I live on an Island in the Florida Keys. We have great weather most of the time. So I have the opportunity to engage in lots of outdoor activities. Golf, pickleball, tennis, and I spend hours on my bicycle ...on long meandering bike paths, listening to books (audible) as I ride. I have a small speaker attached to my handlebars.

I was on the path totally absorbed by a Lilly King book called "Writers and Lovers" when I came upon a woman riding at a leisurely pace. However, right down the middle. Hoping to pass, I called out "on your left" no response ...Again "on your left" again no response. Then I realized she was listening to some loud music on her headphones. So loud that I think it is a Scottish band called Stealers Wheel.

I also noticed how beautiful she looked from behind. She had bicycle shorts. A perfect rear end. that led up to a slightly tapered waist, neck and back with lovely auburn hair.

I hadn't felt that magnetic desire, and a longing in my groin for quite some time.

I stopped paying attention to my book and started fantasizing about this women that was a few yards in front of me.

When we both came to a stop sign to wait for some traffic to clear, I saw her face. I was immediately drawn in to her wonderful smile. But then I started looking down... her, neck, her inviting breasts. The desire was growing and I had to keep it in tact. I pointed to her ear and tried to signal to her to take the headphone out. As she did , I suggested she might ride with one out, to be able to listen for vehicles and other cyclists.

She looked down at my handlebar speaker, then her eyes drifted downs to my muscular tan legs. She said it was probably a good idea and asked what I was listening to.

That accent, it was delightful, warm and took me back to my memories of Scotland. Of the beautiful countryside, golf courses, pubs and the beautiful hot red headed women.

As those memories flooded in, I noticed this stranger was even more perfect than I had imagined. She was the right age, not a young Barbie doll, but mature beautiful women, with all real soft inviting parts.

I wanted her more than I wanted any women in years.

But I had to come back to my senses and joined in the conversation. I mentioned the book I was reading and how I enjoyed reading and listening to books.

She was intrigued with the book and as she mentioned her favorites, I was amazed that they were mine also. This woman had the looks and the mind...and the physical attraction was overwhelming.

We chatted for a short while, when an unanticipated tropical rain hit the island. The downpour was so thick we became drenched and could hardly see in front of us.

I mentioned that I owned a few empty rental properties very close, and suggested she follow me so we could get out of the rain.

We made it and parked our bikes in the garage to dry off. Fortunately I had a few robes available, and I suggested that we slip into them and put our clothes in the drier.

She had mentioned that they came to the Island to escape some dreary weather, and with the outbreak of the virus extended their stay.

As we spoke, we realized we even had more in common. We both had situations at home that was not satisfying our desires.

I rested my hand on her thigh, and to my delight she slowly pulled my hand up to her pussy. This was just the signal I was hoping for.

I leaned over and kissed her lips and explored her mouth with my tongue, but I wanted to taste all of her. I kissed her neck, and ran my tongue to her nipples.

Her breasts were perfect and as I circled her nipples with my tongue, they started to harden as I moved down to her belly.

I gently pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs. I slowly licked her pussy, it was wet and delicious. My tongue found its way to her clitoris.

I slowly licked it up and down, then back and forth. I could tell her excitement was growing and I wanted to be inside her. To feel that warm inviting pussy around my cock.

I went to get up and find a better position when she pushed me back on the couch, and straddled my body, just lowering that wet pussy on the tip of my cock.

We kissed and then she continued to kiss my neck and my chest as she lowered herself on my cock. She started gently rocking back and forth as we built up a rhythm.

I could see the pleasure in her face as the pace continued. She squeezes her pussy lips and holds my cock inside her. I never felt that sensation before.

She asked if I enjoyed fucking her and I could hardly respond. But I managed to say "yes I LOVED fucking her." And I grabbed her hips and guided her back and forth, up and down, our bodies grinding a new deeper rhythm. I was about to explode but wanted this wonderful fuck to last forever.

She sensed the tension building in my cock and reached down, and started to add to her enjoyment as she rubbed her clit, as I was inside her.

I feel her shiver and moan, and warm juices started flowing from her pussy, and my cock is sliding in and out faster and faster... and that was all I could take. I lose control and for a few wonderful moments we are lost into each other as we come as one.

And then, as I am catching my breath, I realize that my desire for this woman will haunt me forever. That I would want to fuck her again and again. My head is spinning as I try and figure out how it could be arranged...when she leans over and whispers in my ear "that will do for starters, we still have the main course" And I drift off into wonderful thoughts of what might come next!

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