I'd been in my engineering job for just a couple of weeks when my colleague Steve introduced me to the "stairway to heaven." I still remember the occasion. When I'd started Steve and I hit it off straight away. We were two guys in our early thirties and he'd soon gathered that I was every bit as interested as he was in the leggy short skirted girls from the admin offices that wandered through the open plan area where Steve, I and the other guys worked.

"Come with me," Steve said conspiratorially one morning when none of the other guys were around.

Steve took me to the bottom of the stairs that led down from the upper level stack of admin offices to our ground floor open plan area. That stair provided a short cut alternative for anyone on the upper floor offices wanting to avoid a long walk along a corridor to the main stair.

"Look" whispered Steve, indicating upwards with a flick of his head.

I looked up. Two of the office girls, Hannah and Lucy, pretty bits of eye candy in their early twenties were walking toward the top of the stair deep in chatter. They reached the top of the stair and started to descend. Then I saw it. Whichever architect had designed that stair was either a fool or a genius. It was summer and the girls were in mini-skirts with bare legs. As they descended, the open side of the stair gave us a perfect view up what little there was of their skirts all the way up their bare legs to a peep of their panties.

When the girls were nearly right above us Steve quickly pulled me right under the stair into a space hidden behind a row of big metal cabinets up against the foot of the stair.

"Don't make a move, and keep quiet," Steve hissed.

The treads of the stair were made of a metal mesh. Through the gaps in the mesh we were looking vertically straight up the girls' skirts. I saw Hannah was in simple white cotton panties with a pink flower pattern taut over her mound and cheeky bottom and Lucy was in a tiny purple thong with a thin gusset between her legs and nestling in the valley between her smooth round bum cheeks. Steve and I waited under the stair until the girls had reached the bottom and strolled away still deep in chatter before we came out.

"Don't tell any of the other guys," said Steve as we strolled to our desks. So the "stairway to heaven" as Steve called it remained our secret.

After that introduction the stairway to heaven provided us with plenty of erotic voyeur entertainment all through that summer. As soon as we saw any potentially interesting woman in a skirt heading for the stair we were quickly under it for a surreptitious panty peep. We were entertained by a full range of upskirts ranging through mature women's panties seen through tights, spectacular displays of stockings with bare thigh above stocking tops and sometimes even suspender straps, young girls with their bare legs and tiny panties or thongs barely covering their cunts. On rare but memorable occasions we even enjoyed spectacular panty-free displays of bare legs topped by naked bottoms and neat bushes of cunt hair or smooth shaven pussies.

It also gave me plenty of material to savour as I masturbated in the men's toilet. In those cubicles the girls in the porn magazine from Steve's office stash propped open on the tank were supplemented by fresh memories from our stair. In my wanking fantasies I relished Hannah's, Lucy's and other girls' legs and underwear. In my mind I peeled their panties off and enjoyed their naked bodies as I added yet more semen stains to those left by other guys before me on the cubicle wall.

One day we noticed one of the senior managers, Wendy, coming toward the bottom of our stairway. She was a mature sophisticated looking beauty in her later thirties with neat blonde hair down just below her ears. She was a few years older than me and there was something erotically exciting about her. The sensuous way she moved and even the click-clack of her high heels turned me on. Wendy had already treated us to several upskirt displays on our stair. She had long shapely legs that looked good in her nylons. She'd only ever treated us to upskirt glimpses of her panties, usually white or pastel, through tan or sheer black tights though on a few memorable occasions she'd worn open crotch tights with the tops of her bare thighs and her panties showing through the crotch opening.

On seeing Wendy approach, carefully making sure she didn't see us Steve and I rose and went quickly to our "hide" under the stair and watched her approach the foot of the stair. She was in a white blouse bulging over a very decent pair of boobs, a grey knee length rather tight business skirt with black nylons and slightly high heeled shoes. She seemed preoccupied with some documents she was carrying. Looking between the treads we watched as Wendy mounted the stair.

Just a few steps up, Wendy stopped. She absent mindedly crouched down on the stair, swinging her legs wide to get down. Then she reached down and fumbled with her shoe as if the buckle had come undone or the heel had come loose.

"Fucking hell!" I heard Steve gasp as Wendy treated us to the best full frontal upskirt view the stair had ever given us.

Between Wendy's wide spread legs, at eye level and not much more than a metre in front of us, we saw she wasn't in her usual tights but in stockings. Above her stocking tops was bare thigh, culminating in black panties. They were very brief and all but see through black lace showing the shadow of her cunt bush underneath with a few wisps of her brown pubic hair peeping out at the sides.

The thin black gusset of her panties had slipped into her vagina slit. As she squatted she looked carefully around to make sure no-one was looking, then she adjusted her panties, giving Steve and me a glimpse of her vagina ringed by brown pubic hair as she briefly pulled the gusset aside. A moment later she was back on her feet and walking up the stairs with our eyes locked on her swinging thighs and her black panties clinging to the curves of her bottom.

As we went back to our desks Steve was speechless except for a series of gasped "fucking hells!" All that afternoon I couldn't get that vision of Wendy's spread thighs, stocking tops, panties and that glimpse of her cunt out of my mind, and my penis wouldn't stay down. Eventually I had to go to the men's toilet and with my shaft straining hard in my frantically stroking hand and my mind full of Wendy's stocking tops, panties and cunt I relieved my lust with a hefty spurt of semen against the cubicle wall. After an upskirt display like that I didn't even need a porn magazine!

The metal cabinets next to the stair created a perfect voyeurs "hide" and created a dark space under that stair so women on the stair couldn't see us and didn't know we were looking up their skirts. Or so we thought.

One day I saw sexy young Tracey, a pretty little girl of nineteen straight out of school approaching the top of the stair wearing her customary blue denim microskirt. Steve and I reckoned she had the shortest skirt and best legs in the building and from our hide we'd seen she certainly wore some of the sexiest underwear. Steve wasn't around and I headed for our stair by myself anticipating a hot upskirt from Tracey.

But the instant I entered our hide what I saw shocked me so much I didn't even look up Tracey's skirt when she was directly above me. There carefully placed on an upright chair in our hide was a pair of women's panties. They were light grey smooth satin edged with embroidery and very brief. The satin bulged with its memory of its wearer's sex mound, and they had obviously been recently worn. Whoever had left them there obviously knew we'd been ogling her knickers from our hide.

I felt a combination of horror that we'd been discovered and sexual thrill at finding the panties. I've had a fetish thing about women's panties for ages since as a sex crazed teen I first played with my mother's underwear borrowed from her laundry basket. As I ran the smooth satin of the panties through my fingers my penis rose rock hard. I had to visit the men's toilet.

In a cubicle I dropped my trousers and briefs and stood with my erect cock sticking out. I stroked the panties across my stiffly erect shaft and erection sensitised cock head, and ran them back and forth between my spread legs. I enjoyed the soft feel of them tickling my balls as I hung them on my hard up erect cock. Then with my iron hard shaft in my hand I masturbated till I jerked a hefty splash of semen over the panties. As I tugged and stroked my shaft I dreamed of what I'd like to do with Hannah, Lucy, other women who'd shown me their panties, and most of all after her erotic display, with Wendy. I took the panties home with me as a masturbation fetish toy, but I didn't tell Steve about them.

Naturally I wondered which of the women whose panties I'd ogled had left them there. I searched for any pubic hair caught in the stitching like I'd sometimes found in my mother's knickers that might show if she was blonde or brunette. But I couldn't find any. I tried to guess from the size and styles of the women's underwear I saw from under my stair but that led nowhere. The older women generally wore larger rather modest panties and the younger girls wore tiny daring panties or thongs. From the brevity of the panties I'd found I guessed they belonged to one of the younger girls, possibly Hannah or Lucy. I assumed no mature woman would wear anything so sexy.

I was more cautious in my under stairs upskirt panty peeping for a while after that. But if we'd been discovered nothing came of it. Hannah, Lucy, Tracey, Wendy and other women continued to entertain us with voyeur sex in the following weeks. Then that never to be forgotten afternoon came. It was a day when Steve was out and I was alone at my desk in the open plan. I was sitting at my desk when I caught sight of a movement on the landing at the top of the stairs. I glanced up and saw it was Wendy about to descend the stairs.

No-one took any notice as I rose from my desk, strolled to the stair and positioned myself in our hide under our stairway to heaven. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Wendy slowly descended the stair treating me to a perfect upskirt view.

Wendy was in a knee length dress loose round her legs, thin and light coloured, letting light filter through to show clearly what she was wearing underneath. Looking up her dress I saw she was in stockings, the first time since that spectacular upskirt, tan coloured this time. She was wearing creamy white satin panties. Wendy paused directly above me on the see through mesh rocking smoothly on her legs as she looked at something on her phone. Her loose skirt let her spread her legs wide. As she stood above me I had a good long ogle of the tiny triangle of white satin above her stocking tops bulging over her mound with its thin white gusset between her spread legs and nestling between the cheeks of her bottom before it expanded into a "whale tail."

Wendy reached the foot of the stairs. But this time to my horror instead of heading off into the distance she turned and headed straight for me. I couldn't have made a run for it and a moment later Wendy was standing there in the hide facing me. I was caught red handed. For what seemed like eternity Wendy simply stood there looking at me in silence but with her eyes telling me she knew exactly what I'd been up to. I knew she had power to have me dismissed, and I knew what "dismissed for looking up women colleague's skirts" would do for me on my employment record. I awaited the words which would end my career.

"Did you like it when I spread my legs for you and showed you my knickers and my cunt?"

It certainly wasn't what I expected to hear.

"What ...?" I began to mumble, feeling my face turn red.

"I've had complaints from some of my staff about men looking up their skirts on these stairs. I could have you dismissed for that. You're a very naughty boy." Wendy gave me a mischievous smile. "But I like naughty boys, and I enjoy a bit of attention."

I stood there in silence, momentarily baffled. Then, as if to give me an idea of what kind of attention she had in mind, Wendy stepped a high heeled foot up onto a chair that happened to be there. Doing that pulled her dress up her thigh. My eyes locked onto her leg, and she reached down to pull her skirt up high enough to show me her stocking tops, bare thigh above, and her creamy white panties bulging over her mound and showing the dimpled outline of her vagina slit.

Wendy reached across and ran her finger along the bulging ridge of my erection.

"Did you masturbate over those panties I left you?" I didn't say anything in reply but Wendy's mischievous smile told me my face must have given me away. "Did you guess they were mine?"

"I was beginning to wonder," I said.

"Do you just like to look, or do you want to touch me too?"

As she spoke Wendy nudged her hips toward me provocatively. I got the message. I reached down, stroked her bare thigh tops for a moment then cupped my hand over the bulge of her sex mound through her panties. She gave a little gasp of pleasure as I ran my fingertip along the line of her vagina. Then my hand was down inside her panties and she moaned and squirmed with sex pleasure as I ruffled her cunt hair, fingered the moist lips of her vagina and slipped a finger between them.

"You're a naughty girl." I said. "And I like naughty girls too."

Wendy smiled.

"In there," she said, indicating a door near our stair hide that led to a store room.

A moment later we were in the store room. Wendy took the key from the hook on the wall and locked the door behind us.

"Since you're so curious about what women wear under their clothes why don't you find out for yourself."

As she spoke she spread her legs slightly, smiled mischievously and rocked sensuously on her feet. Her dress buttoned up the front and I guessed straight away that she'd put a dress like that on deliberately just for me. I unbuttoned her dress down the front and slipped it off her shoulders behind her. Her creamy white bra matched her panties. Her big round firm breasts that bounced out as I let it drop, and her fur ringed vagina were everything I'd dreamed of as I'd spurted my semen against the toilet wall. I'd got her nude except for her stockings and I was wondering how far I'd get with her when she slipped out of my exploring hands.

"Your turn now. I've put on a show for you. Now you put on a show for me. Show me what you've got."

I had no doubts what she meant by that. I dropped my trousers down round my ankles, lifted my shirt and thrust my hips forward. I was wearing rather small light blue designer briefs my girl friend liked. She'd told me that when my cock was rock hard erect the thin cloth of my briefs taut over my straining hard penis showed the outline of my shaft and cock head perfectly.

Wendy ran her fingers along the ridge of my shaft through my briefs. Then she pulled my briefs down so they were stretched round my thighs, letting my stiff penis bounce out. With my naked erection bending up hard I spread my legs as far as my trousers and briefs would allow and thrust my hips forward toward her. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of down there. I showed her nearly eight inches of hard muscle surmounted by a big round knob, well filled balls and a thick cock bush.

I grunted with the explosion of sex pleasure as she ran her hand over my sex kit. She explored my penis and balls with her fingers, then she crouched down in front of me and explored my hard shaft with her tongue and lips. She licked me all over my cock head then took my knob into her mouth, massaged it with her tongue and slid her moist lips up and down across the base ridge of my penis mushroom head.

I could have taken any amount of that and all I wanted was for her lips to take me to a cum. But Wendy had other ideas. Her lips slipped up and off my straining hard penis and she rose. She stood in front of me lightly fingering my penis and balls.

"Jerk one off for me. And make it a good one. I love watching men with big cocks come."

Wendy was a voyeur too! I'd enjoyed masturbating for audiences of both girls and boys plenty of times at student parties, and for my girl friend too. I certainly knew how to put on a good show for a woman. I knew Wendy was married and I determined to give her at least as good a show as her husband could give her.

I stood in front of Wendy with my legs wide and my cock shoved forward. I was so close to her my knob brushed against her belly between her cunt and her navel. I began to masturbate. I took my time at first with just my thumb and forefinger round my shaft gently stroking my penis to tease myself to the peak of straining iron hard erection. I poked my penis head against her and at the same time I ran my spare hand over her naked body. I savoured the feel of her smooth thighs, her soft bottom, the curves of her breasts and her moist coarse pubic hair. As I got more frantic, stroking and tugging from my bush to right over my cock head, I made sure I grunted loudly like an animal with lust and sex pleasure.

As I masturbated for her, smoothly and rhythmically pumping my shaft, she reached down to tickle my balls and between my legs. I played with her too. She gave excited little cries as my spare hand teased her peaking nipples, fingered her pussy, ruffled her moist coarse cunt hair and reached under her between her legs.

Masturbation is every boy's ultimate secret pleasure, and he soon discovers how porn adds spice. But nothing short of full sex beats masturbating with a real live woman watching and her naked body to play with.

I took myself to the brink and edged, holding myself on the exquisite brink of orgasm. Finally I couldn't hold back any more.

"Gonna cum!" I grunted, ramming my cock forward hard.

Wendy quickly crouched down in front of me.

"Over my tits!" she gasped.

She held up her breasts so my penis was aimed straight into her cleavage with the tip of my penis head brushing against her breasts. I slid my almost exploding cock head into her cleavage and my stroking, tugging hand patted her breasts. As I came I shoved my cock forward so my cock head peeped out above her breasts. My semen spurted up in a creamy fountain over her breasts and face. I staggered back from her and as my penis slid out of her cleavage a last gobbet of semen spurted over her.

"Was that a good enough show for you?" I asked as she stood there with my semen trickling down her naked front from her cleavage and over her belly button to catch in her bush of pubic hair. She didn't answer but the smile on her face told me I'd put on as raunchy a show for her as she'd ever done for me on the stairs.

We dressed quickly and Wendy tidied her tousled hair. She grinned as if a thought had struck her.

"I hope that's satisfied your curiosity about what's under women's skirts."

Then making sure no one saw us we let ourselves out of the store room. As Wendy ascended the stair back to her own office she gave me one last treat, she hadn't put her bra and panties back on. Through the mesh all the way up the stairs she let me watch her naked bottom and hairy cunt above her stocking tops. She even paused right above me spread legged and sensuously rocking on her heels like she had on the way down. When I went back to my desk no one had even noticed I'd been gone. I didn't tell Steve I'd wanked over Wendy. He would never have believed me anyway.

From our hide under the stairs Steve and I enjoyed upskirt voyeur treats from Hannah, Lucy, Tracey, Wendy and all the rest for a few more weeks after that. Then one day workmen appeared and closed off each end of the stairway. They laid carpet squares over the metal mesh treads, closed off the gaps between the treads and fitted opaque side panels all the way up, and that was the end of our stairway to heaven. But it was fun while it lasted!

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