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Students are seen as soon as possible byone of the counselorsand, in anemergency, seen immediately. Our counseling services are free of charge to all current part- and full-time hartwick college students. Students may call the main hartwick phone number /4200, a counselor can still be contacted. Individual and group counseling is available to registered students. Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and academic concerns are some of the common reasons for seeking counseling services. Referrals to off-campus clinicians/agencies will be provided when appropriate.

As professional mental health therapists, we take active steps to be culturally self-aware and to challenge our own biases. We embrace this learning as an on-going, ever-evolving process and welcome feedback individually and to the counseling center as a whole when we are not living up to these ideals. Georgia state licensing laws prohibit mental health clinicians from providing services to clients who are not in georgia, even if enrolled in a university within the state of georgia.

The counseling center subscribes to the ethical standards of the american psychological association , the american counseling association , and the national association of social workers . It is the policy of the hartwick college counseling center to maintain the confidentiality of student records. Counseling center staff members do not release personally-identifiable information to any person or agency without the prior written consent of the student involved. The counseling center staff members maintain their professional mental health licensure in the state of utah or receive direct clinical supervision by a licensed staff member. Pointers from amanda mcnab, lscw, a clinical staff development educator at university of utah health and crisis and diversion services, on how you can cope with mental health during the pandemic.

We also value your privacy and time and therefore offer the following information to help you decide on the best method for reaching us. If an emergency occurs during business hours, please contact the counseling center and ask to speak to a counselor immediately. The counseling services staff would like to extend the warmest invitation to you to please come by, call or complete the form to make an appointment to chat. We always try to have a staff person available for your counseling needs.

The city university of seattle counseling center is an outpatient counseling center that offers low-cost counseling services and is open to the public. Our counselors are trained to provide professional and compassionate services in a safe, confidential environment. Wilcox counseling and wellness offers counseling and psychiatric services that facilitate students’ personal development to participate more successfully in the alma living and learning community. Usf counseling center is providing essential mental health services to students via secure videoconference. Click the image to learn how to access services, reserve a confidential space, and make an appointment. The therapists at vucc are graduate-level mft trainees or doctoral practicum students who work under the supervision of the director and clinical supervisor.

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