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There are two ways to get started: Start with an unverified account and then apply for verification by following these steps: Go to your profile page (instructions below) and tap “Settings” at the bottom of your screen; then choose “About” from there. Tap “Privacy & safety” under Profile info; this will take you back to step one above where you had tapped "Settings". At this point all settings including privacy settings have changed as well as additional information such as email address, gender and birthday (if provided).
If they haven't already changed then go back here again or go directly into settings if necessary before proceeding further down this list by tapping "Update info. If you're looking to get verified on Instagram, there are a few things you should know. First off, if your account has fewer than 10,000 followers and is not a brand or business and doesn't have an official website, then it's impossible for them to verify your account. Second thing: You'll need over 100k real subscribers before applying for Social Media Verification Agency status here at Instagram that's why I recommend trying out some of these other methods first.
You can get verified on. Instagram by gaining a large audience, being an influencer and getting your account hacked or stolen. The first two are the most popular ways to get verified; however, I don't recommend them as they are very hard to accomplish (especially if you're starting out). Instead, I recommend getting your account hacked or stolen. Most people don't know that when your account gets hacked or stolen, Instagram will automatically verify it for you. I've seen this happen to many people who are trying to get Social Media Verification Agency and it's a very effective method.

Pub: 26 Oct 2022 07:50 UTC
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