Orange juice delivered a sharp but welcome tang and the milk at once cleansed and soothed. Without the ability to feel his jaw working he heard each mouthful squashed and ground as the delicious feast was devoured.

The last morsel was consumed but there was no paused to savour it as his body rose, fumbled around for a bit, then went to the bathroom. Nathan realised he had been undressing. Again he stood in front of the mirror aghast at the state of his once firm, lithe body.

"Not been taking care of yourself have you boy? No matter, I will fix it up, then use it up."

He was taken to the shower, unable to feel the wonderful hot water cleanse and ease tension. He could smell the clean scent of soap and heard himself mutter and groan as the filth and degradation was washed away. With no concept of time Nathan could only guess at how long he was under the water but assumed it was quite some time. He saw a towel moved and rub across his body and heard the odd groan again.

Back in the bed he spun and dropped until he was looking up at the ceiling and further movement and wriggling around saw him able to look down his smooth body, a tuft of unruly pubic hair sticking up into view.

"It’s been some time since I was able to play with such a fine specimen." The voice toyed with him. Nathan watched as his had moved slowly down his chest, pausing to pinch and pull at his nipple. He felt nothing. His hand continued until it reached his cock and took a hold, lifting the flaccid member up to view it.

"It’s pretty."

Nathan knew what was coming, he’d done it enough himself. A speedy erection brought him to full glory.

"You’re bigger than I thought boy. It’s beautiful! I’m going to enjoy this!"

Watching his own hand pump his cock, slowly at first but finding a rhythm and becoming faster. His legs spread wide and he saw his other hand reach down and disappear between them, but could not feel what it was doing. His controller could however and moans emanated from him with increasing volume and regularity. Watching helpless Nathan wanted to beg to be let out, he would have done anything to be let go. Now his toes curled and he saw his hips bucking has his fist pumped his cock. His body turned sideways just as he let a cry out and Nathan saw himself cum into his own hand, filling his cupped palm with his white jizz. He didn’t have to puzzle over why for long. As the last couple of drops were squeezed out the hand was brought to his mouth and tipped in, his tongue licking every last bit from his hand. Nathan tasted the salty cream as it was moved slowly around the inside of his mouth, coating his gums and moved back and forward over his tongue, all the while hearing himself hum with appreciation. He had never tasted his own sperm before and he knew why, it was disgusting, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it, no gag reflex took over and he couldn’t quickly swallow. The flavour permeated every part of him and he was forced to endure it until his controller finally swallowed. Time passed but he couldn’t know how much. He watched his chest rise and fall, the movements becoming slower.

"I enjoyed that boy. Wow. You cum a lot! I’ve chosen my new body well." The voice chuckled before falling silent. Then the world went dark and it took Nathan a few seconds to realise he had closed his eyes. He was alone again but completely isolated. Now he realised the true extent of what he had lost; everything. He was utterly helpless in his own body. He couldn’t feel pain, but neither could he feel pleasure. Tortured every second of his existence, forced to do things he would never dream of, to taste things he would have never gone near. Nathan dreaded what was to come, and cried to himself.

I spent that night exploring my new body and investigating what needed work. It was in remarkably good shape for a body that had suffered a hand to mouth existence on the streets, suffering through freezing cold and gnawing hunger. I travelled through every nerve fibre it possessed seeing how they fired and what may block their path. I learned more about my new command centre, testing neurons and shooting through synapses. I expanded my consciousness into all areas of the brain and shored up my defences around the boy, locking him into a tiny little irrelevant part and cutting connections to ensure he couldn’t escape. I wanted him to experience some life, so I left four of the five senses in place, but only the barest minimum. Cramming him into such a miniscule part of his own brain would no doubt have a negative impact on his IQ but I didn’t care, the boy was a thug and soon to be second time murdered. He deserved what he got.

My control of this vessel was now absolute which reassured me as the initial injection was surprisingly difficult. As expected I caught him off guard, (who suspects an invader in your mind?), and established a considerable beachhead. But somehow he fought back, not something I had ever experienced, and it took all my force to smash through this strange blockage and claim my new home, dragging the remnants of his mind away from the control centres and packing him into his prison. I won’t deny it caused us both severe pain but it was over within moments. I would have to find the reason for that initial obstruction.

I made considerable progress overnight fixing up problems and building muscular tissue. The protein and iron I consumed was converted as I needed it and the body grew hot. Several times I had to slow down my work to prevent overheating but estimated I would have what I needed within three days, one shorter than I thought. At one stage I found a paltry infection you beings can carry for your whole lives and it was quickly eradicated, an ability I bet you all wish you had. Your human diseases don’t concern me.

In my 300 plus years on this planet I have been many people but one theme was common to all; my sexual desires always had to be hidden. Sure I had sex with men, but not how I wanted and certainly not in the open. My fantasies have been building in intensity and mutating into ever extreme desires over all this time. Now you people have the internet and some of you live online, giving the world access to even your most intimate moments, and I like it. I want it and want to be part of it. I got this body for very good reasons. It was young and fit enough to be desirable to many different men yet old enough not to attract the attention of your law agencies. It was attractive and without excess fur which seems to be the current taste for the circles in which I wish to travel. And I was doing the world a favour by ridding it of a vile, murderous waste of oxygen. You owe me world, and I shall accept payment in my chosen currency; sex. I know the boy wasn’t interested in men, but tough, I’m in charge now, and I like getting fucked.

Not long baby, not long at all…

Nathan didn’t know when he tuned out but the light coming through the closed eyelids was now stronger than before, and he decided it must be day time. It was a shock to discover he wouldn’t sleep, that his consciousness wouldn’t turn off and rest for the night. He had no choice but to watch the inside of hid eyelids all night and listen to the traffic outside and noisy guests passing the room. He was able to tune into the body’s motions and movements, things no one ever really notices such as bowel growls, stomach groans and the deep rhythmic breathing of a sleeping body. Once or twice he heard murmurs and once his voice cried out for daddy.

Reading hadn’t been a big pastime for Nathan but he had read a brief news story about a woman in a car crash who they believed had ‘locked in syndrome’. He remembered this being interesting at the time and he followed up on the story with a little internet research. It sounded awful, more like torture than a syndrome. The sufferer could hear, see and feel things but was utterly unable to communicate with the outside world. He now knew what that felt like, minus the feeling.

The blinking eyes interrupted his thoughts and he peered out at the head swivelled around the room and made its way back to the bathroom, pausing in front of the mirror. If he still had use of his body he would have gasped. His body was different! No longer emaciated and white. Now, while still pale, he has the physique of a skinny swimmer. Even the bruising and cuts on his abdomen he had been sporting for over a week after falling off an industrial bin onto spiky wooden pallets were gone. What the hell happened?

The view jumped as the head nodded and Nathan lost sight of his body as he went into the bathroom. Ablutions, shower and teeth cleaning complete he left in time to hear a knock on the door, and he watched himself throw on the complimentary towelling robe before swinging it open. There stood a young man, possibly his own age, conspiring to look both bored and interested at the same time.

"Your breakfast sir." His voice was expectantly mid-range but surprised me with a confident inflection.

"Thank you. On the desk please." He remained where he was and his eyes followed the boy over to the desk, the central focus of which travelled down to the boys ass as he bent to deliver the food. Despite being locked away in his own head Nathan detected the tiniest whiff of a feeling, desire, no he thought, too weak, lust. He knew it, his controller was gay. Shit, fuck, bollocks.

Nathan was very much into sex and had taken it wherever he could but while one of two of his acquaintances had flipped to men, he knew deep he was only ever into women, well, girls anyway. Sure he may have been too ‘convincing’ with one or two, but they wanted it. Now he started thinking about it, he was desperate to get his tongue and cock into a pussy again. It caused him instant depression.

He watched the boy walk back towards him and the door and could have sworn he slowed just a little as he past. Outside the door he turned and gave a little half smile before sauntering off down the corridor. The door closed with a solid clunk and he turned once again to the mirror. His robe was worn loose, open at the front down to his navel showing off his smooth chest and, at the right angle such as slightly sideways, affording a peek at his pink nipples. Nathan mentally sighed and prepared himself for another day of being a passenger.

I’d chosen this hotel for a very good reason; it’s location. Unless one is searching for it one wouldn’t spot that this block, plus four of the five surrounding it, were in fact a gay friendly area. Very gay friendly. This hotel for instance is listed on many gay travel sites and within a five minute walking radius there is two male beauty salons, a discrete sexual health clinic, (pointless to me but worth noting), two other gay friendly guest houses, five pubs, a club and no less than two gay saunas.

Getting a possible result from the room service boy was entirely unexpected but after pledging to spend my time and efforts getting me as much action as possible I had to give it a try. A smile and obvious eye contact, open robe and return smile has hopefully sown a seed. He’d better be top.

While my new body wasn’t quite ready I did want to avoid wasting any time, and after breakfast I took the fresh clothes from the bag and left for a stroll. They were a little too baggy for me but I know I’d build into them over the next two days and I probably even looked fashionable with my baggy jeans and loose hoody. Strike that, it was all tight these days wasn’t it? Soon!

I visited a couple of shops to get an idea of this fashion thing, then went to a few supply shops. I needed more medicine from the pharmacy, (my body breaks the compounds down and reuses the active ingredients), and I had a big protein rich meal. Then I went to a few of the pubs to get my face known by the bar staff. Along the way there were several guys checking me out and I made sure to make eye contact and nod at the well-built black guy and the older man sporting a few extra pounds. I nicknamed them master and daddy respectively and hoped they were both gay, and live nearby. All the bar staff flirted with me and I knew then that I had chosen my new home well.

Returning to the hotel I had an early dinner of steak and eggs, and tuna steak and salad with extra spinach. I had hoped that the hot service boy would be back but it was the old guy again. He didn’t give me such a disgusted look this time and in fact, I bet he didn’t even recognise me.

Letting my dinner go down for a while I finally gave in to my desperation to piss. I’d been saving this up. I stripped, got into the bath and inserted the plug. I lay with my head under the tap and my leg riding up the sloping end, then shimmied forward, pushing my legs up the wall. My ass was now where the head would normally go. I smiled, and released the beautiful hot piss onto my body and face. It was wonderful. I’d drunk so much alcohol and water that it was almost clear and I covered myself and drank deeply. I loved the feeling of urine on and in me, the hot, sometimes pungent water filling my nostrils and covering me. I made sure I pissed in my eyes. The degradation was an instant turn on but I didn’t want to cum yet. As the stream slowed to a dribble and then stopped, I shimmied back down the bath and turned around. The spare piss from my body had pooled at the drain end and I sucked as much of it up as I could, swilling it around in my mouth. Finally I licked the base of the bath clean, dreaming of men standing watching me after covering me with their wonderful piss.

Now I could enjoy myself. I got myself back into position in the bath with my legs up and masturbated, pushing two fingers from my other hand into my ass. This sphincter was tight and I would need to get it stretched quickly so as to extract maximum pleasure from it before it wore out. Driving my fingers in as far as they would go, and curling them forwards to hit the sweet spot, I pumped hard. It didn’t take long. It had been ages since I’d had such a firm young body to play with that the feelings overwhelmed me with the speed of a boy in puberty. I shot my load onto my face, again fantasising about other men, many other men, doing this time. The excitement of the act, the humiliation, the simple feeling of warm sperm dribbling down my cheeks was overwhelming and I cried out.

I remained in position for a good ten minutes pushing the sticky goo around my face and into my mouth. It was a fantastic wank but I knew it was nothing compared being properly used and I felt empty. I needed a cock inside me. Several cocks.

Nathan was aghast and mentally at least, felt sick. He’d watched the clear liquid from his own cock come spewing out but consoled himself that he couldn’t feel it. That changed when the sour taste filled his mouth and he has no choice but to suffer while his controller swallowed load after disgusting load. He couldn’t even enjoy the masturbation and then, to pile insult on top of torture, he was forced to endure the flavour of his own cum once more.

In a corporeal sense Nathan threw himself against his padded cell walls screaming and crying, begging to be let out. This could only get worse and he was desperate to escape. He tested every single avenue he could think of to squeeze out of his tiny prison but he was secure. Caught. A slave in his own body and mind. Going silently mad he whiled away the night plotting escape and revenge knowing both were impossible. Thus distracted, Nathan missed the fleeting but powerful shot of lust that filtered through his barrier.

A well-toned swimmer is what I saw in the mirror the following morning. Progress was even faster than I’d hoped and now I only had minor internal issues to fix. I admired this body. No longer wasted and almost blue, I’d changed it back and improved it. The smooth skin now had a hint of colour. My chest was toned and my pecks defined without being muscular. I particularly loved the large pink nipples, a touch elongated across the bottom of the muscle and standing proud. They tingled with anticipated delight. My cock was growing hard as I enjoyed the view coming up to its impressive length just shy of eight inches and thick enough to fill my hand. It hung under a small neat tuft of wiry dark hair, and under my cock were a decent set of hairless balls, hanging low with the weight of unreleased sperm. Even my thighs were smooth and toned while soft hair thin enough to be seen as blonde faded in above my knee and covered the rest of my shaped legs. Turning round I saw a beautiful bubble ass, smooth and naked, ripe for abuse. I was so horny my cock hurt and balls ached.

I spent several minutes enjoying the view before I had to get ready for the breakfast boy. This time I was able to show much more of myself and I hope it would be enough to catch him. I felt anticipation as a tingling in my ass. This time I wore the robe much looser, the shoulders barely in place with one side lower than the other, which ensured the lower half hung wrong and displayed an impressive amount of thigh. I hoped he would think I had thrown it on really fast. To finish the effect I carefully placed my worn underwear, a pair of purple briefs, (more like panties), with an orange waist band, on the bed as though I had thrown them there and forgotten them. I waited.

The knock was short and sharp and I shouted for him to wait one moment. I hoped he would be thinking of me naked and having caught me doing something naughty. Opening the door I stood there and held it for him, glad that all my efforts weren’t in vain and it was indeed him. He didn’t enter right away. Instead he smiled at me, maintaining eye contact for far longer than necessary, and in a very obvious was, spent time checking me out. I let him. It excited me and I was sure he saw my groin twitch.

After returning his gaze to my eyes he walked in and making a show of bending over, put the breakfast on the desk. I stared at his ass wishing desperately that I was on my knees, my face between those amazing cheeks, licking and probing. I didn’t look up when he turned around and to my joy saw his bulge fighting to break free from his uniform trousers. I watched his groin all the way as he returned and as he passed me we locked eyes again. He drew a finger across my chest from nipple to nipple and I groaned.

"Order lunch for midday tomorrow."

He turned and wandered away, knowing I was watching his ass until the fire doors ended my view. I slammed the door closed, threw my robe to the floor and pumped myself hard and fast, a furious masturbation that lasted mere minutes. I came hard shooting line of spunk across the carpet and dropped to my knees, licking it up, ignoring the fluff that came with it.

Once I had calmed down I ate, dressed and went out to show my face again. Plus I now needed protection in case he wanted to use it. It wouldn’t do to ruin a good thing for the sake of some rubber.

Torture. That’s what this was. Torture. Pain and suffering for the forced sex he had with those girls, for the stabbing of, shit, he couldn’t even remember his name. Nathan now knew what was happening. He was dead and this was hell, his own private suffering for all the wrong he had done in his life. He was being punished. This idea had taken hold of him overnight and circulated around and around, growing in strength with every turn. Nathan was paying less and less attention to the tastes and smells he was forced to endure. He didn’t even notice how his body had changed. He only thought of the torture. Cum time again he saw, and the salty flavour was a physical confirmation of his fears.

Pausing at reception to give my order, I ventured out into the day. I was happy. No, that hardly describes it, I was ecstatic. I even wondered what the prisoner was up to.

‘Hello in there. You still around?’ I asked. I knew he was there, I could feel it like you might feel a pebble in your shoe.

‘STOP!’ Oh god he was crying.

‘What’s wrong boy? Are you missing out?’


‘Fuck no!’ I laughed. ‘No fucking way boy.’

‘PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!’ Real desperation was infused with the words.

I wasn’t going to get involved with an argument. I shut him off, then decided to give him a present. It must be hell in there.

‘Tell you what boy, you’re probably suffering for not being able to feel anything, so I’m going to give you some feeling back, just in certain places and at certain times ok?’ I didn’t wait for an answer before locking him back down. He’d find out what I meant soon enough.

I started to wonder how I was able to tell what he was feeling as that had never happened before, but as quick as the thought came it was replaced by the lecherous gaze of the old guy I saw yesterday. He wasn’t hiding his obvious predatory lust this time. I didn’t know why but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse etc. I maintained eye contact as I approached him, inclining my head down a touch and looking through my eyelashes, all the while biting my lower lip. As I got close I made sure he saw me drop my gaze to his groin and lick my lips. He turned to watch me pass. I had him.

I doubled back and stopped in front of him. He took a long look at me, running his eyes from head to foot and back up. It turned me on being thought of as a piece of fuckmeat. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, offering it to me to put my number in. FUCK. I hadn’t thought to get one! Of all the things to forget. Faking a teasing pause I considered what to do, then remember where I was. I put my name in but instead of a number I entered some notes in the appropriate field:

-- Name | Nate (or whatever you prefer)

-- Notes | Tomorrow from 4pm I will be in the sauna just around the corner, opposite the Pink Trout. I’m staying in the grand hotel room 235. Number to follow as between contracts. X

I handed it back with a sheepish smile and watched him read. He grinned and nodded at me, then turned and walked off. Could my luck really be this good? Getting the service boy and this guy so soon? I pondered this as I made my way to a phone shop, then onto another pub tour.

The first pub was empty and I spent time setting up my phone and memorising my number but the second, the afore mentioned Pink Trout, was about a third full. Mostly old men, with a few middle aged. I enjoyed their leering at me and ensured I stuck my ass out when I leaned on the bar to order. I remained at the bar in full view sipping my lager, letting the men enjoy me. Three old guys in the corner talking tried to hide their sneaky glances while a grandad at a table opposite couldn’t tear his eyes from my groin. It was the two middle aged men at a table close to the bar that caught my attention. They looked interested and aggressive, a potent combination.

I finished my drink and made for the toilet. I hadn’t even reached the door when I heard chairs scraping across the wooden floor. I chose the middle of five urinals and pushed my jeans down further than necessary. If they wanted to look I wanted to make it easy for them. I heard two guys enter and then saw them as they took up position either side of me. They watched me piss and once the last drops were shaken out the one to my left grabbed a hold my cock and pulled me away from the urinal and turned me to face him.

"Open your mouth." He commanded, the domination exciting me. I did so without hesitation. He flicked his eyes at his mate behind me, and using my cock as a lead pulled me over to the cubicles. We reached the end one and he pushed my cock so I retreated into the tiny room. When the back of my knees hit the toilet I sat down. He let go of me as I sank and grabbed his own impressive erection with one hand, while grabbing a handful of my hair with the other. I’d barely touched the seat when he forced himself into my mouth and used both hands to control my head.


The mantra had taken hold of Nathan and was drowned out only when a pain shot into him like a needle. Having been numb so long it hit him with the force of a train.

What the fuck?!

He could FEEL, and his immediate thought was he wanted to be numb again. His whole throat was being stretched by the mans dick. He still had no control over his body and was surprised he didn’t gag, the reflex to felt so strong.

Nathan felt degraded and humiliated. He felt sick.

I felt degraded and humiliated. I felt wonderful. Joy doesn’t properly describe the intensity of feeling I experienced as that big cock was rammed into my mouth and my head held stationary so he could fuck it. I put up not one iota of resistance allowing him full use of me. He took handfuls of hair and pulled me onto his erection, the pain of my hair being pulled an extra pleasure. This was a proper alpha male and I knew how lucky I was to have the pleasure of him using me. I looked up at him through my lashes and maintained eye contact, knowing he would be turned on my the cute submissive boy under his control.

Salty cream flooded Nathans mouth. He desperately wanted to spit it out but he felt himself swallowing it, the feeling and taste lost once past his throat. He looked through his own eyes and watched the man back out, only to be replaced by his cohort. Dreading what was coming, Nathan braced himself.

The only thing better than one mouth fuck is two, (or three or four, ad infinitum), and I managed a gulp of air before cock number two was forced in. This one was a mite smaller in girth and I was able to get the head right into my throat. He enjoyed this feeling for a few seconds before I was forced to pull back. He took hold of my hair and pounded my face, his balls slapping against my chin and his pubic hair tickling my nose. It was a small price to pay for such an amazing experience. I never wanted it to end.

He was becoming accustomed to the taste of cum and that frightened Nathan. His mouth was filling with a watery salty taste but he knew from the consistency this wasn’t the sperm. He assumed it was pre-cum, the same stuff that helped him slip into tight pussy. He tried to distract himself from the ordeal by thinking of going down on girls, the hot moist lips parting to reveal the fleshy entry. But it was no good. All he could see was an old fat guy above him, thinning hair and red face screwed up in concentration. His mouth full of cock was his whole world right now. There was no distracting himself from that. Nathan prayed it would be over soon.

He took longer but when he finally came I nearly choked such was the volume of delicious sticky spunk. He tried to pull out but my hands shot to his ass and stopped him. We locked eyes and saw the extra pleasure cross his face as I sucked the remaining drops from him and licked him clean. Allowing him to leave he smiled and winked at me, tucked himself away, and left.

I took a few moments to savour the mouthful of cum before swallowing. Leaving the cubicle I checked myself in the mirror and saw a few ropes of jizz on my chin. I cleaned myself before leaving the toilets. Back at the bar I bought two drinks and sent them over to the two men, along with my number and a message written on the receipt: Thanks. ANYtime. Your cumdump xx

Seconds after sending it I considered whether this had been too much but the look on their faces when they read it, and the nod from both of them as I passed, confirmed I would be seeing them again.

I almost danced back to the hotel. I had been so desperate for this kind of life for so long, that achieving it seemed impossible. Two years of searching and planning later and I was almost there, the little taste of what was to come a fantastic bonus. Tonight would be the final night I needed to travel the body to effect repairs, not counting any as a result of getting fucked of course, and tomorrow? Tomorrow my new life would start.

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