As the hostess led us through the restaurant, I spotted a cozy booth in a dark corner and asked her if we could be seated there which the hostess readily agreed to. As I walked behind Kelli to the booth, I watched her curves move with grace as she took each step. It was surprising that this was the same girl that was sitting across from me in the car a short while ago pleading with me to slide my cock out so that she could snap a picture for Jessica. Although I may have played like I was hesitant, there was really no way I could have said no to Kelli, especially when, as part of the negotiation, she agreed I could get a picture of her.

We had pulled off on one of the few off ramps along the route in dessert between California and Nevada where the road from the off ramp leads far off into the deep abyss of the dessert. We still had some sun left and no sooner then I had stopped, Kelli was smiling and asking to see my cock. The sound of those words coming out of her mouth was a huge turn on for me. I needed to get all I could out of the experience. I slowly and shyly pulled down the zipper, undid my belt and slid my pants down just enough so she could see a the bulge in my underwear. I watched her face for a reaction. Her checks were flush, she bit her lower lip and made a soft moan that made me wonder if that was the sound she made when she came. I pulled down the top of my underwear and exposed just a bit more. Her bit lip turned into the smile.

"mmmmmm" Kelli moaned again, this time a bit louder and said "your killing me…show me more".

" I think it would go better if you would let me see you at the same time". I said

I expected at least some argument from her on this, but I did not realize how much a women of her word Kelli was. Without saying a word, she sat back in her seat and untucked her shirt from the top of her pants and unbuttoned the button on her pants and then slowly pulled down on the zipper exposing her sheer black panties.

"Is this what you want to see?" Kelli said in a coy voice looking straight in to my eyes. She already knew the answer which was good because I could barely respond with a sound.


She slipped her shoes off, exposing a set of manicured black painted toenails, that made me wonder if there was a single spot on this women that was not perfect. Her hands pushed down on her pants and she slid them to mid thigh. As she lifted her ass from the seat I watched intently as the exposed curve of her ass flex and then sit back down in the seat. She took a moment to run her hand down the inside of her thigh and then over her panties with one finger over the outside of her pussy and clit. The finger slid to the top and pushed down exposing her hair line. She looked shaved, but there was just enough hint of stubble that I could make out the outline of her pubic hair. Her hand pushed down as far as her panty would stretch and I watched as the top folds of her pussy and then her clit emerged. Her ass lifted off the seat again and she slid her panties down and then covered up her pussy with a hand and turned to me and said "Your turn".

I mimicked her moves and slid my underwear off exposing a cock that was dripping clear precum and throbbing with each beat of my racing heart. Kelli moved the hand off her pussy exposing two lips that were slightly darker than then rest of her skin and a clit that peered out from its hood.

In a soft voice she said "Nice……Now spread your legs a little more so I can see your balls". She picked up the camera and snapped a picture and sent it.

"Now stroke it a little…..Slowly…Yes….Nice", she snapped another picture.

"Now let me get a close up of your dripping wet head. Grab your shaft….squeeze it hard…make it look like it is going to explode"…..She purred.

At this point she had her knees on the seat, turned around towards me, she was half naked and she was within inches of my cock. She took one hand of the phone and with the same finger she had run over her pussy she touched the tip of my cock and slid her finger down the length of my cock. It felt like electricity on my body and I was barely able to breath. I reached up around the back of her head and pulled her closer kissing her lips in a kiss that seemed to go on forever. Her soft moist lips barely touched me, then pressed firmer and then I felt her tongue against mine. I pulled her closer making her place a knee on the console and slid my hand between her thighs. She shifted her weight ever so slightly so I could slide my hand up higher up to the edge of her folds. I turned my hand and curled my finger, sliding it between her pussy lips feeling her moisture drip down as I spread her open. She moaned softly as we continued to kiss and I could hear and feel her moan in my throat.

The phone buzzed and we were brought out of the trance we had fallen into. It was Jessica. She had gotten the first picture and was asking to know when I could get together with her.

"LUV 2CU 2nite!?"

(End of Part III) More to come......

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