kek. why are they always egg shaped?? and why is this orc fuck using my old material?

my time will come

.(bump to prevent inactivity delete in case that exists)
Oh If only you knew


wow great respect to kiara. i watched the birthday stream and holy shit i did not expect her to use the chicken voice. even calling her cats babies, use the kiara laugh and """accidentally""" call herself kiara. she has been trying to get her roommate to be known for a while now, but i did not expect she would do it so aggressively. seems to have worked since she got almost 30k subs within 24 hours. not bad kiara, you did it. respect.
if you try and somehow put out weekly or at the very least monthly content, you will grow massively i bet. i always thought it was a little strange that she didn't give a fuck about people who reveal her on youtube but now it actually makes so much sense. she played them like puppets. she can't officially tell people who she is so she used those retards instead to grow her channel. but this also means i have rewrite some shit in my upcoming update which means more work for me. another delay lets goooo.

note to self
before I debute i have to do the following:

create 3 different roommate channels
upload different short random vlog videos on them
wait for dox channel to dox me
copyright strike them with all 3 channels at the same time

lmao you fucking retards. i saw some of you orc fuckers speculating im the vsinger. lol no. this wasnt what my 'nervous' message was about at all. its hololive related but has nothing to do with that. i promise you im not the vsinger...idiots

OMG im so fucking excited and nervous
will update soon as promised but so busy at the moment
UPDATE 4.000003
i'm really busy at the moment but something really great happened to me. one of my dreams will finally come true. i can't and won't talk about it here but i'm very happy. but as soon as i find the time i will update/revamp this pastebin. don't worry i will leave everything i wrote unedited. i won't touch anything below the word "UPDATE 400001" but i will make a new section that is easier to read and is simply better formated. you will see soon what i mean. it will be much better.

UPDATE 4.000002
didn't update anything. i'm just "updating" this pastebin cause I don't know if this gets auto deleted by inactivity or something.
I promise I will make a real update in the future though.
UPDATE 4.000001

was thinking if I should post this here or not. ahh whatever. fuck that bad egg.
it was a legendary thread. too bad i couldn't post with you.



ok i actually planned to talk about something else but then i saw this pastebin got over 1k views (wtf?) so i decided to ego search a little on /vt/. well ego search is the wrong word. i was mostly just looking around what people think about all of this and i was trying to find new rrats to slay or clarify some things.
so here i will try to formulate random things i found into actual question. sort of like an Q&A post if you will. these arent exactly 1:1 things people asked but i need to change them up a little so it makes more sense to answer all of them.


A: this was "asked" a lot. and once and for all: with 100% certainty NO SHE IS NOT. she used to ego search herself in the very early days to see what people think about her. this was on japanese websites though. not >here. after reading the slander and made up stories and dox she immediately stopped. but then people started to spam her twitter instead once they realized she is not going to these websites anymore. i still have her posts saved from back then . i censored the picture. i know its probably retarded since everyone who knows of this document already knows her RL twitter but i promised i wont dox her anymore so whatever. also i swear i feel like i already posted this once when i was samefagging, but idk.. whatever back to topic:
she used to like and respond to lots of her fans back in the day, but after the twitter spam she changed. she basically immediately mutes everyone who even slightly comes off as an anti. trust me i tried with 13 (yes 13) accounts. i never got ANY responses or reactions from her. then later when i found out about the analytics "trick" how to see if someone muted you, i realized that ALL of my accounts have been muted for a long time. so.... basically if you really want to contact her and want her to see your "opinion" about anything then go to twitter but dont be a retard about it or youre muted.. she is exactly how you would expect a social media addict to be. whenever she has free time she scrolls through all her mentions. these days she usually ignores everything but just because she ignores you doesnt mean she didnt read it. so if you for whatever reason need to tell her something, dont be retard, dont make an insulting anti post. post like a non-schizo and there is a very high chance she read it, even if she didnt like or reply. she almost never does that anyway. if its anything about her Kiara avatar then obviously ask that there. if you mention kiara in combination with her roommate you are most likely on the mute list very quickly.

Q: are you SEA?

A: no. already told you i was born and raised in germany, but im not german. dw im still european but im not germanic. thats why i understand the kraut discordniggers in the first place

Q: are you protecting SEA? you tried to divert attention from then in your last update

A: no. i couldnt care less about them. im just saying the truth. i dont wanna lie and create more rrats, i promised this. and the truth is simply that in all the places and discords i went, there were basically no SEA. it was either full of krauts or other europeans, or people with perfect english. im not saying she has no SEA antis but im saying the vast majority of shitposters and especially wojak posters are kraut discordniggers. not SEA. at least in MY experience.

Q: so what exactly is the deal with discordniggers?

A: as i said i dont know. i never talked to them but i was lurking there a lot and gathered chat logs and shit. they dont talk about why they hate her. they just...hate. but its stupid to think most of them are lolcows or cgl trannies. no way. most of them seem to be underaged schizos who for some reason post the rrats i created every day on the board. i dont think they even know anything about the cosplayer or idol scene. they seemed to hate on kiara a couple months after she became a vtuber. but i dont know. either way they are retarded and were easily fooled by me.

Q: will they ever leave?

A: probably. the most dedicated will stay i guess. but like with most mentally underaged retards they will grow tired of it. some of them may not even hate kiara but were just believing my rrats, which can now be easily disproven. but either way i wouldnt worry about them. they are just schizos who use my old stuff and repeat the same thing over and over again. they may be annoying but they cant do damage. if even i couldnt really do anything, then what are those kids supposed to do?

Q: ok why exactly did you hate her? i missed all of the poal discussion

A: it's kinda embarrassing and im gonna skip a huge chunk of it to get it over with. but basically: i was applying for Gen1, got told they are interested in me and i should standby. i was one of the first to apply for this. then at the last minute they suddenly canceled everything. i was mad and seething. then later i found out that Kiara was the latest to apply and got instantly accepted. i assumed it was because of her japanese skills. basically "she stole my spot". so i was looking her up, checked her early streams etc and there was no way she was better than me. shit mic therefore bad scuffy voice, knows ZERO shit about technical things, can't into games. has no entertainment skills. i am better at everything she does i told myself, except for her japanese skills. i can speak and read a tiny bit of japanese but there is no way i ever come close to kiara's level. this had to be reason. at the same time i was so mad that they pick a japanese speaker in fucking HoloEN as in ENGLISH. i dont know it was just so many things that pissed me off that developed hate for her. but the rest is history. i already explained a little bit of this in the UPDATE 2 section. tl;dr found out the real reason they took her (she is actually highly skilled) and she didn't even know i exist. cover just took her over me. she didnt "steal anything". no idea why it took me so long to figure this out. guess when youre filled with hate you cant think straight.

Q: do you love kiara now?

A: i hated her for many months. i cant just purge these feelings. so no i dont suddenly love her now. BUT im trying since i need to correct my errors.

Q: are you ever coming back?

A: most likely yes. im range banned on 2 ISPs and my phone. so currently no. but most range bans only last 1-3 months i heard. unless you post some actual hardcore shit then they might be permanent. but yeah this means at some point i will be unbanned. obviously i wont post any dox anymore so you wouldnt even know when im back though.

Q: Vshojo collab???????????????

A: ok i didnt want to include this at first but I JUST KNOW you fuckers want to know so bad. so here is my honest opinion: basically...nothing will happen. there are only 2 outcomes. 1. its gonna be succesful which means more collabs and more kino content(good for you). her subs and popularity will increase since people who never watch youtube have never heard about her before and it will also make her antis seethe since they dont want her to succeed (trust me i would know) so you should be happy for you oshi, right? 2. it will suck and they will never collab again (also good for you). so basically you win in both cases. so i dont get why some of you talk about this every day. personally, i wouldnt worry about kiara. i would worry about Vei. but thats another topic lets leave it at that.

Q: anything good/praise you want to say about kiara after all of this?

A: not gonna lie this is cringe to me and hurts a little to say but i guess i need to get out of my system once and for all: im watching every stream of her (just like i did in my anti days to find dirt) and i admit they are pretty entertaining. i have never seen anyone improving so much like she did. compare her first 10 streams with her last 10 streams. its day and night its crazy. also i actually dont hate her voice. even her chicken voice. i think her singing/dancing is okay. i think she is probably the most entertaining one because she understands Idol culture and knows what to say to make fans crave her. and i even admit that i will take some advice from her when i go indie again. thats enough praise from me... no more.

Q: there is some of your old dox being posted. t-this is not you r-right?

A: no. i have seen it too. but dont worry its just a very tiny fraction that wont do any damage. its basically a copy pasted post of mine and not even a good one. so whatever.

Ok last one

Q: What is your SC message gonna be?

A: i thought long and hard about this. basically....i wont send her any SC. first of all, if i make it too obvious then she wont even read it. secondly if i dont make it obvious enough she wont even know what the fuck im talking about. its useless.

in order to pay her back i WILL slay any rrats about her. im not saying im the most knowledgeable person in the world. there is always 1 bigger schizo. BUT im very proud of my accomplishments (even tho i shouldnt be). what i can tell you is this: i know more about her than all of you fuckers combined. i farmed for many many many months. i know more than the discords i have been to, i know more than every post i have ever seen on /VT/ and /JP/. i am in the top 1% when it comes to obsessed kiara schizos. i will use this knowledge.
as i said in UPDATE 3 section literally EVERY RRAT i have EVER seen on all the discords and farms, are made up/have ZERO proof. like literally nothing. all of the posts at those places usually go like this:

She is whore
I heard she fucks her fans
She sells her body to pay rent

and shit like that. it literally feels like random generated posts by a bot. and even IF they post a "source" it is only out of context stuff that has actually nothing to do with what they are claming. aside from the obviously photoshopped pics i talked about in Update 3. Anyway... with that knowledge im very confident i can help and slay basically any rrat. althought im pretty sure there wont be any new rrats since there is no dirt about her. just embarrassing stuff and failures but no actual dirt. thats the literal REASON why i needed to make up my own stories in the first place.
So yeah... this is my present/payback to Kiara. If i find any new rrats or slander while i browse this shithole i can slay them.

but if you want a tip on how to trigger or "defeat" shitposters: ask them for the source. if they post random pics made by anons ,keep asking for the source. say you want a direct link that proves their claim. a real direct link to the source (Kiara) and not some random pics or posts made by other anons on other boards. always ask for the source (they wont be able to because they have no source). thats how you can easily defeat them.
Ok finally done. if you find any grammar errors (you will) seethe retard.
thats enough of me for now... wrote for like 30 min again lol. will update again in the future.

lol huge ass blogpost edition

ok as promised i will slay some of my biggest rrats. i have done this for many many months and made up a lot of bullshit and dox. so its possible i will miss some. but i will tell you of what i know
also couple things:

  1. i was crying again. and im tired as fuck. i dont care about my grammar and writing style right now. this is a little bit of a speedwriting. because its gonna be a looooooooooong post and i want it over with before i go to sleep.
  2. i have seen that this pastebin got suddenly over 70 or more views since last day. so i guess people actually saved my dox document huh. well, maybe thats good i dont know... since i cant post on /vt/ anymore unless i use public hotspots, which im not gonna do. in any case... this means i wont post any links here. i doxed her already enough as is. i will only explain my shit in textform.
  3. some of rrats here are not made by me but i was a huge part in spreading them. so i will clear them as well.

so lets talk. this is not in chronological order

Kiara being raped/suicide message. - completely made up by me.
she never was raped. nor did she have any suicide messages. the screens and the streamables i posted were out of context and even cutted by me. anyone who even speaks a little bit of japanese knows this. but i was betting on the fact that most of you do not speak any japanese and will believe me.
for example, the "Kiara suicide message" video was an old niconico video of her where she explained to her fans that she stops being a streamer. this was before her real cosplay days. back then she was the biggest streamer on niconico. An interview that i read claimed that she had 15k viewers on average which made her the biggest live streamer on that japanese YT knock off website. ironically she had more viewers back then compared to what most holos have today. which completely fucks my mind.
in any case, she just told her fans that she stops streaming on niconico and focuses on her real life. which is why she cried. it was a good bye message. no suicide or anything like that. i also posted a youtube video of her once where she said "thank you for supporting such a worthless person as me" which i also used out of context and claimed it had to do with suicide / rape.
it also seemed to backfire for some reason. i used this as clickbait because shit like suicide baits people. but it seemed like people started to like her more which was the opposite of what i wanted then. thats why i didnt use this rrat for a while until recently, the last 2 or 3 days i picked up on it again to test if the bait works or not.

Anyway...Kiara suicide/rape rrat: FALSE

kiara being a whore/JAV actress - made up by me but spread around mostly by others.
in the earlier days, MONTHS before i started orc posting, i used some gravure pics of her out of context and framed her as a JAV whore. this seemed to work at first but people quickly realized that this isnt true. not only that, it backfired as well.
lots of people started calling her "based" and "hot". this made me so mad that i was always samefagging my posts. i posted the gravure pic, samefagged saying she is super hot, then samefagged again posting the most ugly pic of her i could find. then samefagging lots of replies making fun of her. after a while though i got called out on it too much and it simply didnt seem to generate any hate against her so i stopped doing that.
couple months later i saw those same pics and rrats in side threads. those were not made by me. i know some of these people btw. i will tell you more about them later. but in any case. the current "she is a JAV whore" spam is not made by me. i only did that in the beginning.
also for the few of you who dont know.... gravure is not JAV. it has no nudity or sex or anything like that at all. imagine it like underwear modeling. but with skimpy clothes instead of just underwear. in kiara's case mostly cosplay stuff.

Anyway...Kiara is a JAV/whore rrat: FALSE

Kiara is a racemixing BBC whore - made up by me but spread around almost entirely by others.
in the beginning i was looking really hard to find anything that could damage her reputation. i was on kiwifarms and lolcow for many weeks. but i couldnt find shit. basically all of the stuff there is made up by people like me who just post random things without any source or context.
so then i made up my own story. back in the day she did lots of photos with fans and fansigns and things like that. there are photos of her doing poses with all sorts of fans. and there is one with a black dude. it is cherry picked, has tweets shopped in and edited them in a way that make it seem like she is on some kind of BLM gangbang event or something crazy like that.
i didnt photoshop this pic myself, but i spread it around in the early days. mostly on /pol/. I wanted to get the nazis to hate her. so for a couple days i made up BBC and BLM gangbang stories about her. but to my suprise, literally nobody seemed to care about "another random white girl being a slut".
so i then moved to /vt/ and posted it there. and same shit as my JAV story. it backfired. people made fun of me. calling kiara based and lots claimed to be black as well.
so either lots of you are literal niggers, or lots of you are cucks. in any case i quickly realized i couldnt generate hate. so i stopped doing that pretty much immediately.
but i have noticed that a lot of samefags are still spamming this pic and the rrat. but those BBC posters are not me. it has been a very long time since i posted this.

Anyway...Kiara is a racemixing BBC whore rrat: FALSE

Kiara is an eternal femcel - made up by me but... you will see.
i was making fun of her. telling people she is an eternal virgin loser who will die childless. reason for this is this:
as i already said above, i did a deep search on all kinds of boards, farms and discords to find things that could damage her. back then i also looked into her bodycount history. and here is the problem... its very likely she has none.
at the age of 13 to 14 she had her first and from what i know her last boyfriend. some austrian kid. i also doubt they fucked at such a young age but who knows. they broke up when she was going to japan. after becoming an idol she actually unironically had to sign a contract that forbids any kind of love relationship as long as she is an idol.
years later after her idol career was over she had an interview by a french site and she said she had a crush on someone. another austrian dude that she would always meet everytime she was traveling back and forth from japan to austria. but in the end she turned him down because she didnt want to risk breaking her contract, even though the evidence would be continents apart and very unlikely to be ever found out.
but she was way too much into her Idol shit to risk that. she made this interview long after her idol career and the contract didnt matter anymore. so i see no reason why she would lie about that. therefore i believe her that she had, until then, no boyfriend since her first one.
in a live stream in 2020 she made a birthday stream on bilibili. there she talked about how her roommate has a boyfriend and her camerman a girlfriend. so when they were going out she was always the fifth wheel. she always felt awkward and alone. she also said this has been the case for many years.
if you combine this fact with the knowledge of what she said in that french interview, then that would suggest from the point of breaking up with her first boyfriend up until late 2020 (right before her hololive career happened) she had no boyfriend. the only void/lack of knowledge i have is what happened after that.
but i honestly doubt she had a boyfriend since she started to become a vtuber. this would make no sense in my eyes.
so... she seems to be a femcel but it seems to be "by choice", if that makes sense? im sure she turned down thousands of men, especially japanese men who could have given her citizenship. but idk
i started spreading this around, making fun of her for being a femcel loser that nobody likes. but for some fucking reason, and here iam really confused, this also backfired. ok... so you have no problem with a JAV rrat. you have no problem with a suicide rrat. you have no problem with a BBC rrat. and now you have no problem with her being a virgin loser rrat?
seriously sometimes i dont understand any of you fuckers. this was one of the rrats that actually made me mad that it didnt work. i still dont get it. you men make no sense at all. one day you say being a virgin = beta loser that needs to be shamed. next day you say being a virgin = pure and based. fuck you.
i have also noticed that some other people found out about her never getting a boyfriend in the kiara side thread and said almost the exact thing as me. so i thought this rrat would work since i could get support by random anons. meh

Anyway...Kiara is a femcel rrat: KINDA TRUE lol. but im not making fun of her about that anymore. if she wants to live with her cats for eternity then thats her decision. personally i dont get it but whatever.

Kiara cries everyday because I have so much power over her - made up by me
before i started orc posting I Used To Type Like This And Was Talking About Cats. i was sending cat gore vids i got from /b/ to her marshmallow QA and then later via email. i never got any reaction out of it. did she see it? probably. did she click on the links? maybe maybe not. i have no idea. i hope not. well back then i was praying she did but yeah, right now i hope she didnt. she didnt seem to be affected during her twitter posts or streams. so no clue.

Anyway...Kiara cries everyday because of me rrat: UNKNOWN if true or not.

Kiara real name + address - completely made up by me.
i used 3 different names. 1 on lolcow and 2 on /vt/. all of the ones that i used are made up by me. im not gonna say which because i actually dont know if they belong to someone.
same thing with the address. i was googling austrian hotels and used the street and postal code but changed the number. completely made up. i dont even know if they lead to somewhere. but as i said above im not posting this again. because there is a possibility it might belong to someone and i wanna get rid of my salty schizo posting and dragging others into this.

Anyway...Kiara real name + address rrat: FALSE

Kiara selling her body to old japanese men in order to pay for her japan rent - not made by me but i used to spread it around.
honestly im not even sure if i should list this here since this was actually such a weak ass rrat even for my tastes. basically there is a badly edited photo of her on lolcow made by a literal chink, who was using MS paint and plain black text ond white paper with a random picture of kiara. claiming she had ads in tokyo about selling her body.
i used to spread this rrat a bit but honestly i wasnt doing it a lot. this was so bad that it seemed to damage my "repuation" and other rrats so i didnt us it much. im not even sure if anybody ever outside of lolcow used this rrat on /vt/ except me. at least i didnt see it. so probably wasnt even worth mentioning but now i already wrote it so whatever

Kiara selling her body to pay rent rrat: FALSE

Kiara being a hardcore commie SJW - kinda made up by me but mostly by others.
when i wasnt dox posting in /hlgg/ i was spreading rrats about her being a hardcore SJW in side threads. but i wasnt alone. basically there are some sjw tweets of her that are true, but most are edited and duplicated into a huge collage. i couldnt find almost any of them in both english or japanese even in archives. so either most of them were deleted or they are completely made up.
now, is she an SJW or not? depends on your definition about the word. when there is a school shooting she makes pro gun control posts. when george floyd died she made a BLM post. she also once made a post in japanese that she is shocked that nobody seemed to care about george floyd in japan. so it depends. is this SJW for you? or is this normie tier stuff? either way, it is not HARDCORE SJW. at least in my opinion so whatever. think for yourself.

Anyway...Kiara being a hardcore commie SJW rrat: FALSE

Every Kiara anti is a SEA - not made up by me but pushed very hard by me
basically for a long time i larped as SEA, samefagged, stirred up shit etc. example: when there was an ollie hate thread i used to post kiara dox and whiteknight for ollie. to make it seem like im SEA.
i have no idea how many actual SEA antis she has. but honestly, on all the anti discords i used to lurk most were either german or at least english speaking only. i feel like SEA are on facebook (?) mostly. but no idea. but i can tell you for sure that a lot of her antis, at least on /vt/, are not from SEA. so...

Anyway...Every Kiara anti is a SEA rrat: FALSE

Kiara doxxed Subaru and sold information of other holos to the chinks - not made by me but i spammed it A LOT for weeks.
Kiara did an offcollab with Subaru once. about 3 weeks later someone rang her doorbell during a stream. then some people created a rrat that Kiara doxed subaru because a stalker of hers followed her to subaru's house.
i believe it originated on /jp/ but i spammed this ALOT on /vt/. in lots of side threads. samefagged as well. i was also timelooping it. once things calmed down i immediately started to bring the rrat back to life. over and over.
not sure how effective it was but yeah. i stopped doing it after a while because some other random anons did it for me. more on that later
but i dont think i need to tell you that this is bullshit. especially the chinese part. the stalker part seems retarded too, because why would he wait for 3 entire weeks just to ring a door bell? but whatever

Anyway...Kiara doxxed Subaru and sold information of other holos to the chinks rrat: FALSE lol

some random things i did that are not really rrats:
since you probably all know of my "30 samefag post" ( actually it was way more than that so fuck you janny for not giving me credit) so im not talking about that. but when i wasnt doxing in hlgg i was always trying to stir shit up in side threads. like starting fights. samefag as an anti and reply as a whiteknight. i did this for hours on somedays. also sometimes i was doxbaiting myself, so to say. i was going into a thread saying "i love kiara she is so hot!" then replied with

He doesn't know..

know what?

He lacks critical information...


Roommatereps anonchama...

i dont care about her IRL im here for vtubers only

If only you knew how ugly she is

sure whatever you say
and then I posted an ugly pic of her, samefagged and replied lots of times making fun of her and that anon (me) who said Kiara is hot.

I also falseflagged as KFP a lot and try to get them hated. Using Kiara pics to reply to posts and make fun of their oshi etc. I even created a KFP twitter account to shittalk other fanbases. I also made a youtube account with a KFP name, joined slow prechats of other holos and said things like that Kiara is a much much better streamer and X should learn from her. KFP is the best fanbase and all others are toxic and rude.
i also change my writing and typing style a lot to whiteknight in kiara side threads and try to be as annoying about it as possible.
you know, things like that.

its possible i forgot some stuff but this has to be so minor that its not worth mentioning. im getting super tired and i really wanna sleep. but i believe i said in the beginning i wanted to talk about some people who also spread dox/rrats but who are not me.
the people who constantly spam side threads, wojaks, and old rrats of mine, are not me. they are from a discord server. most of them speak german. im pretty sure almost everyone of them is a euro. they "raid" this place every day. its mostly one very salty dude but others help him to. im not sure how many. maybe 4 or 5 people.
even after lurking on their discord, i could not find out WHY they hate kiara. they do NOT seem to be old enemies of her e.g. no lolcows or CGL. maybe their kraut leader is. im not sure. but they seem to only started to hate on kiara after she became a vtuber. i assume self hating germans who hate her for being german? hardcore lefties? retards who actually fell for rrats and started to hate? i honestly dont know. they talk like schizos. they are the ones spamming these /qa/ tier threads. every single day. i did not contact them because i kinda feel like i would put myself in the danger because of all the shit they have on discord. i used their krautleaders twitter once to larp as him for fun though. but iam not him.

i hope i could clear some things up. im tired but i felt good writing this down. i also feel a lot better now because i feel i owe Kiara this. i dont know how much damage i did. if i did any at all ,or if i seriously created an army of antis. no clue. i also dont know how much this information i posted here helps. but this is all i can do.
so once again: sorry Kiara.

In my next update I will talk about the idea of making an anonymous super chat to her to apologize. But im still not sure if I should do that.
I might also talk about whether I should try going indie again or not. We will see. No idea when i update this again. Maybe tomorrow....maybe in a couple days. Also as I mentioned since my two rangebans I can not talk on /vt/ anymore unless I use public hotspots. But I'm sick and tired of it and it's not worth it just to update a couple of people. The main reason I write this down is for me anyways, because I feel better when I write things down. Even if no1 here ever reads that.

Anyway... See you orc fuckers.


What some of you said was true. I thought long about it and it makes sense. There is no way they turn someone like her down. Years of streaming experience, perfect japanese, Idol (therefore concert) experience, general knowledge of both the western and japanese culture. The perfect bridge. It was delusional of me to think she "stole" my spot. She probably doesn't even know I exist at that time. Also what some of you told me about interview structure etc makes sense as well. I was just so sad and mad that I was looking for an enemy I think. Anyway I have a lot of things I need to clear up.

Therefore in my next update I will destroy all rrats I have created about her as well as rrats I was a huge part in spreading them. I will clear her name as best as possible. I owe her that.
ALSO!!!: I will NOT post any dox of her whatsoever. If anyone claims to be me or spreads dox It is NOT me. I promise. I need to correct my errors otherwise I can't live with myself anymore.



Ok I slept over this and I'm still collecting my thoughts. I will update this pastebin from time to time. No one has the link I think so I guess nobody will ever read this. But it helps me to calm down when I write things down.
But as I said for now I'll think about this some more. I will not post any dox whatsoever. You were right about Kiara. I will tell you more later.

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