After a couple of rounds, Tom told me that he'd come out as bi to his family.

"How did that go over?"

"Aw, I shoulda known they'd be ok with it. My daughter said I'd been happier for the last year or so, she didn't know if it was my new place or my friends, but it looks like it was the friends – just not how she thought. But she was happy for me."

"And your sons? You have two, right?"

"Both of them chuckled. I didn't know what they thought was funny, but Jack explained. They had found some gay porn of mine when they were teens, so they weren't surprised either. And that whatever made me happy, they were cool with."

I said, "Sounds like you brought them up to be open minded. Good job."

"Yeah, once in a while parents get things right. Your turn."

We played two games and went for our coffee. Andie usually wore a silver pendant, but today she had on a diamond. I asked, "New necklace, Andie? It's pretty."

She smiled. "Yes, Emma got it for me. I love it."

"I'm glad you're getting along well."

"Better than that, I've moved in with them."

"Super, I'm happy for you." I gave her a peck on the cheek and took my coffee to the table with Frank. He asked, "I didn't know you guys were friends. But you're here every day for coffee."

"Yeah, she's a sweetheart. Hey, did they tell you about our guests for Tuesday?"

"Sure did, and I'm happy to give them a try. I've seen Anna around and didn't mind the view at all." We bullshitted a bit, finished our coffee and went home.

The next day at work, I managed to get my break at the same time as Marsha. We discussed our Thanksgiving plans; she and Anna were going to see their Mom and brother in Cleveland. I thought out loud, that maybe the guys and I could work something up. The conversation flowed nicely; I just enjoy her company. And… as we were cleaning up our snacks to leave, she gave my butt a pat and gave a saucy little, "Mmmm." I told her, just wait for Tuesday.

When the day came around, I was working but got out at three. My bourbon was gone so I stopped for a new bottle, and on a whim bought a couple of flowers for the ladies. I was first to arrive at Tom's place; he had a few DVDs out, and said that he'd let the girls pick one. "I bet they pick this one," I said, pointing to one entitled Cougars Get Theirs. There were also one of gays, and the classic Debbie Does Dallas. We were going to need a couple more chairs, so I helped Tom bring them downstairs. We were going down the stairs when Tom asked, "How do you think we should approach this? What did the ask for, just to watch?"

I said yes, that's what Marsha asked. "Maybe we should just start playing with each other like we normally do, and see how they like it." Tom pondered that and said that would probably work.

Soon, Bill showed up, the Marsha and Anna arrived together. They were both wearing knee-length skirts; Marsha had on a white polo shirt and Anna had a sweater that did wonderful things for her full breasts. Marsha introduce her sister, then I got out a couple of glasses for their drinks. Anna brought beer and Marsha tapped my bourbon. So much for the wine stereotype. Anna asked, "How long have you guys been, ah, meeting up?"

Tom explained, "Bill and I, for about two years. Frank joined us about a year ago, and Pete is the new guy, since September. But he's made up for lost time."

Marsha offered, "I'm not surprised. I think he has a lot to offer. But a lady never tells." Tom and I broke out laughing, and Tom said, "Hey we got the same answer from Pete. He was defending your honor."

Marsha sidled up to me and said, "I've got nothing to hide. The guy is good in bed." I turned beet red, but added, "You should talk."

I was just about to ask if anyone had heard from Frank, when he walked in the door. We introduced Marsha, and Anna acknowledged having met him.

Frank asked, "So you ladies like the guy-on-guy stuff?"

Anna said, "I've never seen it live, but it's pretty hot on the videos."

Tom showed the girls the videos he'd gotten out, and asked them to pick one. They both immediately went for the cougars flick. I told Tom that I should have put some money on it. Anna laughed, then Marsha said, "Let's get this party started." We adjourned to the basement.

The guys headed for the couch, and Tom started the movie. Marsha turned to Anna and said, "I bet the view is good from these chairs."

Frank reached for his crotch and spread his legs, and said, "I don't know, what do you think?" He rubbed up and down on his cock, and Anna said, "So far so good."

Anna asked, "Pete, which of these guys do you like to do best?"

"Oh, they're all fine in their own way." I walked to where Frank was sitting and took his hand away from himself, and put mine there. "Frank, here, well we like getting into a sixty-nine. We're a good fit, and I'm the only one who can take in most of his long and lean tool. Tom fills me up with his thick cock, and Bill's perfectly proportioned dick is a treat when he fucks my face."

"My God, I'd like to see that."

Bill said, "That could be arranged, Anna." He stood and approached me; I knelt and Bill started to open up and took down his pants. His perfect little cock was sticking straight out at me. I turned us sideways so the girls could see.

Marsha went, "Oh my god, it's beautiful. So perfectly shaped." She reached up and began to feel her tit.

I pulled Bill to me and licked up and down his stiffy, then moved to his balls. He throbbed as I kissed his sack. Bill pulled back a little then turned so his cock was pointing at my mouth. I opened up and he pushed forward, putting his head on my lips, then slowly sliding it deep into my mouth. He began a slow motion in and out of my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tom helping Frank to take his pants off. Frank was getting hard, but he was up to full length. He stood and walked over to show his lean nine inch dick to the girls. They just stared for a few seconds, then Marsha put her hand on Annie's leg and slid up her thigh. Frank turned sideways and stroked himself until he was fully erect. All that Marsha could say was, "Jesus…".

Bill kept fucking my mouth. I’d reached around and got hold of his ass cheeks and was guiding him in and out. I took my mouth off long enough to say, "I sure would like to see some of that fine titty you girls have," then went back to sucking Bill as he humped my mouth. Annie got up and walked over where I could see, taking her sweater off as she approached. Then as I looked sideways, she unclasped her bra and let it fall free. What a pair of jugs! She looked to be a D cup, but those girls stood high and proud. Annie cupped them in her hands and asked me, "You like them, Pete?" I just moaned while Bill kept pumping his cock into my mouth.

Frank sat back down, and I popped off Bill again and said, "Tom, your turn on Bill. I want Frank's fire hose now." We traded places, and while I moved over, I opened my pants and let my very hard cock out. Marsha said, "I was wondering when I'd get to see that thing again." I turned to look, and she had her skirt up, her panties down and was running her fingers up and down her slit. I turned to Frank and reached for his pole, standing it up and moving closer, then I took it into my mouth and went down on his long member. Frank groaned.

Bill was now fucking Tom's face, and Tom had opened his pants and was stroking himself. I caught motion and looked to see Annie kneeling by Tom, and reaching for his cock. She pushed her boobs against Tom's arm; he swung the arm back and put it around her shoulders. She pressed in so her chest was against both of them. Bill started moving faster, then began to grunt and said, "Fuck, I'm close." Annie said, "Cum on my tits, Bill." Annie had her hand in her crotch and was rubbing herself hard. That set Bill off, he pumped Tom's mouth faster and faster, then began to call out, "Ah, ah, oh," – then he pulled his cock out of Tom's mouth and pointed it down, and squirted a big load of cum all over Annie's marvelous jugs. Three, four, five squirts hit her. When he was done, Tom bent and started to lick Bill's cum off of Annie's tits, and Annie put Bill's cock in her mouth, still diddling her pussy. It didn't take long before she started to moan, then convulsed as her orgasm hit.

Watching all this, Frank was starting to hump upward into my mouth, and began to groan like he does when he's close. I increased my motion and suction, stopping every few seconds to suck hard and lick his sensitive underside. Suddenly he called out, "FUCK!" and I felt his jism flood my mouth. I swallowed like crazy, and manged to take it all down.

Marsha couldn't stand it any more. She came over and grabbed my shoulders and said, "Fuck me Pete. Please!" I turned, and she laid down on the floor, spreading her legs. I turned and bent down to put my cock head against her pussy, rubbing it up and down. She was sopping wet. I positioned myself and pushed into her hole. Man, she was just as tight and hot as I remembered. That feeling when you first enter a pussy, it's heaven on earth. I slid in, and Marsha grabbed my hips to pull me there.

Tom had finished licking up Bill's cum, and Annie was still stroking his cock. Tom turned to Annie and leaned in to kiss her. After a minute of hot kissing, Annie broke it and told Tom, "Lay down, I want that fat cock in my mouth." Tom laid by Marsha, and Annie knelt between his legs. She leaned down and took Tom's thick member into her mouth and immediately went all the way down on him. Her other hand was busy on her pussy lips.

Bill and Frank sat on the couch and watched the action. I was pumping in and out of Marsha's pussy, and Annie was sucking hard on Tom. Frank asked Tom, "Is she doing as good a job as it looks?" Tom just moaned. Bill and Frank reached for each other's dicks and held them. Marsha began to rock and moan in time with my thrusts, then said, "God, Pete, I'm going to cum already. Uh uh ohohoh…" .

"Me… ahhhh too." I kept pounding her, my cock ramming in and out of her box, harder now, I started to feel my whole middle tighten up, and her cunt compressing my cock, then we both slammed against each other and held as our climaxes hit together. Marsha gave a little mewing cry and I grunted as my body started to pump my cum into her pussy.

Right then, Tom started to cry out as his orgasm hit. Annie took his cock all the way in her mouth and groaned as the jism filled her mouth. She kept diddling her cunt, then in only a few seconds she moaned in passion as her orgasm took her.

It was silent in the basement. After a bit, I got off Marsha and laid next to her. Annie finally let Tom's cock out of her mouth and laid down across his middle. Bill and Frank were still playing with each other's now-softened cocks. Every once in a while someone would sigh. Eventually we started getting chilly, so Marsha and Annie squeezed onto the couch with Bill and Frank. Tom and I covered them up with the big quilt, then grabbed another blanket, which we wrapped around each other and sat on the floor by their legs, facing each other with our legs interwoven.

I felt the blanket moving, and saw that Annie had reached over to Bill's crotch and was stroking. Soon enough, Frank reached over to play with Annie's tits. Annie said, "If you fellows hadn't figured it out yet, I really like to suck dick. In fact, I want to do you guys that I haven't." Frank turned and knelt on the couch and presented his long dong to Annie's face; she went right to it and put her mouth on his head, and reached around him to squeeze his butt cheek. She hummed and moaned a bit while she slid her mouth up and down Frank's cock. Then Marsha told Bill to stand in front of her; he did and she pulled him to her mouth, saying, "You really do have a beautiful dick, Bill." She leaned forward and licked all around his head, and slowly took him in.

I was getting hard again myself, and reached over to Tom and felt his nipple, then slid down to his fat cock. It was getting hard again too. We didn't play long, Marsha asked us to move, saying, "Scuse me boys, I need to do something." We moved, and Marsha turned so she was facing her sister, spread her legs and moved her face into Annie's crotch. She also said, " Bill, do me doggie." As Marsha moved her face against Annie's pussy and began to kiss, Bill brought his dick up to her rear and pressed his dick to her pussy. Martha was still wet with my cum so Bill slipped right in, which made Martha moan.

By now, Tom had a hold of my cock, as I had his. Annie took her mouth off Frank for a moment and asked us, "I want one of you boys to suck the other where I can see him." I started to tell Tom that I'd do him, but he spoke first: "Pete, I want your cummy cock, stand up." As I stood, he added, "Yummy, boy and girl cum together on a stiff cock. Damn!" I stood, and when Annie caught sight of my hard seven incher her eyes got wide and she moaned loudly with her mouth on Frank. Then Tom brought his mouth to me and took in my shaft. I could feel his breath in my crotch hair, and then his hand on my balls. Oh fuck this was hot, getting a good blowjob and watching the show – Annie sitting and sucking Frank, Marsha eating Annie, Bill fucking Marsha doggie style, and Tom sucking on me. I looked down and saw that both Annie's and Marsha's tits were in reach, and I put a hand on each of them.

Frank started to grunt and croak, and pump his cock into Annie's mouth. She saw that he was going to cum and moved faster on him. Then Frank cried out and froze; I could see his shaft pulsing as he pumped his cum into Annie's mouth. Bill saw the show too, and began pumping hard into Marsha, then cried out as he buried himself in her cunt, to add his cum to mine in there. Annie came off Frank's long dong, and said, "Give me another cock to suck!" Frank got off the couch and I turned to give my cock to Annie; she took me right in. I could feel that some of Frank's cum was in her mouth, and the feeling was heavenly. Bill moved away from Marsha, but Marsha needed more, and said, "Somebody please fuck me." Tom got behind her and plugged his fat cock into her, and she squealed a little, then went back onto Annie's pussy, and Annie was starting to go, "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm…" and rocking her cunt against Marsha's mouth. Tom pumped in time with Annie's humping, harder, then harder yet. I took hold of Annie's firm round tits as she sucked my cock, tweaking her nipples, and her moaning got more intense, she was so close – and so was I. Suddenly my orgasm hit me and I pumped my cum into Annie's mouth. That made her loose it, she called out while my cock was still in her mouth and my jism started running out of the corners of her mouth. Tom kept pumping into Marsha, but it didn't take long until she called out too, shoving her ass back against Tom as she came. Tom pulled his shaft out and I got back down on the floor, and I got back on the floor and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him hard, he pumped me a few times, then froze as his load shot into my mouth. I love eating Tom's cum from his hard cock, and he didn't disappoint me.

Well, after all that we really were spent. After a bit, we cleaned up and talked for a while. I said, "Marsha, that was a great idea you had. I hope everybody liked that as much as I did."

"I didn't expect to get fucked by three guys, and you were all great."

I continued, "You ladies both have very sexy bodies."

Marsha asked if I was working tomorrow. "In at eight, how about you?"

"Twelve to six. Wanna have lunch before I start?"

"You bet."

We all headed home. The next day, Marsha told me that she was tired, but when her and Annie got back to Annie's place, they had a sixty nine and Marsha stayed over. Well, at least it was the end of my shift so I could go home and relieve myself.

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