before. I've had plenty of women but never a guy stroke my cock. In my sexual lust I figured, why not? I wondered what it would feel like to stroke someone else's cock. I looked at his hard, throbbing cock and thought again, why not? I answered him.

"Sure, but just as long as I can stroke yours."

He smiled.

"I thought you'd never ask."

With that, he move directly next to me, still facing Amy's open legs and cum-covered cunt and hands as she watched us, a smile on her face. He placed his right hand around my back, holding onto my right hip, and his left hand reach across and grabbed my cock. It felt strange, but amazingly sexy, to have a guy holding my hard cock. He started stroking my cock, and the feeling was amazing. His slippery hands moved up to my tip, then down to my balls.

Somewhat awkwardly, I reached my left hand through his arm and down to his massive cock. I held it, lightly, feeling its weight. As he stroked me, slowly, I started to masturbate him. I slide my hand up and down that magnificent shaft, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. His hand on my cock matched my movements, and soon we were stroking each other at the same pace, up and down, tight, feeling the slippery cock of another man.

Amy closed her legs and sat up, she placed her face directly in front of our raging hard cocks and opened her mouth, her fingers flying in and out of her slippery, noisy cunt faster than ever.

"Cum on me, cum in my mouth." Amy whispered.

We didn't have to be told twice. Together we moved our cocks closer to each other's cock, and in front of Amy's open mouth and red lips. His hand was tight on my cock, and he was jerking me much faster now. I increased the speed and tightened my hand on his hot cock. I started to feel that amazing filling and tightening down in my balls. I was close, and I was going to cum! My brain was awash in sexual heat and excitement, I was feeling weak in my knees as his hand continued to stroke me, bringing me pleasure I've never experienced before. He started grunting, and I knew he was close to cumming.

Amy started to arch her back, her toes were curled tightly into the carpet, and her breathing was fast. Her head moved back and forth, eyes closed, and we could clearly see she was about to get off.

"Oh god, yes, cum on my face! Cum in my mouth, I'm getting off!" She cried.

The pleasure in my cock as he stroked me faster and faster reached the apex, and in a rush of ecstasy I felt the orgasm begin to take over my brain, my cock and my balls. I started spurting, my cum shooting between his fingers, and onto Amy's once again open and willing mouth, red lips and outstretched tongue.

I felt the rush as I continued to spray her neck, ears and hair with my hot, white cum. I felt his hard cock stiffen, and heard him grunt as his legs locked and he started cumming all over her stomach, breasts and face. Our orgasms took us, and together the three of us exploded in a sexual energy. I had never had such a powerful orgasm.

I almost fell, my legs buckling under me as the after-cum waves hit me. My cock had never felt so amazing, I had never had such incredible feelings of sexual release. I had to rest, and sat down again on the chair, fell down into it might be more accurate.

The incredible thing is there was plenty more that happened that night during my first, but not last, masturbation club meeting! But those stories will have to wait for another time!

Pub: 22 Feb 2021 09:00 UTC
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