I highly recommend that you read "The Geordie Rodeo Pt. 01" before you read this story.

As in the first story I use English terminology. A fanny is a pussy. The word "pet" is used to females by males, or females to males around Tyneside, it is the equivalent of two men calling each other "mate." Hold ups are thigh-highs.

"I think I want you to shag me with the strap-on now Shel," Karen says as she drains the last of the wine out of her glass. "But I want John in me first for a little while, just to open me up a bit, are you OK with that John?"

"Well, let me think, shall I gift you my cock which you two have been making rock hard all evening to widen your fanny lips and stretch you inside?" John was deliberately smearing his pre-cum around the head of his cock. "Then when you two are shagging I have to sit back and wait my turn again?"

Suddenly grabbing hold of Karen's legs he pulls her to the edge of the bed and opens her legs. He positioned himself so his cock was just touching her fanny lips. The tip went in, then the first inch. "Slow or fast Karen, you tell me."

"Fast all the way, right up to the hilt in one, NOW." Karen's face showed her pleasure as my husband's cock went all the way up her in one smooth and rapid movement. Having filled her hole completely John was giving quick, short movements in and out.

While they are fully occupied I take the chance to remove my suspender belt, luckily I am wearing hold-ups so my stockings stay in place. Then get the strap-on into place and adjusted for tightness. The strap-on doesn't do much for me sexually, it's just another way of giving pleasure to other females. But some, like Karen for instance, really get off with the power aspect when wearing it. I roll a condom over the strap-on, strange thing but they tend to dry women out if it's only the rubber going in.

"By Hell, I just love being up you Karen,, wrap your legs round my waist and lift your hips up." Mutters John, while continuing his in and out movement.

Immediately Karen did that and by her moans I could tell she was feeling it even deeper. Sweat was starting to drip off John's face. Out of a sense of mischief I reached under them and grip John's balls very lightly while putting my mouth over Karen's nipple. Sucking and gripping put me in the loop of their pleasure. I can feel Karen shuddering and John is grunting every time he thrusts in to her.

"Sorry, but this has to be done," I say as I put my hand round the base of John's cock and squeeze. That will prevent him coming. "Let him go Karen, time for us to shag."

"Sorry John, but I could feel how close you were to flooding her with your spunk, not time for that yet."

With a bit of a disgruntled look John eases himself out of Karen.

"Your right I was very near to coming, I must fill one of you very soon."

"Not be long, I promise," I say as I take John's place between Karen's legs. "Are you ready for this, lover?" I rub the cock end up and down her slit and push it against her clitoris then down and up her fanny lips.

"Take it a bit slower than John did, please Shel, that strap-on it pretty big."

Gently easing the strap-on into Karen I reach forwards and get hold of her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as the strap-on keeps filling her. Looking down I see her fanny lips stretching around it. "Can you take it all?" I know she can, but I want to hear her reaction.

"Ugh, just get it in, stop your damn teasing, oh, oh, oh, fuucckkkk, yes! It's in all the way."

I give a final little push to ensure every inch is in her. "Right girl, now you're in for a shagging." Withdrawing the strap-on halfway out of her fanny then thrusting back in I find a rhythm which is taking her to ecstasy while at the same time pushes the rubber cock back onto my clit at the end of each stroke.

Looking down I see the rubber cock pushing her inner lips in and out, it's a wonderful sight and does give me an idea of what it feels like to have a cock and be shagging a woman with it.

"A bit faster Shel, get it up me as far as it will go, harder and harder, I'm COMING, Oh fuck, fuck, fuck."

I see wetness seeping out round the strap-on and it gets more difficult to move it as Karen's inner muscles clench around it. I keep thrusting and love seeing her convulsing with orgasm. I'm pulling hard on her nipples, I wish I could get one in my mouth, but I know the strap-on would slip out of her if I bend over.

John comes over and kisses Karen deeply while reaching down and playing with her clitoris. That does it, she is jerking wildly and hugging John tightly, I'm glad he has covered her mouth with his as the neighbours would know exactly what was happening!

I stop moving in and out, John stops mauling her clit and Karen relaxes with a dreamy and satisfied look on her face.

"Fucking Hell, that was unreal," Karen whispers, "I'm still shuddering through my fanny, getting contractions every few seconds in it, just hold that wonderful rubber cock still for a few minutes please."

After a couple of minutes I slowly withdraw from Karen, the end of my false cock slips out of her and I look down at her still open and oh so wet fanny. I know I'm imagining it, but it somehow looks sad to be empty. I release the buckles of the strap-on harness and let it fall to the ground.

"You got any strength left in you Karen?" I ask, while putting a small amount of wine in everyone's glass.

"You better believe it Shel, when I get that strap-on fitted to me and push it into you I will make you scream for mercy!"

"In that case, I want some added lube and I want the natural lube that John produces so well, so husband, are you ready for a fuck and to fill me full of spunk?"

"About time as well," John grumbles good naturedly. "Just let me help Karen get strapped up as it were, you know she needs it nice and tight round her."

Karen sips her wine as John fusses around her lifting the strap-on into place.

As he arranges the fake cock onto her I see a subtle change in her demeanour. She becomes less feminine and a little more butch. I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen to me, but I know Karen loves wearing the strap-on. I re-fasten the suspender belt around my waist, but don't bother connecting it to the stockings. It's only there so Karen can grip onto it when she is shagging me.

As John completes all the adjustments Karen holds her new cock in both hands rubbing it up and down like a man wanking. Yes, she is smiling showing it's a joke, but underneath that I know there is a feeling of a new power to go with the cock.

I know I'm going to be well ridden by both John and Karen, don't know if I should be grateful or apprehensive! Nevertheless, I get on the bed in the doggy style, look over my shoulder and tell John too come and get it.

Within a few seconds John has mounted me and slid straight into my still well lubricated hole. "Oh yes, that's nice, not too hard though, husband, just give me a nice warm up for that rubber cock."

"No problem pet, I'm just happy that I can finally cum, though I will try and last a little while."

John is smoothly and gently thrusting in and out and I feel Karen lie beside me.

"Shel, I am going to 69 you, I want you to put my cock end in your mouth."

With that she moves around and under me and I am presented with a rather large rubber cock hitting the side of my face. I know I won't get any fun out of it, but I do slip the end into my mouth. I note that she is already calling it her cock. Meanwhile at my fanny I feel her fingers playing with my clit. That intensifies the feelings very nicely!

"OOhhhhhh, yes, yes, keep doing that!" John's voice is slightly loud and has a strained tone.

I can guess what has happened.

Karen has taken one of his balls in her mouth and is sucking on it.

I feel her fingers leave my clit and then a warm tongue flicking across it, bet she is also licking his cock as it goes in and out of me!

A few minutes later and John is literally panting with excitement. "Lube is on its way! Karen, I want both of my balls in your mouth and you gently sucking them. OOOgggg, shhuuu, now, now, now!" With that he pulls me back onto him so he is fully up inside me.

I feel it, the spunk is shooting up me, three amazingly strong spurts then a few less powerful. He really needed that release!

"I'm pulling out. Shel, drop your fanny onto Karen's mouth, I don't want any of my spunk going to waste."

I do as I am told and feel Karen's tongue licking at my fanny, taking all the excess cum which is dribbling out. I deliberately don't squeeze my fanny muscles as I want to keep some cum in me for lube. But I do remove my mouth from the rubber cock, I have had enough of that!

Still in the doggy position I am handed my glass of wine by John, I take a big swig, "Thanks, I needed that!"

"You mean the wine or the spunk, lover?" asks Karen as she wriggles out from under me.


"Are you ready for me to fuck you now?"

"That's why I stayed in this position, just be gentle as it goes in, you know it can be a little wide for my fanny."

With my head hanging down I see Karen shuffling on her knees in between my legs. Her false cock is pointing directly at my pussy. With a bump it collides into my outer lips. Just as a man would do she holds the cock in her hand and rubs it up and down my slit. It gathers some of the cum which is leaking from me. I feel her just push the end into me.

A small jerk of her hips and another couple of inches slip in. I can feel my lips being stretched open around it. "Wait a second till I get used to it."

A sudden slap on my bum is accompanied by another insertion. Wow, what a mixture of sensations. I feel the rubber cock widening me and at the same time the sting of the slap has overcome the slight discomfort I was feeling in my fanny.

A slap on the other side of my bum and yet more strap-on fills me.

"Can YOU take it?" I hear Karen ask, paying me back for my earlier comment.

"Not as easily as you, how much more is to go in?"

"Two inches and you ARE going to take all of my cock." No sooner has she said that than I get a double slap on the bum, but no insertion.

Another double slap, but this time I feel those last two inches push into me. Panting, totally filled, stinging bum, stretched fanny lips. I am aware of all of those sensations.

"Hey John, look at all your spunk pushing out round my cock." Karen calls out to John who has been sitting in the chair recovering with a small glass of wine.

"Yeah, a very fine vintage of spunk, all my own work." John says while rubbing his finger in the natural lube leaking from me. He loads some on his finger and rubs it around my bum then sticks the tip of his finger in. "Are you going to ride her hard Karen?"

"Sure am, like a Champion Jockey, will you play with her tits, you know how she likes that. Just get a nipple in your mouth, keep still and I'll make her move."

I feel John sliding under me, taking a nipple in his mouth and sucking hard. "Oh Yes, that's good. Come on then, bitch, start riding." Normally I wouldn't talk like that but I want to get a hard fucking.

I feel her hands gripping and twisting into my suspender belt as she gets ready. I hear a slap and realise that John has slapped her bum as a signal to start!

"Ahhggggg, Ooohhhh, ummmpphhhh." The feelings are unbelievable. I am being pounded by a black rubber cock which is bigger than any real cock than I have ever had. Karen is showing me how a cock should be used.

"Are you liking that? My cock is the best you have ever had, admit it."

"Yes, Yes, Yes. I'm loving it, I feel every inch pushing right up me." I gasp between pants and groans. It's a good job I'm well lubricated as this is right at the limit of size I can take. I wish I could see Karen's face, I know it will be set hard, concentrating on making sure I am well ridden. John, bless him, is doing his best with my nipple but my body is being pushed hard forward and back and it's all he can do to keep a grip.

A few minutes later John releases my nipple, crawls out from under me and positions himself lying crossways in front of me.

"Can you get my cock in your mouth pet? I need a suck to get me hard again."

"I will if Karen will slow down just a bit."

Karen does slow down a touch, I think she was tiring a little anyway and I manage to put John's semi hard cock into my mouth. I do my best to lick and suck him while still getting pounded from behind. Luckily he responds quite well. I'm pretty sure he will have taken a blue pill earlier which no doubt helped the recovery.

Fully hard again, John rises from the bed and positions himself behind Karen and puts his arms around her from behind. Reaching round her he fondles her tits and tweaks her nipples for a short while. His arms around her have slowed down her hammering into me, but I make up for that by rhythmically pushing back against her.

"Keep still for a while, I need to try something, Karen, lean forward a bit over Shel's back," John says to both of us.

Curious I look backwards between my spread legs and can see John fumbling with the fastening of the strap-on which is goes between Karen's legs. He moves it across out of the way and pushes his cock into her hole. Oh, this is new, he is shagging Karen and Karen is shagging me!

"OK, Shel, can you push back and forwards onto Karen's cock while I keep her steady?"

"I'll give it a go."

This is precisely what I do. Luckily the rubber cock is long enough so that it gives me a fair bit of movement back and forwards without it dropping out. I can control the depth and speed of penetration in me. When I push hard back not only do I feel the cock right up me, but Karen's groans and John's gasps show that I'm in the driving seat, or should I say driving bed, in this fully linked threesome.

As Karen is bent over me with John supporting her, she is able to reach my clit, smearing it with some of the spunk still around my fanny lips she massages my most sensitive spot and starts the build up to my next orgasm.

Her moans and groans are increasing in intensity also, obviously from the added stimulus of John's cock and his fondling of her tits. She also has the visual and mental stimulation of watching her rubber cock ravish my fanny.

"Shel, Shel, I'm starting to come, come with me, ohhh, I want you to come on my cock, ooohhhhhh. Go faster on me, John, pull my nipples harder." Karen is very close to her orgasm.

"Yes, me too, rub my clit faster, wwwoooooowwww, your cock is filling me Karen, do me, shag me, RIDE ME!." I am pushing back really hard now, not pulling forwards, all I can feel is the cock right up my fanny and the sensations from my clit.

"UUUhgggghgggg, yes, yes, Fucking YES. Now Karen, squirt for me!" My orgasm is huge, I drop forwards, Karen follows to keep connected with me. I see stars, my fanny is clutching and clenching. A second orgasm roars up inside of me, "AARGGG, ooooohhhhh."

"Fucking Hell, Fuck me harder John, I'm squirting, oooohhhhhho." Karen is coming as well. "Hold it up me, push back Shel, push up me John! OOuuuuughhhhhhh, wow, wow, wow!"

A slow return to normality with my fanny twitching and sending shivers up and down my body. I pull forwards slowly and feel the strap-on retreating from me, with an audible squelch it finally drops out entirely. I realise that I am releasing a stream of my juices and John's cum which has been lubricating me onto the bed. I turn onto my back, don't care that I'm in the wet spot.

Karen has her eyes closed but has raised her arms and pulled John's head down so he is kissing her neck at the same time as gently caressing her tits.

For a minute I just lie quietly, letting the universe rearrange itself back to normality. I look up and John and Karen are deep in a passionate kiss, though it looks really odd that there is a rubber cock pressing into his stomach.

"John, while I my cock is still hard, if you want you could bend over and I'll show you what Shel has been getting." Karen is obviously joking, but still feeling the power of a hard cock rearing up between her legs.

"Eh, no thanks pet, it would take a braver man than me to let you and that bad boy cock do them up the bum! Actually let me help you out of it before you and Shel gang up on me." Says John as his hands start working on the straps to release it from her body.

"I think it's time for me and you to give John his grand finale, think he deserves it by now." I say as I finish laughing at John's nervous face looking at Karen and the strap-on.

"Well, thanks for thinking of me, I know what my final treat usually is, but tonight I want to try something new first. I want to penetrate you both at the same time." John replies.

"Have you grown an extra cock then which we never noticed?" Karen was trying to stifle a laugh. "Women can take two cocks, but up to now I've had to have two men to do that."

"No, I haven't grown an extra cock yet, but I will be penetrating you both simultaneously in a few minutes. Come on, let's have you out of the strap-on."

I know John well enough to know he can have some weird ideas which sometimes do actually work, but I am intrigued as to what he has in mind.

"Karen, I need your help to get this strap-on fixed on me." Says John.

"Em, how exactly do I fix it to you then," asks Karen with the same puzzled look on her face as I must have.

"Right, you put it on me so the cock is in the small of my back, then adjust the straps around my waist and legs the opposite way as to how they were fixed round your sexy little arse!"

Karen is not sure if she should be laughing or not, but does manage to fix the rubber cock to John in the manner he had requested. It looks so strange, he has a hard on sticking out in front of him and a hard on sticking out behind him. Sort of like a penile push-me pull-you!

"OK, Shel, on your back in the middle of the bed, legs open, I'm going to mount you missionary style. When I'm fully in your hole I want Karen to get onto my back facing my feet and put the rubber cock in her. She is riding me reverse cowgirl. Once she has the rubber cock right up then she shouts Yehaa and off we go! Don't forget to have the camera to hand Karen as I want you to take photos or no one will believe us."

I do as requested and John gets on top and slides his cock into me, not difficult as I am still wide open and very wet. Karen climbs onto the bed, swings a leg over John and settles down onto the rubber cock. As her weight settles onto John's back I feel him push that bit further into me, but luckily he is taking most of the weight via his arms as he pushes his body up from me to compensate.

A bit of shuffling from Karen then I hear her shout "Yehaa" and start rising and dropping on the false cock. At the same time John is thrusting in and out of me.

It's certainly an unusual situation. John's thrusts are modified by Karen riding him so I don't get a consistent rhythm of cock into me. But I can put my hands down and around Karen's thighs which also feels like I am locking John into me. I hear Karen snapping away with the camera, but judging by her unruly motion I doubt many of the snaps will show the right areas.

"I can't believe I am shagging two women at once, come on girls put some effort into it, I don't think I'll manage this for much longer."

I do my best to match his thrusts and even if possible unseat him, well it is a rodeo isn't it? At the same time I feel Karen increase her speed.

"Come on cowboy, ride em," shouts Karen as she slaps John's backside.

The bed is bouncing like crazy, I am really concerned that the three of us may actually break it. Suddenly Karen falls off and lands beside us, John collapses on top of me, pulls out and quickly un-straps himself. Then settles himself in the middle between us two. We all burst out laughing.

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