Thursday night as Sue and I were making dinner she told me she thanked Gail for the hot night, and morning, of sex. Gail laughed, said you're welcome and asked if she should expect a bouquet of roses from me.

Gail also told her that she and Tom spoke with Sean. He was bright red with embarrassment when they explained they knew what he had been doing. Gail and Tom explained they were not mad or judging him. They said they loved him no matter what, whether it was just a phase, he was bi or if he was gay. Sean said he wasn't gay but that he just wasn't good with girls or just hadn't met any he was comfortable with. Gail and Tom stressed the importance of safety and to keep their group small. Sean said no problem it was just the four of them and begged them not to tell the other guys parents. Quickly they responded that was not their place or their intention. As a matter of fact, to make sure Sean and his friends had a safe place he was welcome to use the basement anytime. Just close the stairway door and they will respect his privacy. Of course Tom joked that maybe they should put a lock on it as well so Gail is not sneaking down to watch.

Sean thanked them for being such cool parents. They also asked if there was any thing the boys needed for the basement such as lube or condoms. Sean said no, they weren't into that. Tom said if there was anything needed or if he just wanted to talk, to feel free to ask either Gail or Tom. Sean did ask if Tom had ever done anything like he did. Tom admitted he had and had no regrets. Sean then asked if mom (Gail) liked to watch and if that was why he made the joke about the lock? Tom explained that his experience was before he knew Gail and the joke was because Gail turned out to be a voyeur and that he had reaped the benefits of her watching Sean with his friends. Overall, their chat went well and Sean was no longer embarrassed though Gail now was. Gail also told Sue that she and Tom had another hot session when they went to bed and that she couldn't stop thinking about males sucking males.

Sue and I quickly cleaned up after dinner and headed for the bedroom. We were both excited and had another hot evening. We talked about many things mainly related around men sucking men. That made me think of something so I asked Sue if she told Gail the kind of explicit details about our night like Gail had shared. Sue admitted she had and that for some reason she and Gail seemed so comfortable talking about it now. We also talked about my going down on her with my cum in her and how we both enjoyed it which led to us doing it again. After eating her cream pie Sue asked if I was ready to try cum direct from a cock. I said absolutely in the right situation. We also discussed that as hot as it would be for her to watch me suck another man it would be just as hot for me watching her with another woman. This got us talking about same sex play and if we ever did something with other people a bi couple would be the way to go to try all these new experiences. It was another hot night and again in the morning.

Friday around noon, Sue texted me saying we were going out to dinner with Gail and Tom. Dinner meant drinks as well which sounded good to me. We got to the restaurant first and got a booth. Obviously Tom felt the same way because as they were sitting he said he needed a drink cause it had been a long week. We all laughed and he realized Sue and I were already in on the story. He quickly asked Gail how much we knew and she told him "everything". He seemed a little embarrassed but I told him to relax and that it was the hottest thing we have heard and that we have been fucking like teenagers again because of it.

It was a great dinner with a couple of drinks and lot's of joking about blowjobs. Eventually Tom said Sean probably had his friends at their house so we should have another round or dessert and not rush. After jokes about cream pies not being on the menu I said why don't we go back to our place for the last round of drinks. As we headed out to the parking lot, I asked Gail to ride with Sue so I could ride with Tom. Sue gave my hand a loving squeeze and then winked at me.

In the car I told Tom how turned on both Sue and I were about the thought of men sucking each other and that we knew he had some experience. He admitted he did have some experience a long time ago and that he and Gail were also pretty turned on by it. I was almost shaking and very softly said I would love to try sucking a cock and in particular I would like to suck his if he was interested. Tom quickly replied only if I get to suck yours too. I also told him Sue knew I wanted to do it and was ok with it and would like to watch if he didn't mind. He said same with Gail.

When we got to the house the ladies took turns in the bathroom while we started making our drinks. Then I raised my glass and said "Ladies, this is the moment of truth. If you have any objections, now is the time to speak up. If not, I suggest we go down to our basement and Tom and I can try something". Both girls nodded their approval and we headed down to the basement. I dimmed the lights, took a sip of my drink and told Tom I really want to do this so please take off your pants. Then we both removed our shoes and our pants.

There we were, 2 middle aged men with our cocks bobbing in front of us and our wives looking on. We looked pretty similar, about 6 1/2 inches and cut with nice shaped heads. I told him I would like to start and dropped to my knees. I gently put my left hand on it feeling another mans cock for the first time. It felt thick, warm and firm. As I stroked it a little I turned and looked at Sue to make sure she was still ok. She was totally focused on me and I could tell she was barely breathing. I turned back to Tom and reached my tongue out to lick the head. I swear I heard all three of them moan. I licked for a little bit enjoying the feeling of the head on my tongue. Then I slipped my lips over the head and felt it in my mouth. I pulled off and turned to Sue asking her to come down next to me and coach me.

Sue got on her knees beside me with a big smile on her face. I also saw Gail stand up against Tom's side and give him a kiss. Then I put my lips back on Tom's cock and went to work. I licked, I sucked, I bobbed on it. I tried all the things Sue did for me that I liked. Sue was whispering me encouragement and telling me how hot it was to watch. I could tell Tom was enjoying it because his hips started to gently thrust back and forth as well. I looked up and both he and Gail were intently watching me too. I noticed Gail had her right hand down the front of her unbuttoned shorts. I pulled off his cock and turned to give Sue a kiss. She moaned into my mouth obviously tasting some of his precum with me. I broke our kiss and told Tom I really wanted his cum. I put my mouth back on his cock and went to work. Now he was really thrusting and after a little bit he told me to get ready. Another couple strokes and I felt him shove his cock into my mouth and pause. Then his cock started pulsing and I felt cum rushing into my mouth. The taste was not that different from mine when I ate her cream pies or we kissed after she blew me. But it was a lot at once. He gave about 4 or 5 heavy spurts and I swallowed as I could. I tried to hold his cock in my mouth and use my tongue to work all the cum out. Eventually I let his cock out of my mouth and just said "WOW". Then I turned to give Sue a kiss who passionately kissed me back with a loud moan and a probing tongue tasting his cum. I dropped back against the couch and said thanks, it was everything I hoped it would be.

Sue and I watched as Gail placed her hand on Tom's cock and bent down to lick the last bit of cum oozing out of it. Gail then stood up and asked Tom if he was going to return the favor. Tom just dropped to his knees, got between my legs and lowered his mouth onto my cock. After a couple licks and some sucking he raised his head and said it felt as good as it did 30 some years ago. Sue was sitting up against me so I pulled her shirt up to play with her tits while she watched Tom work. Sue even helped and pulled her top off. Gail dropped her shorts all the way down then got on her knees next to Tom to watch with her hand in her panties. Tom's mouth was wonderful and he was intent on giving me as much pleasure as possible. With all the excitement I was not going to last long and eventually warned him I was going to cum. He keep his mouth on and I let go with what felt like the largest load of my life. As he released my cock from his mouth he rubbed my cockhead leaking cum over his lips and turned to kiss Gail who licked his lips and kissed him passionately with no doubt their tongues were sharing the taste of my cum.

Gail's hands were on Tom's recovering cock until she pushed him onto his back on the floor in front of us. She shimmied out of her panties and enthusiastically got on top of him and lowered her pussy onto his cock. She moaned that she was so worked up and really started to ride him. Sue stood up to drop her skirt and panties then sat back against me to watch the show with her right foot up on the couch and hand working her clit. Gail rode Tom hard and probably had 3 orgasms before Tom finally came again. Sue brought herself to orgasm watching them.

Gail was collapsed on Tom's chest when Tom said he needed to go pee. Gail rolled over on to her back and Tom got up. Sue slid to her knees by Gail and said it looks like there is a cream pie for dessert. Gail got a wicked look on her face and spread her legs. I was surprised to watch Sue get between Gail's legs and lower her face to Gail's pussy. Gail started moaning and Sue also moaned into Gail's pussy. By now, my cock was recovering so I got on my knees behind Sue and slid into her pussy. Tom came back in to watch me banging Sues face into Gail's pussy. I give Sue credit how she was able to keep her face and tongue working on Gail. Maybe Sue was more anxious to eat pussy than I realized. Gail had a loud intense orgasm and then rolled out from under Sue's mouth. I fucked Sue hard until I came again. I just stayed behind her with my cock still in her and she had her head resting on the floor. Our two best friends were sitting bottomless and freshly fucked on the floor in front of us. I reached over for my drink, raised my glass at Tom and took a sip. He found his drink and returned the salute.

Eventually we recovered enough to get dressed and head upstairs. I told everyone I really enjoyed myself and that I would enjoy doing it again but before we make any commitments, let's sleep on it and see how we feel tomorrow. After Gail and Tom left, Sue and I went straight to bed and dropped into a deep sleep.

I woke up fairly early with a raging hard on. I rolled up against Sue who was on her side. Feeling my cock poking her in the ass she lifted her leg and let me work my cock into her pussy. Sleepily she said you horndog. Then she said "and cocksucker" to which I replied "rug muncher". We both laughed and relaxed enjoyed the feeling of my cock in her. She asked if I was serious about sucking Tom again. I told her only if she was ok with it and I hoped she would be there with me like last night. I told her I thought he had a nice cock and the feeling of him cumming in my mouth was amazing. She said it was ok for me to suck him off any time I wanted but she hoped it would usually be with her and Gail there. I asked if she and Gail had talked about them doing anything together or was her eating Tom's cum out of Gail just a spur of the moment thing. Sue said no, they had not talked about it but that is just seemed like the thing to do and that she enjoyed. I said Gail sure sounded like she enjoyed what you were doing when you made her cum. Sue said she hoped Gail was not freaked out about it.

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