A Wife's Fall part two



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There I stood in the window of my sister's home waiting for the man I love and yet hurt so deeply by my stupid, selfish decision. I would have thought Wane would have been there before we arrived back with the groceries for our own little cookout. Looking down at my phone, wondering if I should just call him, shaking my head. If Wane gave his word he would be there, even if he didn't like me at the moment.

"Betty?" Turning my head as my sister stood behind me. "What are you doing?"

"Waiting on Wane to get here," I said, turning my attention back out to their front yard. Placing my hand on the window pane hoping I could fix what I so stupidly took for granted.

"You do know he's out back with Bill and Jan right?" My head snapped to the left as the words left my sister's lips. "You're creeping me out sis," Celine said, backing away from me. Noting how her arms quickly pressed to her body as I ran past her like a mad woman. My hair whipped behind me as I raced for their back door. Flinging it open, inhaling the scent of fresh cut grass as it drifted on the air. Listening to Jan's voice as she spoke to her Uncle. My heart hammered in my chest as I heard the softness of my husbands voice.

Taking a dry swallow as I noted how the light of his eyes faded as those eyes of his fell upon me as I stepped out of their home. "Wane." His name left my lips as I stepped onto the pavers of my sister's patio. "Honey," I whispered as I stepped cautiously towards him. Glancing over to Jan as she slid out of the chair she was sitting in while Bill manned the grill. Smiling down at my niece as she took hold of my hand. Leading me to the chair she once occupied. I tried to keep my smile from showing as she whispered in his ear 'Talk to her'. Alright, it might be immoral for me to rely on a child to get my husband to speak to me, yet I'll take anything at this point in time. Reaching into my shirt, pulling out to the necklace that held his wedding ring that I had taken from the drawer of his nightstand. To show him, that to me, we were still married no matter how much I fucked up.

"Thank you, for coming here Wane," I said, my hand running along his forearm noting how his eyes glanced down at the ring.

"I told you why I came," Wane said, in a cold monotone voice.

"Still, I'm glad you're here," I said, smiling lovingly at him. Praying to the heavens that I can fix this. To get us back to the way things were before I had my brain fart. I knew if we didn't then I would lose out on the best thing I've ever had no matter how difficult Wane's personality could be at times.

"Uncle Wane?" Jan's voice softened Wane's features as she looked at the two of us.


"We're still going to the planetarium, right?" Jan asked, with a happy smile.

"And miss out on all those planets?!" I bit my lip as a smile touch his lips as Jan giggled.

"Can Aunt Betty come with?" Jan asked, innocently.

"I'd love to go with the two of you," I stated slipping my hand into his noting how he wasn't returning the comfort. However, it was the fact that I could still touch my husband and not have my hand tossed back into my lap that gave me hope... hope that I could still fix this. I knew it would take months if not years for him to open up to me once again. Nevertheless, I was determined not to go the way of divorce even if I had to watch my husband going out and dating women; I knew that would hurt me so much. I had set this into motion, I was the cause of this. I only had myself to blame for the heartache I would be facing in the coming days. Moreover, I was determined to see this through.

"You aren't going to leave my daughter hanging are you?" Bill asked from over his shoulder, as he flipped a burger. I could see how much Wane wanted to say no, to tell me to fuck off, let go of his hand. I knew my husband, and when it came to Jan he couldn't say no.

"Fine," Wane sighed.

"Yes!" Jan laughed happily as she threw her arms into the air. While I didn't voice my eagerness to spend time with Wane, I too was silently dancing a jig in my head.

"So when did you tell her you would take her?" I asked, looking over at Wane.

"Wednesday," Jan said, cutting in.

"But don't you have school then?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"No, it's a teacher workday," Bill informed me. "I do appreciate you looking after her," he said, turning to look at my husband.

"Don't worry about it," Wane said, offhandedly.

I wondered what was going on in his mind as those cold, calculating eyes gazed off into the distance. I hoped that whatever it was wouldn't lead him to finding himself in a jail cell or doing time. I knew my husband; I knew when he found me that day he wouldn't kill us right out. Wane wasn't a fool, or stupid. He would wait until enough time had past to exact his revenge. I just hoped it wasn't something that I couldn't over look.

"Betty come help me carry the food out to the table," Celine called out to me. Squeezing Wane's hand as I rose from my seat. My fingers ran along his shoulder before I went to help my sister to bring out the buns, condiments, and the pitcher of lemonade out to the patio table. Noticing how Celine couldn't look Wane in the eye as she and I set the table.

I kept my displeasure to myself as I noted how Wane pulled out his pack of cigarettes from his pocket. My eyes following after him as he walked across the back yard as the puff of smoke trailed after him. Watching how he stood with his back to us, I don't know what he was looking at yet in my mind I thought it was nothing in particular. I just hoped that when or if I could repair this damage I had caused, that I'd be able to get him to stop once again. I might have done something so stupid and selfish, yet it didn't mean I wanted to watch my husband die.


I was trying to keep my composure as I slowly drew on the cigarette between my lips. My mind wandered as I stared aimlessly at nothing in particular. Running through scenarios in my head to deal with the men who had defiled my home. The bed I once shared with my wife. Even if I do decide to take her back, that bed would never find it's way into my bedroom. Finding myself growing irate as every plan that formed in my head wound up with bringing far too much attention to myself. I knew if I was going to retaliate against those men, I had to have a solid alibi. My name could not be anywhere near what I was planning. After all, I do work for the police, and they do tend to look at those in the department far more closely if suspected of a crime. Then again, what I was planning and what was coming their way had to be air tight. I also knew I couldn't make Betty disappear; the husband was always the first one they look at, that's just common knowledge. However, I had other plans on making Betty suffer that didn't involve the police. Would it be immoral? Probably. Moreover, I don't have a problem with immorality.

My ears perked as I heard Jan's voice, sighing in my mind. I really did like Jan. It was my hope, if a psychopath like me could hope, that Jan would take an interest in the sciences. Science could use all the women it could garner. Without turning around as I heard the footsteps nearing.

"Wane?" I was curious as to why my jaw muscles clenched at the sound of my wife's voice. "I know I have no right to ask this of you. But please Wane, cut back on the smoking." I felt her hands lightly resting on my back.

"You're right, you don't," I said, plainly. "Or did you forget that the moment you broke our marriage vows?"

"I know honey," I felt her fingers curling around my shirt, "I can't ever take back what I've willingly done. To you, to us, to our marriage. Yet I don't want to see you die either!"

"Oh?" I mused as I peered over my shoulder at Betty.

"Please Wane, I know I fucked up majorly with us. That doesn't mean I want to watch you die slowly as those things take your life." I heard the pleading in her voice. Looking down as I felt my body betraying me. It would seem that my displeasure with my wife did not effect how my body reacted to how her body felt as she pressed her chest against my back. My mind flashed back to all the times I felt those breasts on my chest, my hands fondling them whenever we had sex. The way she would mew every time I teased those nipples. I cursed loudly in my head that no matter how furious I am at my so-called wife that my body was hers. Hers to entice for something to rise as given how my cock was filling with blood at that moment. After all it has been days since I've had sex or been this close to Betty. "Just please Wane, quit now before it's too late. I might have lost your trust, your love, that singular place in your heart right now. That does not mean I don't love you. I know I have fallen from your eyes. That you must think horrible things about me. Things that I have rightfully earned to be called. But I am still your wife." I looked down as her arms wrapped around me. "For however long I remain to be."

"Hey, you guys hungry?" Bill's voice filled the air. "Come and eat if you are."

"Wane come have lunch with me. I would really enjoy sharing a meal with you," Betty said, lightly running her hands along my chest. "It's been awhile since we've done that."

I tried not to look at Betty's sister given that it was her who set my marriage towards the sharp rocky shore, yet when my eyes did find their way to her, her head would instantly drop, her gaze never meeting mine. I chalked that up to the guilt she must be feeling. Not that I cared. If her sister and I went the way of the dodo, if I never saw Celine again, it would be too soon.

"Okay, I admit these are better," Bill spoke causing me to freeze in midbite.

"Hold on, I think I need to get this on tape," I said, casting Jan a smile as she giggled and Bill rolled his eyes.

"Very funny," Bill replied shaking his Hebrew National hot dog at me.

"But Daddy these are better," Jan said, with a chipper tone.

"Don't you go joining his side now," Bill scolded in a false stern voice.

Looking down as I felt Betty's hand on my leg. "It's nice to see this side of you again," Betty whispered in my ear. Feeling it inching higher, "And this side of you as well," she said heatedly as her hand lightly patted my growing bulge. "I know we have a lot to work out, but to know this still rises for me..."

"I'm angry not dead," I said coldly, removing her hand from my lap.

"Still, I can wait Wane. Maybe you can hate fuck me when you need to, to take out this anger on me."


I sighed loudly as Wane quickly departed after I said those words. Berating myself for coming on to him so quickly. In my defense, I'm horny, and his body felt so good pressed against mine. My foray into my experiment in a threesome was not worth the cost I'm facing at the moment. It didn't matter who it was, it was the act that interested me not the people in it. My coworkers... thinking back they were a tad bit too eager to be the ones taking part in it. My mind raced wondering if they had already been planning to make me stray and when I talked to them about my fetish it gave them a way in. Recounting how they were more talkative, more charming than before I confided in them. I know I wasn't in my right mind given how I listened to my sister, and she wasn't the most reliable person on not being a cheating spouse.

"You had to know this wasn't going to be easy," Bill said, over the rim of his glass as he glared at me.

"I know," I muttered in defeat. Yet I longed to be at my husband's side. I know what I did would take time for Wane to trust me again, maybe years if we lasted that long; and still, I might have fallen, but that didn't mean I don't love my husband.

"Sis, I can't say how sorry I am for my part in all of this," Celine said, I saw the shame on her face as Bill glanced at her.

Blowing out a breath as I pulled out my phone. Texting my husband wondering if he wanted me to stay at Celine's place to give him space. I was willing to do anything -- minus killing anyone -- to prove myself to my husband. Biting my lip as the minutes wore on and not a word from my husband.

"Give him some more time, Wane will call," Celine said, sitting down beside me as I sulked on their couch. My back rested against the armrest as my nails picked at the denim of my jeans. Slyly peering over my knees wondering how Bill was willing to give Celine another chance.

"Sis, why aren't you in a motel?" I asked, bluntly.

"I don't know, honestly, if Bill cheated on me like I did to him." I heard her loudly sigh. "I would have kicked his ass out. But... I don't know how but there's still some love for me in him even after everything I put us through. I'm hoping that you can win Wane back. If there's anything I can do to help..."

"Thanks... but if Wane found out, given that you were involved in the first place..."

"Ah. I understand," Celine nodded. "Still, if there's anything I can do without Wane finding out I'll do everything I can to help." I felt her hand on my left shin as my sister looked at me.

"Thanks," I said, forlornly.

"It will get better..." I saw how Celine glanced up, causing me to turn my head as Bill chased Jan through their house, "I hope."

I jumped in my seat as my phone rang. My eyes widened and held hope in them as I noticed Wane's number on the screen of my phone. "Wane!" I didn't hesitate to answer.

"You have five minutes to get home, or you can stay there, your choice." I looked at my phone oddly as the line went dead. I leapt from the couch catching my sister by surprise.

"Betty? What's going on?" Celine called out to me as I hopped on one foot as I put on my shoes.

"I'm going home!" I cried joyously before I was out the door. I ran like my life depended on it -- because it did -- the six blocks to the home I share with Wane. "Wane! Wane!" I called out as I rushed through the front door of our home. However, as I came to a stop in the open door way of our living room I was not prepared what I found waiting for me.


"Strip and fuck it," I commanded not bothering to look at my wife as I pointed to a ten inch black, suction-cup dildo that was planted on the floor.

"W-w-what?!"I heard Betty stammered from behind me.

"You wish to earn my forgiveness, yes?"

"Of course, Wane. But... I don't understand?" I looked up as Betty rushed to my side.

"Obviously, you can infer what the black dildo is supposed to represent. Given that you had two black men fucking you on my god damn bed!" I shouted causing Betty to jump in startlement.

"Wane it was never about them being black, hell they could be Asian or white for all I cared?!" I cocked my head to the side wondering if she knew she wasn't making her case any stronger for herself. My eyes followed her as she knelt at my side. "It was the act itself that fascinated me, not who was involved in it," Betty said, taking hold of my hand. I could feel her trembling as she held it.

"I don't understand," I admitted.

"Oh baby, I don't know if I can ever truly explain it myself. Yes they were black, yes I cheated on you. I freely admit that. Yet it wasn't about them, it was about feeling the rush of the experience. To know the feeling of something that I've never felt before. I know you, on many occasions, said no, and I should have listen. However, it was like an addiction to me, always in the back of my mind whispering to me. To have a taste of it, but it only grew stronger the longer you said no. That didn't give me a right to do what I did to you." Tears began to form in her eyes as she stared at me. "If me riding that," Betty turned her head to look at the rubberized phallus, "is a step in earning your forgiveness I'll do it."

"Then what are you waiting for?" I asked, with a pointed look.

"O-okay, for you Wane," Betty said, weakly. "I'll do anything to still be your wife."

"We shall see."


I have to admit my heart was racing as I rose from the floor. Dropping my shirt and bra to the floor. Feeling my skin heat as my husband's eyes couldn't look away from my chest. Ever since we've been at odds due to my own making I have missed the feel of his hands on my breasts.

"Tell me, was it worth it?" Wane's voice startled me as I was pushing my pants down.

"God, no. Nothing was worth it, nothing is worth losing you," I admitted as I peered at him when I was bent over.

"Was it even good? Where they better than me?" I shook my head rapidly.

"No," I answered stepping out of my pants, my eyes lit up as Wane beckoned me closer. My heart hammered in my chest as his legs parted. As if he was allowing me passage to the lap I had adorned for so many years. How good it felt to feel my panty clad ass on his denim covered leg.


"Like I said it was never about who was in it, well if it was you as I would have liked, that would have been different," I said shyly, with my head bowed. My fingers lightly plucked at the hem of his shirt as I sat bare chested on my husband's lap. "And no, they weren't any better than you are. Actually, it was like they just wanted to fuck me and use me. It kind of felt like they didn't really care about me, in retrospect."

"Oh?!" I saw the silent anger in my husband's eyes once I said that. It gave me confidence that there was still hope for me.

"Mmmhmm," I nodded, "they didn't touched me like you do," my eyes glanced over to him. "They just groped and pawed at me, did I enjoy it physically, yes I did," I said, knowing if I lied to him it would not end well for me. "Yet not near as much as I would have if it had been you," I uttered weakly.

"Then why? Why do this to us, to me?" I heard the need to understand in his voice. To understand why I would do such a thing if I was happy, I was actually, truly I was.

"I don't know honey; I just don't know. I wish I could give you a better answer than that. All throughout it, one part of me was finally happy that I got to experience my little fetish, the other side, the side that loves being your wife was saying no, no, no. Yet the side that made me temporarily insane overruled it because that's the best I can describe it... is insanity. I had to be if I was listening to my sister?!"

"I'll give you that." I heard Wane's voice softening, just a tad, as he spoke those words. I could see the need to touch me like he always had done before my indiscretion, yet the part of himself that made the cold hearted man that I have dealt with for the past few days was keeping him from doing it. My eyes flicked over to the dildo that was waiting on me.

"Did you get lube for it?" I asked, peering over at my husband.

"No, isn't that their size?" Wane inquired, as he rested against the right armrest of the chair. "Isn't that the reason you chose two black men?" I saw his cocked eyebrow as I doubled over in laughter. There might be some with BBC but my coworkers were certainly not among them, nor was that a fetish of mine.

"Baby, you so shouldn't worry about that, they couldn't measure up to you," I said, running the pads of my index and middle fingers up along the length of my husband's bulge.

"So they weren't bigger, so it really was just about the experience?" Wane asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"Mmmhmm, that's what it always been about Wane," I nodded. Lifting myself off his lap, hooking my thumb around the waistband of my underwear, bending down as I pushed them down to fill my sweet husband's view of my eager, red mound. I released a startled squeak as I felt his hand smacking my ass. Then something happened, something that's never happened before, a moan, a lust filled, hunger laden moan escaped my lips as another landed on my left ass cheek. "Another Wane, you should punish your wife for disrespecting our marriage vows." My hands shot out catching myself on the armrests to keep myself standing as my legs trembled. Then I felt something, something I haven't felt in days. I was cumming, and hard, as another strike landed on my ass. That wasn't something I was expecting to happen. I've never been one for a spanking, yet just the feel of Wane's hand on my body after so many days apart drove me over the edge.

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