I sit back on the couch after pouring our wine, waiting for you to finish changing so we can cuddle and start the movie. When you emerge, damp-haired, fragrant, bare-legged, and beautiful, I catch myself open-mouthed as my eyes devour you. Your sweater, cozy and soft, falls barely past your hips; as you move, I catch glimpses of your skimpy, low-cut panties. Do I detect a glint of mischief in your sunny smile as you curl up with me?

The movie starts, but it doesn't take long for me to lose focus. Of its own volition, my hand softly pets and caresses your silky thigh and hip under the blanket. Without a word, eyes on the screen, you lean back more deeply into me. I know you can feel me getting hard against you, but you give no sign. My fingers trace your skin along the very front of your waistband, as if I'm going to slip them into your panties...but I never quite do it. Your breath quickens against me; the softest of moans escapes you, betraying your feigned coyness as I tease you.

"Can we pause the mov—"

"I thought you'd never ask."

You take my hand in both of yours, give it a lingering kiss, and lead me to the bedroom. Before you can execute your next move, I am on my knees in front of you. I slip my fingers through your waistband on each side, pulling it away from your body as if to start sliding your panties down...but instead I softly stroke your hips and ass, and begin gently kissing and biting at your pussy through the fabric. You toss your head back with a moan, your hands in my hair. I want to go slowly, but I can't handle my own teasing. Unable to resist, breathing heavily, I slide your panties down to your ankles, grab your ass with both hands, and shove your pussy into my mouth.

You taste like an angel. Like perfection. I drink in your scent, your wetness, with hungry licks and sucks.

My hands find their way up under your sweater, fondling your breasts and gently pinching your rapidly hardening nipples. Before long, I need still more. I throw you down on the bed, so that my mouth and hands can alternate between your nipples and clit. As I lick and pinch and rub and tease you, I tell you what's on my mind, demonstrating as I go:

"I think about eating you out all the time. I yearn to give that to you, ache to feel your heat and wetness on my face, to smell and taste you, to feel the tension in your pussy and then the massive quaking release. Do you like to feel fingers sliding in and out of your pussy while your clit is getting sucked on? I love fucking you with my fingers as I tongue and suck your clit...but I also love the idea of grabbing your ass hard while I lick all over your entire vulva...and of squeezing your amazing tits with both hands while my face is buried in your pussy...and of stroking my cock as I pleasure you."

I confess to you all the things I want to try with your pussy: I've never 69ed—could we do that sometime? What about an internal vibrator along with heavy clit play? Or just massive vibrator-on-clit edging and overstimulation? "So many possibilities...I guess the thing to do is to clear our schedules for an entire day and just start checking things off as we go. God, that day would be heavenly."

One hand now firmly rubbing your clit, the other softly massaging your breast, I slide up over you and kiss you deeply, savoring every delicious moan that escapes you into my mouth. We make out as I masturbate you, mouth on mouth, tongue on tongue, breath on breath. I can feel you grinding harder on my hand, your lust growing.

As you get close, an impulse seizes me. I pin you down by the throat, forcing your legs open with my knees, and demand eye contact as I rub you all the way to and through orgasm. I drown in your cumming eyes, sighing with bliss at your pleasure, feeling your hot juices on my fingers as your squirm uncontrollably with release.

By the time you are finished, I am bursting with need. Still gazing into your eyes, I sink my cock slowly into you and start fucking.

You look down hungrily at our joining, then back up into my eyes, and say, "Do you like fucking a freshly-orgasmed pussy?" My cock twitches violently at your words. I thrust slowly and firmly into your throbbing, sopping pussy, hot as an oven, and we drive our hips together over and over as I slide into you again and again. My long, languorous strokes speed up ever so slightly, thrusting just a tiny bit faster and harder each time.

I give you a minute or two of tender sex to catch your breath, then turn you over on your stomach with your legs together, lift your hips so my cock can find your pussy, and begin to pound you more forcefully. You feel my balls slapping into you with each stroke, as my hands slap your ass. With your face buried in the bed, you don't know when each spank is going to come; all you can do is lie there getting fucked, but the more you give into fucking, the more you relax—and the more intense each sudden smack on your ass. It doesn't take you long to realize that each of those unexpected jolts ratchets you a noticeable step closer to cumming again.

Finally I grab your hair with one hand and your hips with another, and pull you up into doggy. I wrench your head back so I can whisper in your ear:

"Good girls don't cum until they're told. And I know how good you are...how good you want to be for me...how hard you will try to obey, just to please me. You've given me your pussy, you've jerked my cock with your pussy and done so much to make me feel good...and for being such a good girl and making my cock feel so good, you can cum now whenever you want."

As I am saying the last sentence, my hand is slipping around and under your hip to reach your clit and start rubbing it again. Your throbbing pussy tightens, and I continue to hold your head up toward me by your hair, so you can hear me moan in your ear. I whisper so softly that when you're ready to cum, we can do it together.

Finally I release your hair and shove your face back down onto the bed. I fuck you hard and fast until you can't hold back anymore. You hear my moaning increase as your pussy swells with heat and tingling pleasure...and as you feel my cock begin to pump cum deep into your womb, you lose yourself completely in your orgasm, until your whole world is endless, outside time, floating in a cloud of ecstasy.

We collapse together, spooning, me still buried deep in your pussy, and pant and laugh and snuggle until our sweat makes us chilly and we pull the blankets over us.

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