Chapter 19 - Public Speaking

The following week, Eveline's life became even stranger, as though that were even possible. She turned in her report about Comandante Foxtrot and the West African Confederation to her social sciences teacher. The report was so good that the teacher had a hard time believing it wasn't plagiarized. He remained unconvinced, even after talking about it to Coach Strickland.

The social sciences teacher figured there was one easy way to find out whether Eveline had plagiarized the report or not: have her talk about it in front of the class without any notes. The student was allowed only one prop, a map of Africa so she could direct her classmates' attention to the various places she needed to speak about.

Eveline was extremely nervous, but there was no doubt whatsoever she knew the material. In fact, her speech was so good, and so informative, that her teacher decided to have her present it to five classes at the same time. She would be expected to stand on the school theater stage and speak to an audience of 150 students and faculty members.

Eveline had only three days to prepare. Coach Strickland helped her print a large map of the West African Confederation and contacted the Confederation's embassy to see what other materials they could provide to help her student. The embassy responded with an overnight shipment of information that included a poster-sized portrait of Comandante Foxtrot.

Eveline looked at the portrait with bewilderment.

"What am I gonna do with this?"

"Use it in your presentation. Why else would they have sent it?"

A lot of people have nightmares about being naked in front of an audience, or naked at school. Eveline already had been naked at school for two months, but now she had moved on to being on stage and having to give speeches in the nude to large audiences.

And that was how she gave her first large presentation, in the nude. By then she knew there was no point whatsoever asking Coach Strickland about buying an outfit.

The following Monday was a teachers' workday, which meant the students at Eveline's school had the day off. Jenny, of course, had hopes of going to Coach Strickland's house for another round of sex, massages, and spanking.

However, Eveline got called into work that morning. Coach Strickland took her to the auction company before continuing onward to the school. The coach left Eveline with a final warning that did nothing to ease her anxiety.

"I still don't think you appreciate how lucky you are to have that presenter job."

"Yes, ma'am, I... I mean, thank you for helping me get it."

"Good. Then I don't expect any trouble or disappointments from you. Your assignment today is part of your contract, so I expect that you will do exactly what Nancy tells you to do. I expect nothing but 100 % obedience from you. That's why you're getting the big bucks."

"Yes, Ma'am."

As soon as Eveline was through the door, Nancy approached her with an expensive pair of designer sandals.

"Get those sports shoes off and don't ever let me see you wearing them on this property again. You are a representative of this company, and our reputation rests on elegance. Grungy athletic shoes don't cut it."

Eveline took off the shoes and put on the sandals. They fit her perfectly, which made her wonder how Nancy knew her shoe size. Eveline recognized the brand name: an Italian company that was ridiculously expensive.

"As soon as you notice any wear-and-tear on these sandals, let me know and I'll replace them."

"Yes, ma'am."

The two women exited the building and walked towards the waiting limo.

"Uh... Is there an auction today? It's Monday."

"No. What's going on is you're getting some pictures taken for our catalogue, and we're also going to see about putting you in an ad campaign. So, today, you're having a photo session with Jay Sessions, the famous advertising photographer."

Nancy added some details when they arrived at the lobby of the commercial photography studio and checked in with the receptionist.

"We're going to taking be a series of pictures of you over the next couple of weeks. You're going to be the featured presenter in out upcoming ad campaign."

"I... I don't know what to say, ma'am."

"Well, if I were you, I'd consider it an honor, and it does mean you've got a bright future with us."

After a grueling full-day of modeling, Eveline returned to the coach's house and did some homework. School work had become oddly comforting, a boring, mundane activity that was a reassuring bit of normality in her increasingly strange world.

The following week, the auction house limo was waiting at Eveline's school when she finished classes to transport her to company headquarters, where Nancy was waiting with some paperwork.

"Excellent news, Eveline! Guess who's the new face of our entire publicity push?"

"Uh... me?"

"You got it! You're the one! Congratulations!"

Nancy extended her hand and shook Eveline's. Her grip was as strong as that of a man.

"Now, obviously we'll need to re-work your contract, since we're using you for an ad campaign. What I'd like to do is give you an extra signing bonus in exchange for a five-year commitment."

"Five years, ma'am?"

"Yes. That way you can complete college while you work with us and then we'll see what your options are afterwards."

"And... uh... I'm gonna be running around in the nude all that time?"

"Exactly. It's become our company's official trademark and you're gonna be, more than any of your co-workers, our public face. So, yes, we will expect you to be naked at all times. That's one of the things we're asking from you in exchange for the five-year agreement. I mean, obviously you'll keep your sandals on, but other than that you'll always represent the firm as you are now."

Nancy signed some releases and placed her hand on her employee's shoulder.

"There's another detail. We'll expect you to model for any pictures we want, no questions asked. But, of course you'll be getting commission for all that in return."

Eveline didn't have to ask whether Nancy had Coach Strickland's approval for the updating of her contract. Her coach had told her multiple times to go along with anything Nancy wanted, and she knew the consequences of arguing would entail a very sore bottom.

Five years... she was committed to being naked, at all times, for five years. The hope of ever getting dressed again kept receding further and further into the future.

"And... how many pictures am I taking today?"

"For the catalogue, about 500. And there will others for the ad campaign, but we'll have to see how many."

Eveline was well on her way to becoming famous. As soon as the catalogue was published, her image appeared on billboards around the city.

Her teammates were fascinated with having a celebrity among them and made sure she accompanied them whenever they went out as a group. Eveline's social life expanded exponentially since now it seemed that everyone wanted to be around her.

The other girls thought Eveline's nude lifestyle was totally fascinating, although none mentioned wanting to actually try it.

In spite of the "world of glamor" she was entering, Eveline was not really thrilled about her increasing notoriety. She had always been a quiet, reserved girl, perfectly happy to stay in the background and away from public scrutiny. However, she did not share her inner doubts with anyone.

Instead, she remained determined to use her situation to her advantage whenever possible, which would include how she treated her boyfriend. She already had persuaded Lance to have sex in positions that she preferred instead of the ones he preferred. Now that she had become a known model, she decided to take her control over him a step further and, in doing so, ensure her own future.

"I need you to make a commitment to me, and this is gonna be important."


"My modeling contract will be up in five years, and in five years I'm getting out of the business. And when I get out, there's gonna be a bunch of people coming after me: people with new contracts, scam artists, and... guys who are gonna propose. I'm not gonna want any of them, I'm gonna want you."

"Of course... "

"Lance, stop. You're gonna have to hear me out."

"OK... "

"When I get out of modeling, you're gonna have to be successful. You're gonna have to have a really good job and be making good money. Because if you're not, people are gonna ask, 'why'd you marry him? What are you doing with that loser?' I don't wanna put either of us through that. So you need to be successful. Can you promise me that?"

"Well, I'll try... "

"No! You cannot 'try'! You've got to make it happen! You've got five years to figure it out! You cannot let me down! I'm depending on you!"

Eveline had no doubt that Lance would do everything he could to prove himself to her. However, it wasn't really about him "proving" himself. It was about her own security and avoiding having a partner who was financially dependent on her. She had seen too much of that with the meth-heads at her brother's house.

With that, her situation with Lance was settled. If he was successful, she would stay with him. If he was not, she already had her justification for leaving him.,5947921

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