The Magus Provectus series

Vol. 4 -- The Issue of Size.

Rain was pouring from the Heavens as I hurried through the winding alleys of the city's less reputable quarters. The vigorous downfall meant there weren't many people present to see me rush past, but I drew the hood of my cloak down nonetheless, covering my features from the few drunken bar patrons I encountered.

At long last I rounded a final corner and found my salvation; The Blushing Blossom.

I scanned left and right, making sure I wouldn't bump into any of the city's residents and awkwardly attempted to sprint towards the large double door of the establishment.

Water dripped from my arm as I raised it and frantically pounded my white-knuckled fist against the sturdy oaken planks. With only a moment's delay a small eye-slit clicked open and a polite, yet sultry feminine voice asked, "Welcome to our house of pleasure, traveler, where discretion is held most dear. Do you have an appointment?"

"Please," I panted as I pulled a sagging bag of coins from my inner pocket, "I need your help!"


-One day earlier-

"Still tender?"

"No, Valin... you forced my beautiful little breasts to swell into these hideous monstrosities, and gosh do they feel great..." Sara remarked dryly. "Of course they're tender!"

"Fair enough," was my mumbled response, distracted by the weight of her soft breasts in my hands. My chamber maid's harsh tone couldn't faze me at the moment, not during her bi-weekly checkup.

Sara's dubious predicament wasn't actually my fault, as she'd been the one riffling through my alchemy station, accidentally splashing my newly created lactation potion onto herself. Though that's where our opinions differed.

Regardless of who was to blame for the incident, one thing seemed only natural; I'd do my best to help her get used to her enhanced chest. Of course I'd also promised her to work out a corrective measure, but that had proven unexpectedly difficult to develop. Once changed through arcane means the human body reacted poorly to additional augmentation, or at least; Sara's body did.

"Are you still leaking through your nightshifts?" I asked the girl, while gently rubbing and testing her areolas with my thumbs.

"Uhm, not every night..." She began before trailing off, her stiffening nipples indicating she was obviously distracted by my examination. "Focus, please." I playfully chided her. "When do you leak through?"

"Stop enjoying this so much, you ass."

"I'm being completely serious, Sara. I need to know every change that occurs, even if it seems trivial to you, in order to come up with an remedy." Sincere though I was, it was difficult not to be cheerful when fondling the young woman's exquisite breasts. Would I be able to convince her that I needed to taste them to check for changes?

"Ugh...Well." She sighed and I noticed a blush coloring her face when she continued. "It usually happens when I haven't- you know... played with myself in a day or two. Mostly when I'm asleep and dreaming."

"What do you dream about?" I inquired nonchalantly.

"Valin," she drawled exasperated, rolling her eyes in a most distracting fashion. My carefully neutral face and raised eyebrow eventually prompted her to elaborate.

"Okay, fine sigh I... dream... about men... about you." She spoke the last part of her sentence with a noticeable upturn in her tone, as if wanting to admit the information while seeming as indifferent as possible.

"Oooh," I intoned innocently, not bothering to hide my amusement.

"It's not like that's a surprise is it?" She urged with feigned disinterest. "You have been obsessing over me since I had to lug these unsightly udders around."

Both of my eyebrows raised while I smiled and nodded my head in mock agreement, not daring to meet her eyes in fear of a well-deserved slap. "Mmm-mmm."

"So I kind of imagine you and myself cuddling while your -ahum- penis is inside me," she confessed, "and I wake up clutching my pillow, panties drenched and my nightshift a milky mess."

Well, then... If that isn't an invitation...

I stood up, turned the slight woman around by the shoulders, so her back was pressed to my chest. The mirror opposite us reflected the mouth-watering pose we held as I reached around, cupped her heavy breasts and lightly massaged them.

Sara melted against me, her hips unconsciously started grinding her firm butt into my groin. I stared into her reflected eyes with predatory intent, delighted to see her lips slightly parted. "They still look as amazingly full like the first time I milked you," I growled softly into her ear, "would you like me to help you with that, Sara?"

The busty maid attempted to hide her moistening panties by crossing her legs, but only succeeded in making her arousal that much more evident as I began firming my grip on her tits. Her shallow breaths stoked my desire, but I managed to wait patiently for her answer.

"Y-Yes, Valin." She breathed, "Please-"


The door literally rattled in its metal hinges as the unknown visitor banged against it with what I could only assume was a battering ram. Sara quickly drew up her tunic, completely covering her bosom, to my severe dissatisfaction.

"Sorcerer, I require your aid!"


I'd been so completely enamored by my maid's bust that I'd forgotten about the appointment. "One moment!" I shouted through the door, giving Sara the time she needed to properly adorn her clothing.

When she was once more presentable, she nodded her head, indicating I could let in my visitor.

The steel key produced a loud click when it unlocked the mechanism that bolted the door shut. It might not have been able to measure up against my magical wards, but for everyday use they served my purposes just fine.

The heavy, oaken door swung open soundlessly and revealed a truly immense being on the other side of the entrance. It had to stoop to peer under the arch of the doorframe and its shaggy shoulders were broad enough to touch either side of the stone doorpost.

"Good morrow, sorcerer" the tauren rumbled, its deep basso voice loud despite its efforts to sound mild.

"Mornin', Tuvak. Apologies for not welcoming you at the gates, pressing matters occupied me longer than I had expected."

"Mmm," the tauren grunted, stepping aside so Sara could walk past him, her eyes downcast to hide the blush that had spread from her face to her chest. "Pressing matters, you say," he said when she'd turned the corner, glancing knowingly at me.

I coyly wiggled my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders. His booming laugh filled the hallway and I gestured him to enter my chambers. "Come in, chief, I've kept you waiting long enough. Care for some tea? Or maybe some mead?"

"Tea would be fine, thank you." Tuvak answered as he turned sideways to fit through the doorframe. "I swear that door of yours is getting smaller, Valin." I snorted and looked at him hoof to horn. "Seems like my treatments are helping then, chief. How are you feeling?"

The tauren had contacted me two or three months ago, urgently requesting my professional expertise. He had been weeks away from his 21th birthday, and would be expected to participate in an annual tauren tradition or face exile. The then scrawny beastman had to battle the other males of his age to demonstrate his fitness and virility, after which he could be chosen by various older males and females to join their tribe.

Tuvak had always struggled with the idea of belonging. Being the runt in his parents' tribe and not wishing to spend the remainder of his life an outcast he had sought me out. After a lengthy discussion and arduous research I'd prepared a draught that dramatically increased the minotaur-like humanoid's physical attributes.

In a mere fortnight he had practically doubled his weight in lean muscle and his horns had developed to an impressive size, an important sign of fertility among his kind. The change hadn't been temporary either, since I'd cleverly tricked his hypothalamus into secreting abundant amounts of growth hormones, making the changes permanent.

A daily treatment, training with an veteran warrior of a nearby tribe and a protein-rich diet had transformed Tuvak from a nervous adolescent into a rugged young bull in a matter of weeks.

I still remember attending the melee at his invitation and cheering as he eventually defeated every single opponent her faced, earning the right to form his own tribe instead of joining an existing one.

"That's just the thing, Valin." The tauren voiced uncertainly, snapping me out of my momentary haze of memory. "I'm fine. I'm stronger than I've ever been and I've never felt better..."

"Buuuut?" I prompted, handing him a mug of chamomile tea.

He sighed and sat down on the sturdy bench I used for larger patients, the wood groaning in protest under his considerable weight. "It's... um- well, it's um," he stammered. "You see um, my females expect... calves." He emphasized the last word by spreading his hands in a wide gesture that curiously conveyed both a sense of desperation and insecurity.

"Aah." I retorted. When Tuvak had won the privilege of starting his own tribe half a dozen females had eagerly joined the young tauren, impressed by his martial and physical prowess. Hardly unexpected that they'd want him to impregnate them, I reflected, That would be his responsibility as stud of the group.

"So what's the problem?" I asked quizzically, "don't you want to breed with them?"

"What? No, no, it's not that, sorcerer. No, my females are the kindest, most attractive mates I could have imagined. You should see the way Teldea looks after a dip in the lake, she-" He abruptly stopped talking, eying me self-consciously.

It was easy to forget that the tauren was my junior by several years looking at his hulking form, so the occasional glimpses of his inexperience still amused me. However, not wanting to hurt his feelings I resisted the urge to chuckle and motioned for him to continue.

"It's- it's me. I can't seem to get... hard."

I crossed my arms, narrowed my eyes and leant against the backrest of the chair I'd sat down on. "I see."


After a thorough examination of his bodily functions and an extensive scrutiny of his diet, exercise and day-to-day life I'd bidden Tuvak farewell, asking him to return in about half a week.

Erectile dysfunction, probably caused by the drastic hormonal change my draught had generated. At least his problem is common enough, but the circumstances are going to make correcting them difficult, I reviewed within myself. It won't be enough to simply increase the blood flow to his penis... mmm.

Luckily I'd purchased a wealth of bovine anatomy books, in order to find a treatment for Sara's mammary malady, so I was optimistic I could find at least a short-term solution to Tuvak's problem.

I flicked my fingers towards the logs in the hearth, igniting them with a spark of elemental magic and looked into the flames as they slowly devoured the wood. I had several serums and potion I'd developed over the years lying around, each one specifically tailored to the needs of a specific subject. The trick would be to combine them just right, maximizing their effect on the young tauren's arcanely enhanced body.

My fingers drummed on the mantel as I stared into the dancing tongues of heat and a plan slowly formed in the back of my mind. Yes, that'll work!

I walked briskly to my alchemy station, drew open a few drawers in search of materials and eventually found what I needed. I set down my papers and inkwell on my well-lit desk and began working out the delicate equations and formulas needed to concoct a serum with the required attributes.

After an hour of calculating I worked out that I could isolate the active alchemical ingredients from three premade potions; one which served as a vasodilator thus increasing blood flow, one which infused the prostate with supernatural regeneration and one that vastly increased the production of hyperactive sperm cells through meiosis.

Distilling the functional essence of these three substances to intensify their effect and combining them through a carefully monitored process of polymerization would, once mixed into a remnant of Tuvak's hormone stimulant, result in a powerful serum to enhance his virility.

"Ha!" I exclaimed when my calculations finally balanced the needed molecular structures. This is going to be one hell of a day!

The sun had just reached its peak in the sky, indicating that morning had just transitioned into midday. I cleared my desk and set up the needed instruments for my work. Meticulously arranged flasks, beakers, vails and jars of ingredients surrounded me as I organized my workspace.

I checked my notations once more for errors and quickly recalculated my formulae. Alright, everything seems in order. Let's get crackin'!

The diligent focus required in alchemy soon occupied my entire awareness and as I brewed, crafted and engineered the new serum with painstaking precision I completely lost track of time. Not that it mattered; once started the process could not be paused.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I was dimly aware that around the third stage of the brewing method the weather took a turn for the worst. Fat drops of rain clattered against the narrow windows of my tower, filling the room with a steady, somehow calming cadence.

As I added the last drops of reactant to the potent mixture I watched its color change from opaque to a transparent blue, indicating the serum has stabilized. I carefully placed a stopper on the flask and straightened my aching back. The bones in my neck and shoulders gave a satisfying pop after hours sitting in the same position.

I held the flask up towards the overhanging oil lamp, marveling at my latest achievement. "That'll make him stagger for sure," I happily chimed to no one in particular.


"What the-?!" The words left my mouth around the same time my heart skipped a beat. I'd been so focused om my work that the sudden noise had caused me to jolt halfway towards the ceiling. "What the Hells are you talking about, Valin?" Sara continued, taking cruel delight in my obviously startled reaction.

"Gods, Sara... Thanks for the heart attack! Has knocking suddenly fallen out of fashion?!" I berated her, feeling my heart hammering away inside my chest. "For the love of...."

My maid giggled, like, truly giggled at my shocked appearance. "Oh, please, Val. You've done much worse to me." She said placatingly, "now what were you talking about? Is that what Tuvak needed your help with? It looks interesting." The air of indifferent interest she assumed was vexingly effective at dissipating my annoyance with her and I felt the fire leaving my lungs after a few more steadying breaths.

"Yeah," I started, "he was having some, uhm... marital problems." It probably wasn't my place to divulge more of the tauren's personal issues, so I placed the flask securely in a clamp I'd set up for that purpose and paced through the room, trying to return some semblance of feeling to my adrenaline filled legs. I really need to exercise more often, building muscles with just my magic alone isn't the same as actual labor.

"Really? So I suppose that by 'make him stagger' you meant-" Sara drawled, running her finger down the length of the draught's glass container. "Jup," I assented, stretching my arms above my head to work out the tightness between my shoulders, "like a guardsman's poleaxe when the King passes by."

"How interesting..." She purred.


"Well, it's actually-" Hold on a minute, did she sound-

Something about the inflection or her tone made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I turned just in time to see the now-open mouth of the flask impact against my parted lips.

Sara's mischievous eyes twinkled as I felt the liquid sloshing into my mouth and I reflexively swallowed to prevent myself from choking. Before even realizing what I'd done I threw myself away from her, bumping against the bedpost, but the damage had already been done.

I felt the alchemical solution reacting to the acidity of my stomach, initiating the phase change that would rapidly disseminate it throughout my system, exactly like I'd engineered it to do.

My hand was pressed instinctively to my abdomen, horrified expression locked on Sara. The exothermic reaction wrought havoc for a nauseating couple of heartbeats, before I felt a wave of warmth traveling out from my stomach. The serum had successfully been absorbed.

Shakily, my legs trembled as I managed to push myself upright, supporting myself against the wooden column that supported my bed's canopy. "Sara... W-w-what have you done?" I stumbled.

The busty chamber maid had calmly replaced the cork, sealing off the potent mixture and had put it back down on the desk. "Tsk tsk tsk, Val. Being a little dramatic are we? It's not like you don't deserve a bit of payback."

She approached me with small steps, deliberately taking her time bridging the distance between us. "The way I see it, splashing you with one of those infernal potions seems only fair," Sara gloated, clearly enjoying her moment of control.

Her arms pushed against my chest and tipped me back onto the soft, feather-filled mattress. The young woman followed my fall and crawled on top of me, her hands on either side of my head. Her face was inches away from mine, her cheeks tinted pink by a familiar blush.

"You don't understand, Sara! that potion wasn't meant for humans," I tried to explain to her. "Neither was the one you spoiled my body with," Sara breathed, letting her eyes fall shut as she lowered herself against me. "I'm sure you'll be just fine after I'm done with you, Val." She breathed against my mouth. "I've had to wait far too long for this."

And with that final accusation she pressed her lips against mine in feverish need. She'd gripped my hair tightly and forced me to respond by parting my lips, letting her tongue slip into my mouth and completely eradicating any thought of resisting I could have mustered.

My body moved intuitively, embracing the girl so I could press her slender body firmly against me. Sara began panting and moaning as if in heat, her kissing reaching a pace of pure lust, seemingly unable to contain herself any longer.

Suddenly a single deep, inaudible note seemed to boom through my body like a jolt of lightning trying to unite with the rain drumming outside. I felt a rush of bright energy streaming into every recess of myself, bathing me in an unending lake of lustful vigor. So fast?!

I felt my pants straining against my stiffening cock, which I eagerly pressed against Sara's rocking pelvis. Her delighted reaction was oil to my passionate fire and with a sudden pivoting motion I lifted the girl off me, twisted us both around and mounted her. I knelt between her drawn up knees, frantically ripping the clothes away from my chest.

Sara didn't intend to take things slow, sitting up and undoing her own shift. Her wobbling bosom immediately drawing my attention. Not wanting to wait any longer either I unwisely flickered streamers of force to tear our clothes asunder.

Unseen edges of arcane will cut our garments to ribbons in the blink of an eye, exposing my raging hard-on and Sara's perfect pussy. "Hells, Valin..." She panted, "you could have hu-" I didn't give her time to complete her protest, letting my weight drive her down onto the bed to resume our frenzied coupling.

I let my pulsing shaft grind against her wet cunt as I instinctively humped her while our tongue's entwined in a deliciously sensual dance. I could feel her moistness covering the length of my member as I let it slide between her velvet lips, prompting me to draw out my strokes, so my glans prodded suggestively against her opening before trailing up between her lips, to caress her clit.

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