My wife and I were on our way to visit friends for the weekend and we are driving toward the coast and I was trying to talk her into removing her top and bra. It was dark, and traffic was light, so the risk was minimal. She was having none of it and I was obviously not going to get the chance to enjoy my beautiful wife topless on this drive.

In desperation, I told her if she would do this for me, she could cover up or get dressed whenever she wanted to, even if it was after only a few minutes.

She thought for a few seconds and asked, "if I do this, what do I get in return?"

I asked her what she wanted in return.

"I want you to offer me something that would be fun for me and similar in nature."

I had to give this some real thought because I really wanted her to be topless, at least for a few miles.

I finally came up with something I thought she might go for and would probably never make me do. I told her, if she would do this for me, I would be her bottomless chauffer whenever she wanted.

She thought for a minute and said "bottomless, who the sees bottomless, where's the risk in that? I want a naked chauffer."

I told her I could probably do that if conditions were right.

"I get to pick when and you can't say no. You said I can get dressed whenever I want to, but you cannot get dressed until I let you. Deal?"

I told her that didn't sound very fair.

She said, "it's not fair. It's about me being topless, tonight, in this car for your pleasure and you paying me back by doing something for my pleasure on my terms. How bad do you want me half naked right now?"

I really did want to get her top off for a while and when I am sexually aroused, I will say and promise to do just about anything she wants.

"OK, I agree, now off with that top."

"Not so fast, you promise to be my naked chauffer, you can't say no, and you have to do what I want until I decide to let you get dressed, deal?"

"Wait a minute, what do you mean, do what you want? You said I can't get dressed until you let me, nothing else."

"That's the deal, take it or leave it. I'm not the one who wants me topless, you are."

Maybe she is going to make me pay her back. She seems to be putting some real thought into this deal.

"OK, I promise."

She looked at me with a slight grin and said in a low voice, "this is gonna be fun".

She then removed her top and bra and sat quite proudly with that grin still showing. Traffic was light and she didn't even flinch when we met a car and the head lights lit up the inside of our car. I was so proud of her and more excited than I had been in a while.

As we were nearing our destination on the coast, I suggested she might want to get dressed before we got into town since there would be streetlights and more traffic.

She declined saying she was gonna see this through so I couldn't say I was cheated and try to weasel out of our deal.

I think she was kind of enjoying herself too. As we rolled through town she didn't even try to hide or cover up, she seemed almost proud, and she should be, she is so beautiful and lucky would be the one who was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of her 35Cs.

As I pulled into the motel parking lot, she picked up her blouse and said "I think I'll put this on while you check in."

When we got settled in our room, I kissed her and told her how excited she made me and how proud of her I was. She assured me she was OK with it and told me she couldn't wait to get her pay back.

We spent the next couple of days with friends and went to the beach for some fun in the sun. The beer and wine flowed nicely and when she thought no one was looking she would gently rub the front of my suite and whisper in my ear, "are you about ready to be my naked chauffer?"

That would excite me unbelievably, but I couldn't help but worry that she might call our bet while we were with our friends. Thank goodness she only teased me and did so, on the sly, so it was our little secret.

We headed home on Tuesday, early in the afternoon. Since it was a weekday and school was in session, the traffic was so light it was almost nonexistent. We were on a long stretch of two-lane highway when she asked me to pull over.

I looked over and asked if she was OK.

"I'm fine, it's time for me to have my naked chauffer."

I knew better than to try to change her mind, we had a deal and she intended to collect.

I pulled off into the grass and she said told me to get out of the car, come to her side, take off my clothes and give them to her. I did and handed my clothes to her through the window. I walked back around and got in and we got back on the road.

She looked at me taking in my total nakedness and said, "I think I could get used to this."

Then she asked, "how does it feel to be naked in broad daylight?"

"Not so bad" was all I could come up with.

She smiled. After a short while she placed her hand in my lap and began to rub me gently and I responded with a solid hard on. She would play and stop and play and stop, she was keeping me hard and excited. She knows when I'm aroused, I belong to her, she can do anything she wants to me and I will absolutely, do anything she wants.

We hadn't seen too many cars and were nearing a small town. I asked her for something to cover up with while we passed through town. She handed me my shirt and said put this on and she grabbed the wheel for me.

I asked if that was it.

She said, "without a shirt you kind of stand out, with your shirt on no one will notice anything."

She was right, we didn't even get a second glance. Once we were out of town, she wanted the shirt back and she resumed her playing to keep me hard. She brought me to the brink of orgasm two or three times and would back off just in time to prevent me from exploding. She knows I can only take so much, and I must have relief.

She spotted a small dirt road ahead and told me to turn off on it and stop. We came to a stop a few hundred feet from the highway, she told me to get out and stand in front of the car.

I was nervous but did as she told me to. She was digging in her purse and came up with her phone. She opened her door and stood using the door as a rest.

She said, "I know you need to cum so do your thing. I'm gonna take pictures."

I started jerking kind of fast so I could finish and get dressed before a car came by and someone saw me.

She fussed at me and said, "not so fast, I want to enjoy this as much as you do."

I slowed down but I needed to cum so bad. I was on the verge of the worst case of blue balls ever and I wanted that release.

I told her how badly I needed to finish.

She grinned and said "This has worked out much better than I imagined. I guess you should finish up so we can get home."

She took pictures and told me to be sure to warn her so she could get some good shots when I came. She even stepped out from behind the car door and moved in for some close ups.

In about 30 seconds I told her I was close, and she didn't miss it. She got several nice spurts documented and was smiling from ear to ear.

I asked her what she was going to do with the pictures.

She said, "I would love to post them on Face-book, but I can't do that." Then she said, "don't you worry about it. These are mine. I'll have to think about what I might do with them. Maybe I will show them to some of my friends, maybe not."

Oh well, that's fine with me. If she wants to let someone see them, so be it. Maybe her friends would ask her for an in person performance when she shows them the pictures. I wonder how she would deal with that.

I asked her for my clothes so we could get going and she shook her head.

"I'm not through with my naked chauffer just yet, get in the car and let's get going."

I almost begged but I knew that would not work, I had promised to do whatever she wants.

As I said earlier, when I am sexually aroused, I will promise to do almost anything to get off. After I orgasm, that drive disappears very quickly. My bravery has now been completely removed. I'm no longer the exhibitionist I was when all I wanted to was to get off. Reality has set in and I am naked and exposed and nervous and scared all at the same time.

That is what happens to me after I have an orgasm, I'm like a child needing my mother's protection.

I get in and buckle up and I am more nervous than I can remember ever being. I back up and we get back on the road.

She is smiling, knowing my state of mind and sense of vulnerability. She has me where she wants me, and she is in control.

The next half hour was excruciating, and she enjoyed every moment of it. She finally told me we could stop, and I could get dressed and I felt a tremendous sense of relief. As I pulled off the highway, she told me I would have to get dressed just as I undressed, outside of the car.

My angst reappeared and my stomach moved up into my chest and she smiled. As I pulled to a stop, she opened her window and said she would hand me my clothes when I got over there.

There was a lot of traffic and no way I could get out and dress without being seen. I begged her to give me my clothes and she finally agreed.

It wasn't easy getting dressed in the driver's seat, but I did manage and we got back on the road.

She said, "that was fun, but I bet you will be more careful in the future when you want something risqué from me."

She was right about that, at least for now.

I know me, I will get aroused again and I will promise anything to get her to play and she will have her fun with me again and again, I hope.

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